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July 2018 Qtrly HD Newsletter Final

Published by hdnewsletter, 2018-07-02 15:37:33

Description: July 2018 Qtrly HD Newsletter Final


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Upmc HelpDesk Newsletter Providing ‘World Class’ Service One Interaction At A Time July Qtrly 2018 Edition 1

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterThis newsletter is about you, me, and all of us. It’s about the work we do everyday, the people we work with and the things that matter to us. It provides a forumfor highlighting our achievements and milestones as we continue to provide worldclass service ‘one interaction at a time.’Table of ContentsWelcome Robert Bednar our new Help Desk Agent Page 4Welcome Timothy Wilson our new Help Desk Agent Page 4Welcome Corey Schaeffer our new Help Desk Agent Page 4Human Interest Story by Beverly Burkett Page 5Diversity by Kate Vidmar Page 5Kyle Lewis my story my life my words Page 6Congratulation Chuck Gumbert for 10 years at UPMC Page 7Congratulation Kate Vidmar for 20 years at UPMC Page 7Congratulation Jeff Ross for 20 years at UPMC Page 7Congratulation Mike Coombs for 10 years at UPMC Page 7Congratulation John Martinec for 5 years at UPMC Page 8Congratulation James Daniely for 5 years at UPMC Page 8Congrats Phil Whittaker for 5 years at UPMC Page 8Congratulation Sherry Stephan for 5 years at UPMC Page 8Jeff Ross reports on “What's Happening with PGH Sports 2018” Page 9Free Movies in the Park Page 10Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Page 10Venture Outdoors Page 11Gateway Clipper Fleet Cruises Page 12Summer events at the National Aviary Page 13You Oughta Regatta Page 14 2

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterThis newsletter is about you, me, and all of us. It’s about the work we do everyday, the people we work with and the things that matter to us. It provides a forumfor highlighting our achievements and milestones as we continue to provide worldclass service ‘one interaction at a time.’ Table of Contents (cont) Page 14 Page 15Summer Festivals for 2018 Page 16Phipps Gardens of Sound & Motion Page 16Customer Service SecretsHappy Birthday to you! 3

The Spotlight for this month is on our 5 new Help Desk Agents. Let’s welcome Robert, Timothy, Corey, Joshua, and Demetris. So , what can you tell us about yourself?My names Robert Bednar Jr. I am 22 years old and have worked for thehelp desk at Continuum Managed Services. I have interned for PC sup-port team at UPMC Presbyterian before working for the CorporateHelp Desk. In my free time, my girlfriend Abby and I play the tabletop game Warhammer age of Sigmar and enjoy playing with ourdog Pudge. My name is Tim and I’m a new agent here at the help desk. I grew up in Belle Vernon and graduated from California University in 2016. I live in Jefferson Hills with my girlfriend of 3 years, which I met at Best Buy where we worked together for the last 3 years. We have 2 dogs, both terrier mixes. In my spare time I like to play hockey (deck and roller) ,and vid- eo games, PS4 and PC. Hello! Corey here and I'm happy to join the team. I started in IT support at the University of Pittsburgh Library System as a student. Most recently, I did Desktop Support as a contractor for FedEx for almost 5 years. I live on the North Side with my girlfriend Ashley who also works for UPMC as an OR Nurse. We enjoy traveling the country for live music, hiking, craft beer and quality food. When I can I like to get out for some disc golf on a nice day. I grew up in Indiana, Pa but I've lived in Pittsburgh for 12 years now. It's great to have so many coworkers willing to help out and I look forward to getting to know you all. 4

Blue Human Interest Story In your dreams poochie! By Beverly Burkett Willow I knew Beverly was an animal lover the fist time I meet her. Beverly recently added to her animal menagerie a beautify Sun Conure named Gucci Girl! Gucci Girl loves to sit on the branches of the indoor plants and hide. Bev is also the owner of 3 cats and one dog. Of course, whenGucci Girl is out of her cage the cats go into theirs. Bev said she has to watch her dog Bellalately who stares and barks at Gucci Girl. Gucci Girl doesn't’ seem worried by Bella and re-sponds back with loud squawks. I wonder what is being said during their conversations? I am the boss of you bird! Fly and get me my treats. Diversity By Kate Vidmar Souls imbued in minds and bodies diverse Perception can blind the eye to be adverseReaching beyond learned judgment so terse Creating a bridge from which to traverseTo change attitudes from which we did nurseDiscrimination, prejudice and bias in a hearse It is time to bury in historical verse. 5

My story, My life, My words Submitted by Kyle Lewis The One Who Got Away The phrase, \"the one who got away,\" is one of the most mis- used explanatory terms in the relationship lexicon. It is often used as an excuse by an individual who hurt their former sig- nificant other and regrets not having them in their life after recognizing the flaws, misdeeds of their actions. More specif- ically, it's a cop out for not being a better partner and the con- sequences of longing for reconciliation. If that person is no longer in your life, they didn't get away, they ran or were pushed. Your cause and effect interactions caused a breach that cannot be squelched with apologies and gifts. You attempted to keep someone captive without capti- vating their heart. Your mistakes, missteps, mistruths, or mis- trusts monotonously and momentously macerated marital monogamy. Selfishness is the reason they are gone and yourego is the reason why you want them back. Your martyrdom is misplaced.\"The one who got away\" is someone who is still around, but whom you can't have inthe manner which you once desired. The person's physical presence gives you deeperunderstanding of your feelings while it educates your heart about the pitfalls of love.Reality and experiences have prevented an escalation of the relationship beyondfriendship, a place where you settled just to enjoy platonic company, which forces youto hide your affection in plain sight. Thus making \"the one who got away\" the ultimateterm of endearment and quintessential sign of truelove. 6

