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TRY OUT UJIAN NASIONAL BAHASA INGGRISKunci Jawaban Soal A 1. Jawaban : A Ada di baris ke 2 dan 3. Professor Shasta Ewing, a leading animal behaviorist, will be conducting an informative workshop entitled “Understanding Your Pet.” 2. Jawaban : B Dijelaskan di baris 4 dan 5. This session will explore animal cognition and behavior commonly demonstrated by our pets. 3. Jawaban : B Dijelaskan di baris 7 dan 8. All registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance. Audiocassettes will also be available for purchase. 4. Jawaban : B Commonly artinya umumnya. Accordingly : berturut turut, Generally : umumnya, Specifically : khususnya, Cordially : denga hangat, Specially: istimewa. Jadi jawabannya generally. 5. Jawaban : B Attendance artinya kehadiran. Occasional : sekali kali, Presence : kehadiran, Permission : permisi, Reception : resepsi, Prescription : resep. Jadi jawabannya Presence 6. Jawaban : E Jawanbannya ada di baris pertama. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation 7. Jawaban : A Ada di paragraph ke 2 kalimat ke 2 8. Jawaban :C Karena paragraph ke 3 menjelaskan kegunaan dengan kata …. can carry…., ….can travel …., …. can also be used …. 9. Jawaban : E Ada di paragraph 4 kalimat pertama. Lasers are ideal for communications in space. 10. Jawaban : C Semua fungsi lasers ada di paragraph ke 2 kecuali Economic tidak ada di semua paragraph. 11. Jawaban : A

Terdapat pada paragrap pertama, yaitu “The development of the horse has been recorded from the beginning through all its evolutionary stages to the modern form. Paragrap berikutnya juga menjelaskan evolutionary.12. Jawaban : D Terdapat pada paragrap pertama Fossil finds provide us not only with detailed information about the horse itself, but also with valuable insights into migration of herds and even evidence for speculation about the climatic conditions that could have instigated such migratory behavior. Sementara pilihan D tidak berhubungan dengan fossil.13. Jawaban : B Hipparion pada kalimat di bawah ini dig anti dengan pronoun it di akhir kalimat Less developed and smaller than the hipparion, the anchitheres was completed replaced by it.14. Jawaban : C Extinct artinya punah. Familiar: dikenal/akrab, widespread:menyebar luas, nonexistent: punah, tame: jinak, fertile: subur. Jadi jawabannya nonexistent15. Jawaban : D Terdapat pada paragraph kedua, Masa Pliocene lebih dahulu dari masa Miocene …. Pliocene age, a horse, about midway through its evolutionary development, crossed a land bridge where the Bering Straits are now located, from Alaska into the grasslands of Europe. The horse was the hipparion, about the size of modern-day pony with three toes and specialized cheek teeth for grazing. In Europe the hipparion encountered another less advanced horse called the anchitheres, which had previously invaded Europe by the same route, probably during the Miocene Period.16. Jawaban : A Terdapat di paragraph pertama, yaitu “Please let me express my deepest sympathies to you and the children. I was shocked and shattered when I heard about Franklin horrific accident.”17. Jawaban : E Terdapat pada paragrap pertama, yaitu “….when I heard about Franklin horrific accident.”18. Jawaban : E Ada kalimat “No worries anymore of having no finance to support your study”… dan ada frase “ …. continuing education.”19. Jawaban : D Invest artinya menyimpan/menanam modal. Spend over: menghabiskan, Devote to: mencurahkan, Give away: mengorbankan, Deposit: menyimpan menanam modal, Save: menyimpan/mengamankan. Jadi jawabannya deposit.

