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March 2017 Newsletter

Published by hdnewsletter, 2017-03-15 14:52:19

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UPMc HelpDesk Newsletter Providing ‘World Class’ Service One Interaction At A Time March 2017 Edition

UPMC Help Desk Newsletter This newsletter is about you, me, and all of us. It’s about the work we do every day, the people we work with and the things that matter to us. It provides a forum for highlighting our achievements and milestones as we continue to provide world class service ‘one interaction at a time.’ Table of Contents Help Desk Spotlight Alisha Hetrick Page 3 Quality Enhancement Objectives Page 3 Steeler’s Going for Broke-Sport Guru Jeff Ross Page 4 Service Account vs. Global Distribution List Page 5 Forbes Digital Plaza Page 6 See the Future-Helpful Tips Page 7 Help Desk Aces Award Winner Page 7 Pittsburgh Festivals & Events Page 8

The Spotlight for this month is on Alisha Hetrick. So Alisha, what can you tell us about yourself?  I grew up in Kittanning, Pa which is a same town on the Allegheny. The town has been used in a lot of movies and a Netflix series being filmed for it’s unique small town layout (The Mothman Prophecies, My Bloody Valentine, and currently Mindhunter.”  I started my college career at Penn State as a Pre-med student and quickly decided that there was too much chemistry and physics between all the dissections and switched to IT. After taking some time off to just work I went back to La Roche College to finish my IT degree with a minor in Computer Security and Forensics.  Before coming to UPMC, I work for Armstrong County’s IT department doing everything from pc support, networking, website design, phone support, and printer services. Prior to that I work for Best Buy Geek Squad for 4 years.  I am a Season ticket holder for the Penguins. If there is any type of hockey/Penguin event, I’m at it!  Outside of work and hockey games I spend most of my time outside. I enjoy camping, kayaking, biking, and playing foot golf. I also love going to the gun range and hunting.  I am a huge dog person. I have 4 boxers who keep things exciting, never a quiet moment in at the house.  Fun Facts: I play 7 instruments (self-taught on 5 of them). Ambidextrous. Double- jointed. Quality Enhancement Objectives The quality review evaluation process is being updated to ensure consistent, evaluations across the board. It offers transparency and empowers the staff to achieve the ultimate goal of a perfect quality score. Many of the staff’s suggestions were implemented into the new process. The enhancements are currently being tested and will be executed in the near future. We reside in the ‘house of pigeons.’ What better reason could there be than to learn the pigeon dance. Sesame Street ‘s Bert will show us how…. v=pPj3G7U-K04

