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HERALD The DeFuniak Springs PUBLISHED CONTINUOUSLY SINCE 1888 COMBINED WITH THE BREEZE VOLUME 127 NUMBER 27 3 SECTIONS THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 75¢ PER COPY INSIDE Walton School District celebrates top ten ranking in Florida’s K-12 BEACH MANAGEMENT PLAN PUBLIC Statewide Assessment Program WORKSHOP “Plan B” op- By ALICIA LEONARD tions for beach Walton County School Superintendent storm protection A. Russell Hughes was and response excited over the re- cent news that Walton discussed. 1-C School ranked 6th in the state for Florida As- sessed Student Achieve- ment Data for the 2017 year. Even maybe more im- “NEUTER pressive is the 7th grade algebra score of number COMMUTER” one in the state. SERVICE TO The Florida Depart- ment of Education at START JULY 31 describes the Shuttle ser- test as “K-12 Assess- ment is responsible for vice transports all aspects of Florida’s animals to clinic. K-12 statewide student assessment programs, 1-B including developing, administering, scoring, and reporting the re- sults for assessments aligned to the Florida Standards or Next Gen- NEW SPLASH eration Sunshine State Standards, as well as PAD AT assisting with the ad- CHOCTAW ministration and re- porting of several other BEACH PARK K-12 student assess- Future up- ment programs. Ser- THIS CHART SHOWS THE RANKING FOR THE TOP 25 SCHOOL DISTRICTS in the state of Florida. Walton come in ranked at number six overall ,and seventh grade algebra students brought home vices are provided both grades planned. by Florida Department the number one ranking in the state overall. of Education (FDOE) 1-B staff and through vari- ous contracts with as- Florida law (see Section proud of our students, to continue to strive to assessment with Oka- sessment vendors. The 1008.22, Florida Stat- teachers, staff, and make Walton the best loosa coming in second primary goal of these utes).” community. This is tru- school district in the and Santa Rosa coming assessments is to pro- Hughes spoke to the ly a community effort to state of Florida.” in fourth overall with vide information about Herald/Breeze when help students to build Three schools in the Walton rounding them TECHNICAL student learning in the scores came in and achievements like this Panhandle scored in out at number six over- said ”We are extremely one, and we are going the top ten of the 2017 all in scoring. Florida, as required by REVIEW COMMITTEE TO REVIEW CHANGES FOR KAIYA Planned unit Inmates get d e v e l o p m e n t changes pro- posed. 1-C opportunity to pave new way LAKE POWELL PROPERTY GETS NEW From WCSO incarcer- ing their sentences once they are released. to help them create a Twenty inmates Inmates OWNER ated at the Walton pathway to enroll in at from both Walton and CAREER SOURCE paid a visit to Walton Coun- Oak Beach County Jail were given vo-techs like Emerald Escambia counties par- ty Jail to help inmates get skills and knowledge to a unique opportunity to Coast Technical College ticipated in the event. build a career. Partners new plan for their return to owner. 10-C the community Friday. of Source Career Okaloosa Walton in conjunction with Em- erald Coast Technical College put on a career day bringing their mo- bile unit to the jail off Triple G Road in De- Funiak Springs. The event was aimed at teaching inmates about the federal bonding pro- gram, different types of eligibility for financial aid, and careers acces- sible to them regardless of their criminal record. “The idea is to get these folks thinking CLASSIFIEDS 5-C about getting away from the life that got MEETINGS 3-C them here,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “If there is one or two who ARRESTS 8-A see the opportunity to change their life and do it – we’ve done our job.” The Walton County Sheriff’s Office is cur- rently providing voca- tional and technical learning opportunities to inmates while serv- INMATES learned about the federal bonding program, financial aid and career options.

PAGE 2-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 A Fresh Voice For Freeport! ELECT AMANDA GREEN For Freeport City Council Seat 1 Pd. Pol. Adv. Paid For By The Amanda Green For City Council Campaign “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams Recipient of the Northwest Florida League Of Cities Municipal Official Of The Year Re-Elect award 2017 Paid Political Advertisement Paid For And Approved By Russ Barley For Mayor

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 3-A COMMUNITY CALENDAR MIKE THOMIN WITH THE FLORIDA PUB- LIC ARCHAEOLOGY NETWORK will present “Pirates! The Last Scourge of the Gulf”, a kid- friendly free lecture at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida, July 14, at 12 p.m. In the early 1800s, a massive wave of piracy struck the Gulf of Mexico and terrorized ship- ping along the Gulf Coast. Florida was especially dangerous for travelers. Using historical records, EIGHT YEARS A Mr. Thomin will discuss the broader aspects of KREWE: The Krewe the pirates and focus on archaeological evidence de Yak celebrates eight that presents the possibility of more pirate ships years of being a formed wrecked beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. krewe representing Wal- Bring a sandwich and join them for History ton County in parades Sandwiched-In, a free lunch-time lecture at the all over the Panhandle Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. Call to throughout the year. make a reservation at (850) 678-2615. This lecture Plans are currently be- is free and open to the public. The Heritage Muse- ing made for the fifth um of Northwest Florida is located at 15 Westview annual GrasFest In De- Avenue, Valparaiso, FL 32580. Funiak Springs. KREWE DE YAK PRESIDENT Ric Rule presented DFS Mayor Bob Camp- bell with a plaque of appreciation for his five-year support for the krewe’s an- nual GrasFest. DFS City Council meeting July 10 City Council regular at 6 p.m., at DeFuniak U.S. 90 West, DeFuniak meeting will be July 10, Springs City Hall, 71 Springs, FL 32433 COMMUNITY CALENDAR Birthday Parties The DeFuniak SpringS Coin Club meets every Family Reunions third Thursday of the month, at 6 p.m. - until, at the am- Weddings • Church Events Vets in the ballroom located on u.S. 90. This is a family Any Get Together oriented group and welcomes all ages. Low Rates Discounts for Veterans Paid political advertisement by Michael Strickland for Mayor City of DFS fire hydrant flushing through July 31 The city of DeFuniak Springs Fire Depart- ment will be flushing fire hydrants beginning July 1, through July 31. The affected areas will include south of U.S. 90 and west of U.S. 331 S. Whenever possible the hydrant flushing will be conducted at night but should any customers experience low water pressure or cloudy water, contact Public Works at (850) 892-8534.

