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February 2017 Newsletter

Published by hdnewsletter, 2017-02-14 09:07:52

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Providing ‘World Class’ Service One Interaction At A Time February 2017 EditionWhat’s Inside  Red Hawk Coffee Opens Spotlight on ...Bill Durkin. Service Base/ Self-Help How To in Oakland Ultimate: What's all the hype? A show in review  Hot Items Prepare yourself: Let’s see how John  Pittsburgh’s Rich History.  Defiance does it!  Birth Dates  Contact Us

The Spotlight for this month is on Bill Durkin. He is one of the newest members of our Help Desk. So Bill, what can you tell us about yourself? “I'm pretty much a standard-issue, mid thirties internet age bachelor. I'm a Pittsburgh native and I live alone in West Mifflin. My apartment doesn't allow cats or dogs, so I have two pet rabbits named 1up and Ghost. I'm coming here to help desk from a small business in Robinson where I worked for nine years taking contracts for repairing all sorts of electronics, from laptops to laser printers to hospital equipment. I'm good at building and fixing things and I like to repair toys or refurbish old computers in my off time. I'd like to start making custom arcade machines some day. I also play video games, of course; I'm a huge fan of the Dark Souls series and I play Over-Watch now and again, but a lot of my free time is spent reading or breaking things then fixing them again.” Self Help and ServiceBaseIf you find that something is missing, out of date, or just needs added or removed, please inform Knowledge Mgt.Here’s how:Go to ServiceBase Click Submit New at the top of the page Click Documentation Select Requestor from the drop down Put your request in the Knowledge Details field Click Submit New Document Request Click OK If you have a document to upload, click the Upload Document button and upload the documentIf your request is urgent or affects DIRECT PATIENT CARE follow up with Tom or Shane via email or IM, and your request shallbe addressed ASAP.Many of you have already contributed much needed documentation that has already been published, and we thank you.For those items that have not yet been published, please know that I haven’t forgotten. They are on the list and I will get to themas soon as possible.Credit is given for each submission into ServiceBase, so please continue to keep me busy!Tom

Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate is a non-contact team _______________________________________________ sport that is growing in popularityby leaps and bounds. Many highs schools and Players are always happy to take newcom-colleges have competitive teams. Pittsburgh ers under their wing and share their skills and experiences.even has a professional team, the Pittsburgh _______________________________________________Thunderbirds. For the most part it is considered There is no “one type” of person that makes aa “Club Sport” vs a School sport. Which means, better player versus another. It is all dependenthigh school funds don’t support Ultimate, it is on how much a person is willing to work on thecompletely supported by the players and fami- required skills.lies. The nice part of that being, we don’t haveto schedule tournaments 6 months in advance, My son, Lane, has been involved in Ultimate forwe are able to jump at opportunities that come about 3 years and he is hooked. Throughoutupon us. the school year they practice two days a week and play other high school teams once a week.______________________________________________ Winter league is one day only at the PittsburghUltimate is a fast-paced game that requires Indoor Sports Arena. They are generally in-its players to develop razor sharp throwing volved in 2-3 tournaments a year, includingskills. State Finals. North Allegheny took State Cham-______________________________________________ pionship two years ago!! It has been great to see how these guys bond. Even after the boysIt is self-refereed. Players know the rules inside go away to college, they catch up with their oldand out and are responsible for their own foul team to try out their skills. Many colleges nowand line calls. Players resolve their own disputes. have college leagues.If necessary, a coach will get involved, but this is All in all, it is a great sport for both males and fe-seldom necessary. males and a great way to meet new people.Ultimate is very newcomer friendly. Contributed by Laura Shea

