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Finding the right Tenant

Published by jacob, 2021-10-18 04:44:29

Description: Finding the right Tenant


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Property Hub TenantFINDING THE RIGHT

“ TENANT SELECTION IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT FOR A SUCCESSFUL TENANCY. HERE AT LJ HOOKER WE FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS WHICH HAVE LED TO Great Success. STEP 1: The first part of attracting “good“ tenants is ensuring that the online advertisement is showcasing the home to its highest potential to attract applicants. Quality tenants are attracted to quality advertisements. Quality advertisements include; informative but brief ad text, professional photos, 3D virtual videos (free of charge for LJ Hooker clients) and after hours open home times. Many clients think that creating ads with the above can be expensive however with technology these can be cheaper than expected. STEP 2: Is creating an open home schedule. The “ideal” tenant works full time. All of our open homes are held between 4-6pm during the week and scattered during the day on Saturdays. We have noticed a huge change in the time it takes to secure a tenant and the quality of the tenancy ongoing after implementing this plan. In addition to this, we are local and we can take tenants through the property on private inspections if requested. Property Hub

STEP 3: Promoting the home to locals and neighbors (optional). We call this the “Choose Your Neighbours“ plan. This gives us the chance to fi nd a neighbour who may know someone wanting to move, it also makes them aware of who the managing agents are in case they ever need to contact us about the home. STEP 4: Database. On an average week we meet up to 100 people looking to rent homes. We can’t place them all into new homes, so we collect their data and register them to our database. The second your home is listed on or offl ine, it’s sent to the people who have matched and searching for similar homes. 4/10 rental properties are leased off market using this strategy.

STEP 5: During the open homes or private inspections we register each person into the home and ask for feedback. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know the person inspecting. We value fi rst impressions, our fi rst meeting with the tenant and the interaction is taken into consideration when they apply for the home ie are they smokers ect (giving you our personal opinion) . Following the Opens/Inspections you will receive a call from me and the emailed report with a rundown of feedback and or recommendations/adjustments.

STEP 6: Application processing. Here is when we check that the person/people applying are who they say they are and are deemed suitable for your home. During this vetting process below are some of the main items that we check: • Income (affordability) • Employment - is it secure/do they work for themselves • Rental History - (Rental References) did they look after their previous rentals • Tenant Default Database. Have they ever been listed for tenant default? If they are listed then we will not continue processing their application • Often, we will look for the person on social media to ensure there is nothing alarming found. • Personal and Business References • Identifi cation • Smokers/pets These are only some parts of the vetting process and once we feel an application/s are suitable we will present them to you for your instructions. It is at this time we will also advise you of which one we fi nd “more suitable”. STEP 7: Lease Documentation and Bond payment: Once you have approved a tenant, we will contact them and have them sign the lease documents with any prior discussed terms included. At this time the tenants will also have to pay their 4 weeks bond which is lodged to the RTA au/ and we also collect the fi rst 2 weeks rent. This is to be paid within 24-48 hours of being approved to secure the tenancy. Property Hub

STEP 8: “ Tenant Education. Before the tenant moves in, we will have completed an entry condition report with photos and video. This is the document that is used for when the tenant moves out to ensure that it’s left in the same condition. We will also spend about an hour with the tenant to explain their responsibilities to the home and also make them feel comfortable. STEP 9: You will receive a call from us within 3-5 days after the tenants have moved in to put your mind at ease. STEP 10: Relax knowing you have great tenants. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW WE ARE ABLE TO FI ND YOU AN A1 TENANT, EACH AND EVERYTIME. PLEASE, Get in Touch! Alexandra Palmer 0450 310 450

Property Hub Alexandra Palmer 0450 310 450 [email protected]

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