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Test Heart Coherence Meditation EBook Second Draft Single Pages

Published by ali.messer, 2018-06-17 18:12:08

Description: Test Heart Coherence Meditation EBook Second Draft Single Pages


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Harmony with the Heart HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION Barbara St. Dennis, MA

About BarbaraBarbara St. Dennis, MA, is a gardener,an herbal wildcrafter, a certifiedenergy medicine and energy psychologypractitioner and a meditator for over30 years. She loves to teach classes thatgo deep into energy and consciousness,whether in plants, the human body or themind.

She sees clients at her home and gardenin Hayden, Idaho, and over the worldvia Skype. Barbara is an Eden EnergyMedicine Certified Practitioner. She holdsan advanced certificate in EmotionalFreedom Freedom Techniques, with 15years’ experience. Her master’s degree isin Consciousness.Her clients are students in the techniquesand tools to better manage their emotionsand to free their essential creativity andlove. Barbara believes that the stateof mind matters most in healing andin problem solving, not intelligence ortechnique. It goes with the whole master’sin consciousness thing! © Copyright by New Moon Energetics 2018 Cover Art: Sarah Lorraine Edwards eBook Design: Ali Messer

“After all this time the sun still asks nothingof the earth.” Rumi

Introduction to HeartCoherence MeditationWe all want more love in our lives.Everybody I know wants more love! Howabout you? Do you think you have to be“in love” to feel that way? Why do youthink so many men and women havedogs and other beloved pets? Why dodating sites do such a huge business?We are all looking for love!Do you think you have to be loved tofeel love? What if you could feel love,have more love in your life while youare single or in a difficult relationship?With pets or alone?

What if you could come into harmonywith love on a grand, yet personal level every day, any time you want? What would life be like? What if being in harmony with your heart healed you?


YOU DON’T REALLY NEED THIS BOOK You don’t really need this book. You don’t really need this book unless you seriously want a change. You might8 have too much anger or drama or illness or pain and finally you really want your life to change for the better. This simple technique can be the activator for your positive energy, your joy, your personal evolution toward the One. If you are really ready for a change this book might be useful. SUGGESTED READING FOR THIS SECTION:: LETTING GO: THE PATHWAY OF SURRENDER BY DAVID R. HAWKIN

SECTION [01] “Plant love, growwisdom, reap joy!” 9 BarbaraSt. Dennis   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

YOU DON’T REALLY NEED THIS BOOK10 “ Yo u really do have two brains... the heart and head.”

SECTION [01]So, here’s what I’m hoping for you. I’mhoping by the end of this little book you’regoing to recognize you really do havetwo brains. I’m not talking about rightbrain-left brain. The two physiologicallydifferent brains are heart and head. Iwant you to see that there are really goodreasons to be able to shift between oneand the other and then hopefully, you’regoing to learn how to shift in order totransform, to become a really differentbeing. 11What’s transformation? What does itmean to transform? Well, think about it.It’s a tadpole and a frog. The same being.Are a tadpole and a frog the same being?Yeah, but no, right? The same essence.The same spark, okay, that’s a good wayof putting it, but most people, if theylook at a tadpole and a frog, they’d say,no, this is not the same, right? Okay, so,transformation is retaining that essentialspark, but really, really changing how weare and how we function in the world.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

YOU DON’T REALLY NEED THIS BOOK12 Do you want that? It just takes a little understanding, and then, at no extra cost, you practice it. You can practice it as a meditation, as a momentary check on unwanted emotions or as a prelude to

SECTION [01] 13really creative problem solving. You canpractice it driving, you can practice it inthe shower, fill in the small crevices ofthe day with it and watch how outcomeschange for the better.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

WHAT’S HAPPENING? What’s Happening? You might be in lots of pain, physical or emotional. There might be unwanted emotions or difficulties with people at14 work or even closer, at home. There are loops of negative thoughts and feelings, justified anger, money worries, feelings of loss and dejection. These may seem to never end. Maybe the sleep is disrupted, the appetite off, the felt sense of the body uncomfortable. Here’s the quick picture. When the more primitive part of your brain picks up the signal of negative thinking or emotions, it reacts with a protective response.

