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ABOUT BEVERAGES For over 20 years Fresh Express - Beverages has built a reputation for exclusively supplying the UAE market with world renowned brands across a spectrum of non-alcoholic beverage products and solutions that cater to a selective list of various F&B venues. Our world-class experienced team of professionals is at the forefront of the beverage industry and enjoys an interwoven network of global beverage manufacturers and suppliers, which enables us to stay on top of the industry trends and solutions as they happen. Fresh Express - Beverages added value services go above and beyond customer satisfaction to offer case-specific customised beverage menus and recipes, product and related equipment training courses, master classes and workshops, to ensure the seamless operation of serving our beverages and maintain their peak performance. Our Beverages include: Flavouring syrups, Frappe Powder, Coffee,Tea, Water, Juices & Nectars, Soft Drinks, Mixers and Non-alcoholic Wines. THE BRAND BOOK #5 1 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES


COMPLIMENTING THE WORLD’S FINEST CULINARY AND BEVERAGE EXPERIENCE WITH FLAWLESS WATER EIRA quickly established itself in the Premium Norwegian Hospitality Industry with Michelin Restaurants and Bocuse d’Or chefs embracing the brand. In the 1990’s the Norwegian Government, commissioned geologists to find the ‘purest water source in Norway’ and they found it in Eresfjord. Then in 2007, a Premium Water Company was established at the source and EIRA Water was formed and remains one of the Top 5 Purest Natural Drinking Waters in the World. 3 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

The Source The source is located at the bottom of a 40-metre deep ravine by one of the vast fjords of Norway. The ravine was formed more than 10,000 years ago, during the ice age, and has ever since been completely free of vegetation, only consisting of layers upon layers of rock. Passion Our passion is to produce the World’s finest water, that will complement the finest culinary and beverage experiences. EIRA Water has one of the lowest natural TDS levels in the world making it one of the purest. Connoisseurs The unfiltered purity of EIRA water is rare and distinctive. We are not a ‘Lifestyle Brand’, but a brand for Connoisseurs. We complement the world’s finest culinary and beverage experiences with flawless water. Sustainable Carbon Trust – 100% Hydro-electric. Norwegian Water Foundation. Available Sparkling& Still Glass 700ml 400ml PET 500ml FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 4


FRENCH TRADITIONAL COFFEE ROASTER CAFES RICHARD is a coffee roaster that has emerged from Paris based group Maison Richard founded in 1892 and has remained a family business till today. CAFÉS RICHARD, beyond the bean, is a French global expert in providing hot beverages solutions. Discover CAFÉS RICHARD unique blends for making the perfect espresso as well as our GRANDS CRUS collection of pure single origins. Metamorphosing from its conventional offering Cafes Richard in recent years has embarked on a specialty coffee offering with its organic and fair trade coffees which orate a whole different dimension to caffeine industry. Available Coffee beans 1 kg/ pack Ground coffee 500 gm/ pack Pods 25 pcs/ box Capsules 24 pcs/ box FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 6

CAFÉS RICHARD - COFFEE BEANS CAFÉS RICHARD possesses unique expertise, passed down from MAISON RICHARD, which was founded in 1892 Florio Rouge Richard 100% Arabica This blend of fine Arabica with a touch of the highest quality Robusta offers an The perfect expression of the tradition of Italian expresso of great body and richness with roasting. A blend of the finest Arabica coffees, harmonious aromatic balance. designed to create an expresso of exceptional quality and slow roasted to gently release its outstanding aroma. Perle Noire Réserve Richard 100% Arabica 100% Arabica A rich and elegant blend of the finest Arabica Strength and aromas characterize this origins.A selection of the “rarest pearls”compose blend composed of the best coffees from this subtle and aromatic blend. Brazil, the Caribbean, and Ethiopia. Florfina Massaya French style blend Organic Blend A subtle Arabica alliance with a hint of Robusta. A powerful coffee from organically farmed An harmonious high quality cup, whatever land. An ample cup of coffee with a nice the method: traditional machine, automatic or long mouth feel. A rounded, distinctive filtration. coffee with a solid body and light woody notes. 7 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

