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Published by Laura Ballam, 2020-11-25 02:02:43

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Inside UrbanBound: Efficient, Transparent Relocation for a Modern Workforce

Introduction When it comes to corporate relocation programs, UrbanBound is different - and so is our suite of relocation technology solutions. With UrbanBound, the days of costly, off-line traditional relocation management spending are gone. Kick costly overspending on markups and fees to the curb -- increase your employee experience and lower your bottom line with UrbanBound. UrbanBound’s relocation management technology allows employees to plan smooth, highly- personalized moves, while enabling employers to manage their programs easily, wisely, and cost-effectively. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Michael Krasman Jeff Ellman CEO and Co-Founder Co-Founder UrbanBound UrbanBound “UrbanBound has taken the burden of relocation administration off our shoulders. Since the partnership with UrbanBound, time spent administering relocations has been reduced by 90%.” Peter Moore Chief People Officer Dollar Shave Club

Take the Tour Through an Employee’s Eyes So Easy to Plan, Budget and Move An Exciting Intro to a New City and Workplace Invaluable Words of Wisdom: Co-worker Insights Improving the Candidate Experience Too Putting Employers in Control No More Worrying about Relocation Taxes The Experience of Saving 66% Obsessed with Customer Satisfaction Continue the Conversation

The UrbanBound Experience: Through an Employee’s Eyes Troy is relocating to Chicago. His employer is an UrbanBound client. To get the ball rolling, his employer enters him in its system and selects his benefit policy. The policy selected acts as the rules engine for the entire employee experience. From there, our software does its magic and creates Troy’s personalized portal. The first time Troy logs on, he sees his benefits. He’s also asked to complete a 3-minute questionnaire about his upcoming move. Then, from the portal, he schedules a call with his Relocation Consultant—who, thanks to the questionnaire, understands his moving needs. We’ve found that the one thing employees want most is a relocation plan to follow. So, within 24 hours after their phone call, his consultant will create a plan for him online. “The software has been a gamechanger…UB’s product conforms to all levels of employees with different communication preferences. One employee may only want to use the software, others may want to communicate with a relo consultant. It is not a one-size fits all product.” Verified Reviewer (Capterra Reviews) Information Technology and Services Company

So easy to plan, book and budget a move The next time Troy logs on, he finds his personalized relocation plan. He also finds incoming price estimates from vetted movers and suppliers. He can book their services on the spot—and as he does, his budget tracks those expenses in real time. (Should he use his own supplier, he can even submit the receipt online for reimbursement.) While Troy is free to plan his move his way, he’s never on his own. For one thing, he has access to our library of relocation guides. For another, he can rely on his designated relocation consultant as much (or as little) as he likes. (This is opposite of lump sum plans, which typically result in poor relocation experiences for employees.) “UrbanBound provides a 24/7 portal for those who want self-service, but also relocation consultants for those who may need/want a little more hand-holding. They choose what they need, we don’t have to guess, and everyone is happy. Plus Freeway’s flexible policy structure has been a lifesaver for us. Rikki Lueck People Operations Plenty

An Exciting Introduction to a New City and Workplace Getting acclimated to a new location can be hard. That’s why our platform is filled with useful, hyper-local content—about neighborhoods, transportation, schools—that give relocating employees the inside track. Employees can drill down into Neighborhood Scout for granular information about home values, demographics, schools etc. They can view apartments for rent and even book showings right from their portal. And they can review company-specific information that will get them excited about their new job and help them hit the ground running. “The best customer service! The team’s secret sauce is its ability to grow amazing relationships. I’ve heard time and time again that our employee’s UB Partner was absolutely amazing.” Robynne L Recruiting Manager, Food & Beverage Company

Invaluable Words of Wisdom: Co-Worker Insights Among our platform’s most visited pages is Co-Worker Insights—a collection of real-world tips and advice provided by the incoming employee’s soon-to-be colleagues. Here, relocating employees learn where their new co-workers live, how they commute, and their favorite restaurants, haunts, and gyms. This is information new hires can’t find on Google, but we put it right at their fingertips. “Before UrbanBound, DPR was managing relocations on a case-by-case basis, causing inconsistency and frustration for everyone. With UrbanBound, we’ve been able to streamline and centralize our relocation program — giving our HR team time back in our day and improving the experience employees receive!” Joslin Matteson Human Resources DPR Construction