Steelers Going for Broke $$ have to find a sensible replacement. I expect them to sign a free News out of the Steelers South Side head- agent and the look to add in the draft. Last year they really im- quarters on Monday sounded more like a st proved their secondary with 1 round pick CB Artie Burns and financial institution that an NFL football rd 3 pick S Sean Davis but they still need more help. The draft is team. Within a few hours’ news broke where they really need to make their hay. An edge pass rusher (there’s that word again) that the team and a cover corner are the top two needs. Most mock drafts had franchised tagged star running back have then selecting various edge pass rushers but I think they’d Le’Veon Bell and re-signed star receiver be wise to select the best available corner or pass rusher in Antonio Brown to a four-year contract extension. Brown’s deal round one and then take the opposite in the second round. I do will keep him with the team for the next four years while Bell is not expect this draft to be a defensive heavy as last year but under the team’s control for at least the next year. While the they cannot come out of this draft without a corner and pass team has until 07/15/2017 to work out a long term deal with rusher. If this offseason is about anything it’s about doing what Bell that’s not the case with Antonio Brown. Brown will earn they need to try and better compete with the Patriots. If they about 68 million over the next four years and Bell 12 million are to surpass New England they need to rush Brady and cover and some change for the 2017 season. Yes, this is a ton of cash his receivers. and some worry about the salary cap future of the team but The other issues of offseason business are really out of the these moves to me signal one thing and one thing only; the team’s hands, and that’s WR Martavis Bryant and TE Ladarius Steelers are going for broke (last time I swear) in an effort to Green. With Green it’s his health and with Bryant it’s his ac- win another Super Bowl. tions. Green missed the final six games of the 2016 season with a concussion and he has a history of concussions so there are Think back to the Denver Broncos of a few years ago. The some questions as to whether he’ll be cleared to play not only in Broncos knew the window to win another Super Bowl with an 2017 but ever again. The team is wise to let the medical staff aging Peyton Manning was closing and they made a series of monitor Green and see where he is as the OTA’s and training moves trying to get that Super Bowl; and they did. Following a camp approach and then make a decision if one is not made for disappointing Super Bowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks in 2013 them. As for Bryant, they’ve been down this road before. Like the team went out and signed CB Aqib Talib; DE Demarcus in the past, Bryant and his agent are saying all the right things Ware; and S TJ Ward. It appears to me the Steelers are follow- BUT that was the case last year and in the end Bryant failed ing this blueprint and I couldn’t agree more. The time is now! another drug test and was suspended the entire 2016 season. Ben Roethlisberger is not getting any younger and has already We all know what a great player Bryant can be but we also hinted at retirement. Yea, no one really believes he’s going to know he has not shown that he can be trusted. Bryant has ap- hang it up before his contract expires but these next three plied for reinstatement and the team hopes to know his status years is the Steelers shot to climb that Stairway To Seven. With before the draft but I’d still expect the Steelers to pick a receiver Brown, Bell, and Ben together the team has one of the better, somewhere in the 3-6 rounds. Even with Sammy Coates the if not best, offensive units in the league. It’s not just the skill team needs to approach the draft and offseason not counting players. The offensive line is stout and there have been some on Bryant because they cannot afford to get burned again. pleasant surprises with players like TE Jessie James and FB Rox- All in all this offseason, so far, has to be considered a big suc- ie Nix. The defense needs some work before I can see them cess. You cannot win the Super Bowl in the off season (as the getting past the mighty New England Patriots. Washington Redskins) but you can lose it. Locking up the best WR and RB makes the offseason a success and they haven’t Look for GM Kevin Colbert to turn his attention to the defensive even started free agency or the draft. side of the ball now that the offense seems in place. The team would like to retain linebacker Lawrence Timmons but only at the Steelers Let’s Bring Home the 7th right price. Timmons had a terrific season last year which makes him more attractive in the open market. With backup Vince Wil- Super Bowl this season! liams signed and ready to step in the Steelers can’t and won’t overpay for Timmons. Then there’s the secondary. It’s always the secondary, isn’t it? I expect William Gay to be released and the team to shop for an upgrade in the free agent market. No, I don’t expect them to pursue Darrelle Revis, that’s just not their M.O. to All an all this offsea- chase a high end free agent. There are some guys out there that might fit their plans. A guy like Captain Munnerlyn would fit nice- son, so far, has to be ly. They still have 2015 second round pick CB Sebquez Golson but considered a big suc- after two years of playing exactly 0 snaps they simply cannot cess. You cannot win count on him. Cutting Gay just makes financial sense but they

Help Desk Trending issues Submitted by: Kate Vidmar and Sherry Stephan Global Distribution List: A global distribution list is a public list in the Global Address book. It is a group of mail recipients that are addressed as a single recipient. - One can send/forward e-mails to multiple mailboxes at one time. It is advantageous for the mass mailing of a global message. - A global distribution list has no associated mailbox and requires no username or password. - Only owners of the global distribution lists can add members to their lists. A distribution list can have multiple owners. - Help Desk supervisors can create, modify or delete global distribution lists and add or change ownership. - If ownership needs changed, the current owner of the distribution list must request this to be done. If current owner is with another department, user requesting change must contact this owner. If the current owner is no longer with UPMC, submit a Cherwell ticket to Ex- change. - Be sure to use the Distribution list template in Cherwell when escalating the call to HD Supervisor. - An example of a distribution list is our Help desk distribution list: SERVICE ACCOUNT: A service account provides the capability to provide a shared mailbox, or a common calendar, or a system ad- ministrator or shared generic logon account. - A service account can be created to provide a shared mailbox that multiple users can use to read and/or send email messages. - A service account can also be used to provide a common calendar, allowing multiple users to schedule meetings/appointments and view vacation time or work. - A service account requires a username and password assigned to the owner (upon account creation) who logs into the PC with these credentials to delegate permissions to the mailbox or calendar. - A service account can also serve as a network administrator account or generic logon account in Active Directory. We can only reset the password for the owner of the account. The owner can be found in IMS (not Active Directory). - A service account creation or ownership change is done via an IMS submission. - There can only be one owner for a service account. An example of shared mailbox is our mailbox Help Desk:

