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Poecket Guide - Snake Bite (1)

Published by Aryan Manek, 2021-09-30 03:36:35

Description: Poecket Guide - Snake Bite (1)


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Pocket Guide - Snake bite

What is a snake bite? A snake bite is a injury caused by snakes to a human. Snake bites are of two types: ● Venomous: Snakes that create venom when touched by a human ● Non - Venomous: Snakes that do not produce venom Non Venomous Venomous

First aid for snake bites 1) A tight bandage should be tied above the wound so that the venom does not spread in the body. Do not let the victim stay for too long as some snake’s venom could be fatal. 2) The victim should be kept calm and at rest, should be taken to the nearest available doctor. Don’t panic because Panic could lead to danger. 3) Non venomous snake bites are less dangerous but nevertheless we should not Leave the bite for treatment as it could cause skin infections. Word Collection: Victim - The person who is been injured. Venom - The poisonous liquid that some snakes produce when they bite or sting.

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