CAFÉS RICHARD - ESPRESSO CAPSULES The capsule range was specifically designed to cater for bars, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, events, offices, stores, & communities. N°1 ESPRESSO N°3 INTENSE ESPRESSO N°8 VELVETY ESPRESSO N°6 DECAFFEINATED ESPRESSO N°5 BIO EQUITABLE ESPRESSO CAFÉS RICHARD - MONODOSE SOLUTIONS These individual doses of ground coffee enable you to make espresso on demand. In the open air, ground coffee starts to lose its flavor after 2 hours. In a pod, the freshly ground coffee is tamped and packed in a neutral atmosphere to retain all its aromas. A simple, clean and quick solution. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 8

FRENCH GOURMET TEA Comptoirs Richard, a subsidiary of Cafés Richard, is the reflection of a history and a passion that have stood the test of time. Bringing a large focus on Teas & Herbal teas, Comptoirs Richard infuses the spirit of the century- old Richard tradition through a network of shops located in the very heart of Paris. Comptoirs Richard also offer the “Essentiel” needed to prepare and enjoy these drinks. Behind the expertise of a rich COMPLETE SELECTION of TEAS and HERBAL TEAS lie several places of origin, each with their own AUTHENTIC TASTES: China, India, Sri Lanka... The LEAVES are rigorously selected and proposed as tea-bags or loose. Available Box 40 bags Loose 1 kg Metal Tin 80g to 120 g 9 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

®DRINK IT IN We make tea for drinking both hot and over ice. It matters because we know it’s really all about the ingredients, full-leaf teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all natural flavors. This is what makes us different. First to produce single-serving full-leaf tea bags, Revolution has over a decade of experience sourcing ingredients from experts and estates in more than 19 countries. Working with people around the globe to find the finest ingredients has also enabled us to establish dedicated distribution and loyal customers in more than 60 countries. Revolution is a brand you can trust. Available Box of 30 silk-like nylon bags FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 10

THE FRAPPE THAT STARTED IT ALL The founder Michael Rubin created the Original Cappuccine Frappe mix in 1991. Not satisfied with cold beverages served in coffeehouses, Michael saw untapped market potential for a premium, powdered frappe mix for blenders. His motivation then, as it is now, was to capture the bold coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing blended beverage. And the rest is history. Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality. The range includes more than 30 different flavors to suit any pallet. Available Pack 800 g to 1 kg 11 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

Red Velvet® 12 Velvety, smooth cake batter with rich cocoa and a luscious red color is sweet temptation in a cup. Chocolate Decadence Indulge your tastebuds with this ultimate coffee-free chocolate fix! Ideal as a base for making unique chocolate beverages. Vanilla Express Savor the distinctive flavor and aroma of real vanilla. Ideal as a base for espresso drinks. Coconut Cream Our new and trendy Coconut cream frappe will give you a true taste of creaminess with a kick of coconut that will have you craving more. Double Fudge Mocha Enjoy the rich flavor of sweet fudge complemented with coffee. Caramel Latte Can be enjoyed both hot and cold, perfect for any weather scenario, do you feel like something soothing? Or something refreshing? Well, we have the solution for both. Lemon Velvet® Our innovative lemon flavored velvet frappe for the sour lovers that still enjoy a kick of sweetness. This sour sweet flavor is blanaced in a way like no other, truly mouthwatering. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

