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Analyze your digital magazine reader statistics in Pubhtml5

Track & analyze visiting statistics of online digital magazines with Google Analytics for optimized digital marketing strategy

It's vital to have a clear idea of how your item performs because the performance has a great impact on your marketing strategy, therefore, on your marketing efforts and ultimate margins. Being the most popular data analysis tool, Google Analytics can help you collect visit info of your target items all for free. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your digital magazines. And from the collected statistics, you can know which parts are doing well and which are not; you can have an idea of what is attractive to readers and what is not. Thus, you can adjust your marketing strategy to maximize your marketing effort.

Pub HTML5 will not only help you convert PDF files to amazing digital magazines, but also enable you to embed your Google Analytics to analyze the visit statistics of the online digital magazines.

How to Add Google Analytics to Digital Magazines with Pub HTML5?