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Fresh Express Business Presentation

Published by, 2020-01-09 06:59:45

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ABOUT US The company was officially founded by Mr. Costas Vouyoukas and his sons John and Girar Today a team of over 500 highly skilled and dedicated people in 1993, and is recognized today as one of the leading food and non-alcoholic beverage from across 22 nationalities are an extension of the Vouyoukas distributors in the premium food and hospitality business in the Gulf Region. family. Working with the best hotels, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets in the country; Fresh Express is committed to supply the finest quality gourmet products and offers consistent service to all customers. 6000 sq. m 90 + 500+ Employees COSTA VOUYOUKAS JOHN VOUYOUKAS GIRAR GERARDOS VOUYOUKAS ISO HACCP HALAL Certified Certified Group President Group Vice President Group Vice President Certified ( Founder ) 300 7000 25 SKU Suppliers Year's of Experience

OUR PRESENCE The Leading distributor in the premium food and non-alcoholic beverage business in the Gulf Region since 1993 FRESH EXPRESS LLC FRESH EXPRESS FRESH EXPRESS DUABI OMAN FOOD INDUSTRIES LLC K UWA I T Consisting of two departments: Food and Established in 2016, operations in Oman Beverages, we cater to HORECA and retail are an extension of Fresh Express Our food processing unit produces clients with a wide spectrum of live, fresh, business. Company is focusing on tailored-made products catering both to frozen and dry food items and beverages. supplying Oman’s hospitality segment businesses and end-consumers with a Our offerings consist of more than 200 with high quality fresh items and spectrum of culinary solutions that covers food and beverage brands, in addition to beverage solutions. hot and cold food items. generic items sourced from more than 500 suppliers across 50 countries, including 61 local suppliers.

WHAT WE DO SEA FOOD SYRUPS Our vast experience & dedication to Having a leading brand worldwide has FOOD AND BEVERAGES seafood excellence has granted us opened doors to great innovations with wide recognition as an industry leader. groups, chains, hotels & restaurants, by Fresh express holds more than 200 food providing a variety of flavors & and beverage brands and almost 4,000 MEAT & POULTRY applications. products. supplying both the retail & food service WATER We bring high-end products from over 300 sectors with a variety of frozen and From artisanal and purest water we multinational suppliers, artisanal producers chilled products. present several choices to the market and unique growers from more than 50 and adding a premium feel to every countries. CHEESE & DAIRY table. Wild, farmed, organic, live, premium we are proud suppliers of a wide range delicacy, gourmet niche, fresh or frozen, of artisanal dairy products to some of COFFEE & TEA whatever defines a great culinary the most reputable chefs & retailers. Providing our customers with a refined experience, you can be sure we will have it hot drinks service is our mission, by and provide it, from anywhere in the world. FRUITS & VEGETABLES involving a technical team for close & The ultimate goal is to bring quality food & We roam the globe to find the very continuous trainings. beverage to the region and provide chefs, best fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs cooks, bartender and F&B manager the by working closely & directly with SOFT DRINK & JUICE opportunity to use such products in their producers & growers. Bringing the best quality of mixers and outlets and present the best to their artisanal selections of juices to top customers. bars in the UAE has insured us with high presence behind the bars.


PRODUCTION In regards to our B2B offerings, our ready-made preparations aim to save time and therefore enhance our clients’ capacity. Through our B2C offerings, we aim to serve consumers with convenient, time-efficient, chef-prepared and healthy options. Our production items include: the Cooking Ingredients stocks range (chicken, fish, vegetable and veal), salmon (smoked and raw), the Heat & Eat range and the Premium Soup range. In addition to the HACCP Certification, we are proud to have been granted the A Grade by the Dubai Municipality and the ISO 22000 Certificate. Our state-of-the-art warehouse accommodates a full-fledged in-house logistics operations system supporting our production and supply chain activities Fresh Express’ warehouse is a computerized facility stretching over 6000 square meters. Taking off from the warehouse, our fleet of over 89 temperature-controlled trucks carry out on average 700 deliveries per day to locations all over the UAE.

DISTRIBUTION Fresh Express’ warehouse is a computerized facility stretching over 6000 square meters. Taking off from the warehouse, our fleet of over 90 + temperature-controlled delivery vehicles carry out on average 700 deliveries per day to locations all over the UAE.

HOTELS & RESTAURANTS Fresh Express stands behind each successful restaurant in Dubai. Because of our extensive range of food products and experience, our customers vary from 5 stars hotels, fine dining establishments, palaces, to casual eateries and catering. \"We ensure every order you place with Fresh Express maintains continuous quality and a variety to keep your cooking imagination alight.\"

RETAIL Our retail function is made up of a highly experienced team working in unison with our category managers who convert consumer and market insights into customer-orientated solutions. Furthermore, we support our clients in areas of food trends, packaging and display preferences, while ensuring a seamless channel of supply and inventory control throughout the business cycle. This methodical and consistent approach reinforces our strong position in the market. The division provides both production and imported items to the retail market, including dairy, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables, condiments, confectionary and beverages. Our clients include hypermarkets such as Waitrose, Spinneys and Carrefour, and gourmet retail stores such as Jones the Grocer and Eataly.


THANK YOU Fresh Express LLC P.O. Box 29190 Dubai, UAE Tel. +971 4 8828811, Fax. +971 4 8828311

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