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Published by Mohamed Abdulla, 2020-03-05 01:31:19



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SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) PROECT NAME: SINO CONSTRUCTION QATAR GROUP NAME OF THE CHIINESE COMPANY IN THE JIONT VENTURE CONTRUIM (SINO CONSTRUCTION) : 1- CHINA RAILWAY NO.7 GROUP 2- HENAN WATER CONSTRUCTION GROUP 3- SUHUA CONSTRUCTION GROUP 4- SUN LUCK DESIGN AND DECORATION GROUP 5- CHINA RAILWAY ENIROMENT AND TECHNOLOGY GROUP 6- LIDA STEEL CONSTRUCTION GROUP PROJECT COODINATOR: DR SAMIR ABDEL RAHMAN PROECT START DATE: JANUARY 2020 PROECT BUDGET: 215,000QR PROECT PERIOD: 15 JAN 2020 TO 15 JAN,2021 BUSINESS PLAN: EXCUTIVE SUMMARY: Sino contracting Construction and Trade L.L.W (SCC) is a company consist of six Chinese companies together form a consortium under Sino Construction L.L.W (SCC) is a plate forum to do construction projects jointly or separately in Qatar, Middle East and Africa under Sino Construction (SCC) the six company is as below: 1- CHINA RAILWAY NO.7 GROUP 2- HENAN WATER CONSTRUCTION GROUP 3- SUHUA CONSTRUCTION GROUP 4- SUN LUCK DESIGN AND DECORATION GROUP 5- CHINA RAILWAY ENIROMENT AND TECHNOLOGY GROUP 6- LIDA STEEL CONSTRUCTION GROUP The six Groups of companies made a plate form we called Qatar Chinese Construction Association (QCCA) under coordination and supervision of Sino Construction. The aims of QCCA are to take direct mega project construction projects in Qatar and, Middle East and Africa and to be one of leading Group of Construction in Qatar.

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) Financially our target of SCC plan is to achieve a target of USD 500-600 Million Dollars in the first year of the Accession 2020 and 600-900 Million on year 2021. What the specialty of QCCA : 1- The member of the QCCA are qualified grade A construction companies 2- Have strong financial capability to provide project bank Grantee over 900 million dollars. 3- Have most advance high speed Railway trains Technology in the world 4- Have the most competitive price in the world. 5- Have a team of high qualification and experience 6- Well known for doing project in short time than project original time table. 7- High quality projects 8- Lower price. 9- International and world wide experience. We set up a new company in Qatar, Doha. Under the name Sino Contracting Construction and Trade L.L.W (SCC). SCC member China Railway Environment and Technology Engineering the First project will be start soon as joint venture project for drainage water pipe with top world Construction Company and UCC now we are in the process of signing the agreement. As the same time now under discussion other seven projects in Qatar and one in Congo. The vision of QCCA is to do projects anywhere, any construction in Middle MARKETING: We will start in Qatar market , because our main office is in Qatar and at this time according to our market research there are a lot of construction in Qatar for world cup 2022 and also other projects of Qatar 2030 development plan. Our main strategy is as follow: 1- We will work as sub-contractor with different Qatar mega projects. 2- We will start with villa project to generate immediately income and cash 3- We will start working in water drainage pipe line for UCC 4- We will apply for contracting different Government project 5- Our team will start doing steel structure project which have generate quickly income, we have three project on hand now. We will be the first Chinese steel structure company in Qatar, there is a lot of new steel structure building in new industrial areas and there is a new mega steel structure projects in Manataq zones. The total of the market estimate of 80 -100 million dollars for year 2020 only.

