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Published by hdnewsletter, 2017-07-13 13:53:13

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UPMc HelpDesk Newsletter Providing ‘World Class’ Service One Interaction At A Time July 2017 Edition 1

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterThis newsletter is about you, me, and all of us. It’s about the work we do everyday, the people we work with and the things that matter to us. It provides a forumfor highlighting our achievements and milestones as we continue to provide worldclass service ‘one interaction at a time.’Table of ContentsHelp Desk Spotlight Page 3 Page 3Humorous Cartoon Page 3 Page 4Unexpected Surprise! Page 5 Page 5Empathizing with the Customer . Page 6 Page 7Paddle under a full moon with Kayak Pittsburgh Page 7 Page 7The Wall Productions TheaterThe Monongahela Monster2017 Cinema in the ParkQuick Tips for Super AgentsHappy Birthday to you! 2

The Spotlight for this month is on Landon Ramsey. So Landon , what can you tell us about yourself?My name is Landon Ramsey I am a father of four children. Their ages are16, 12, 6, and 4. I am from the Clarion area where I went to college for In-formation Systems. I am currently working on my masters in Cybersecurity,and one day would like to teach at a university. I enjoy playing videogames,comic books, reading, and teaching my kids about computers and coding. A week ago I received an unex- pected surprise from a user I helped gain access into UPMC ACCESS. A thank you card with gift cards mailed to the Iroquois Building for me. This generous and thoughtful person made my day. Thank you Kim Bennett! Submitted by: Sherry Stephan 3

Empathizing with the Customer Recognizing the difference between Sympathy and Empathy How to train yourself to immediately recognize the difference between sympathy and empa-thy, as they are easily confused feelings. If you don’t get them straight you will risk creating an unequal and potentially unhealthy dynamic between you and your customer. Focus on the customer’s feelings encouraging agents to respond like the following—I am sorry you are feeling frustrated or is there anything I can do to help this issue get better? Remember empathy is not Sympathy which is “feeling pity or sorrow for someone else’smisfortune. Empathy is , “understanding the feelings someone else is having. \"The custom- er experience and the customer journey are both very important in order to better under- stand the processes your customers are going through with your brand. After all, we are all customers so we can empathize with where the problems are and what we would want the process to look like if we were experiencing the journey ourselves. Getting it right is great and it goes a long way to making the customer experience better for our customers but it misses the ability to show your customer that you’re listening and that you understand what they are experiencing. That’s why actively engaging your customers, listening to the voice of the customer andasking them to share their experiences with you and speaking to them about what they said, accelerates the trust and rapport you have with your customers. You can get close to your customers by building a service that solves most of their needs, but to really be trusted, you need to offer more bydiscovering enough information to empathize with your customers from their real experiences, and that comes from listening…actively.Active listening involves listening with all senses. As well as giving fullattention to the customer, it is important that the ‘active listener’ is also ‘seen’ to be listening - otherwise the customer may conclude that what they are talking about is uninteresting to the listener. Empathy Statements that help improve Customer Agent RapportEmpathy statements are short phrase that help you establish a connection with the person you aretalking to. They show the other person is your sole focus and that you are taking personal responsi-bility for them in this conversation.Personal Pronouns - the words I and you are essential in an empathy statement.Authenticity - Be genuine, honest and be yourself.Empathy statement examples - Is there anything I can do for you today? You are assuring the cus-tomer of your desire to resolve their issue.Reassure the customer - We will help you get this issue resolved. Reaffirming the intention for aquick and appropriate resolution again builds rapport. But the use of the work “we” indicates that itis a team effort and you are prioritizing this issue. 4