You may have walked by the Plaza on the corner of Forbes Ave and S. Boquet St, saw the changes and wondered what is this all about? There are digital devices, multi color digital displays and at times a plethora of sounds, but no explanation. Well, wonder, speculate, question no more….. About the Forbes Digital Plaza ISD Help Desk Employee Appreciation Day! Oakland Business Improvement District and partners unveiled the 21st Century Digital Plaza to hundreds of spectators in the March 3, 2016 heart of Pittsburgh’s 2nd largest business district located at the corner of Forbes Avenue and S. Bouquet Street. This premiere pedestrian plaza is a new approach to public space place-making and community branding. As a model project built in celebration of Oakland’s culture of innovation, the Digital Plaza is the first of a series of projects planned as part of Innovation Oakland. The OBID’s outdoor digital art gallery is the first of its kind in the country and is designed to feature local, national and international artists. July and August Birthdays It’s no secret Oakland is determined to be America’s first Digital District given that it’s home to some of the world’s top research, educational, medical and cultural institutions. Innovation Oakland seeks to build a future where cutting-edge technology will be used to better the lifestyles of those who visit and live in Oakland. Through integrating information, technology and art, Oakland is poised to showcase its innovative nature and start-up culture. About the Plaza This premiere pedestrian plaza is a new approach to public space place-making and community branding. As a model project, the OBID’s outdoor digital art gallery is the first of its kind in the country and is designed to feature local, na- tional and international artists. November and December Birthdays

See the Future! When you are working on an issue like a password reset, account unlock or a PC reboot, you can enter all of the information in the ticket including the resolution before the user confirms this resolved their issue. Once the user confirms the issue, all you need to do is close the ticket and you are ready for the next caller. This also works on reboots or similar issues. If what you did or instructed the user to do doesn’t fix the issue and you need to escalate, just erase the resolution and escalate. Again, you are ready for the next caller as soon as this one leaves your line. Contributed by John Martinec Put some Faces to Our Aces Extra 2/28/17 Friday March 3 is employee appreciation Day. Let’s start by recog- nizing these winners:

Pittsburgh Festivals and Events Check out website for complete list of Events - Art All Night April 7, 2017 Lawrenceville Come energized for this annual art marathon. At Art All Night in Lawrenceville, professional, and amateur artists of all ages display and sell their work. Pittsburgh Marathon May 7, 2017 - Downtown Pittsburgh A huge Pittsburgh tradition... the annual Pittsburgh Marathon has become one of the premier marathons in the country, with more than 100,000 cheering fans that will line the racecourse to encourage the run- ners. Several neighborhood festivals will be under way in 13 communities along the course. The Music by the Mile program features live musical acts to entertain runners on their speedy foot tour of the city. St. Nick's Greek Food Festival May 8—12 419 South Dithridge Street Pittsburgh University Come savor authentic Greek food at this popular annual tradition that features great Greek food, and costumed dancers performing nightly to traditional Greek music. The diverse menu includes dishes like... beef stefatho, chicken oregano, souvlakia, baklava and much more. Both Greek and domestic wines will also be available. 25th Annual Pittsburgh Race for the Cure May 14, 2017 Festivities start 8am Race starts at 8:30am- Schenley Park at Flagstaff Hill Now celebrating 25 years in honor of victims and survivors of Breast Cancer, Pittsburgh Race for the Cure has become the largest series of 5k runs and walks in the city, and is one of the top ten races in the national series. In 2016 ... 30,000 people participated, including more than 2,000 survivors. Race Activities will include a 5k run, 5k walk, 1 mile fun walk, and more. For the past few years constant traffic jams on Forbes but no more - what happened?? The com- pletion of the SkyVue apartment project. Take a peak and see the results! SkyVue Apartments —link for virtual tour ( ) Located in the heart of Oakland between Forbes and Fifth Avenues, SkyVue Apartments brings new energy and vitality to the Medical and University districts with a world class urban living experience. SkyVue upscale apartments provide incredible value to residents through extensive amenities, breathtaking Pittsburgh VUES, and an ideal central location. Calling all Authors: Did you ever turn a negative experience into a positive experience? How did you do it? What was your craziest call... Ever? What is your favorite recipe? Do you have a questions you would like to have answered or a Custom- er Service Tip? We would like to hear from you! You can send your submissions for the newsletter to: [email protected] or you can contribute anony- mously by dropping your ideas in the suggestion box lo- cated in the kitchen.

UPMC Help Desk Newsletter Lead Publisher/Editor: Linda Echement Assistant Publisher/Editors: Sherry Stephan, Anthony Washington Contributors for March 2017 Newsletter:  John Martinec  Kate Vidmar  Jeff Ross  Tom West  Alisha Hetrick Contact Us at: [email protected]

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