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) 6- Villa and housing for Qatar Market, according to the Government plan in Qatar 2030 plan will build 5,000 house for local Qatari, We estimate the housing market around one Millar dollars. 7- Decoration market in Qatar, There is a big demand for this years and coming five years for decoration and finishing materials from China that according to our market research. The demand for the decoration material from China can reach one Millar each year. 8- Supply of Industrial machinery and production line. Qatar start three industrial zone of more than 1000 new factory we estimate the need of machinery for these new factories from China is estimate 800 million dollars. We can provide turnkey project (Give us your land and we give your factory key with one year operation team) . Our Sino Industrial Technology will be the leading one in Qatar in this area. 9- Mega new City and CBD developing. Qatar now start developing EL luseel CBD area and new whole small mega five star Island on 2030 plan. We estimate more than two Millardollar for this two areas. Now we are on the final stage of discussion of Yasmine city project. This project for building 24 towers each tower is 10 floor, the price of this project is 65 USD million. 10-Railways Projects We are developing network for joint the Middle east high speed Railway through the middle east , this project estimate of 50 Millar dollar. 10-Sino TradeOur main focus is from Brazil to China and from China to anywhere. Now we will start a trial order for copper from Brazil to China we have order for 1000 ton of copper each month. Our main focus will be on commodity items as following 1- Minerals, copper, Aluminum, iron ore. Gold to China. 2- Food items, chicken, sugar, soya bean. 3- Medical supplies items from China. 4- Construction materials from China. WHY YOU START YOUR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I have been working on the field of international project coordinator and working with Oxfam from UK as project office for the horn of Africa for different kinds of international and Government project at the same time before 15 years start working on the field of international construction project to get project outside China for the last 15 years , had worked in different country in Middle east and Africa, like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Togo, Ethiopia Algeria ,Kenya and Eretria. We have long time experiences working on contracting and tendering and know how to get project as we visited Qatar with our Chinese mega construction group and made research and study the market and some projects in Qatar. After we get the our research result we found there is a huge opportunity and there is a lot of projects going on and others coming soon for world cup 2022 and Qatar development plan for 2030 year which include some project like extension of the Airport, New logistics areas, New Industrial zones, 5000 house unit, infrastructure, new hospitals and more others. We can with our own team can start with the small projects like villa

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) projects and steel structures. So now we need finance for startup the company Sino Construction to start immediate to : 1- Villa construction project 2- Steel structure project 3- To sign mega project contract 4- To start trading to China WHAT YOUR GOALS ARE? Our goals are: 1- To form a plate forum for six Chinese company under the name of SINO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. 2- To be the first Chinese company for construction of villa and building in Qatar with our brand name with run offer of 50 million dollars. 3- To be the first Chinese company for steel structure in Qatar with turn offer of 10 million per year 4- To be the first Chinese big company for mega projects of Government in Qatar 5- To enter the market of hospital and health in Qatar and Middle east. OUR MAIN GOALS To form a plate forum of six Chinese companies under one company Sino Construction and get direct contract from the Government and get 5-10% of construction market in Qatar. HOW YOUR CONSTRUCTIONCOMPANY FIT IN THE MARKET? Our company Sino Construction fit in the market as follow: 1- Our company is working with six grade A Chinese company they have new Technology and advance management system. 2- Our company have more than 500 engineers and 1000 technicians of different sector and specialties. 3- Our Company have management system well known for finishing projects on short time. 4- Our finishing construction materials from China with cost price. 5- Our Group members have strong bank support from China for the projects bank grantee 6- We have high experience construction teams staff 7- We can do all kinds of construction projects

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) WHERE YOUR PLAN TO OFFER YOUR SERICE Our plan to offer our service in Qatar in the following areas 1- Government projects 2- Villa and housing projects 3- Steel structure projects 4- Factory turn key projects 5- Decoration project 6- Construction materials In the second half year 2020 and 2021 we will start work in Oman from Doha office in Qatar. PROJECT PROFIT AND EXPENSES We will work on project base cost; our cost will be based on projects. Our cost will be on projects we will have payments monthly for only company head office in Doha . The profit will be 20-30% of the project for project done by our own company and 3-5% commission for mega projects from our partners. We project for year 2020 estimate 20,000,000 QR. And we estimate for year 2021 is 40,000.000QR. COMPANY DESCRIPTION WHAT IS YOUR ESPECIALTY? SCC is a plat forum for six Chinese groups of companies all grade A construction companies from China will work under the SCC umbrella. SCC will manage this plate forum and implement construction projects with different with different Government departments and private sector. Base in Qatar and working in whole Middle East and Africa regions. Our group member have strong Chinese bank support for projects and we have very advance construction technology. SCC main income is from the plate forum management fee for each mega project and other income from SCC own construction projects and trade.