“Intuition SECTION [02]is theentry 15levelof the   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATIONgeniusfield, theresult ofa shiftfrom theheadbrain tothe heartbrain.”Unknown

WHAT’S HAPPENING?16 “ We cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

SECTION [02]It readies the body to fight or flee orfreeze. Every single time, over and overagain. This part of the brain doesn’tprocess words or concepts; it acts on thesignal, “We’re in trouble!”Here’s what’s happening. Your bodyis being flooded with the fight/flighthormones cortisol and adrenaline andothers. Your immune system and digestionare suppressed by them, and they cause 17your thinking to become very narrow andsurvival-oriented. You stop laying downbone tissue and you stop repairing cells.Aging accelerates! Wrong direction, lookfor an off ramp.Einstein said, “We cannot solve problemswith the same kind of thinking thatcreated them.” When we respond to ourdifficulties with the head brain, we arecoming from the same kind of thinking; weare in a narrowed, survival loop. We needto shift to the heart brain.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Research on the Heart- Brain-Body Connection Heart transplants and research have shown that the heart has its own “little brain” that functions independently of the18 brain in the head. This intrinsic cardiac nervous system can sense, feel, learn and remember. In heart surgery the nerves between the brain and the heart are often severed and the heart goes on beating without them. Astonishingly, the heart sends more information to the brain via the nervous system than the brain sends to the heart.

SECTION [02] 19The heart produces its own powerfulhormones, like oxytocin, the hormone thatcauses the “afterglow” of satisfying sex,as well as dopamine and noradrenalin,hormones that regulate emotion in thebrain, and ANF, a hormone that balancesthe endocrine system and severalimportant organs, like the kidneys.  HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

WHAT’S HAPPENING? In the fetus, the heart is formed and beating before the brain is formed. It is not known what starts the heart to beat, but it is clearly not the brain. Heart rhythm coherence helps synchronize brain activity, facilitating higher cognitive faculties such as perception, memory, discernment and problem-solving20 intuition. Surprising answers come from Hearthmath! A coherent heart rhythm sends a message of well-being to the brain, reducing stress effects, especially the production of cortisol in the body. The electromagnetic field of the heart is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the field of the brain. It can be measured up to 12 feet away from the body, and has been shown to contain encoded information.

SECTION [02]“Where 21themindgoes,theenergyflows.”Unknown   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

WHAT’S HAPPENING? “When the body and mind are in harmony with the heart, the22 b o d y f u n c t i o n s optimally and the mind becomes more and more intuitive.” Unknown

SECTION [02]This energetic information is not onlyshared by the heart to our brain andbody, including the immune system, butaffects others in its vicinity.A coherent signal is many times stronger 23than an incoherent one. A light bulb= 60 watts, a laser = 1 million watts,at the same voltage. Heart coherencemeditation creates this coherency withinthe bodymind.The ancient Chinese called the heart TheSupreme Controller, or Emperor of theB/M systems. They believed it did notoriginate consciousness, but was the primedirector and integrator of consciousness.SUGGESTED READING ON HEART-BRAIN-BODYCONNECTION RESEARCH: THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF BYBRUCE LIPTON.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

CHOOSING TO MOVE INTO THE HEART Choosing to move in the heart. One of the reasons to move into harmony with the heart is that the state counteracts the flight or fight message.24 The stress hormones stop flowing, bones begin to rebuild, an efficient digestion can resume when the heart signal overrides the anxious message. Oh, and the brain works better. SUGGESTED READING: THE HEARTMATH SOLUTION, HEART INTELLIGENCE BOTH BY DOC CHILDRE, HOWARD MARTIN & DEBORAH ROZMAN AND HEARTMATH.ORG.