NATURALLY INSPIRING MONIN is a brand of choice for the creative beverage makers, from Baristas in coffee shops, through mixologists creating high- end cocktails, to operators offering simple cocktail solutions. MONIN inspires creativity and delivers custom solutions with Premium Quality and Authentic Taste. Only MONIN is the worldwide Brand of Choice, trust- ed by Beverage Professionals for more than 100 years 170+ Unique flavors of premium Syrups - 700ml Sugar Free Range Le Mixeur (cocktail premix) Range Tea Range Seasonal Favorites Concentrates Le fruit de Monin Gormet SaucesLe Frappe Powders Available Premium Syrups 700ml & 1l Le Fruit de MONIN 1l PET Gourmet Sauces 500ml, 1.89l PET Le Frappe Powders 1kg, 2 kg Tin 13 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

PREMIUM LE MIXEUR Your bartender in a bottle. On-the-rocks, or frozen, this natural mix is perfect for batching up consistent and refreshing margaritas. Made with real fruit juice and nothing artificial, this natural concentrate is a perfectly-balanced blend of limes, zesty orange and agave. MONIN Marita Mix is part of the Le Mixeur range and is the most convenient and consistent way for your staff to create the perfect cocktail / mocktail every time. Multi-uses (Cocktails, mocktails, ice teas, lemonades, slushies…) Marita Marita Mix Strawberry daiquiri Mint and lime Pinaco PREMIUM 14 SYRUPS Offering the widest choice of flavours, explore and create the most unique menu. Made from the best natural fruits, spices and plants, the high concentration ensures every drop has long lasting taste and smell sensation. Why not try the butterfly pea? Increasingly recognised in different parts of the world for its health benefits, delicate floral notes and most of all stunning indigo colour when fused in various types of drinks such as sodas and lemonades. Multi-uses (cocktails, mocktails, iced teas, lemonades, milkshakes, hot beverages.. Butterfly Pea FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

TEAS Teas - Chai Tea, Lemon Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Peach Tea & Raspberry Tea CONCENTRATES Concentrates - Cloudy Lemonade, Lime Juice Cordial, Rantcho Lemon and Sweet & Sour 15 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

FRUIT MIX LE FRUIT DE MONIN The true taste & texture of the fruit Continuously expanding the range to offer a wider choice of flavours and assist mixologists in their menu creation. Red Grapefruit To keep with real fruit pieces….. The citrus range, which encompasses the most outstanding range of unique flavours which are true to the real fruits distinct taste and texture. Yuzu, Red Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, and Calamansi – truly offer unlimited creations, and an exceptional experience . Pistachio Sauce Date Purée FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 16

GOURMET SAUCES Caramel Sauce Premium ingredients and time-tested recipes create the perfect blend of tradition and flavor. Add a finishing touch that brings decadence and luxury to your desserts and beverages with Monin Gourmet Sauces. Chocolate Sauce With a pleasantly smooth flavor, our Dark Chocolate Sauce is an exceptional way to add chocolate to any drink, dessert, salty snack or fruit. Dark Chocolate Drizzle. Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce is the perfect ingredient, topping or drizzle when making desserts, ice cream, or vcocoa. Pistachio Sauce Monin Pistachio Sauce is naturally flavored and adds smooth, slightly roasted nut flavor and subtle sweetness to a variety of beverages such as coffees, lattes, mochas, cocktails and more. 17 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

FRAPPES Yogurt Chocolate Coffee Chocolate Neutral FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 18

GOURMET JUICES AND NECTARS The Alain Milliat philosophy is to give the pleasure and taste of fresh fruits at the peak of maturity, respecting the nature and its variations, showing the best of each fruit through a collection of juices and nectars. Alain Milliat has been producing gourmet juices and supplying them to France’s top restaurants and luxury hotels since 1997, selecting and processing the best fruits and restoring all their different characteristics to the juices themselves. Thanks to his fifteen years’ experience as a fruit grower, Milliat has built up a considerable expertise and established a network of producers who are fully in tune with his demands regarding fruit varieties, growing methods and optimal fruit maturity. Available “My ambition is to reproduce as closely as possible the texture and taste of the freshly picked fruit” Glass 200 ml Bottle 1L No juice or nectar appears on the market without Alain Milliat’s stamp of approval. 19 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES


