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GR 1_Newsletter_12 to 16 January

Published by kazinest, 2020-01-16 09:38:26

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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 7, Issue 2 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 12th –16th January SNEAK PEEK Class Assembly Glimpse of this week Grade 1H students conducted a skit “Richard and the balloon seller” based on the theme ‘Secret of Success is to Bounce Back’. During this assembly stu- dents showcased the im- portance of believing ourselves to grow and succeed. The Man- tra of Life is ‘Never ever give up in your life and you should bounce back’. The skit helps the students to recognize the vast potential with in them and sup- port them in reaching that po- tential. The assembly delivered a good message for the stu- dents. MaRRS Spell bee Learning a language is the foremost step in the life of a child as it helps him/her to communicate with the word and a school place a vital role to train the child in this direction. The spell Bee competi- tion incorporated with MaRRs SPELL Bee International which was held at Dunes International school from KG to Grade5 and it com- prised dictation, choose, correct spelling and frame sentences and primary colours. Reminder  Hindi weekly test will be conducted on 27th January 2020.  Upcoming program: Abu Dhabi Science festival and Shaikh Zayed Heritage festi- val—Refer the circular uploaded on the portal.  Students to wear school hoodies only. 1

1A –Tolerant Aroush Kaisar 1B– Fairness Goutam Gouda 1C Tejas Sreejit 1D– Respectful Gargee Chetan Bhade 1E-Integrit Anusha Mahto 1G Sincere Kushal GN Kotesha 1H Sincere Amana Muhammed Ali 2

1A-Shraddha Kiran 1B-Satya Deelip 1C-Abhishiktha Palepu 1D-Felisa Felixrai 1E– Muhammad Hussan 1G-Zoobia Asia 1H-Abeer Rajeev 3

Subject: Hindi Transportation is the means of carry people to dropping anywhere. By doing this activity students were learning different types of Transport name in hindi with the help of pictures and coloured it. They were also speaking why we were using and what is the role of Transport in human life. This activity to helped them to gain self confidence, enriched their Hindi vocabulary. 4

Subject: EvS Safety is very important. It is the responsibility of everyone. It is important to remember that each and every safety rules exist for a reason. Experience has proven that these rules are neces- sary and that when they are properly followed, they do keep people safe. Through the activi- ties students were able to write different safety rules to be followed in different places. They were able to realize the importance of safety in our life. 5

Subject:Math Multiplication is one of the basic arithmetic operations that your child will need to master in grades 1-5. You might not think that you use multiplication regularly, but it is hidden in many common activities. We can make these uses more obvious and help the child to become famil- iar and comfortable with multiplication. 6

Subject –Art 7

Subject:Arabic The students learned the letter Al- Ain. The UAE identity was linked to this lesson by making stu- dents draw the traditional costume of UAE. 8

Subject-English Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. Students practiced to write a paragraph on a specific topic. It is essential to learn the steps and rules to be followed while writing a paragraph. Free flow of ideas while writing only comes with practice in writing. Students were explained the rules and content to be added while writing a paragraph. 9

Subject: Moral Science and Islamic Education Moral science : let us have self-esteem.-Students learnt to write about themselves and about their loved ones. They enjoyed the activity through drawing the colourful turtle. Topic. My Prayer is the Light of My Life. Students were able to mention the ob- ligatory prayers with their fard rakah. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “For everything there is a face and the face of your religion is prayers. So see to it that none from amongst you damages and dis- figures the face of his religion.”The students of Grade 1 enthusiastically partic- ipated in the activity conducted in the class while learning the prayers. 10

Hat making activity 11

Birthday celebrants 1E-Manava Dahiwal 1G-Hazine Enaya 1E-Fathima Shameema 1A-Neha Maria 12

Strategy for Counsellor Desk the Future Most of us already know the im- H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al portance of communication. By keeping Maktoum, Vice President and Prime an open line of communication, you’ll Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Du- have a better relationship with your bai, announced the UAE Strategy for child and your child will come to you the Future, a comprehensive roadmap when there’s a problem. But there’s that will take the nation to the next era another reason for communication — of development. you help your child integrate different parts of his/her brain. Integration is Launched under the directives of H. H. similar to our body in which different Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, organs need to coordinate and work President of the UAE, the long-term together to maintain a healthy body. strategy will steer the nation’s growth When different parts of the brain are by identifying the needs and challenges integrated, they can function harmoni- of the future, addressing them through ously as a whole, which means fewer impactful long-term plans, and suc- tantrums, more cooperative behavior, cessfully leveraging new opportunities and more empathy. To do that, talk for all-round development. through troubling experiences. Ask your child to describe what happened The strategy is centred on three main and how he/she felt. Do not provide themes — new operational model for solutions. You don’t need to have all the government, building national ca- the answers to be a good parent. Just pacity and setting strategic priorities listening to them talk and asking clari- for the future. fying questions will help them make sense of their experiences and integrate Under the new strategy, planning will become a mandatory part of the opera- memories. tions of government departments. Fu- ture scenario reports on key sectors will be published and serve as a bench- mark for developing governmental What next 19.01.2020—Hindi / Arabic—Spell bee 13

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