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Teaching manual - English - STD 1

Published by sreelatha.venugopalan, 2021-09-05 10:30:25

Description: Teaching manual - English - STD 1


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Teaching manual English STD 1 G H S Vanmugham Teacher - Sreelatha C M

Narration Presentation Assessment Sen reaches near Ben. Dancing ant Very interesting to them. How will Sen feel now?Is Sen The ants go marching. They also danced along with the happy? song. What about Ben?Is Ben happy? What will Ben and Sen do now? Able to comprehend the instructions and complete the work sheet(unit Sen is happy. test) . Ben is happy. Sen and Ben are happy now. Sen and Ben sing and dance. Let the students read the text graphically. Who joins Ben and Sen? What will be the song? Narration Presentation Assessment Can you say the name of Your favourite WordWeb Talked about the birds and bird and animal ? Old McDonalds had a Farm animals at their home Very good. all of you have named them. I will write them on the blackboard. Completed the word web. can you make the sound of a bird or an animal? Anyone can identify what bird or animal it is .If you can say the correct answer you will get 1 point. Shall we watch a song. Watch and listen to the lines. listen to the song about old McDonalds farm

you have seen the farm too. A hen can you name the animals and birds in the farm? Identify specific words such as Please open page 28 in the textbook hen,duckling from the evolving what do you see in the picture? text some boxes have numbers shall we colour the boxes? Can read the text with proper what did you find out can you name it ? pronunciation. Yes They were very interesting to A hen imitate the sound of chick and duckling. Do you have hens at home? Do you like Hens? take page number 29 what do you see there? What is the hen doing? yes it is brooding what do you see in the picture yes hen.Oh eggs are there how many eggs? ok ….. A hen. Me too Two eggs shall we colour the hen? Egg hatching (duck) yes you can give any colour you like Sound of duckling Oh! your hen is very nice Now I will show you something can anybody say what is inside the basket? A hen and two eggs are inside the basket somebody is coming out. Do you hear its sound .Can you guess? who is it?

Narration Presentation Assessment Have you seen this before? Most of them can read the lesson. Look at its face is it happy what did the duckling say? Added more lines. I am out Chick don't you want to know what happened worksheet to the other egg? Who will come out of the Other egg? can you guess who is coming do you hear any sound Oh! Yes .it is a chick. What happened? A chick came out. Look what is the chick doing? It is saying something to the duckling what will the chick say? A chick came out Young ones “Me too” , the chick said. Can you identify the chick in the second line? Interaction questions ---------------------------- which are the birds or animals you have at home? do they have young ones? draw the picture of any of the young ones don't forget to colour the little one which young one are you going to draw is it a bird or an animal Where is its beak ?please show me Where is its tail ? what is its colour ok it is cute Look at the picture who is walking ahead? Why does the duckling walking ahead who came out first from the egg what is the chick doing Is the chick say anything to the duckling? Look what the darkling says I am going for a walk. Can you guess the question asked by the Chick now ?

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