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Johnson Ranch AZ Chiropractic- Can Chiropractic Care Help People With Arthritis

Published by Dr. Brice Neff, 2017-07-21 18:57:08

Description: Arthritis is a big problem that affects many people in lots of different ways. As far as musculoskeletal pain is concerned, arthritis casts a very long shadow.

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ARIZONA'S FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC Can Chiropractic Care Help People With Arthritis?Arthritis is a big problem that affects many peoplein lots of different ways. As far as musculoskeletalpain is concerned, arthritis casts a very long shadow.  While the general public is aware that arthritis ispainful, fewer people recognize just how widespreadand severe the debilitating effects of arthritisactually are.  People with arthritis may experiencedifficulty with everyday tasks like buttoning shirts oropening packages and containers.  They may alsofind that arthritis limits their mobility.  This couldprevent them from participating in their favoriteactivities or spending time with friends and family.  763-568-5503 • [email protected] • @laurenhansons

But what exactly is arthritis? Arthritis is not really one medical condition. Rather, it’s a more general term that refers toinflammation that may affect joints and otherparts of the body as a result of more than 100 “rheumatic diseases”, such as fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.  These disorders destroy joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and other connective tissues.

You have choices when it comes to treating arthritis. If you or someone you care about issuffering from arthritis, you should know that arthritis doesn’t have to mean an end to an active lifestyle.  Prior generations may have accepted the condition as an inevitable part of agingand been given a standard prescription of bed rest and drug therapies. 

However, today’s health care professionals recognize that appropriate exercise and nutrition are also critical to managing arthritis effectively, and they canrecommend a much wider range of treatment options.

How Your ChiropractorCan Help 

Your chiropractor can play an importantrole, not only in relieving pain, but also in helping patients with arthritis continue to live a more independent, active lifestyle.  For many arthritis sufferers, treatment still begins with rest and medication.  

But if you have arthritis, a chiropractic physiciancan help you develop a well-rounded, long-termapproach to managing your arthritis in twoother very important ways: Designing an exercise program based on your own unique requirements.  Such a program usually focuses on a combination of goals, including (1) restoring any lost range of motion in your joints, (2) improving your flexibility and endurance, and (3) increasing your muscle tone and strength.   Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that inactivity can make joints affected by arthritis even more painful and stiff.  It can also have other negative health effects.   A properly designed and supervised exercise program can reduce these risks.

Suggesting dietary changes and/ornutritional supplements that may beeffective in reducing or controllinginflammation in your joints. Some research indicates that certain foods can have a role in either increasing or suppressing the body’s natural inflammatory response.  Making adjustments to your diet may reduce swelling, redness and pain related to arthritis.      

If you or someone you care about issuffering from arthritis, it helps to knowthat you’re not alone and that you havetreatment options.  Many people arelooking for a safe and natural approachthat doesn’t involve the costs or risksassociated with prescription medicationsor surgery.  This is where chiropracticcare may be able to provide an effectivealternative.  We encourage you to call orvisit our office today to learn more.We’re here to help! 3126 S Higley Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85297 480 988

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