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PUB HTML5 automatically converts your legacy content to rich and interactive eBooks. Add interactivity, audios, videos, documents, HTML activities, assessments and more to provide a rich reading experience to your readers. PUB HTML5 enables you to convert your content only once and publish them to multiple platforms like iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets, PC/Mac and industry standard formats like HTML5 and MOBI.

PUB HTML5 allows its users to view created publications on all types of devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC and mobiles with Android and Win8 OS. The publication software is helpful in creating the most effective publication that gives a better reading experience as compared PDF to its clients.

After you have converted your PDF files, with multiple Custom Setting buttons, you get the privilege to design your own digital magazines .You may chose the template you prefer; change the background image; insert rich media including audios, video, images; add links, etc. The whole process can be easily achieved within minutes. Converting your PDFs into HTML5 in order to create iPad magazines can be a simple and worthwhile experience following the right procedures. This video provides you with a step by step procedure on how to create iPad magazines from the very beginning.
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Even though the PDF is great for posting reading documents like manuals on a website, it can sometimes annoy and even deter your viewers. Public or shared computers may not have a PDF viewer installed or downloading a PDF might not agree with a user’s browsing habits. In order to make material in a PDF more accessible to others, converting your PDF to HTML5 file may be an alternative to consider. You can convert PDF to HTML5 free by using the Export tool in PUB HTML5. This option lets you perform different types of on-the-fly PDF conversions. After you have personalized your digital creation by using PUB HTML5 on your PC, you may easily preview your digital work on your IPAD or any other electronic devices. You may simply refer to the URL in the right corner of the interface, then open it directly in your IPAD web browser. For more help, you may click the HOW TO PREVIEW in IPAD notion, and you’ll get message tips that help you preview your digital publication based on your PC on IPAD. It is a wonderful pdf to html5 converter.

PUB HTML5 100% Free Online PDF to HTML5 Converter, convert pdf to html5 flip book


Convert PDF to HTML5 digital magazine is exactly a worthwhile experience


When you finish creating your digital work, you’ve created a tremendously applicable digital work!If you intend to online publish your work, you may straight click the UPLOAD ONLINE button to get an online link (URL) to your digital publication. It is a cloud storage and sharing service that is much more convenient than applying a FTP server. Once you create PDFs of your pages, you can upload the document to the converter on This is a free tool that lets you create online magazines instantly. You definitely want to create HTML5 magazines because they offer the most responsiveness. Readers from all devices will be able to see your magazine if you convert it into an HTML5 flipbook. The best park is that pubhtml5 will host your online magazine, too.


If you intend to publish your creation to local with the purpose of personal reading, or simply save it for later online use, there are multiple exporting formats that are available for you to choose. HTML: allows users to local open their creation with web browsers. Your creation with HTML format may be compatible to all the main stream electronic devices including IPAD, IPhone, Android, etc. Zip and exe: If you intend to send your creation to your friends or other individuals, Zip or exe formats are your very choice, please ensure to publish your creation to local first. Plug-in: for those who intend to insert their creation to social networks, you may need to publish your creation to local as plug-in first; then insert your creation as plug-in to the social network you prefer.

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