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GR 1_Newsletter_09 to 13 February

Published by kazinest, 2020-02-13 08:23:18

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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 8, Issue 2 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 09 to 13 –February SNEAK PEEK Reminder Students of grade 1 B & D presented a combined assembly on the value compassion.  Refer the portal for Students of Grade 1 D presented a compassion- final exam sched- ate song called “ Heal The World”. Students sang ule and portions. it beautifully and were confident. Students of Grade 1B presented the life of Mother Teresa.  Students to come The students were confident and were able to in proper school convey the message properly. They spoke about uniform. important events in her life. Theme: compassion  Own transport stu- dents to reach Objective: To make the students understand school before 7:45 how important and much needed value compas- am. sion is .



1A-Empathetic 1B -Caring Saksham Aswin Kumaran Teknar 1C- Respectful - Abhishiktha Palepu 1D– Respectful Sricharan 1E-Caring Shaurya Nimbalkar 1G-Caring Jairaj 1H– Polite Mehrin Shibina 4

1A- Aadhya Sharma 1B-Apoorva Tiwari 1C-Anabia Irshad 1D– Kavya khachane 1E-Fathima Shameema 1G-VishnuPrasad 1H-Vani Vinod Nair 5

“The single most important key to success is to be a good listener.” Listening is the ability to accurately receive and in- terpret messages in the communication pro- cess. Listening is the key to all effective communica- tion. Without the ability to listen effectively, messag- es are easily misunderstood. As a result, communi- cation breaks down. If there is one communication skill you should aim to master, then listening is it. So is listening important in lower grades. Gradual practice of the same will help students enhance the skill. Students were made to listen to the words read out by the teacher and write a descriptive sentence of the word they heard. Here the students were not only made to listen but to think critically to describe the words. 6

Four Language Skills plays a vital role in our daily life. To acquire good communication, command on four lan- guage skills is important- LSRW. It has a strong positive relation between the four skills and stated that none of these is complete without the other. Effective commu- nication is acquired after learning these skills well. To enhance these four skills Grade -1 students are practicing these skills through different activities to learn Hindi language. 7

Reading time Students of grade 1 learned how to read time from an analogue clock and digital clock as well. Now they are capable to calculate the time duration, before hours and also af- ter hours. They can apply it in many real life situations. 8

For fostering scientific learning in early childhood, active hands-on learning is very important. ... Sci- ence lab experiments promote the development of scientific thinking in students. Rather than mak- ing the kids memorize the facts, they are made to think and understand things and the world around them. 9

Students of grade 1 learned the days of the week in Ara- bic. They learned it in the order of Arabic numbers. They learned to write it in Arabic. 10

Quiz Competition A quiz is a form of game or mind sport, in which the players (as indi- viduals or in teams) attempt to an- swer questions correctly. Stu- dents sportily participated in the classroom quiz in teams. 11

Going green helps the environment by reducing the amount of pollution that en- ters the soil, water and air. Objective of the activity was to raise environmental awareness and to inspire people to take action to make a difference. Students from grade 1 are learning to make a paper craft tree by cutting and sticking the papers and also they are drawing some loving tree illustra- tions and importance of trees in nature. Chil- dren write about how much they love nature and trees. 12

Students practice Western Free style steps with English Music 13

Wind chimes are a type of percussion instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects that are often made of metal or wood. Wind chimes that sound fairly distinct pitches can, through the chance movement of air, create simple melodies or broken chords. Wind chimes help to attract positive energy and suppress ill luck. The gentle tinkling sound that emanates from it helps this energy to linger on and meander gently in your space thereby attracting prosperity. The objective of wind chime activity is to explain how different material create different kinds of sound and Learn how to design products. This activity helped students to explore natural resources, to learn how to use materials safely, realize the value of conservation and brainstorm ways of reusing man-made products ,to develop creative-thinking and imagination. 14

1H-Krithika Manoj 1 H-Nivedya Jayachandran Nair 1E-Geethika Atmakuri 1A-Ayansh Dipak 1A-Saatvik Gejwal 1B-Saanvi Gejwal 1H-Swastik Gejwal 15

Year of preparation Counsellor Desk 2020: Towards the next 50” The foods we eat have a di- will see the country prepare rect impact on cognitive for the UAE Golden Jubilee cel- performance, levels of ener- ebrations and beyond… gy and general mood. UAE leaders have announced Countless studies have that 2020 will be the year of found a correlation be- preparation for the country’s tween a healthy diet and next 50 years. success and high achieve- ment. The year, branded “2020: To- wards the next 50”, will Parents, help your learners “involve all segments of the develop smart eating habits UAE society in shaping life in by providing them with the UAE for the next 50 years healthy snack options that and preparing for the country’s can improve their brain function, memory and con- Golden Jubilee celebrations centration. of 2021”. Eat right and improve grades! What Next….. Listen to my Language– Wednesday, 19.02.2020 16

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