Improving the Candidate Experience Too Before employees become employees, they’re candidates. Our clients asked if we could wow their candidates the way we wow relocating employees about their cities and companies. So, we created Pre-decision Services. This program allows candidates to explore the same rich city/company content as employees, exciting them about their potential new job. It also allows candidates to submit their interview-related travel expenses through the portal— and receive reimbursement within 5-7 days. Compare that to the 4-6 mind-numbing weeks it often takes in corporate America. Talk about improving the candidate experience—not to mention offer acceptance rates! “The team behind the software is great! They are very professional and dedicated. They are also open to the needs of their clients and then make changes to improve. Love working with them!” Alex D. Global Mobility Manager Computer Software Company

Putting Employers in Control The UrbanBound platform offers employers a great experience, too. Our technology takes all the activities from the employee side and compiles and crunches it for the employers. As a result, employers can easily access, analyze, and act on data to continuously improve their relocation program. They can monitor individual moves and track aggregate spend in real-time. In addition, they can: Make policy changes in real time Track and measure program costs and performance Create and export custom reports Schedule reports to be compiled and emailed at regular intervals “Since UrbanBound, we’ve actually been able to measure our relocation program. Before, it was hard to have any good numbers and metrics around how much money was being spent and on what type of expenses. With UrbanBound, we can break down exactly how much people are spending.” Jen H. Global Mobility and Immigration Manager MicroStrategy

No More Worrying about Relocation Taxes Relocation taxes have become more complex since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Another way we make life easier for employers is by handling their tax and gross-up calculations for them. Our tax team works with the employer’s payroll team to make sure calculations are managed to their specifications. Automated reports can be delivered on whatever schedule employers choose, in the format that works best for them. “The team behind the software is great! They are very professional and dedicated. They are also open to the needs of their clients and then make changes to improve. Love working with them!” Alex D. Global Mobility Manager Computer Software Company

The Experience of Saving 66% Now more than ever, employers are looking for ways to save money without compromising quality. In fact, UrbanBound clients save 66% over what they paid using traditional relocation management companies. One reason: most traditional RMCs silently markup various aspects of every relocation: household goods shipments, short-term housing, even tax gross-ups. These markups add thousands of dollars to each relocation, vastly inflating costs over the year. We don’t believe in markups. Instead, we charge a straightforward software licensing fee per move. If you like the experience of saving money, let’s talk. “We’ve seen a large cost savings in our relocations. It’s been a big benefit to us as we’re 100% supported by donor dollars. Cost-savings is the #1 most important thing we can do outside of making sure our new employees are well taken care of.” John Leech Director of Talent Acquisition St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Obsessed with Customer Satisfaction At UrbanBound, paying less doesn’t mean getting less. The vast majority of employees who use UrbanBound rate us very highly. Our internal employee satisfaction rating is 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. That, among other things, makes our clients very happy. Because of this, we’ve earned top satisfaction scores on multiple rating platforms, including: CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Score: 4.6/5 This customer experience metric uses surveys to measure how satisfied customers are and why. NPS (Net Promoter Score): 73 (Excellent) This heavily-benchmarked metric measures customer experience and loyalty, based on surveys. Google Reviews: 4.6/5.0 One of the most frequently-consulted review platforms, Google Reviews collects and compiles voluntary feedback provided by customers. Capterra Reviews: 4.9/5 Specific to the software industry, Capterra gathers ratings and feedback submitted freely by verified users.

“Having worked on both sides, I have a certain expectation of customer service. 99.9% of the time UrbanBound delivers or over-delivers.” “The service level I get as a customer of Urban Bound is second to none Rebecca Stephens, Director of Global Mobility “compared to all my other vendors. There are at least 3 other vendors I spend 5x the money with that don’t give me 1/10th the service levels. Simply the best.” ” Tom J. VP, Human Resources Financial Services Company Start a Conversation

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