20. Jawaban : E Terdapat pada paragraph pertama, yaitu denga kalimat “A strong earthquake struck off the coast of East Timor on Wednesday….”21. Jawaban : E Terdapat pada paragraph keempat, yaitu kalimat “Indonesia’s Meteorology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami alert , saying it had been powertful enough to generate giant waves , ….”22. Jawaban : B Retracted artinya menarik kembali/ mencabut/ menarik masuk. Taken back: mengambil kembali, Cancelled: membatalkan, Neglected: mengabaikan, Put off: melepas, Proved: membuktikan. Jadi jawabannya taken back.23. Jawaban : C Ada kata/frase tertentu yang salah pada pilihan dan tidak sesuai dengan kata/frase pada text, yaitu: A. In December 2004 , a missive earthquake caused tsunami that killed few people. (seharusnya, kill more than ….) B. There was a tsunami warning due to the large waves that hit the tiny nation’s coast. (seharusnya … no large wave hit…) C. East Timor is located along a series of fault lines and volcanoes (kalimat yang benar) D. A weak earthquake struck off the coast of East Timor. (seharusnya … a strong …) E. The warning was retracted because it was too late. (warning later retracted…)24. Jawaban : A Terdapat pada paragrap pertama, yaitu “One morning, I got up with the feeling that the day was going to be an unlucky one for me.” “For me” means for the writer.25. Jawaban : E Someone had thrown a bag of fish bones out of the window and it landed on me! Jadi “it” mengacu pada “a bag of fish bone”26. Jawaban : E Terdapat pada paragraph kelima, yaitu “When I reached school, my name was taken down by the teacher. The teacher scolded me for being late.”27. Jawaban : A Rage artinya kemarahan. Anger: kemarahan, Confusion: kebiingungan, Impatience: ketidaksabaran, Unhappiness: ketidakbahagiaan, Dissatisfaction: ketidakpuasan. Jadi jawabannya Anger.28. Jawaban : D Terdapat pada paragrap kedua kalimat keempat, yaitu “The more stimulating experiences babies have the more connections the brain develops. Relationships are

also critically important to healthy brain development.” Dan paragraph kelima kalimat pertama, yaitu “The process of building and strengthening brain connection continues throughout our lives, but is at its most intense between ages 3 and 12.”29. Jawaban : D Strengthening artinya memperkuat. Fastening: mengikatkan, enlightening: member penerangan, heightening: meninggikan, escalating: memperkuat, weakening: melemahkan. Jadi jawabannya escalating.30. Jawaban : D Terdapat pada paragraph keempat kalimt pertama, yaitu “To help babies develops their brain well, as parents, you should provide your babies with visual stimulating which can produce development advantages….”31. Jawaban : D Ada di paragrap keempat kalimat kedua, yaitu “parent should give children plenty of time to move around, crawl or walk and run end play active games.” Sementara pilihan yang lain salah, yaitu: A. Every baby is born with exactly 100 billion brain cells (seharusnya around) B. The more you touch, hold and cuddle your babies, the weaker their brain grows (seharusnya faster) C. Parents must move the babies around, and make them flying (seharusnya playing) D. Parent should give children plenty of time to move around, crawl or walk * E. …. nurture your children by postponing emotionally-displaying love… (seharusnya responding)32. Jawaban : A Terdapat pada paragraph pertama, yaitu “Many of us are dismayed about the quality of our education which is not commensurate with the high cost spent on school fees. It is way below our expectation if we compare our graduates with those who studied overseas, especially concerning the mastery of English.” Dan paragraph ketiga, yaitu “All students in Indonesia have studied English since they were in junior high school. Even some of them, English had been introduced when they were in elementary school. However, lots of graduates have less English skills”33. Jawaban : D Yearn for artinya menginginkan/merindukan. Receive: menerima, Desire:menginginkan, Ignore for: mengabaikan, Unsatisfied: tidak puas, Never think for: tidak pernah memikirkan. Jadi jawabannya desire.34. Jawaban : C Terdapat pada paragraph ketiga kalimat terakhir, yaitu “Make practicing English as daily habit to keep making conversation with the friends.”

