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Sacred Heart School Class of 2020 The Student View

Published by nhowell, 2020-05-13 16:20:07

Description: Sacred Heart School Class of 2020 The Student View


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20/20 The Student View Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “I ask God to watch over our loved ones especially the ill and for those who have gone before us. That God may grant them eternal rest. We must have faith and trust in God. He is the only one who can help us and with all of our needs. We ask God for mercy and patience in these times of crisis. Most of all I will miss my teachers at Sacred Heart. Especially since it's my last year here. There are times when we take life for granted, we go on with our daily routine. Now I am realizing that it's the simple things that make us happy. Like seeing our teachers at school, friends, principal, and even the younger ones.” - Martha Angel, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been given the chance to socially distance myself from the rest of the world, thus moving closer to the Lord. This has been a time for me to dwell on my weaknesses and seek guidance to improve my being. I have been praying the Rosary and reading the Bible more often than ever. I enjoy doing this outside where I feel closest to myself and God.” - Summer Caton, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Sacred Heart has helped me grow my relationship with God. I have gotten closer to God, especially with the Steubenville Conferences and NCYC. The most valuable thing that I have learned is that people care, even when they don't think they do because caring is what makes people feel worth something.” - Cody Damlo, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Over this quarantine I have been spending my time religiously praying in front of my Jesus painting that I received from Mrs. Palacios during confirmation. I have really missed going to church however I know that faith can be expressed in many ways. I have missed spending time with friends, hanging out with them in class and talking to each other. I have also missed doing the community service we used to do. I have also really missed the time we spend in class together which is something that I really, really enjoyed.” - Hunter Deresinski, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My faith has helped to get me through the pandemic. In religion class, we are reading ‘Shaken’ and that has provided some good insight to trust in God. Also being able to go to church in my living room is something that keeps me engaged in what God is saying to me. I am missing being able to pitch in baseball games. It was really fun for me. Seeing and hearing the punchout of strike three is one of the best feelings ever. Also, along that line, hitting a base hit. You feel the ball hit your bat and you just know it is a solid hit.” - Zaine Dover, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My friends play a great role in my life. Not having them near has been hard but I have hope that we will reunite soon. After all they are the ones that push me to become a better person inside and outside the classroom. They make learning COOL and fun, I can confidently say that they also push me to excel academically. My faith is what's really holding me together at this point in time. Overall, I have been very aware of my faith and how much it means to have hope during this time.” - Juan Fernandez-Martinez, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “This pandemic has really changed the entire world and all the normal things we used to do. Since the quarantine has begun, I have been going fishing, sitting six feet away from my pals in parking lots, and trying to train my kitty Gizmo to walk on a leash! Even though this isn’t how senior year was supposed to happen, I’m glad we are all making the best of it!” - Grace Goodwin, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “These are a few of the ways that I am furthering my faith and becoming closer to God during quarantine. My mother and I prayed the rosary during the Easter season. My family and I stream Mass on the television. Every night before dinner, my family prays and thanks God for all of our blessings. I miss seeing my classmates and friends everyday. I’m missing all of the planning and practicing that takes place in school before graduation. Most of all, I miss all of my teachers.” - Madison Hayden, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Though this quarantine has pulled our parish away from us, my family is trying to stay in touch with many of our fellow parishioners, as well as attending online Mass. Personally, I like to pray for an end to this pandemic and the healing of the sick before I go to bed. Unfortunately, our Senior year was cut majorly short, leaving out all the wonderful spring sports and even the conclusion to the Scholar Bowl season. I will miss tennis the most (leaving me to simply stare at my racket), but it is better to look on the bright side of things: maybe I’ll be able to play for fun in college!” - Joseph Henke, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Faith is important throughout everyone’s life. I am putting work into my faith during this pandemic by praying to God every day and putting my life in His hands. God has a path for everyone and I’m just trying to go by it. I am missing a lot during my senior season as a golfer. I have dedicated many hours during the past summers and off days to become the best golfer I could possibly be. I had very high hopes to make it to state this year. This was my last chance at a state position in golf.” - Aaron Kennon, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “The worst thing that I have experienced through this pandemic is not seeing my friends and classmates. Zoom meetings are nothing like seeing everyone’s smiling faces in the hallways. Nothing beats laughing with your friends at lunch or beating Dover at basketball. During tough times like these, God is always important to be a big part of your daily life. I continue in my faith at home by