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) WHO ARE YOUR MAJOR COMPETITORS? Our main competitors is a big Qatari construction companies like UCC, GCC WHY WE EXPECT TO SUCCESS? We expected to success because of the following: 1- We have new construction technology and new advance management system 2- We finished projects in short period than project time table. 3- We have the Chinese bank support we can open bank grantee for any project and any amount 4- We have cheap construction materials from China. 5- We have international experiences Engineering team and many international achievement of different project in different country. 6- Market demand and there is a confirmed project to start with. 7- Market research result show new opportunity HOW WE CAN COMPETE WITH OUR COMPETITERS? 1- Price we have the lower price in the market. 2- Doing project in Short time 3- We have advance construction management system 4- High quality 5- We have cheap construction materials from China 6- We have international experience engineering team 7- We can open ban grantee for projects from China 8- We have five star designing and decoration teams Where the best location for your company? The best location for our company main office is should be on main street set up a big construction materials show rooms but for beginning we will start with small office with lower rent for the first six month. Who your target customers? 1- Ashgeel 2- Ministry of health 3- QNB housing projects 4- Manataq projects 5- Luseel projects 6- Industrial new factories 7- Consultants offices

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) How you meet your Customer needs? 1- Lower price 2- High Quality 3- Do projects in short time 4- Do turnkey project 5- Provide good service 6- Provide lower construction materials from China Services We provide services on the following 1- All kinds of environment and government projects 2- All kinds of villa and housing turnkey projects 3- All kinds of mega construction projects, Residential and commercial 4- All kinds of Road and Bridge 5- All kinds of steel structure projects 6- All kinds of electricity and power projects 7- All kinds of industrials project 8- All kinds of decoration projects 9- All kinds of oil and gas projects 10-All kinds of railway and metro projects 11-Airports and stadiums Marketing Marketing strategy; 1- We will set up our brand name (DIARYNA) and develop this brand name 2- Marketing budget we will set a budget of 60,000 QR for marketing after we get income from the first project. 3- Social media we will develop our web and App. As BEETI when you start build your house you will follow up with us in the App step by step 4- Our web www.ELBiet El , APP Qatari House 5- Develop our own catalogue

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) Management The management team as following General director (Dr. Samir Abdel Rahman) ---- General Manager(Ms. Pan Maimuna) ----- Marketing Manager /Accountant (Mohamed Al Mubarak) Chinese Directors of our plate forum as follow: 1- Steel structure Mr. Zhang Jing Boa 2- Steel Structure Dr. Samir Abdel Rahman 3- Villa construction; Mr Zhang Jing Boa and Mr JIANG 4- Constructions projects: Mr. Zhao Can Guo, and Ms song li jun, MRzhou Qi Ji 5- Decoration SUN MAKE Mszhangju 6- Trade : Dr Samir abdelrahman Our management team Salary 1- Director Dr. Samir Abdel Rahman Salary is 10,000QR/M 2- Office Manager Marketing Accountant Mohamed Mubark 7,000QR/M 3- Project Coordinator/Chinese manager : MS Maimuna Pan 7,000QR/M For other directors there is no salary from the company their salary is from the project's cost each time The total monthly salary for company staff (three) is 24,000QR The company diver salary is 3000 QR Company office rent is 5000QR Company other cost & travel 5000 QR Company monthly cost is 36,000QR/m The company cost for six month is 6 x 37,000= 222,000QR Business Expenses Our sis month expenses is 222,000QR and our company will start generate income from the first villa project contract which we will do it by our self and have advanced payment and other steel structure which have advanced payments. Our model lower cost operations we put most cost on projects operations we pay only basic management cost to run the plate forum

SINO CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION &TRADING (SCC) Which project we have in hand and confirmed just to start with: QR 1- Eight Villa income expected 4,000,000QR 2- Steel structure 4500 meter project income expected 211,000 3- Yasmine city 4 buildings expected income of 7,200,000 QR Loan We looking for loan of 222,000QR to start this business and the loan can be in two. According to Islamic way the financier will be partner in this above project by 1% from the net profit the above mentioned project, the net profit will be 11,411,000QR the profit for the loan will be 114,110 QR in 12month the total amount to pay back is 336110QR, we will pay back the amount (336,110QR) within 12 month. What Grantee we provide to payback the amount? We will pay Grantee check for the total loan amount nine month checks This project and whole idea project is own and run by Dr. Samir AbdelRahman Mohamed the Director. Thank you and we looking forward to join us in this golden opportunity as partner.


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