PAGE 4-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 4-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, er did not inform the Council of the email or its Mears and asked him how and when he came to be DeFuniak Springs is a small town. The concept contents. aware of the situation and how he responded. of “working together for the good of the city” is not On February 9, 2016, Mayor Campbell received In an email to Interim City Manager Craig Drake just a nice idea – it is an absolute imperative. City a copy of a letter sent by Ms. DuBose to CFO Atwa- and Human Resources Director Lacey Woodham, officials and staff must help each other because ter and DOR Director Stranberg informing them dated Friday, June 23, Mr. Mears wrote, in part: this small chain of command is only as strong as that the State Auditing Committee had finally re- “It has been brought to my attention that there its weakest link. ceived the required reports from DeFuniak Springs have been accusations /insinuations by Mayor Bob I suspect the DeFuniak Springs City Council regarding its 2013-14 annual financial report and Campbell that he shared information with me was disappointed to discover that the weakest link audit. No further funds would be withheld. Mayor pertaining to the state withholding funds. Let me appears to be the person currently holding the of- Campbell did not inform the Council of the letter make this clear, that is incorrect. I was left out of fice of mayor. or its contents. the loop intentionally, I believe, which I will ex- Most of us are aware that this issue is not Mr. Sadly, eight months later, on Nov. 3, 2016, the plain why one would believe that. Campbell’s first serious error in judgment. Among entire process started all over again. Mayor Camp- “Let me say, the first flag was when I discovered other things, he actively sought and entered into an bell received another certified letter from Ms. Du- I wasn’t being copied or updated on the correspon- agreement with the county, recorded at the Court- Bose stating that her agency had not received the dence between the Finance Director Joe Brown house, to waive the disposal fees for anticipated required financial reports for Fiscal Year 2014-15 and the auditing firm. When I began to ask ques- construction debris on private property. He know- and warned that state revenue funds would be tions, it was found that Brown was communicating ingly ordered city workers to utilize city equip- withheld again if the city failed to do so. This certi- with Carpenter and Campbell, however, wasn’t ment and to assist with Christmas decorations on fied letter was signed for by former city Finance with myself or other councilmembers. If you recall, private property. He has routinely overstepped his Director Joe Brown. Neither Mayor Campbell nor I did mention these concerns to each one of you. authority and inserted himself into matters that Mr. Brown informed the Council of the letter or its “Next, you will need to pull the Council meeting were not part of his duties as mayor. contents. minutes, where Mr. Carpenter defended Brown on For four years, I believe the Council has at- On February 6, Mayor Campbell was notified the one and only letter I was aware of for the dates. tempted to overlook these errors in the hopes that that the state would be withholding state revenue To refresh everyone’s memory, I had my assistant Mr. Campbell would come to understand that his funds unless the required financial reports were copy this and place it in your box. What might in- actions have at times placed the city in legal jeop- received by March 9. terest you all is how I come about this letter. One ardy. Unfortunately, that approach has clearly not It was during this period that Interim City of the ladies in City Hall brought me a copy of this worked. Manager Tilman Mears discovered the problem letter, and if she hadn’t, perhaps we wouldn’t even On Oct. 14, 2015, the city manager was Sara and brought the matter to the attention of the City have knowledge of it. When the letter was brought Bowers and the finance director was Joe Brown. On Council. to me, I went to Brown to discuss it, he advised that date, the city received a certified letter from Over two months later, on May 19, 2017, Ms. me that he had spoken to Campbell and Carpenter Kathryn DuBose, coordinator for the Florida Joint DuBose notified CFO Atwater and the Depart- about it and he assured me it was taken care of Legislative Auditing Committee. The letter stated ment of Revenue that the required 2014-2015 re- and they, Campbell and Carpenter, advised him that the required financial reports for Fiscal Year ports from the city of DeFuniak had finally been not to let this get out to the other councilmembers, 2013-14 had not been submitted and the city was received and the city should be removed from the because it would give them something to fuss about three and a half months past the final deadline. state’s withholding list. and make bigger than what it was. The letter warned that failure to respond could re- Recently, in an email to City Attorney Clayton “I later discussed this with Campbell and he ad- sult in “having state revenues withheld from your Adkinson, dated June 1, 2017, Roger Hinson of the vised me that Brown had assured him it was ok, municipality.” Department of Revenue stated that, in summary, and Campbell advised me he thought it would be The letter was addressed to Mayor Campbell $65,068 was withheld in 2015, $49,933 was with- best if we just kept this quiet. I told him, not on my and signed for by Cecilia Alford. Mayor Campbell held in 2016 and $105,944 was withheld in 2017. watch and I would be sharing this with all coun- did not inform the City Council of the letter or its That is a grand total of $220,945 of revenue the cilmembers. I think I proved to all of you that I contents. city of DeFuniak Springs has lost, due to the gross would not keep information from you, good or bad. Three weeks later, on November 9 Mayor Camp- negligence of city staff and Mayor Bob Campbell, The only way you all could make good decisions bell received a forwarded copy of a letter sent to whose name was on every document. would be, if you had all the information possible.” Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and In Mr. Adkinson’s June 6 report to the Council, Had Mr. Campbell informed Mr. Mears of the Marshall Stranberg, Executive Director of the he stated: first letter, as he claimed at the last Council meet- Florida Department of Revenue. The letter stated “It is clear from the documents, that the City ap- ing, why would Mears have waited so long before that any money not legally pledged for bond service parently received those documents. However, what suddenly informing the Council? Since the informa- debt would be withheld from the city DeFuniak is missing from these documents is any response tion had been successfully hidden from the Council Springs due to its failure to submit the required fi- from the City in regards to any of the certified let- all that time, why bring it out at all? Campbell’s nancial reports for Fiscal Year 2013-14. The letter ters that were forwarded to the City. During my version doesn’t make sense. The timetable of was signed by Ms. DuBose and a copy was sent to discussion with Ms. White, she advised that the events only makes sense because Mears is telling Mayor Campbell. Mayor Campbell did not inform reason the Committee had taken the action it did, the truth. the City Council of the letter or its contents. was that the Committee had never received any Mr. Campbell has failed to offer a reasonable On the same day, Ms. Dubose sent a letter di- response from the city.” explanation as to why he failed to reveal any of rectly to Mayor Campbell, signed for by Cecilia Al- Not once during the Council’s regular annual the correspondence. He could have handed the let- ford, in which Ms. DuBose outlined the details of budget sessions was any of this information men- ters to the City Clerk for inclusion in the Council’s the planned withholding of funds described in her tioned in the Council’s presence. Nine times, Mayor mail box or agenda packet without saying a word letter to the state. A copy of this letter was also en- Campbell was notified by the state regarding the beyond “I received this in the mail.” He did not. closed and addressed to Sara Bowers