ORGANIC SOFT DRINK Lemonaid Beverages is a project from Hamburg, Germany. We produce truly sustainable lemonade and ice tea - Lemonaid and ChariTea. The ingredients are organic and are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives all around the world. We rely on Fair Trade. We pay higher prices for our raw ingredients and therefore support a fair and humane agriculture. Every bottle of Lemonaid and ChariTea that is sold also contributes to a higher cause. This amount is sent to the charitable organization „Lemonaid and ChariTea e.V.“ which supports local projects to improve social, ecological and economical structures in those parts of the world which global economic developments have placed at a significant disadvantage. Organic soft drink from Fair Trade ingredients. Lots of juice, a little cane sugar, water and it’s good to go. Available glass bottle 330ml Lime, Passion fruit and Blood Orange 21 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

ORGANIC ICED TEA It is freshly brewed organic iced tea from Fairtrade. Refined with pure juices and lightly sweetened with organic agave syrup or honey. Each bottle supports social projects in the farming regions and makes your every sip a good one. Available glass bottle 330ml Black tea, Rooibos tea and Green tea FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 22

ALCOHOL-FREE Since 1931 Harry’s Bar welcomes its guests in the heart of Venice. Almost one century of the fines finest Italian Food and Hospitality. Bellini - Heritage In 1945 freedom was blooming all around the world after World War II. At Harry’s Bar, Venice, Giuseppe Cipriani invented a new cocktail to celebrate the Joy of Peace. He mixed Prosecco Wine with Fresh White Peach Puree creating the renowned drink, now famous all over the world. It was named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giambellino, whose works were exhibited in Doge’s Palace. Togas where of the same Bellini colour. Available Glass Bottle 180 ml Alcohol-Free GMO-Free Gluten-Free Without Allergens 23 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

Today Arrigo Cipriani has innovated on his own tradition, transforming the iconic cocktail of the “good living” into an alcohol-free drink made with Peach puree and sparkling water. Only the best quality White Peach Puree Harvested in Southern Europe Sweet and delicate flavor Rich Fruity Aroma Each small bottle contains the colours and taste of a moment spent sitting at the counter of Harry’s Bar in Venice. It is a gift, a way of taking care of our customers, even when they are far from our premises. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 24

MARTINI 0.0 DOLCE & ROSE PREMIUM SPARKLING GRAPE The Italian Sparkling tradition that started in Piedmont (which also happens to be the birthplace of MARTINI) in the 1850s has become a worldwide phenomenon. With over 150 years of expertise, MARTINI has brought its reputation and knowledge to the zero-alcohol category to cater to the low/no trend that’s sweeping the globe. Available White Grape 750ml Rose Grape 750ml Non Alcoholic Grape Drink Celebrating special moments with friends in style 25 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

Martini 0.0 Dolce is a highlight for all your senses: Their rich aroma of Italian white grapes mingles playful- ly with a slight touch of citrus, a hint of sage, a pinch of elder, and peach. Martini 0.0 Rose is a stylish and refreshing sparkling drink, that can deliver the freshness and fruitiness of a rose sparkling juice. The delicate fizziness of Martini 0.0 Dolce and Rose balances the sweetness and acidity perfectly. These drinks are for people who know their beverages well, and for the ones trying it for the first time, the deliciously complicated flavor chart makes them an instant fan of the classic! FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 26

NON ALCOHOLIC WINES The SCAVI & RAY Nonalcoholic Winery from northern Veneto is the umbrella brand for Italian premium wines, typified by elegant design and outstanding grape quality. Since time immemorial it has been firmly rooted in its North Italian homeland and is the fresh and elegant ambassador of the Veneto region. SCAVI & RAY bubbly Grape Juice is a highlight for all your senses:its exquisite taste, the fresh bouquet, its golden color and the exclusive bottle inspire to celebrate and enjoy unforgettable moments. Available White Grape 750ml Non Alcoholic Grape Drink 27 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