PADDLE UNDER A FULL MOON WITH KAYAK PITTSBURGH: Some might argue which location offers the bestview of Pittsburgh. How about Team Waterfront. And the most unique way to view the skyline is definitelyfrom a kayak—at night. As long as you’re not afraid of nocturnal river creatures (kidding, of course), a full-moon paddle with the Venture Outdoors crew is the best guided tour of the city. Starting at Kayak Pittsburghdowntown, paddlers depart from the north end of the Roberto Clemente Bridge when the full moon is high.Heading upstream toward Washington’s Landing at dusk, the round-trip adventure is a two-hour showcase ofthe city’s buildings and bridges. Sixth Street Bridge, downtown. Info: 412/969-9090, kayakpittsburgh.orgVisit website for more information - EXPLORE NEW THEATRICAL FRONTIERS AT OFF THE WALL PRODUCTIONS: If you sort of like theater, you visit the Cultural District now and then. If you really like theater, your frontiers expand to Oakland and South Side. But if you truly know your stuff, you may have discovered a hidden gem in Washing- ton, Pa.: Off the Wall Productions. The com- pany has been producing challenging, highly relevant dramas and comedies in an inti- mate 66-seat theater since 2007. Make an evening trip out of it for the company’s season-four finale, Shining City, in May. The play is an acclaimed story about faith and sin set in Dublin, but seeing the thea- ter is worth the trip alone. 147 N. Main St., Washington. Info: 724/873-3576, 5

The Help Desk X Files Monongahela Monster Submitted by: Anthony WashingtonAs the warm sun bathed our faces and the smell of cotton candy and popcorn filled the air,little did we know that our next battle was with a legend. The Monster of the Mon, notOgua, but the Monongahela Monster. You’ve heard of Nessy, The Moth Man etc. butsomething be alive in them their waters surrounding Pittsburgh. This legend was morethan just a ride at KennyWood Park. For years, there have been stories of a long serpentlike creature that inhabits the waters of the three rivers. I’ve spent a lot of time fishing therivers around the burgh, and have seen Eagles, Blue Herron, Beavers, soft shelled turtles,fox, even a grizzly bear, ok I was just checking to see if you are paying attention… I’ve seena lot, and I’ve never seen any monsters, but I did see something close. An endangered fishspecies lives in our waters. The Shortnose Sturgeon, a prehistoric looking fish with boneyback plates instead of scales. What a sight to behold I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thesestrange rare creatures can live well over 50 years. Many of these legendary stories startwith this lands first inhabitants our Native American brothers and sisters. Before the riverswere polluted … just imagine the life that teemed in the waters. They say that today thereis an alligator that lives in the waters near Fox Chapel, it’s even being reported on our localnew. So, who knows, maybe there is a giant serpent waiting to be discovered. I wouldn’tbe so quick to dismiss the Monongahela Monster may still be out there. 6

2017 Cinema in the Park ScheduleAll summer long, our friends at Citiparks bring the silver screen toyour favorite parks! Catch great movies under the stars at thesefree, family-friendly Cinema in the Park events. For more infor-mation: Quick Tips for Super Agents Don’t forget to verify the user’s identity before reset- ting the passcode for Avaya desk phones. How to find the user’s principal name? Logon to ac- tive directory. Search for the user. Once the user is displaying double click on user name. Click on the ac- count tab. What ever displays in user logon name on the account tab is the user’s principal name.Charita L. 7/27 Brian R. 8/19 Calling all Authors:Anthony W. 7/29 Chuck G. 8/22Mike C. 8/5 Courtney D. 8/29 Did you ever turn a negative experience into a posi- tive experience? How did you do it? What was your craziest call... Ever? What is your favorite recipe? Do you have a questions you would like to have answered or a Customer Service Tip? We would like to hear from you! You can send your submis- sions for the newsletter to: HDNews- [email protected] or you can contribute anony- mously by dropping your ideas in the suggestion box located in the kitchen. 7

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterLead Publisher/Editor: Linda EchementAssistant Publisher/Editors: Sherry Stephan,Anthony WashingtonContributors for July 2017 Newsletter:Landon RamseyAnthony WashingtonSherry StephanContact Us at: [email protected] 8

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