and intended problems, yet the Mayor said nothing. Even after The Council has now designated what staff for the City Council. Neither Mayor Campbell nor Tilman Mears was given a copy of one letter by a member picks up the mail, officially designated the Ms. Bowers informed the Council of the letter or staff member, which he promptly delivered to the city manager as one of the people to always receive its contents. Council, Mayor Campbell did not disclose the oth- certified mail and established rules on how that in- Two months later, on January 20, 2016, the er nine letters. Nor did he or Joe Brown mention formation is disseminated to the Council. They are Joint Legislative Auditing Committee sent an the $115,000 that had already been taken. The ex- also asking the state to return some of the money, email which contained copies of the certified let- istence of the earlier nine letters and earlier loss though the attorney says that will likely be unsuc- ters sent to the city regarding the state having of funds has only been discovered in recent weeks, cessful. withheld $89,687 in half-cent sales tax revenue thanks to the records provided by the state to the So what does all this mean? It means the City from the city. The email was sent to Mayor Camp- city attorney. That cannot be an accident. has lost nearly a quarter of a million dollars – bell and Ms. Bowers. Neither Mayor Campbell nor Former City Manager Sara Bowers and Finance money that could have been spent to provide sal- Ms. Bowers informed the Council of the email or Director Joe Brown took no action and failed to in- ary raises for our hard-working employees, money its contents. form the Council of these serious financial losses. that could have been spent to improve city services On January 28, Mayor Campbell, Ms. Bowers However, there is only one name that is on each or purchase needed equipment or a hundred other and Cindy Permenter received an email from Deb- and every document – Bob Campbell. vital uses. bie White, a CPA analyst with the Joint Legisla- There are only two possible things that can ac- It means that the Council’s trust was violated. tive Auditing Committee. Ms. White stated that count for this financial disaster. It is either a case It means that the People’s trust was violated. It an additional $74,581 had been withheld from the of total incompetence or an effort was made to de- means the city was harmed. Mr. Campbell has yet city. None of the recipients informed the Council of liberately and pointedly hide this information from to display any accountability or even offer a single the email or its contents. the Council. apology. About 10 days later, Mayor Campbell, Ms. Bow- At the most recent Council meeting, Mr. Camp- What you do with this information is up to ers and Ms. Permenter received another email bell claimed it was not his responsibility to inform you, but at least now you know what the Council from Ms. DuBose stating that some but not all of the Council. He said he spoke to Joe Brown and knows. the required documentation had been received. Tilman Mears and they should have said some- The email urged the city to get the required re- thing. ports to the state by Feb. 15 or face losing more Mr. Brown is long gone and is, in any event, money. unlikely to incriminate himself. However, the city Michelle Kitch Mayor Campbell, Ms. Bowers and Ms. Perment- contacted former Interim City Manager Tilman DeFuniak Springs Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor Editor: Subsequently, all certified mail directed to the Editor: How did the city lose sales tax and revenue mayor from the state auditors was hand carried to sharing funds/two years in a row? the city manager, as well as to the finance director. DeFuniak Springs Council gets it right! As your Mayor, I wish to share with you some Copies were made when requested, or the original At the last meeting of the DeFuniak Springs reasons and circumstances that contributed to certified document was left with the appropriate City Council they voted in favor of applying to the City’s present financial situation. As you will person. Proof of such action will be secured in the the State of Florida for the Main Street program. surmise, all at city hall need to examine these cir- future. While it is not certain we will be one of the three to cumstances and make every effort to address and According to section 2-45 “Duties of the Admin- be selected, I want to commend the council for sup- resolve the contributing issues. istration,” Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code for the porting what may well be a momentous event for The city has lost two city managers since 2011 city of DeFuniak Springs (b) the city manager shall the city. The Main Street DeFuniak Springs proj- and three or four interim city managers; the city advise the mayor of the city council, on a monthly ect could transform this beautiful and historic city council is now in the process of hiring the third city basis, of the current conditions and status of all de- to its former glory and attract many home buyers, manager. There has been a space of at least 18 partments and functions of the city, including the businesses and tourists. A lot of work went into months since 2011 that the city functioned with an financial condition and the future needs of the city this effort, especially by Mayor Campbell, Chris interim city manager. All of the interim city man- and make such recommendations he/she deems Mitchell, Mendy Henderson and Bruce Naylor. agers were city employees that were placed in the necessary. (n) The city manager shall see that all After an excellent presentation by Chris, several interim position from various departments within laws, ordinances, policies, and acts of the mayor in the crowd spoke adamantly and eloquently in the city. and city council subject to his/her discretion and favor of it. Some of the standout comments were A similar situation exists for the position of fi- supervision, are faithfully executed. Section 2-56 made by Dr. Mendy Henderson, Bruce Naylor and nance director. Since 2011 four persons served in states that the finance director shall be respon- Mr. Dennis Ray. You can learn more about the that position and now the council is in the process sible to the city council and the city manager for Main Street program at; of hiring the fifth. The position was left vacant for the administration of all city finances. At a special historical/preservation/main-street-program/. seven months in 2015. One council member com- meeting June 1, 2017, the city learned of the ac- mented on the amount of money that had been tual loss of $115,000 related to the overdue audit Bill Fletcher saved without filling the position. for 2014. An additional $105,000 was lost because Freeport The council became aware of audit difficulties of the overdue audit for 2015. All are asking, how in fall of 2014. These difficulties related to the fis- could this have happened. cal year of 2012-2013. This resulted in the termi- Sadly, there is no requirement for a council The DeFuniak Springs nation of the finance director in January of 2015. member or the mayor to hold degrees, or certifica- Herald Breeze There were lengthy conversations at the subse- tion of any kind. Therefore, they typically depend 740 Baldwin Avenue quent meeting (January 25, 2015) with the audit- on the city manager and finance director to the ad- ing firm. Our councilman queried the city manager ministration of day to day business as stated in the DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435 about the procedures in place to prevent future code. Obviously, we are at a position that both a Phone 892-3232 such difficulties. The finance director position was city manager and a finance director with highest Send Form 3579 to not filled until August 2015, leaving the city with- qualifications possible should hired immediately out a finance director for eight months. The audit to avoid any further loss of funds. PO Box 1546 for 2013-2014 should have been submitted by June It is still possible that the city may be able to DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435 30, 2015. The new finance director was hired in recover some, if not all, of the lost funds. Every August of 2015 with the 2013-2014 audit already effort will be made to do so for the sake of our citi- Periodical Postage past due. In October, the state began to notify the zens and our city government. Paid at P.O. Box 1546 city of the past due audits. By March of 2016 our city manager resigned. At present the council has Bob Campbell DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32435 yet to hire a permanent manager. DeFuniak Springs USPS149-900 Postmaster:

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 5-A Thrift-Way Supermarket .. Established in 1956-2016 July 6 - 12, 2017 • DeFuniak Springs, FL Big 3 Savings Plus One • Weekly Specials • Best Buys • Everyday Low Prices • Super Bonus Buys Fresh Fresh Boneless Whole Boston Butt 69 ¢ Baby Back Cube Pork Pork Pork Pork Steak Chops Tendereloin Roast Ribs lb. fp. lb. fp. lb. fp. lb. lb. (boneless 1.89 lb.) 3 2 3 $ 39 $ 49 $ 39 $ 39 $ 69 1 2 PIG OUT ON PORK! Round Patties 8 count Whole Boneless 10 LB. MEAT PACKAGES Ground Chuck .............. lb. 3 Pork Loin ......................... lb. 2 Fresh Country Fryer Assorted Kelley $ 59 $ 19 Smoked Zeigler Jumbo Register Bun Length Ground Style Pork Leg Pork Sausage Franks .......................... 16 oz. 1 Sausage Dogs .. 4 lb. 14 99 Beef Ribs Quarters Chops $ $ 89 6 Round Patties 8 count “PICK 5” $ 26 90 $ 20 90 $ 90 $ 20 90 $ 35 90 Ground Beef .................. lb. 2 MIX OR MATCH $ 99 $19. 99 Lays .......................................................20 ct. SUPER BONUS BUYS Snack Packs .................... 6 $ 49 Essentials Essentials Each Additional $10 Food Order, Super Bonus Buys excluded, Sugar Nabisco ..................................16 oz. $ 49 entitles you to your choice of Nutter Butter ......... 3 Vegetables One Super Bonus Buy! 4 lb. 14-15 oz. Essentials Essentials ...............................18 oz. Milk ................................................Gal. 2 $ 69 BBQ Sauce ................. 79 ¢ 2/$ 1 $ 99 1 Blue Ribbon Ice Cream ..........................46 oz. 2 $ 99 Essentials .....................................................48 oz. Hunts ...............................................4 count $ 99 $ 00 Klondike Vegetable Oil ................ 1 Snack Packs .................... 1 Ice Cream Bars ................6 ct. 2 Essentials $ 99 Chicken Of The Sea ...........................5 oz. Apple Peanut Patch .......................................8 oz. $ 00 FL Natural Tuna ............................................79 ¢ Juice Peanuts ............................... 1 Orange Juice .................59 oz. 2 $ 69 Hawaiian ..........................................128 oz. 64 oz. Armour Vienna ..............................4.6 oz. Borden 2/$ 2/$ Singles ...................................12 oz. 1 Punch ................................ 5 2/$ 3 Sausages ............................. 1 $ 75 Lays Snack Packs .....................20 ct. 5 Essentials ..........................................14 oz. $ 99 4/$ Hawaiian Diced Tomatoes .......... 3 Punch................................... 128 oz. 2 Sauers Pepsi $ 09 Mayonnaise Del Monte Sauce.............................15 oz. $ 00 Shawnee Best Sloppy Joe ....................... 1 12 Pack Cans Flour .............................................5 lb. 2 30 oz. 3/$ 9 $ 19 1 Sweet Relish .................. 1 Gold Bake Sandwich $ 99 Essentials ..........................................16 oz. $ 00 Bread .........................................20 oz. 75 ¢ Fresh Express DAIRY DEPARTMENT American Salad ..........12 oz. 1 $ 49 FL Natural 2/$ FROZEN DEPARTMENT Orange Juice ................59 oz. 6 Blue Ribbon Borden Ice Cream ............................46 oz. 7 Super Chill Singles ..................................12 oz. 1 2/$ $ 99 Sodas Cole’s Borden Mini Loaf .............................7 oz. 1 12 Pack Chunk Cheese ................ 8 oz. 5 $ 00 3/$ 1 $ 99 Klondike Essentials 3/$ Ice Cream Bars ................ 6 ct. 7 Biscuits .................................4 pack 5 2/$ Swanson Pot Pies ...................................... 8 oz. 4 FRESH PRODUCE Roma Tomatoes 99 ¢ 5/$ OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY Russet $ 69 $ 99 6 A.M. - 8 P.M. Potatoes ........................10 lb. 3 Red Plums 1 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIM- 4/$ IT White $ 69 Corn ......................................................... ear. 2 SALE STARTS THURSDAY 8 A.M. Seedless Grapes 1 NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOS Cabbage .................................................... lb. 33 ¢

PAGE 6-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 Walton County Business Directory DeFuniak Springs Country Club ~ ~ ~ OPEN TO PUBLIC ~ ~ ~ GOLF & POOL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE Join Now With No Initiation Fee (Limited Time Offer)! • Busch Room Rental Available • Natural Light ~ ~ ~ SNOWBIRDS WELCOME ~ ~ ~ $10.99 18 pack (cans only) or x We Now Have Week Day 2/$20 HOT! HOT! 93 Octane Premium Gas Lunch Specials with a FREE HOT! “ETHANOL FREE” bag of ICE!! ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE!!! 892-3232 Don’t Get Left In The Dark Spotlight Your Business Here! GREAT DEALS! Call 892-3232


PAGE 8-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 Domestic violence dispute resolved after 11 hours From WCSO into custody following lasted nearly 11 hours responded. One man was taken a domestic dispute that starting last Thursday Hostage negotiators night (June 29). attempted to establish Deputies responded communications with DFS POLICE REPORT to 10917 U.S. 331 North Johnson and SWAT around 7:50 p.m. after a was called to the scene. gun was fired during an The wife was released DeFuniak Springs ing w/expired DL, argument. from the home at 4 a.m. Police arrested/cited/ • Elifas Agustin Es- Howard Edward Johnson surrendered booked the following trada, 43, DFS, War- Johnson, 65, and his and exited the house at people for the week end- rant, grandson got into a 6:47 a.m. ing July 2, 2017: • Kenneth Lee Sand- verbal disagreement Johnson was arrest- ers, 33, Laurel Hill, leading to the display ed and transported to • Joshua Daniel Ay- FTA, of weapons and the dis- the Walton County Jail cock, 30, Address not • Larry Joseph Byrd, charge of at least one without incident. He is given, DWLSR, 25, Address not given, into the air. Shortly charged with aggravat- • Daniel Wayne Possession of parapher- after, Johnson locked ed assault with a dead- HOWARD EDWARD JOHNSON was taken into Trevino, 26, DFS, nalia, himself inside the home ly weapon and domestic custody following an 11-hour dispute and hostage Breach of peace, • Essie Vell Patter- along with his wife. The battery. negotiation. • Ramanda Shain son, 58, DFS, DUI, grandson left the area Brown, 32, DFS, Tres- • Jeffrey Thomas when Walton County pass structure or con- Caldwell, 57, Address Sheriff’s Office deputies veyance, not given, Disorderly • Richard Alan Per- intoxication, ry, 34, SRB, FVOP, • James Allen Stuck, keisha C. Dawson hunter T. norton Steven a. pettit • William Seth 30, Address not given, 626 Foreman road 25 Tubbs lane 163 polk Street Thames, Possession of Warrant. DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32435 Freeport, Fl 32439 Freeport, Fl 32439 drug equipment, driv- SUBSCRIBE Jasmine M. Swack TODAY! 