studying hard.” - Noah Marshall, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My faith is staying strong through these struggling times. There are so many things I have missed over these last few months, but I am still praying. In many ways religion has helped me get through this tough time. It shows me that even during the rough times in life, God is always there for us, helping us along. I have also been praying a lot more and going to virtual Mass every Sunday. Because of quarantine, I have missed so many of the Senior activities that were supposed to happen. One of the things I am missing is the Senior Walk. Now that we are not in school, we will not be able to walk the school hallways in our caps and gowns for the last time. I am also sad about missing my last season of tennis. I loved the sport because you get to be outdoors and play with some really great people.” - Hannah McDonald, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “I miss seeing the faculty at school, especially Coach Crooker and Coach Goodwin who had a joke to tell every morning before weights. The one thing I probably miss the most are my friends, and seeing them at school. My class has great people in it. Faith has played a significant role in my everyday life. I am extremely thankful to God that no one in my family has contracted COVID-19, and I pray often that the people I know stay safe. During this time, I have really tried to talk to God a lot more because the virus has really opened my eyes to the many blessings I already have.” - Jude Rollings, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My parents would always tell me that tough times never last, but tough people do. This quarantine hasn’t broken me. During these past few weeks I have been in prayer and asking God that everything turns out well for everyone. This quarantine has really helped me be a lot closer with God and makes me appreciate the things that I have in my life. I miss being able to do all the dumb and crazy things that me and my friends would do. I just hope that this whole thing just ends soon that way I can see the squad again.” -Jacobo Gonzalez-Rubio, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My favorite part of high school at Sacred Heart has been my friends. They have helped shape me and made me the kind of person that I am. Making sure I am confident in God's plan. Sacred Heart has helped my relationship with God grow over time.” - Drew Smith, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “Faith has been really important to me during this really uncertain time. Religion class with Dr. Register has been really helpful to keep me connected to God and keep learning more about my faith. When I’m not in class, I like to go on walks outside to get some fresh air and admire all of God’s beautiful creation. Before I go to sleep at night, I read the day’s devotional message out of Jesus Calling. The things I miss most about my normal life are seeing my friends every day and spending time with them in person. I miss track practices with my team and I am really sad that I never got to compete in my final season of track or have my final band concert.” - Maia Smith, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “I am missing a lot about my Spring Senior year. I am missing going to all the baseball games to watch my friends play. I am missing being able to go out with my friends and just hang out, go fishing, or go to bonfires. I am missing walking through the halls seeing and talking to everyone. I am missing being able to joke around in class and talking to my school friends. During quarantine, I am trying to make sure I am still making time for God because when I was at school God was everywhere. I’m trying to keep my faith strong by praying and reading the bible. I am trying to keep myself busy during the quarantine by trying new things and by honing old skills. I am trying to teach myself how to cook, I’m actually kinda good at it now. My parents have even started having me cook dinner.” - Evan Spilker, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “One of the things I missed was playing tennis. This was going to be my first year to play tennis with my new friends who I don't usually hang out with at Sacred Heart. I was really enjoying every practice and I also was looking forward to the matches. This quarantine has done a lot for me. For example it makes me appreciate normal life more and I realize how wonderful it is.” - Rio Suzuki, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “During this quarantine I have really had to trust God that He knows what He is doing and trust that He will make sure everything turns out okay in the end. I have been doing this by focusing on what the Lord is telling me through His word. I have been reading the daily readings and devotions to grow a closer relationship with the Lord. Life in quarantine has definitely not been ideal, but luckily I have good friends and I am blessed with ample options of things to do. I have been keeping busy with taking walks and practicing barrels for the summer shows with my horse. Life is not ideal, but could definitely be a lot worse and I am trying to make the best of it.” - Grace Ulbrich, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “My family raised me as a thankful person. That is why before every meal I give thanks to our lord. Everyday when I wake up I usually write three things I am thankful we have during this hard time.” - Juan Pablo Suarez-Vargas, Class of 2020

20/20 The Student View “During quarantine, I have relied on God greatly because times like these can be very mentally taxing. In religion class, we have been reading ‘Shaken’ by Tim Tebow. This has helped me see the brighter side of quarantine. We have also been taking care of eggs and treating them like our children. This has been a very fun activity and has helped raise my spirits. I really miss my friends and being able to see them in the hallways on my way to class. I also really miss softball as well. We were going to have a great team this year.” - Blaise Wilt, Class of 2020

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