SECTION [03] 25“The heart is anunconditional lover; itdenies blood to no partof the body.”Donna Eden   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

CHOOSING TO MOVE INTO THE HEART26 Sometimes the turmoil is too great to actually do the practice, simple as it is. You might as well learn the default place to launch from. Take a deep breath and feel it go into your chest and into your

SECTION [03] “The world is a garden; we can lovethe trees and flowers and fruits or curse the weeds.” Unknown 27belly as far as you can. Don’t hold yourbreath, but be aware of it. Do another,feeling it in your chest especially. Reachfor the feeling.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

CHOOSING TO MOVE INTO THE HEART Now on the third breath, concentrate on your heart center, the nerve plexus behind the breast bone and the sensations there. You might now have a certain amount of focus away from your mind, a detachment, a neutral place from which to choose to move into the heart. Here’s how. You do so by very simply thinking of someone or something you love, or28 appreciate. Think of your sweetie, your pets, your beautiful garden. Take yourself to a park or beach or other beautiful place you can remember. Bring the kids or grandkids along. Stay with each scene as long as you can and feel the gratefulness, enjoy the caring, loving feelings. That’s it. You are in harmony with your heart.

SECTION [03] “You do so by 29 very simply thinking of someone orsomething you love...”  HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

CHOOSING TO MOVE INTO THE HEART30 E x e r c i s e O n e : 2. Sit quietly and Simple Heart observe the breath in Coherence the chest for a minute Meditation or so. Just a few breaths. This will help 1. First sit quietly. to center the mind in The goal is to train the heart region. Once the brain/mind to the mind is happily consistently choose trained, this step can to attune to loving be reduced to one thoughts. breath. 3. Sit quietly and think of loved ones.

SECTION [03]Send them verbal Sometimes yourthoughts of love and thoughts become truly 31appreciation, visual amazing.images of them happyand well or non-verbal 5. Do as often asfeelings of love and possible throughoutgratitude. Repeat with the day, for example,others you love until at a stoplight, as anthe timer goes off. alternate to negative thinking and to induce4. Sit quietly for heart rate variability.another few momentsand notice what comesup.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION


SECTION [04]How to practice.You can learn the state of harmony 33with your heart best if you practice ita lot! Meditators can sit with it, and itgoes deeper the longer you do it. If youdecide to do it every morning at 7 am for20 or 30 minutes, it is like a traditionalmeditation practice. In the beginning Ilearned the most about the state when Ipracticed in this way. I have included anexercise on pages 36-37 you can print outfor a meditation practice.SUGGESTED READING: ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE WITH EFTBY CAROL LOOK, AS WELL AS HER WEBSITE CAROLLOOK.COM   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

HOW TO PRACTICE Then I learned it was also very effective if I made a strong determination to move into the state at different times of the day, all through the day. I used consciously thinking of loving friends when I became angry in traffic. It’s a simple choosing to change the channel, from the anxious soap opera to loving appreciation. Your body will be so relieved! For me, the easiest way to shift is by going to34 gratitude. In fact, one of my favorite teachers, Carol Look, the EFT Master, changed my life, and she guaranteed it would, by giving me this practice. When you get up in the morning, take a minute, maybe with your coffee, to list 10 things you are really grateful for. Don’t just list them, feel the gratitude for each of the 10. Start practicing gratitude and that which you have will increase. I guarantee it!


HOW TO PRACTICE “Take a minute, maybe with your36 c o f f e e , t o l i s t 10 things you are really grateful for”

SECTION [04]One of the most useful techniques I’ve 37learned is the mini-vacation. At thestoplight, or waiting in the bank, oron hold on the phone, all these canbe enhanced by taking yourself to thebeach. Or the mountains, or the lake.Let yourself feel the wonderful energyyou remember from those favorite placesand enjoy a minute or two of beauty andappreciation. Whenever you feel thesefeelings you’re in harmony with yourheart.  HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

HOW TO PRACTICE38 E x e r c i s e T w o : the sea just out there Softening and let the sun relax Heart your bones, your Va c a t i o n muscles and your breathing. Be there as 1. Sit down someplace much as you can. warm and close your eyes for just a few 2. Breathe in as if you minutes. Imagine the are smelling a tropical perfect beach, a warm bloom, and out as if breeze, you are blowing out a candle. Let each breath relax you.