171 Mullet Drive WALTON COUNTY 892-3232 Freeport, Fl 32439-4560 SHERIFF’S REPORT pursuant to 98.075 (7) F.S., you are hereby notified that your eligibility to vote is in question. You are required to contact the Supervisor of elections in Walton County, Fl. no later than thirty (30) PAYPAL: days after the date of this publishing to receive information regarding the basis for the potential ineligibility and the procedure to resolve the matter. Failure to respond will result in a Walton County Sher- Baxter, 33, Miramar determination of ineligibility by the Supervisor and your name will be removed from the statewide iff’s Deputies arrested/ Beach, FTA, mortgage voter registration system. cited/booked the follow- fraud -$100,000, grand bobby beasley, Supervisor of elections ing people for the week theft $300 - 5,000, Walton County, Florida ending July 2, 2017: • Carol Ann Brown, 571 uS highway 90 east 44, PDL, Fugitive, DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32433 • Larry Michael • James Thomas Du- Anderson, 27, DFS, naway, 34, Freeport, MVOP, FVOP, • Corbin John Gain- • Clifton Ray Gallo- ey, 29, DFS, Possession way, 39, DFS, Resisting of marijuana -20 grams, w/ violence, possession poss. of drug parapher- of controlled substance nalia, w/o prescription, poss. • Raleigh Shea Ghar- of drug equipment, bat- bi, 34, Mary Esther, tery on officer/firefight- Resisting w/o violence, er/EMT etc., warrants disorderly intoxication x3, in public place causing • Douglas Aaron disturbance, Harper, 33, Elijah, Ga., • Kevin Allen John- Aggravated battery, son, 42, Freeport, Tres- robbery w/weapon, false pass structure or con- imprisonment of adult, veyance, • Delise Dionne Lacy, • Zachery Clark 31, Bunnell, Fla., FTA, Morin, 26, DFS, Crimi- FVOP, nal mischief - $200, • William Shane Mc- • Benjamin Phillip Cranie, 40, DFS, Bat- Taylor, 41, FTA, tery, • Thomas Joseph • Willington Ejuan Wannemacher, 53, Metcalfe, 27, Laurel DFS, Simple assault/ Hill, Aggravated bat- threat to do violence, tery w/deadly weapon, • Renee Willis Ar- • Lonnie Leroy Nor- nett, 54, Address not man, 51, Lockhart, given, Worthless checks Grand theft $300 - x4, • Alexandra 5,000, unarmed bur- Mary-Zoe Dedes, 20, glary of unoccupied con- Carriere, Miss., Petit veyance, theft, • Kelsey Aaron Scott, • Mandy A. Holguin, 28, SRB, Petit theft, 38, FWB, MVOP, • Stephen James • Michael Christo- Scott, 27, Crestview, pher Rosenheim, 26, Petit theft, Freeport, DUI w/prop- • Kristen Lee Shep- erty damage, pard, 34, Address not • Shawna Lynn given, Grand theft $300 Bratton, 37, Niceville, - 5,000 x2, warrant, MVOP, • Michael Bryce • Garrison Lanier Sofield, 25, Milton, Dixon, 18, Inlet Beach, MVOP, FTA, • Dallas Clayton • Cecilio Flores, 38, Thomas, 38, DFS, Pos- FWB, Operating motor session of drug equip- vehicle w/o DL, ment, dealing in stolen • Timothy Mal- property, colm Herring, 39, DFS, • Michael Lee Wolfe, FVOP, 31, SRB, Warrant. • Howard Edward Johnson, 65, DFS, Bat- tery domestic, assault w/intent to commit a felony, YOUR PROVEN PROFESSIONALS • John Frank Newby, 51, DFS, MVOP, • Tyler James Nich- ols, 29, DFS, FVOP, EXPERIENCE ~ SERVICE ~ RESULTS • Timothy Joshua Stoflet, 27, DFS, MVOP, battery domestic, FTA x2, • Marquis Gabriel Campbell, 21, DFS, Bat- tery domestic, criminal mischief +$1,000, • Tyler Lee Gibson, 20, DFS, FVOP, • Matthew Wayne Godwin, 32, Freeport, Child support, • Cecil Warren Owner-Broker Sales Associate Office Manager Sales Associate Sales Associate Bowden II, 38, Free- port, Possession of drug equipment x4, FTA, possession of controlled FREE MARKET FREE MARKET substance w/o prescrip- ANALYSIS ON ANALYSIS ON tion x2, • Joseph Richard YOUR PROPERTY YOUR PROPERTY Grippo, 38, Cheyenne, MVOP, • Donald Hugh Mill- er Jr., 40, MVOP, • Joseph Donald

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 9-A University of Alabama announces Spring 2017 Dean’s and President’s Lists A total of 11,101 stu- dents or undergraduate FL, (32550) -- Dean’s FL, (32459) -- Dean’s committed to providing ate and graduate edu- dents enrolled during students who take less List List a premier undergradu- cation. the 2017 spring semes- than a full course load. Katherine Ann Juliet Barrett Hight ter at the University of Students named to Stuhlfire of Rosemary- of SantaRosa Beach, Alabama were named the list include: Beach, FL, (32461) -- FL, (32459) -- Dean’s to the Dean’s List with President’s List List Charlieʼs Tractor & Back Hoe Service an academic record of Alexandra Nicole Ellen Nicole Block- 3.5 (or above) or the Schrobilgen of Miramar owitz of Santa Rosa The University of Mowing President’s List with Beach, FL, (32550) -- Beach, FL, (32459) -- Alabama, the state’s Tilling an academic record of President’s List Dean’s List oldest and largest pub- 4.0 (all A’s). The UA Spencer W Stephen- Shannon D Carson of lic institution of higher Bushhogging Dean’s and President’s son of Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, education, is a student- Stump Removal lists recognize full-time FL, (32550) -- Dean’s (32459) -- President’s centered research uni- Vehicle Recovery undergraduate stu- List List versity that draws the dents. The lists do not Savanah Elizabeth Benjamin Street Ty- best and brightest to an Light Duty Land Clearing apply to graduate stu- Hiers of Miramar beach, ler of Santa Rosa Beach, academic community 850-307-7143 THE RIBBON CUTTING and grand opening of Li’s Hot Wok was held Friday morning June 30. The business, formerly JB’s Chinese Buffet, is located in the Shoppes At Freeport on 331 south next to Publix. The Li family invites everyone out to see their new facilities and dine with them. They feature as before, buffet, menu items, but have added a hibachi grill and a sushi bar! Mayor Barley and a host of delegates were on hand to welcome the Li’s back to Freeport. (And Gallery photo) Countryside Cuts Mowing / Weed Eating FREE ESTIMATES Austin Woodham 333-7429 DOCTOR’S MEDICAL CENTER CARING FOR THE COMMUNITY Dr. James Howell, D.O. Mon., Tues., Thurs. ï 7:15 am - 4:30 pm 892-2888 located 21 WEST MAIN AVENUE, DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, FL O’Donnell O’Donnell Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics ALL ASPECTS OF FAMILY DENTISTRY ALL ASPECTS OF FAMILY DENTISTRY — PAINLESS DENTISTRY — PAINLESS DENTISTRY — Cosmetic/Smile Make-Overs — Cosmetic/Smile Make-Overs — Root Canals — Root Canals — Implants & Dentures — Implants & Dentures — Orthodontics Michael T. O’Donnell — Orthodontics *Orthodontic treatment completed by general dentist D.M.D., PA Michael T. O’Donnell *Orthodontic treatment completed by general dentist D.M.D., PA Santa Rosa Beach DeFuniak Springs 870 Mack Bayou Rd., St. A 57 Bruce Avenue (near Sacred Heart Hospital) 850.892.2500 Santa Rosa Beach DeFuniak Springs 850.622.5888 Tues. & Wed. 8am-3pm 870 Mack Bayou Rd., St. A 57 Bruce Avenue Thurs. & Fri. 7am-3pm 850.892.2500 (near Sacred Heart Hospital) 850.622.5888 Tues. & Wed. 8am-3pm Thurs. & Fri. 7am-3pm

PAGE 10-A THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 WHERE IN THE DEFUNIAK HERALD ARE THE BUTTS GRAND- DAUGHTERS? Look at the bottom of the Ark. (Left to right) Carston Cole. Caslyn Cole, Elle Stubbs. In front. Brycelyn Stubbs. What a better way to start the summer, than to see Noah’s Ark lo- cated in Williamstown, Ky? The Ark is a massive exhibit that’s sure to take your breath away simply its sheer size. The Ark was constructed to size of the dimension according to the Bible. The incredible craftsmanship is itself an exhibit and all three decks are full of state-of-the-art exhbits that will amaze and inspire one to think differently about the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. Paid political advertisement by Michael Strickland for Mayor SAVE THE Walton County Animal Clinic DATE! Welcomes Dr. Jaimee Bumgarner JULY 8, 2017! 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Accepting New Clients and Pets Annual Physical Examination PLEASE JOIN THE Internal Medicine CANDIDATES FOR A COOKOUT! Surgery EVERYONE INVITED!! Immunizations Stop by, meet the candidates, Wound Management enjoy a hotdog or hamburger and spend time with your Walton County Animal Clinic neighbors and friends. 1640 US Hwy 90 West DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 KELLY’S/FOOD DEPOT RIGHT IN HEART OF 850-892-5874 FREEPORT ON HWY. 20