Are you interested in a show that is a combination of Stand by Me, The Twilight Zone, and a Stephen King novel? Then Stanger Things is the show for you! This Science Fiction-Horror takes place in the 1980’s in a town called Hawkins, Indiana. The showstarts with four boys playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of Mike Wheeler (one of the four boys). The next morning the boys come to find out that their friend Will Byers is missing. Will’s mother Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder) becomes frantic and calls Police Chief Jim Hopper to help her look for her son. Will’s friends also decide to search for him on their ownand they discover a young girl lost in the woods named ‘Eleven’ who is a Psychokinetic and claims to know where Will is. As they learn more about what happened to Will they uncover a sinister government secret that has brought supernatural forces to their world. The show has a 9/10 rating on iMDb and a 95% rating on Rotten Tomato. The show was also nominated and won multiple awards in 2016/2017 from being nominated for a Golden Globe for best TV Series Drama, to its recent win of a Series Actors Guild Award for Best Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. It captivates you and gets your attention within the first few minutes of the show. It has a great blend of both Horror elements and Science Fiction with a little bit of comedy tied in as well. The story is great andis not confusing to follow, and it does well with answering all of your questions by the end of the season. The first season is eight episodes long and leaves you wanting more when you finish the show! It definitely was my favorite show of 2016 and I highly recommend it! Contributed by Jon Mattern  Keep a window of your created tickets open to view in Cherwell to catch any ticket that may have been esca- lated in error. Simply click on Search/All incidents today created by me.  Cerner toggle issues do not get escalated to IMS. Please escalate to E-record Power Chart… see the SB article located at: InternalDocumentation/KnowledgeArticles/Request% 20A%20Cerner%20Toggle.pdf by Bill Durkin

Prepare YourselfPrepare yourself. Not just for today, but for tomorrow. When you start your day, launch and minimize the common applica-tions you know you will be using through the day. For example, Active Directory, MyApps and Remote Control Viewer.Get organized. Unfortunately there is a wealth of information in our world that is communicated through email. Some of ityou need right away while other messages may not be needed for months down the road. If you don’t already have personalfolders set up, it is a very good idea to do so. Having personal folders set up in Outlook gives you a way to almost immediatelypull up information you need. In addition, this allows you to quickly clean out your inbox. While reading new mail, you canquickly scan and file away all of your messages and then read them in detail when needed. I swear by this system and wouldabsolutely be lost without it.Being prepared and organized will have a direct effect on how quickly you can handle issues.Contributed by John MartinecRedhawk Coffee Opens in OaklandPosted on January 5, 2017 by Jonathan WinklerIf you need your coffee fix, the Oakland business district has a new coffee shop locatedat 120 Meyran Avenue. Redhawk Coffee opened its doors on New Year’s Eve, and own-ers Braden Walter and his wife Mary Gonzales look forward to what 2017 has to bring!Redhawk’s specialty beverages are espresso drinks and single-cup brews, and everything that goes into the cup is hand selected byWalter and Gonzales. “We like to explore and test different flavors. If we like what we taste, we bring it in to share with others! Ifwe don’t, we kick it to the curb!” said Walter.With over 13 years of experience, Walter puts his barista skills to work behind the counter while Gonzales handles the businessside of things, making them a great team that’s excited to tap into the Oakland market. Redhawk Coffee was established in thesummer of 2016 as a coffee truck managed by the duo. “The truck was a 1969 Boyertown that had over 700,000 miles on it! Weweren’t looking forward to the winter months because coffee is pretty sensitive to temperature changes, so we decided to movethe business indoors,” said Walter.Walter and Gonzales chose the Redhawk name because there are tons of Red-tailed hawks where they live in Wilkinsburg withtheir two daughters. The team looks forward to the students coming back from winter break and welcomes everyone to drop byand enjoy what they have to offer. “Oakland needs a specialty coffee place like Redhawk… we’re excited to see different facescoming through our doors every day,” said Walter. This entry was posted in Business.