Scavi & Ray stands for bubbly italian joie de vivre and fine effervescent delight. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 28

GOLDBERG PREMIUM MIXERS At GOLDBERG, a passion for outstanding refreshment is our number one priority. That’s why our sodas are not only great for refining first class spirits, but also perfect for enjoying on their own. Anyone who decides they want better taste will find GOLDBERG to be a personal superlative. GOLDBERG offers great quality without compromise, for a unique taste experience that invigorates every facet of the senses. Available glass bottle 200 ml Can 330 ml Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Soda, Intense Ginger, Yuzu Tonic by Jimmy Barrat, Indian Hibiscus 29 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

“For the past 7 years, time that I have spent running ZUMA Dubai Bar operation in Dubai, Fresh Express has always been our supportive partner. Always bringing bespoke products which is very important for ZUMA to stand out.” Jimmy Barrat Bar development manager Middle East ZUMA FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 30

LYRE’S NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS Many years in the making, Lyre’s exquisite range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits was born from a quest to make the impossible possible –giving the freedom to drink your drink, your way. Not just provide an alternative to those who don’t wish to imbibe alcohol, but ensure everyone can enjoy the mirth and merriment of a soiree or shindig. Available White Grape 750ml Non Alcoholic Grape Drink 31 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

Lyre’s spirits look, taste, smell, and sashay around your palate just like the original. And with all the classic spirits represented, practically every cocktail known to man can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed in a non-alcohol fashion. It’s this absence of giggle juice that allows you to let your hair down and enjoy a social occasion, then arise in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy the following day. The name is inspired by the world’s greatest mimic, the Australian Lyrebird. The Lyrebird is capable of mimicking all kinds of sounds, even the ring of a mobile phone. The Most Awarded Non- alcoholic Spirits In The World And Still Counting… FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 32

Hotels Fresh Express Beverages is the preferred beverage supplier to a large number of 5 & 4 stars hotels due to the quality of products and services we offer. Our hands-on attentiveness to product supremacy supports our select clients with beverage specialists who are experts in the beverage industry trends and mixology creations that lead to outstanding signature drinks. Restaurants Our rich selection of premium brands of water, coffee, juices and soft drinks aims to complement any dining experience of various cuisines, and we work closely with each client to develolp their beverage selection to best match their dining menu. Cafes FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES From coffeehouse flavors of authentic Mochas and Lattes to the latest trends of flavored Coffees or Frappes. We help to create the most mouth-watering dessert drinks and extend client’s drink offer to the world of lemonades and iced teas. You can rely on us to create indulgent coffee and refreshing drinks menu! 33

Fresh Express Beverage realizes that a great product is as good as the means by which it is delivered to the end user. Unlike other sell/buy deals, our business model is an open-end relationship with each and every customer, and always starts with a thorough understanding of their beverage supply requirements and how the best we can help them achieve it. Our back-end support services provide customized beverage menus & recipes, product handling & training skills, master classes and workshops. We also carry a wide range of genuine coffee and beverage making machines i.e. slush, guarantee optimum product taste and yield. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES 34

With our beverage creators expert team, we are able to provide tailor-made recipes & menus for our customers. Our aim is to help them offer a unique experience to their journey of flavorscustomers. We do so by creating a for hot or cold drinks that can be beverageserved anytime of the day. Also our major strength is to stay updated on the trends which allows us to offer new creations, and have an edge on the competition. 35 FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES

BRANDS [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Tel. +971 4 8848811 Tel: +968 24 571818 Tel: +965 98558817 PO Box 29190 PO Box 802 Dubai, UAE Muscat, Oman PO Box 1909, Safat 13020 State Of Kuwait, Kuwait City. FRESH EXPRESS BEVERAGES Fresh_Express_int Fresh Express LLC 36

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