SECTION [04]3. Breathe into your feelings. Gratitude ischest, your heart, 39and remember agood heart feeling a sure appreciation ofa beautiful place, a 5. Take this wholeloving care you feel, love-fest to the beach,like gratitude, love, again and again, andcompassion, even relax into the warmth.tender affection. Continue breathing the love and care into your4. Breathe into your heart for 5-20 minutes,heart as you feel those a lovely vacation.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

YOU DON’T REALLY NEED TO DO THIS STUFF You don’t really need to do this stuff. You can stay in fight or flight for as long as you can stand it, or until there’s an epic fail on some level that forces change.40 Maybe you are already there, and you are engaged with cancer or heart disease, or advanced Hepatitis C, as I was. You may feel that sense of impending doom with no diagnosis, but lots of troubling symptoms. SUGGESTED READING: TRANSFORMING STRESS, TRANSFORMING ANXIETY AND TRANSFORMING ANGER ALL BY DOC CHILDRE AND DEBORAH ROZMAN.


YOU DON’T REALLY NEED TO DO THIS STUFF42 “We can truly be reborn...”

SECTION [05]You can increasingly choose to shift yourconsciousness into the heart center and itshigher energy. Just activating that heartcoherence or harmony with the heart willallow the body to use its resources to heal,not to massively defend. The primitivepart of the brain senses peace and calmand stands down, all is well, even in themidst of the crisis.The regenerating effects are the true anti- 43aging miracles! Anxiety ages us, lovingkindness stops the clock and allows thebody to reproduce cells from a coherentfield state. From these new cells comeincreasingly stronger patterns of healthand coherency. We can truly be rebornwhen the mind that creates the field forthe cells to fulfill is patterned around love.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

YOU DON’T REALLY NEED TO DO THIS STUFF44 As the head brain becomes calmer, it notices how much fun the heart brain is having! The ego, the organizing function of safety and security, senses how much more coherent thought and hormone functioning has become. The ego can get with this, it feels good, hey, I look GOOD with all these loving thoughts! Massive positive feedback loop. Notice this as you practice. One slightly advanced technique at this

SECTION [05] 45 point is to focus on a difficulty and thengo into a state of appreciation and lovefor someone or something. Hold thoseloving thoughts and project them stronglytoward the loved one. Then cycle back tothe difficulty and just notice it, let it go,and go back to a love object. Continuefor a few more cycles until you canobserve the difficulty with loving gratitudeor appreciation. Notice what insightsmight come in the quiet afterward.   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

HEART HARMONY WITH THE WORLD Heart Harmony with the world. One way to really learn something is to share it with others. If you want to deepen this experience right on up to46 the miracle level, practice it in a group. Lynne McTaggart rediscovered this and she published the perfectly miraculous experiences of participants in a book, The Power of Eight. I highly recommend it! A group of us are doing it, and I’ll never be the same. The second part of her book tells you lots about how to set up a group. SUGGESTED READING: THE POWER OF EIGHT BY LYNNE MCTAGGART, LOST CONNECTIONS: UNCOVERING THE REAL CAUSE OF DEPRESSION BY JOHANN HARI, GLOBALCARE- INITIATIVE.COM AND LOSTCONNECTIONS.COM

SECTION [06] “One way to really learnsomething is to share it with others.” 47   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

HEART HARMONY WITH THE WORLD “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your48 f a c e l i k e sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Roald Dahl

SECTION [06]What does that look like? Invite six oreight or so people to get together atsomeone’s house, and hold loving thoughtsfor a short time for each other or someonenot present. It’s really that simple. Wedo it for three minutes per target. Wepresent them, or ourselves, to the groupfor loving attention, with just a littleinformation. Someone sets their phone fora 3-minute alarm. We are not going for areading, or an attempt to psychically fix 49a problem. The practice is holding lovingthoughts for that person for a time, in agroup. Period. Simple. Each member ofthe group has had amazing changes intheir lives, as the energy rebounds andcomes back to us running over!   HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION

HEART HARMONY WITH THE WORLD We have experienced a vortex of energy over the group, some opening of extrasensory perceptions, deep qualitative50 changes in the feeling sense of the target’s lives. On and on. This little book is one of the results, after knowing I should write for years! We are receiving to the degree we are practicing outside the group, but everyone feels it. It is an increase in energy, in unexpected solutions, in serendipitous happenings, in a sense of “All will be well.” An increase in creativity that is so helpful on so many levels. We have a sense we are working for good.

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