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 1-B People • Places • Things Freeport Kiwanis golf tournament benefits ECCAC The Freeport Ki- children in Okaloosa tal health therapy, cri- wanis recently held a and Walton Counties, sis intervention, refer- golf tournament with a and restore the lives rals to other community portion of the proceeds and futures of these im- providers, interviews benefiting the Emer- pacted children. The and medicals. Services ald Coast Children’s Center’s child-friendly are provided at no cost Advocacy Center (EC- facilities house a mul- by ECCAC. CAC). The $7,500 do- tidisciplinary team of To volunteer, or for nated went to complete child protection per- further information a pledge by the Kiwanis sonnel, prosecutors, about the Emerald to sponsor a room at law enforcement, DCF, Coast Children’s Ad- the Pierce Family Chil- therapists, and ECCAC vocacy Centers, visit dren’s Advocacy Center staff and volunteers. In If abuse in DeFuniak Springs. the past 15 years, over is suspected, call the ECCAC’s mission is 10,000 children have re- anonymous Florida KIWIS TEE-OFF FOR ECCAC: Bryan Gilbert, Kim Henderson and Wanda to prevent child abuse ceived more than 40,000 Abuse Hotline at 1-800- Pitts at Freeport Kiwanis golf tournament. and neglect, protect services to include men- 96-ABUSE. Trebeaché makes donation to ECCAC’s Eating For Advocacy program Trebeache in Blue derson, ECCAC’s direc- environment. Mountain Beach re- tor of development. If you are a restau- cently donated a por- With centers in rant that would like to tion of their restaurant Okaloosa and Walton participate in Eating sales to the Emerald counties, ECCAC helps For Advocacy, email Coast Children’s Ad- abused and neglected [email protected], or call vocacy Center’s Eating child victims and their (850) 833-9237, Ext. For Advocacy program. families through the 283. For more informa- Chef Todd and George recovery process by tion about donating, Barnes presented a providing free services, volunteering, or the check for $1,000 to EC- from investigation to Emerald Coast Chil- CAC President Bill healing, all under one dren’s Advocacy Center, Fletcher and Kim Hen- roof in a child-friendly visit, NEUTER COMMUTER provides convenient, low-cost spay/neuter surger- ies for dogs and cats. Neuter Commuter provides convenient, low-cost spay/neuter CHEF TODD (l) and George Barnes (r) present a check to Bill Fletcher and surgeries for dogs, cats Kim Henderson of ECCAC. The “Neuter Com- $60 for pets under 50 ment, call Dog-Harmo- New splash pad open at muter,” which provides pounds; $80 for over. ny at (850) 376-4190. low-cost Drop-off is typically convenient, spay/neuter surgeries at 6 a.m., and the pets Dog Harmony is a Choctaw Beach Park - for dogs and cats, takes return after 3 p.m. To nonprofit, volunteer- its next journey July make it convenient for run in organization 31. owners who work un- Santa Rosa Beach future upgrades planned Owners drop off their times may be arranged. reduce the number of til 5 p.m., later pickup whose mission is to pets at Dog-Harmony, Appointments must be unwanted dogs at shel- 3906 U.S. 98, Unit 34, made at least one week ters through educa- Walton County Public Information Officer Santa Rosa Beach. in advance. tion, training, low-cost Walton County Dis- From there, the Neuter “The relationship spay/neuter and micro- trict 4 Commissioner Commuter takes the between Dog-Harmony chipping. What makes Sara Comander, in con- animals to a Panama and Operation Spay Bay Dog-Harmony differ- junction with Walton City clinic for surgeries, allows our community ent is that the focus is County Public Works, is then returns them to to spay or neuter their on training and sup- proud to announce the Dog-Harmony for own- pet in a convenient and port before, during and official opening of the ers to pick up. low-cost manner,” said after the dog’s adop- Splash Pad at Choctaw The Neuter Commut- Dog-Harmony founder tion, therefore building Beach Park. er and clinic are run by Nancy Bown. “With this healthy, lifelong rela- Choctaw Beach Park Operation Spay Bay, partnership, we hope to tionships between them is located at 12450 a nonprofit that has lessen the unwanted and their humans. For State Road 20 in Free- performed more than pet population in south more information, call port and sits on the 19,000 spay/neuters. Walton County and sur- (850) 376-4190, visit north shore of the Choc- Dog-Harmony trans- rounding areas.” For their website at dog- tawhatchee Bay. Over ports the animals for more information and/, or visit the past 24 months, the free. Surgery cost is or to make an appoint- their Facebook page. park has undergone a major transformation, SPLASH PAD opens at Choctaw Beach Park. and the addition of the Commissioner Sara Comander and two kids ready splash pad serves as its to splash. latest upgrade. “Due to its location, Choctaw Beach Park has always been a park pad, the park features fantastic access to the that serves a large bathrooms, boat/canoe Choctawhatchee Bay, population of residents access, pavilion, picnic but some of the best that live on or off of tables, a playground views in the County,” State Road 20 between and a boardwalk. said Comander. “The Freeport and Niceville,” During the Board of allocation of the $5,000 said Comander. “Due to County Commissioners will allow us to conduct its popularity, we have recent meeting that took necessary repairs to the added many amenities place on June 20, Com- wooden boardwalk that over the past few years. missioner Comander is currently located at I am very proud of what asked for and received the park. A walk along this park has become approval to allocate an the boardwalk on a clear for the residents and additional $5,000 to day really helps you ap- the Splash Pad is the ic- complete final renova- preciate the beauty of ing on the cake.” tions at the park. the bay and reminds us In addition to the “I believe that this just how lucky we are to newly opened splash park offers not only live in Walton County. JULY 31 will be the next journey of the Neuter Commuter.

PAGE 2-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center needs volunteers Volunteers are need- are not housed at the critical need for front All volunteers must be ed at the Pierce Fam- center, but numerous desk volunteers, “said fingerprinted and take a ily Children’s Advocacy services are offered to Chelsea Fox, ECCAC’s class before scheduling Center in DeFuniak the child victims and volunteer/event coordi- a shift on their own.” Springs. The DeFuniak their families at no nator. “Volunteers are center is a part of the cost to include mental responsible for meeting For more informa- Emerald Coast Chil- health therapy, crisis and greeting guests and tion, or to volunteer, dren’s Advocacy Center intervention, referrals clients, monitoring chil- call Chelsea Fox at (850) (ECCAC), whose mis- to other community dren while parents and 833-9237, Ext. 256, or sion is to prevent child providers, interviews caregivers are meeting email her at chelsea@ abuse, neglect and pro- and medicals. with ECCAC staff, bak- If you sus- tect children, thereby “We are always in ing cookies, accepting pect abuse, report it by restoring the lives and need of volunteers in donations, helping with calling the anonymous futures of these impact- various capacities, but thank you letters and Florida Abuse Hotline ed children. Children currently we have a answering the phones. at 1-800-96-ABUSE. LESC Calendar of events July 10-13 Monday, July 10— 8:30 a.m.; Wii Games at —Wii Games at 8:30 Life Enrichment Senior Zumba for seniors at 9 8:30 a.m.; canasta play- a.m.; porcelain artists Center 312 College Ave- a.m.; fun with photogra- ers at 10 a.m.; line danc- meet at 9 a.m.; Mahjong nue DeFuniak Springs, phy at 10 a.m.; Tai Chi ing at 11 a.m; bingo at 1 at 9:30 a.m.; Pinochle FL 32435 850-892- FINISHING TOUCH PAINTING LLC. OWN- at 11 a.m.; potluck meal p.m., and Wii bowling players at 11 a.m.; Yoga 8746 seniorcenter@ ER Chris Bickerstaff has been advertising in the at 11:30 a.m.; Ham pro- at 1 p.m.; prep with June at 2 Hours DeFuniak Herald/Beach Breeze for several weeks vided by the senior cen- Wednesday, July 12 p.m.; yoga study and of Operation-Monday and has found the results to be positive. “I recom- ter medical ID cards at — seniorcise at 8:45 meditation with June through Thursday 8:30- mend advertising in the DeFuniak Herald to every- 12 p.m; bridge player a.m.; Zumba for seniors at 3 p.m. 4:00. one I see,” said Bickerstaff. “The ads took me from at 12:30 – 4 p.m, and at 9 a.m.; FL Licensed the brink back to the black. My initial $67.50 in- Movie Monday at 1 p.m Insurance Agent at 9 vestment reaped me a $4,500 reward.” showing Iron Jawed a.m.; canasta players at Angels. 