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Primary school extracurricular activities catalogue

Published by Germantė Dambrauskaitė, 2021-09-09 08:22:39

Description: Primary school extracurricular activities catalogue


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“ERUDITO LICĖJUS“ A global minded school making learning interesting EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES CATALOGUE Primary school

MAIN BLOCK SPORTS GAMES The program is designed to develop student’s physical ability through relay games, and other active games. These help improve the student’s motor skills, agility, strength, coordination, and balance. SCIENCE ACADEMY We invite your children to participate in the science academy, where students deepen their knowledge of their mother tongue, mathematics, broaden their horizons by performing various tasks. MUSIC THEORY In this activity, students get to know different genres of music, learn about different artists, and learn how to create songs.

CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT The goal of this activity is to focus on the students’ needs and preferences. Children may choose to do their homework, play board games, as well as take part in fun and creative handicrafts. ARTS This program is designed to encourage creativity, and develop original thinking, attention to detail, and focus. During the class children will be introduced to working with a variety of mediums and techniques. They will be trying their hand at painting, water colour, ceramics, and various handicrafts. They will also learn to prepare their produce for transportation. DANCE Coordination, plasticity, freedom and joy are just some of the benefits of dancing! Dancing in different styles can not only perfectly prepare for physical form and endurance, but also provide great pleasure. It is one of the best means of self-expression. We invite you to create together and spend time actively!

CREATIVE THINKING Creative thinking is an innovative and solution based approach to solving problems. It helps designers to empathise with the users, understand their needs, define a problem and then creatively design solutions. Pupils will learn methods and techniques to solve a problem given to them practically by creating solutions giving them hands on experience. Creative thinking is an iterative process where on learns things by doing them. MODEL MAKING Model making will focus on building 3Dimensional objects from available materials like cardboard, paper, clay, fabric etc. The pupils will learn how materials join and interact with each other. This will enable them to apply 3D geometry in real life to construct things they want. ANIMACIJA The program is designed to develop children’s relaxation and creativity. The session develops children’s creative drawing with a variety of tools, extracting drawings of animated characters, clothing, and the environment in which they are located. An animated video will be shown to get acquainted with the world of animation and relate to the creation of characters, the texture of the environment and the perception of the storytelling.

KENDO Kendo is an ancient Japanese martial art with swords. Kendo, it is the spirit of each of us, the art of self- knowledge and improvement. Kendo gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself, feel and become a true self. Kendo will allow you to understand and make the best decision in any life situation! It is a martial art that encompasses not only physical education but also has a deep philosophy. it is cognition, perception of new things. A great opportunity to unwind after a whole busy day that starts at school and ends with extracurricular activities. VISUAL THINKING CLUB The goal of this activity is to develop children’s ability to associate images with numbers, words, and phenomenon, and in such a way encourage the acquisition of English language. DRAWING Analysis of textures, tools and possibilities. Getting acquainted with the connections of various techniques. Unique use of pencils, markers and markers in drawing.

ZUMBA Zumba dances, sports for children in grades 0-4. Fun music and active activities that will be organized in the gym. Duration 45 min. Sportswear is required. These activities are designed to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle for children. MULTIMEDIA In this activity, students do interesting activities such as creating robots, creating games, and editing photos. Activities are done using a computer. PAINTING Painting features, possibilities, analysis and innovations. Painting with fingers and brushes, testing of techniques, different types of paint.

ADDITIONAL BLOCK RUSSIAN The goal of these lessons is to learn the basics of Russian, integrate the foundational vocabulary, gain speaking skills, and in such a way expand the horizon. Children will be learning the alphabet and phrases. They will learn to speak about themselves, school, and gain knowledge useful in holding a conversation. Price: 30 € GERMAN The goal of these lessons is to learn the basics of German in a fun and creative manner. Children will be developing their skills at speaking and teamwork. The teaching will touch on the topics of getting acquainted, introduction of self and other, friends, family, hobbies, leisure, and others. Price: 30 € CHESS We present to you a chess program custom-designed for Erudito Licėjus by the Lithuanian School of Chess. The program will help students develop consecutive, abstract, analytical, creative, and solid thinking. Children will not only be learning chess theory, but will also be applying it in practice. They will do exercises, analyse various chess games with the teacher, and try out their skills at playing chess with their classmates. Price: 30 €

PHOTOGRAPHY This activity will introduce pupils to basic photography terminology, skills and techniques which they can use to click creative photos. They will learn how to use a digital camera with both manual and automatic mode. They will also learn about different ways of composing a photograph, and how elements of colour, light and different shapes interact with each other in a photograph. Price: 30 € LEGO ROBOTICS CLUB During the group, we will learn the basics of robotics by working with LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. We will learn about the parts of robots, the principles of their operation. We will design the robots according to the given instructions, later we will create our own robot designs. We will give robots their lives in programming, using the Scratch programming method.We will organize robot fights, races, and prepare for robotics events. Price: 30 € KYOKUSHIN – KARATE TRENIRUOTĖS This program is designed to strengthen the students’ physical and emotional health, self-confidence, endurance, understanding of the philosophy and technique of the eastern martial art Kyokushin karate, as well as encourage the propagation of a healthy lifestyle. Price: 30 €

COMPUTER AIDED DRAWING Since the world is moving towards digital technology, Computer Aided Drawing will help pupils to express their creativity and their ideas through drawing, painting and modelling digitally using a computer. They will learn how to use computer programs/applications to create, illustrate and visualise their artistic creations. Price: 30 €

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