35. Jawaban : A Terdapat pada paragrap pertama, yaitu “It is way below our expectation if we compare our graduates with those who studied overseas, especially concerning the mastery of English.”36. Jawaban : B Text tentang review suatu film, yaitu paragrap kedua: “Remy is a teenage rat gifted with some highly developed senses of taste and smell. Inspired by his idol, the recently deceased chef Auguste Gusteau, Remy’s wanted to be a chef.” Dan direview lagi pada paragraph berikutnya.37. Jawaban : A Terdapat di paragraph ketiga kalimat ketiga, yaitu “When the owner of the home is forced to abandon the rats in the home, Remy had been separated from his family and ends up in the severs of Paris. Then Remy found Gusteau’s restaurant.” Kalimat tersebut menjelaskan bahwa Remy secara tidak disengaja bertemu Alfredo.38. Jawaban : C Gifted artinya diberikan/dihadiahkan. Endowed: memberkahi, Established: didirikan, Presented: diberikan, Promoted: dipromosikan, Delivered: dikirim. Jadi jawabannya presented.39. Jawaban : E Terdapat di paragraph pertama kalimat pertama, yaitu “Sutiyoso will pick up an asian air quality Management Award Friday at an international conference in Jogjakarta, ….”. Kalimat tersebut dijelaskan pada paragrap berikutnya.40. Jawaban : C Terdapat di paragrap ketiga kalimat pertama, yaitu “He also intiated the bus way project, which I believe is a good step toward reducing air pollution in Jakarta.”41. Jawaban : C Restored artinya memperbaiki/memulihkan. Kept: menjaga, Opened: membuka, Rebuilt: membangun kembali, Changed: mengubah/menukar. Announced: mengumumkan. Jadi jawabannya rebuilt.42. Jawaban : D Terdapat pada kalimat “The body of an adult insect is subdivided into head, a thorax of three segments , and a segmented abdomen, ordinarily,the thorax bears three pairs oflegs.” Kalimat tersebut menjelaskan struktur dari insect.43. Jawaban : D Terdapat di kalimat pertama, yaitu “The body of an adult insect is subdivided into head, a thorax of three segments , and a segmented abdomen, ordinarily, the thorax bears three pairs oflegs.”44. Jawaban : C

Digambarkan pada kalimat “Features of the mouth parts or mandibles are the maxillae, which serve to direct food into the mouth between the jaws , a labrum above and labium below are similar to an upper and lower lip, in insects with sucking mouth parts ,the mandibles , maxillae , labrum and labium are modified to provide a tube through which liquid cabn be drawn.”45. Jawaban : C Terdapat pada kalimat “Features of the mouth parts or mandibles are the maxillae, which serve to direct food into the mouth between the jaws, ….”46. Jawaban : A 5, 3 1, 4, 6, 2 5. Try to always look at the bus schedule first before planning to go somewhere by bus 3. Stay in line anytime you’re going to aboard on the bus 1. Let the older man to get in the bus first and don’t bring the food and drink in 4. Insert a $2 bank note in the box beside the driver soon you get in the bus 6. now , it’s the time for you to enjoy traveling by bus 2. don’t forget to press the red button to let the bus stop for you get off47. Jawaban : D 4, 1, 5, 2, 3 4. Phobias are very strong fears which may start in childhood. 1. Usually there has been an early experience which started the fear. 5. A person may forget the experience which started the fear, but the fear reminds. 2. For example, a person who is afraid of closed room has claustrophobia. 3. Perhaps that person had parents who once locked him in a closet as a child. As an adult, he has forgotten the experience in the closet, but he fears looked room.48. Jawaban : D Komodo dragons are the worlds (48) heaviest living lizard. They can grow to a length of 10 feet (over 3 meters), with an average length of 8 feet (2.5 meters) and weight of 91 kgs. Kata “heaviest” dapat mewakili ukuran komodo dragon yang digambarkan. A. skinniest: berhubungan dengan kulit B. most fantastic: berhubungan dengan kekaguman C. most amazing: behubungan dengan kekaguman D. heaviest: berhubungan dengan ukuran E. smartest: berhubungan dengan akal49. Jawaban : A The komodo dragon has strong smell sense, (49) especially if It is supported by favorable wind, it will be able to seek out quarries up to 8.5 kilometer away. Kata “Especially” menjelaskan kekhususan yang dimiliki oleh komodo dragon

A. especially: khususnya B. however: namun C. nonetheless: namun D. because of: karena E. but: tetapi50. Jawaban : D They have about 60 teeth that they replace frequently and are (50) positioned to cut chunks of its prey. Kata “positioned” adalah V-3 yang digunakan untuk menjelaskan kalimat pasif. A. Positioning: memposisikan B. being positioned: yang sedang diposisikan (untuk kegiatan yang sedang terjadi untuk kalimat passive dalam present continuous) C. have been positioning: telah memposisikan D. positioned: diposisikan (untuk kegiatan yang pada umumnya terjadi untuk kalimat passive dalam simple present) dan paragrap di atas harus menngunakan kalimat simple present untuk menggambarkan sesuatu pada umumnya. E. positions: posisi

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