10 a.m., and bridge la- Tuesday, July 11— dies at noon. Yoga prep with June at Thursday, July 13 Come see us Dear Auntie Em, Ms. Kim, Allison and Ashley at Auntie Em: 1031 US Hwy. 90 W, DeFuniak Springs With the holidays and the noise such as Call for appointments fireworks that surround them, what’s the best way to safeguard a pet that is noise sensitive? Doggie Dad TREASURES Dear Doggie, your neighborhood, and at I know many families if possible leave the py- like to take their pets to rotechnics to the profes- DeFuniak Woman’s Club events, but I would cau- sionals, and the pets tion against it if they home. Good luck and Fashions to Share are going to have fire- God bless. works. More pets get 106 South 6th St. lost on holidays that Auntie Em have events like fire- New Clothing works then any other. Have a problem? Got 676 Baldwin Ave • DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435 Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 5 Leave them at home, in a question? Want to vent Call 850-865-2976 the home. Some get too about an issue and get Every Friday scared to even be in an some feedback? She’d Consign Gently Used enclosure and appreci- love to hear what’s on Summer Hours: ate if one person can your mind. Send an Furniture, Antiques, stay with them. email to Auntie Em at 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Don’t forget that it’s [email protected], Collectibles & Home Decor not just pets. Many ser- attention Auntie Em or vice members don’t han- send it the old fashioned To donate call 520-4031 or 585-8778 Nook & Cranny dle the sounds of gun- way to P.O. Box 1546 or bring to Nook & Cranny Home Consignment, LLC fire or fireworks very DeFuniak Springs, FL well. Be mindful around 32435. All women invited to join! Walton County - Planning • Progressive • Growing! Hardware and Building Supplies [email protected] 244 Highway 20 East 113 Logan Lane FREEPORT, FL Grayton Beach, FL 32459 Hardware and Building Supplies [email protected] 244 Highway 20 East 113 Logan Lane FREEPORT, FL Grayton Beach, FL 32459 Don’t Get Left In The Your Business HERE!GREAT DEALS! Call

PAGE 3-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JUlY 6, 2017 PAGE 6-B OBITUARIES vived by his mother, ceded in death by her Joyce Roy and husband, parents; her husband, “Keeping the Faith” Lew of Bristol, Conn.; of 46 years, Albert one daughter, Meagan Taylor Grant Sr.; one By Ronnie McBrayer Marie Albert of Fort brother, John W. Con- Walton Beach; three ner Jr.; one sister, Eliz- brothers, Bruce Albert abeth Fox and brother, and wife, Rose of Madi- Edward Conner. Blessed son, Ala., Mark Albert Mrs. Grant is sur- and wife, Marianne of vived by her daughter; Are FortWalton Beach, and Joni Lynn Carlson and Rob Albert of DeFuniak husband, Dean of Santa Albert Springs, Fla.; two sis- Rosa Beach, Fla.; son, The Mr. Tom David Al- ters, Gayle Byrd and Albert Taylor Grant Jr. bert, 53, passed away husband, John of Seale, and wife, Deb of Chey- Merciful Wednesday, June 28, Ala. and Lori Walters enne, Wi; brother, Ellis 2017. and husband, Keith of Bryan Stevenson is an inspirational figure who He was born Dec. 20, Northport, Ala. Grant Conner and wife, Syl- founded and leads the “Equal Justice Initiative.” 1963 in Riverside, Ca- A memorial service Mrs. Eleanor “Jen- via; eight grandchil- The mission statement of his organization reads: lif. to Corade and Joyce will be held at a later nie” Virginia Grant, 84, dren, Magan Pilato and Brown Albert. date. passed away Friday, husband, Chris, Ivory “Ending mass incarceration and excessive punish- Mr. Albert was a In lieu of flowers, do- June 30, 2017. Cutri and husband, ment in the United States, challenging racial and resident of Fort Walton nations may be made to She was born Dec. Russ, Ted Carlson and economic injustice, and protecting basic human Beach, Fla. He worked the family to offset ex- 19, 1932, in Graceville, wife, Katie, A.J. Grant rights for the most vulnerable people in American as a small engine me- pense. Fla., to John Wilba and and wife, Sara, Jer- society.” chanic for many years. Friends and fam- Ada Belle Robinson emy Grant and wife, The nuts and bolts of that sweeping statement He enjoyed motorcycle ily may go online to Conner. Brandie, Chris Rhodes, is this: Stevenson defends those wrongly or un- riding, fishing and view obituaries, of- Mrs. Grant was a Shain Rhodes and wife, fairly convicted, especially those who are on death spending time with his fer condolences and resident of Freeport, Angela and Randy row. Troubling, recent studies reveal that since the family. sign a guest book at Fla. Rhodes; and 16 great- death penalty was reinstated in 1976, for every ten Mr. Albert was pre- She was Baptist by grandchildren. Americans put to death, one death row inmate is ceded in death by his Clary-Glenn Funeral faith and a member of Funeral services father, and one nephew, Homes & Crematory is the Freeport First Bap- were held Monday, exonerated and released. Savoy Albert. entrusted with the ar- tist Church, where she July 3, 2017, at Free- Stevenson has been instrumental in many of Mr. Albert is sur- rangements. was very active and en- port First Baptist these exonerations, advocating for those convicted joyed serving the Lord. Church, with Rev. Sam without proper representation; those condemned She was a devoted wife, Dunaway officiating. in spite of suffering mental illness; and those sent Devlin mother, grandmother Graveside services to death row for crimes committed while they were and great-grandmoth- were held Monday, July juveniles. He keeps taking the hardest cases be- er. 3, 2017, at Live Oak cause he believes in both justice and mercy - for all Mrs. Marylind Dev- band, Lee Devlin. She worked as a cus- lin, 85, passed away Mrs. Devlin is sur- tomer service represen- Cemetery in Crestview, people - and because of his moral convictions. Thursday, June 29, vived by her special tative for Sprint Tele- Fla. Bryan Stevenson says, “The true measure of our 2017. caregiver, Jolene Clen- phone Company in Fort Friends and family character is how we treat the poor, the disfavored, She was born Oct. 11, ney and husband, John Walton Beach, Fla., and may go online to view the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned.” 1931, in Crestview, Fla. of DeFuniak Springs; DeFuniak Springs for obituaries, offer condo- This echoes the words of Jesus from Matthew 25, to William and Sadie special friends, Ann many years before re- lences and sign a guest where he made clear that our spiritual destiny will Peaden Wallace. Mrs. Robinson and Mary- tiring. She also worked book at www.clary- be determined by how we respond to the “least of Devlin was a resident of anne Hussey, also by as the secretary for the these” among us, those who are “hungry, thirsty, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. her great niece, Amy Freeport First Baptist Clary-Glenn Funeral alienated, naked, sick, and imprisoned.” She was Methodist Lammers. Church. Homes & Crematory is In the ongoing debate about the death penalty by faith and a mem- Funeral services Mrs. Grant was pre- entrusted with the ar- I know axes are finely ground and wielded with ber of the First United were held Sunday, July rangements. Methodist Church in 2, 2017, at Clary-Glenn point and counterpoint made, yet one must ask DeFuniak Springs. Funeral Home Chapel. some basic questions: Does the death penalty actu- She worked as an Burial followed in the Clauss ally work as a deterrent for crime? No. Is it fair in educator for the Walton Magnolia Cemetery. its application against African Americans and the County School District Friends and family poor? No. Can every person wrongly convicted be for over 20 years before may go online to view Lola M. Glantz and her husband Don- guaranteed an exoneration? No. Does the state’s ald moved to DeFuniak retiring. She was a very obituaries, offer condo- Clauss, age 95, of De- execution of an offender relieve the survivors’ accomplished artist lences and sign a guest Funiak Springs, Fla., and she became a mem- pain? No. and a talented author. book at www.clary- passed away Thursday, ber of the First United These are all soul-searching questions, but I am She was a member of June 29, 2017 at her Methodist Church. home. She was born in Lola is survived by thankful that Bryan Stevenson brings his argu- the Art League and the Clary-Glenn Funeral Chautauqua Assembly. Homes & Crematory is Sandwich, Ill. December her husband Donald; ment back to one of morality, character, spiritual- Mrs. Devlin was pre- entrusted with the ar- 10, 1921, the daughter one son, Jay and one ity, and yes, life. Christians use a phrase that is ceded in death by her rangements. of Henry Edward and granddaughter, Page, typically confined to arguments about the unborn: parents, and her hus- Annie Mae Wolf Glantz. both of Norway, Ill. “The Sanctity of Life,” it is called. She graduated from Au- Interment will be in “As beings made in the image of God, all life is rora College and taught Oak Ridge Cemetery in inherently sacred and should be protected and re- in the Geneva and Sandwich, Ill. Graves of Westville, West Aurora School Memories and con- spected at all times,” is the