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Effect of Venus in Twelfth House in Kundli - Horoscope - Business - Finance – Career

Published by Ramesh Singh, 2022-04-08 13:09:44

Description: As understood by astrology, Venus in the 12th house governs courtship and wooing and personal tastes as well. Venus governs the way you express yourself and your idea of pleasure. Out of these 12 houses, three houses sixth, eighth and twelfth house in Kundli are called trik houses or bad houses. Astrologers believe that any planet going to these houses loses its strength and gives malefic results.

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Venus in Twelfth House in Kundli - Horoscope - Business - Finance – Career Astrology is a science that studies the results of planets moving in the sky on ordinary lives on the Earth. This ancient wisdom strives to decode the meaning of different planets placed in different houses and nakshatras. In astrology, there are 12 houses and each of them signifies a particular aspect of life. Out of these 12 houses, three houses sixth, eighth and twelfth house in Kundli are called trik houses or bad houses. Astrologers believe that any planet going to these houses loses its strength and gives malefic results. Later we read about Effect of Venus in twelfth house of a horoscope. But Astrology works with exceptions! Read to resolve the mystery Today we will talk about the twelfth house and the results of the planets placed therein. Is there really any planet which gives excellent results when placed in the twelfth house? Before proceeding further we have to understand what the twelfth house in horoscope actually means? Twelfth house in Astrology The 12th house in Astrology is called a house of expenses and losses. These losses could be of any kind like monetary, emotional or in fact loss of health. It also represents foreign lands, spirituality, foreign travel and settlement, meditation, sexual relations, theft, hospitals, asylum, jail and liberation i.e. moksha etc.

A strong 12th house plays a major role for successful fictional writers, as 12th house takes the native into fantasies and dreamland. It is certainly a required domain of fantasy writers. The positive indications of the 12th house include investments, donations, and getting rid of undesired stuff. Venus in Astrology Venus is someone’s desire, beauty, affection, comfort and love. It symbolizes liquid money and is the main karaka or signification of marriage. In a male’s chart, Venus signifies someone’s wife or girlfriend. Venus represents females and is a prime indicator of all kinds of relations. Venus is feminine and the brightest planet. The planetary period of Venus lasts for 20 years and is awaited by many as it gives the natives all the materialistic pleasures and comforts of life. If Venus is located favorably in the natal chart, then there will be abundance, joy, and comfort in its dasha. If Venus in kundli is not damaged, then it blesses the native with a successful marriage and love life. Venus in the twelfth house of a horoscope We have already mentioned that the twelfth house indicates a trik bhava which brings adversities into someone’s life. Any planet placed in the twelfth house gets weak and is known to bring misfortunes in its dasha. But Venus in the 12th house of a birth chart is a blessing!  Venus gets exalted in the 12th sign i.e. Pisces zodiac sign in natural kundli. An exalted planet is considered to bring wonderful results to the native. So, when Venus is placed in the 12th house it acts as an exalted planet and gives excellent results.  Venus feels very happy in the 12th house which is contrary to the general rule that mentions any planet getting weak in the 12th house causing harm to the natural traits of the planet.  The 12th house and the planet Venus represent similar energies.  Both 12th house and Venus represent entertainment and luxury. It is due to this affinity, that Venus placed in the 12th house feels strong. Strong Venus in 12th house gives long living wife.  The 12th house shows the left eye and it is a well-known fact that Shukracharya, Venus, lost left eye during his Vamana Avatar.  Both Venus and the 12th house denote water elements.  The 12th house represents expenses and losses and when we give gifts to people, we incur expenses. Venus also signifies spending on others.  Venus symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi who sustains the universe with her constant giving.

 Venus in the 12th house is an excellent position to gain excellence in spirituality and meditation. The native may earn sanjeevani vidya as held by daitya guru Shukracharya with great penance as depicted by the 12th house.  The placement of Venus in sixth house too gives abundance with its aspect on the 12th house. Read more about: Role Of Venus in Different Houses Does Venus always give good results in the 12th house? Venus in the 12th house gives good results but what if Venus is weak in a horoscope? Venus is weak if it is debilitated and in association with malefic planets in the horoscope. It is combustible or is in weak avastha as specified in astrological texts.  An afflicted Venus gives several desires but most of them are materialistic in nature and are related to wealth and money without evaluating resulting consequences.  A person with weak Venus in the twelfth house may not feel satisfied with how much wealth he possesses and always look for more.  A damaged Venus may give inability to appreciate others. Gluttony and dissatisfaction are majorly seen in the native.  The native always remain interested in increasing his financial status and can go to any level to meet this desire. As a result, relationships both business and family suffer a lot.  Over indulgence in materialistic pleasures also results in failures in relationships and marriage.  The native with afflicted Venus doesn’t feel completely satisfied with his/her life partner. Other people seem better to such native than those he is in a relationship with. This results in frequent changes of partners.  Afflicted or weak Venus may also cause lack of attraction to the opposite sex or sexual desires.  Such native may be indifferent in style and may not care about his/her looks.  The native with a weak Venus can be creative and may do things in a box manner but his/her activities lack beauty and aesthetics. Read more about: How to Judge a Planet is Good In Astrology, the planet Venus signifies luxuries, beauty, entertainment and aesthetics in one’s life. Venus has been considered the planet of love and romance as well, it blesses the native with charming personality who is loved by all. Source Link:

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