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PDF to HTML5 Magazine pdf to html5 converter pdf to html5 magazine converter online html5 digital publication

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Along with the advance of the society, more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that severe environment pollution. Confronted with the environment pollution, do you know what we can do? Anyway, let us start from reducing waste of paper. Then how about reading an eBook instead of paper book?

When you have a wonderful reading experience on eBook, then you may love to read eBook. Here we would like to show an outstanding HTML5 eBook maker called PUB HTML5. PUB HTML5 is a free PDF to HTML5 magazine to create online html5 digital publication. Compared with the paper magazine, brochure and catalogue, for one thing, it can help reduce the waste of paper; for another, it can be spread in a more prompt way without much cost.
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What is Special of PUB HTML5?

1. Comfortable Reading Experience

PUBHTML5 is a free PDF to html5 converter to create html5 digital publications with slide effect. The digital magazine is smoother and realistic than the ordinary eBook. In addition, the digital magazine can be zoomed in without blur. Furthermore, thanks to the html5 technology, it is optimized in the mobile device such as desktop, tablet and smart phone.

2. Fully Customize Layout Settings

As yet, PUB HTML5 provides 12 templates to enrich the HTML5 digital magazine. Once you select a template, then users can get start to select a theme and customize the layout settings. For example, change the tool bar color, icon color, font and font color and so on. In addition, you can make the function button you need show on the tool bar simply.

3. Flexible Output Options

Only desktop version allows user to publish the digital publication to local. And there are multiple common use output formats to choose. For example, HTML is for reading via browser; Zip, Exe, Email to is for sharing quickly; to FTP Server is for publishing online easily; Save as Plug-in is for embedding into WordPress and Joomla website exactly.

4. Wonderful Experience on Mobile Devices

The Digital Magazine powered by PUBHTML5 is optimized for Android and IOS mobile devices. In other words, your digital online magazine on PUB HTML5 platform will be available on desktops, tablets, notebook and samrtphone precisely. But you have to make sure you can assess the internet.

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