argument. Why is it Fla.; one son, Cory Systems. Later, she dolences may be shared so hard to make this application in the courtroom Graves Jr., of De- was employed with the with the family at www. not just the delivery room? A “consistent ethical Funiak Springs; two Aurora Public Library concept of life” would demand as much. daughters, Hali and and was the first librar- Arrangements were- Maybe President Ronald Reagan said it best. Caitlyn Graves, both of ian for the newly acti- under the direction of Speaking of his evolving opinion on the “Sanc- DeFuniak Springs; one vated Yorkville Public Davis-Watkins Funeral tity of Life,” he said, “If there is a question as to brother, Brad Smith of Library. In 1989, she Home and Crematory. whether there is life or death, the doubt should be Fort Walton Beach; one sister, Ashley Gaines resolved in favor of life.” I think that is the exact, of Fort Walton Beach; moral stance for which Bryan Stevenson and his organization so tirelessly work and advocate. Graves paternal grandmother, Happy 4th And in a society filled with systematic injustice, June Whitson; aunts, Sandra “ Sandy” Lea Sherie Baxter and hus- retaliation, and death, those who seek life - life Graves, 38, passed band, Andy, Sondra even for “the least of these” - provide a moral ex- away Monday, June 26, Johnson and Anita Bur- ample for us all; and hopefully, show us the way 2017. ton, and uncle Larry of July toward a more merciful world. She was born April Smith, and numerous Ronnie McBrayer is a syndicated columnist, 13, 1979 in Blytheville, nieces, nephews, and blogger, pastor, and author of multiple books. Visit Ark., to Mark and cousins. his website at Sanya Johnson Smith. Celebration of life Sandy was a resident service will be held at 6 of DeFuniak Springs, p.m., Wednesday, July Fla. She was currently 5, 2017, at Clary- Glenn employed as a waitress Funeral Home Cha- at Beef O’ Brady’s Res- pel, 230 Park Avenue, taurant in DeFuniak DeFuniak Springs, FL Springs. She was an 32435. avid reader, and she Memorialization will loved going to the beach. be by cremation. She was also very ac- Friends and family tive, in the Ponce de may go online to view Leon Youth Sporting obituaries, offer condo- events. lences and sign a guest Sandy was preceded book at www.clary- in death by her father. Sandy is survived by her mother, Sanya Clary-Glenn Funeral Smith of Fort Walton Homes & Crematory is Beach, Fla.; the father entrusted with the ar- of her children, Cory rangements. Subscribe Today! Call 892-3232 or 892-7991 s A year-in-state s A year-out-of-state

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 4-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 4-B Church News Tea & Testimony... By MARY BURNS “Enuf’ yet?” “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the Recently we sat down with an insurance rep to ways enough. That is God. He is enough. update our renters’ coverage. The young man cau- Hear what He tells us about Himself in His holy countenance of his tioned us not to underestimate the replacement word. friend.” value of our furniture, electronics and personal be- “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the Proverbs 27:17 longings. He said, “Make sure it’s enough!” soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making As we talked, I began to wonder exactly what wise the simple.” (Psalm 19:7) FILLING we would do if we lost everything? Would I want – Psalms 119:89 tells us “For ever, O Lord, thy 4-6 c fresh or frozen berries or need – to replace everything we own now? Prob- word is settled in heaven.” 2/3 c sugar/sweetener ably not. And in Psalm 119:142, we read “Thy righteous- 1/3 c all-purpose flour We downsized when we retired several years ness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law 2 tbsp lemon juice ago. We downsized again when we moved last is the truth.” 1 large egg, beaten summer. Obviously, because we are older and “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto Coarse sugar more established, we are not building up anymore. them that put their trust in him.” (Proverbs 30:5) Directions Mix flour, sugar, cornmeal evenly. Cut We’re simply maintaining - when we aren’t trim- In Matthew 24:35, Jesus tells us “Heaven and in butter& buttermilk to form crust. Refrigerate for ming down. earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass 30 minutes. Remove& place on parchment paper. But even in our late 70s, we are caught up in away.” Roll out to 14” diameter. Place rolled crust with the “wants” of this world. When I check out the II Corinthians 3:5 says “Not that we are suffi- parchment paper on baking sheet or stone. Mix advertisements in the Sunday paper each week, I cient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; berries, sugar, lemon juice & egg. Spread evenly read through the 65% of the “news” that is pure but our sufficiency is of God.” over crust to within 2” of edge. Fold crust over ber- advertising. As I look through some of the pro- Yes, my friend, our sufficiency is most certainly ries to seal edges. Bake at 350 degrees for 55-60 motional materials, I am drawn to at least a few NOT in ourselves. It is found only in God. He is minutes or until crust is golden. Sprinkle coarse items I think must be on my “need” list. Truth be enough indeed. sugar evenly over tart. Allow to cool for 15 minutes told, there is rarely ANYTHING I really need. It’s No matter how much we may think we “need” before serving with whipped cream or ice cream. that old “want” thing surfacing again! down here, it won’t matter at all when we draw our QUOTE of the WEEK ”I am saved – bought by Even at this age, the temptation to possess is last breath. No one has ever seen a U-Haul being the blood of Jesus and not by the approval of man.” still strong. Advertisers know how susceptible we pulled behind a hearse. Pastor Steve Boroughs are to print, television, radio and internet ads. Pro- The old expression, “You can’t take it with you!” SCRIPTURE of the WEEK “And he said unto moters know the power of images and the weak- is more true than we like to think. The only thing me, Mu grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength ness we have for things, things, ever more things! we can take to Heaven is our salvation – and even is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore That’s why we see so many 4,000 – 5,000 square that is not our own. It is the gift of God! Amen! will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power foot homes being built. And why climate-controlled GREAT RECIPE of Christ may rest upon me.” storage units are popping up everywhere. In our Rustic Berry Tart II Corinthians 12:9 small town of 4,000 people, there are four separate Ingredients: FINAL WORD He is enough. We don’t storage unit locations alone! CRUST That’s why people with two and three car ga- 2 c all-purpose flour really need to know more than that. God rages are parking their vehicles in the driveway ½ c sugar/sweetener is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, – because their garages are stuffed with “stuff.” ¼ c yellow cornmeal all powerful, all righteous, all mighty - And still we want more. Still it isn’t enough… 2/3 c cold butter, cubed But there is ONE THING in this world that is al- ½ c buttermilk ALL WE NEED!. Harmony Fellowship Vacation Registration for school supplies going on now! Bible School set for July 10-14 First United Methodist Church SonSurf Beach Bash providing new school supplies Harmony Fellowship July 14 at 6 p.m. great time of fun and First United Method- First United Method- fice is closed on Mon- Church has scheduled fellowship. ist Church in DeFuniak ist Church is located at days. Pick up dates will Vacation Bible School This year’s theme is Harmony Fellowship Springs will be pro- 88 Circle Drive in De- be Friday, July 28 from for July 10-14 from Sonsurf Beach Bash for Church is located at 974 viding school supplies Funiak Springs, across 3-6 p.m. and Saturday, 6-8:30 p.m. each eve- ages four and up. They Adams Rd in DeFuniak for children in need, the street from the July 29 from 9 am - 12 ning. Family night is invite everyone for a Springs. grades K-12 will be Chautuaqua building. p.m. Note: Children available through the Registration for the must be present when July 8 at the Lake Yard School Supply Ministry free supplies begins on supplies are picked up. