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Bancoro_My Personality Development Image- Final Output

Published by Bancoro, Yzabelle, 2022-06-10 15:34:25

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Volume 1, Issue 5. June 2022 METAMORPHOSIS a great change in character Personal Development Final Output by: Yzabelle Rain M. Bancoro

M EEditor's Note This is a safe place. However, I must warn you; as M we wander the great change of character I had, it will not come in a tranquil, newly seal-coated freeway. It is a personal journey, in hopes of reaching a destination of self-discoveries and self- reflection. As we ascend in wandering with my PERDEV journey, I present to you METAMORPHOSIS OA piece of navigating the perplexing world. Fragments of the learnings I had with the subject focused on observing one’s own mental and emotional processes. METAMORPHOSIS is an indispensable collection of personal stories that give millions of meanings and messages. H02Now, be decided. I am hoping that your hearts are prepared for the oozing experience as you turn to the next page. Beware of peculiar endings. Yzabelle rain M. Bancoro


an image that reflects my understanding of the different concepts and principles we have discussed in our subject of personality development 04 AN IMAGE OF A TREE

������ Holistic Development ������ ������ Mental Health & Coping With Stress Emotions ������ ������ Building and Maintaining Relationship ������ ������ Social Influence and Group Leadership ������ ������ Impact of One's Family on his/her Development ������ ������ Career Development ������ The image of the tree symbolizes the subject of Personality Development, as trees depict a picture of growth. It also has a lot of branches that symbolize every topic I have learned from the subject that is mentioned above. To each his own. Lessons have been learned and these will be shared. Without a branch, the tree won't grow as beautiful as it is now. 05

Allow me to share a topic or a branch from the tree that has affected the person I am right now. It has also had a great impact on my physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. The topic of parenting styles has made me believe in how a child can grow from all the voices and experiences he had when he was just little. They start to develop different mindsets or take on how to handle the realities of life. These parenting styles taught me that it isn't easy to be the parent or even to be the child itself. I can testify that an authoritative kind of style made a great impact on my physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual outlook in life. This all boils down to what I grew up with. With what I started to perceive and when I am old enough to understand my youth, I will start to have the choice of whether I will be twitching for something to be changed or continuing something in order for me to immensely pass this to a possible different generation. 06

The question you may have in Not solely the concept of your mind is why did I highlight this topic out of all the possible holistic growth that we topics I could emphasize? This is because I truly believed that covered, but also how a this topic about parenting styles person interacts with mental could greatly affect all other topics that were discussed. In health and stress. This can be parenting styles, it reiterates lessons that are learned from the seen in the way they form very first experiences of a child. and sustain connections. It It was even discussed on on why experts agree can also be seen in social that authoritative parenting is the interactions and the overall most effective style. Studies have found that authoritative impact of an individual's parents are more likely to raise confident kids who achieve development as they get academic success, have better social skills, and are more older. 07 capable of problem-solving. Imagine how this could affect the overall holistic development of an individual.

IMAGE TOWARDS MY CAREER how this image represents your confidence in deciding the career you would like to pursue in the college. According to, a purpose- driven career is a role that has a deeper meaning and sense of value attached to it, where your contributions help make a difference in the world. Allowing your purpose to guide your career path ensures you're living a life entirely dedicated to your mission. With the help of this theory made by Rick Warren, it totally gave me the guidelines on how I should be able to pursue not just the career I'll be taking but also the future that I want for myself. As we also know, career development theory is the study of career paths, success, and behavior. It aims to explain why a person might be a good fit for a certain career and 08 provide advice on how to attain a promising trajectory.

The S.H.A.P.E.-Five Ways God Has 09 Shaped You has also helped me a lot to decide which career will hopefully be meant for me. The spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences I've had even though I'm just young have helped me decide that getting an MD will be the career I'll be interested in. I have been nervous at first because of the confusing state of where to commit to my future. However, with the help of the signs and capabilities that God has given me, It gave me the peace of mind I deserved. Let's remember this line once you get a glimpse of God's vision for your life, you have to then be willing to go through His process for change. No vessel is so flawed that it cannot be made new. Each can be reworked into a useful vessel in the hands of the Potter (

Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness (to Experience), Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness—are thought to constitute a particularly important level in the hierarchy of personality traits (Markon, Krueger, & Watson, 2005). Lastly, it's important to remember that personality theories are critical for comprehending current human behavior and relationships. Psychological understanding is crucial in shaping how a person behaves. Personality theories are important in gaining a better understanding of current human behavior and interactions. Psychological understanding is crucial in shaping how a person behaves. The lessons we had, in short, are heavily influenced by the greatness of theories that would help an individual a lot, especially with their behavioral changes. I myself underwent 10 that change.

It has been a long journey with personality development, but I can attest that I have learned a lot. These are lessons that I can take until I grow old and eventually share these learnings with other people as well. Thank you so much, Sir Jun, for being an instrument for my very own METAMORPHOSIS. 10

Volume 1, Issue 5. June 2022 METAMORPHOSIS THANK YOU! IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING JOURNEY Personal Development Final Output by: Yzabelle Rain M. Bancoro

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