Congratulations Chuck! 10 years at UPMC Chuck has been with UPMC for 10 years. Chuck worked for Children’s Help Desk. Once the Help Desk’s merged, Chuck migrated to the Corporate Help Desk. So glad you are with us Chuck! Congrats! Let’s give Kate a round of applause for 20 years at UPMC!Kate has been with UPMC and the Help Desk for 20 years. You’re the best Kate! If you see Kate don’t forget to congratulate her! Let’s give a shout out to Jeff for 20 years at UPMC! Jeff has been with UPMC and the Help Desk for 20 years. If you see Jeff don’t forget to give him a high five! Congratulations Mike Coombs! 10 Years of Service at UPMC Mike came to our Help Desk from Mercy Hospital Congrats Mike! 7

Congratulations John Martinec! 5 Years of Service at UPMCJohn is the overnight shift supervisor. Congrats John! Congratulations James Daniely! 5 Years of Service at UPMC James you’re the best! Congratulations Phil Whittaker! 5 Years of Service at UPMC Way to go Phil! Congratulations Sherry Stephan! 5 Years of Service at UPMC You’re the best Sherry! 8

Steelers Preparing for the 2018 NFL Season Let’s hear from our sports Guru Jeff Ross. With the draft and minicamp be- hind them the Steelers head into a six week vacation before training camp starts. The team starts their summer vacation with an eye on Latrobe in late July. Here are some Steelers post draft and mini camp articles. Meet the Steelers draft class of 2018 as Jeff Hartman of Behind The Steel Cur- tain ( breaks down the newest Steelers andprovides grades on each draft pick. newsDave Bryan of Steelers Depot ( with 5 questions concerning the team as mini camp has been complet-ed. Pens Head Into Their First Offseason Since 2015 Without The Stanley CupMatthew Rodrigopulle of Pen’s Labyrinth ( give his take on the offseason forthe team. Matthew looks at teams draft and free agency needs. Pirates Try To Stay Relevant Heading Into Summer The Pirates are, by definition, average. They are currently (at the time of print) 35-36. Will they start to improve or will they whither in the heat of July & August. To keep up the team check out Bucs Dugout for the latest on the major league club as well as the future stars in the farm system. 9

Allegheny County 2018 Movies in the ParkBring your blanket or chair and join us for family activities and fun starting at 8 pm. Once the sun sets, we’ll start the movie! Remember all movies are always free! For information - Date MovieSouth Park Amphitheater July 11 Peter RabbitNorth Park Boathouse Lawn July 12 Peter RabbitDeer Lakes Park Wagman Observatory July 14 Star Wars The Last JediSouth Park Amphitheater July 18 CocoNorth Park Boathouse Lawn July 25 Sherlock Gnomes Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix July 6-15, 2018 For information - us for a 10 day celebration of motor sports history spanning six venues and two countries.What started as a single day race in 1983 has grown into a motorsport festival with two full raceweekends and 10 days of parties, parades and car shows. There is something at the Pittsburgh Vin-tage Grand Prix for anyone who has any kind of fondness for things that that go “Vroom.” 10


For information visit - created by Gateway Clipper 12

For information visit - For information - Sloth Encounter - call to schedule your encounter! Meet our adorable, furry resident. See Vivien up close, take pho- tos, feed her, have the opportunity to touch her fur, and learn all about sloths! Soar! - Daily at 12 pm & 2:30 pm (weather permitting)See stunning birds of prey at their best as theysoar over West park and demonstrate theirnatural hunting prowess. 13

Visit website for Regatta information - Summer Festivals for 2018- ?Visit website for Summer Festivals information - events/Content 14

Butterfly Forest Now Open through September 3For information - [email protected] or call 412-622-6914Hours Monday - Thursday 9:30 am to 5pm Friday 9:30 am to 10 pm Saturday - Sunday 9:30 am - 5 pm 15

Customer Service SecretsHere are some great words and phrases to help show the customer, our users, that you reallyare on their side and will do your best to resolve their problem. Turning a negative situation around• I understand how frustrating that might be• I understand how inconvenient that must be• I understand how you feelThe Feel, Felt, and Found approach can help you build a positive, empathetic relationship withyour customer:• (insert name), I understand how your feel• Something similar happened to me and I felt the same way.• What I found and I hope this will be the same for you is ...Here are some positive phrases you can use when putting customers on hold.• Kindly allow me a minute or two to review your account and get back to you.• I appreciate your patience. I’m currently looking up the information so that I can provide you with the best options.• May I place you on hold for a moment while I check on this for you?• Thank you for your patience while I check on this issue for you. Happy Birthday Calling all Authors: April - June Did you ever turn a negative experience into a positiveTom W. 4/30 Tabby C. 5/10 experience? How did you do it? What was your crazi-Tim W est call... Ever? What is your favorite recipe? Do you 4/30 Bill S. 5/24 have a questions you would like to have answered or a Customer Service Tip? We would like to hear from Steve D. 5/26 you! You can send your submissions for the news- letter to: [email protected] or you can con- tribute anony- mously by drop- ping your ideas in the suggestion box located in the kitchen. 16

UPMC Help Desk NewsletterLead Publisher/Editor: Linda EchementAssistant Publisher/Editors: Sherry Stephan,Anthony WashingtonContributors for June 2018 Newsletter:Jeff RossKyle LewisBeverly BurkettKate VidmarRobert BednarTim WilsonCorey SchaefferContact Us at: [email protected] 17

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