History of PittsburghThe history of Pittsburgh began with centuries of Native Ameri-c\"Daniocnidvieli:zgaât'i\"oinnitnhtehSeemneocdaelrannPgiuttasgbeu.'rg[1h] region, known as Eventually French andBritish explorers encountered the strategic confluence wherethe Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio,which leads to the Mississippi River. The area became a battle-ground when France and Britain fought for control in the1750s. When the British were victorious, the French cededcontrol of territories east of the Mississippi.Following American independence in 1783, the village aroundFort Pitt continued to grow. The region saw the short-livedWhiskey Rebellion, when farmers rebelled against federal tax-es on whiskey. The War of 1812 cut off the supply of Britishgoods, stimulating American manufacturing. By 1815, Pitts-burgh was producing large quantities of iron, brass, tin, andglass products. By the 1840s, Pittsburgh had grown to one ofthe largest cities west of the Allegheny Mountains. Productionof steel began in 1875. During the 1877 railway riots it was thesite of the most violence and damage in any city affected by the nationwide strikes of that summer. Workers protested against cutsin wages, burning down buildings at the railyards, including 100 train engines and more than 1,000 cars. Forty men were killed,most of them strikers. By 1911, Pittsburgh was producing half the nation's steel. Pittsburgh was a Republican party stronghold until1932. The soaring unemployment of the Great Depression, the New Deal relief programs and the rise of powerful labor unions inthe 1930s turned the city into a liberal stronghold of the New Deal Coalition under powerful Democratic mayors. In World War II, itwas the center of the \"Arsenal of Democracy\", producing munitions for the Allied war effort as prosperity returned.Following World War II, Pittsburgh launched a clean air and civic revitalization project known as the \"Renaissance.\" The industrialbase continued to expand through the 1960s, but after 1970 foreign competition led to the collapse of the steel industry, with mas-sive layoffs and mill closures. Top corporate headquarters moved out in the 1980s. In 2007 the city lost its status as a major trans-portation hub. The population of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area is holding steady at 2.4 million; 65% of its residents are of Euro-pean descent and 35% are minorities.TechnologymeIncao1nn8uo5fm9a,cyttuhwreietChilniincnltcuordeneaadsneidrdoSpnor-ochldoaudicrwtoinoanrfsuohrfinpiarsocaennsadinntdthreaordwmuoacrmeldde'sncfotisrk,sete-s2fip1ree\"csgimaulnley.l[t3ai5nt] gtBhyteowAtahllree'sgrehengeidnoy,noA.vTreshreenoAanlmea-ehnradiclftahonefCtFhioveirltsWtPeiatetrlFbaoonuodnsmdterodyr.e[t3h0t]ehAacrinmtys'sone-third of all U.S. glass was produced in Pittsburgh. Athme inleeswtoBneessinemsteerelpprorocedsusc.t[3io6]n was achieved in 1875, when the Edgar Thom-son Works in Braddock began to make steel rail usingIndustrialists such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, Andrew W. Mellon, and Charles M. Schwab built their fortunes in Pitts-burgh. Also based in Pittsburgh was George Westinghouse, credited with such advancements as the air brake and founder of over6C0omcopmanpyan(1ie8s8,6in).c[3l7u]dBianngkWs pelsatiynegdhaoukseey Air and Brake Company (1869), Union Switch & Signal (1881), and Westinghouse Electric role in Pittsburgh's development as these industrialists sought massive loans to upgradepnalannctes,ainntaelgurmatineuinmduresdtruiecstioanndcofumnpdatneychthnaotlobgeiccaaml aedvAalcnocae.s[.36F]or example, T. Mellon & Sons Bank, founded in 1869, helped to fi-Ingham (1991) shows how small, independent iron and steel manufacturers survived and prospered from the 1870s through the1950s, despite competition from much larger, standardized production firms. These smaller firms were built on a culture that val-ued local markets and the beneficial role of business in the local community. Small firms concentrated on specialized products, par-ticularly structural steel, where the economies of scale of larger firms were no advantage. They embraced technological changemore cautiously than larger fmiramsss.-pTrhoedyuacltsioonhcaodulenstes rapnatratgso.[3n8i]stic relations with workers and employed a higher percentage of high-ly skilled workers than theirSee more at February and March Calling All Authors Birthdays Have you ever turned a negative experience into aPhil Whittaker 1-Feb Francis Lavery 14-Mar positive experience? How did you do it? What wasLinette Ammer 6-Feb your craziest call...Ever? What is your favorite reci-Gerame Matthews 8-Feb Dean Guerrieri 15-Mar pe? Do you have a question you would like an-Adam Cassidy 23-Feb swered or a Customer Service Tip? We would love toJames Daniely 11-Mar Joe Wilson 16-Mar hear from you! You can send your submissions for the newsletter to: [email protected] or you Darryl Manley 17-Mar can contribute anonymously by dropping your ideas in the suggestion box located in the kitchen. Thank

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterThis newsletter is about you, me, and all of us. It’s about the work we do every day, the peoplewe work with and the things that matter to us. It provides a forum for highlighting ourachievements and milestones as we continue to provide world class service ‘one interaction ata time.’Lead Publisher/Editor: Linda EchementAssistant Publisher/Editors: Sherry Stephan, Anthony WashingtonContributors for February 2017 Newsletter: Bill Durkin Laura Shea Tom West John Martinec Jon MatternContact Us at: [email protected]

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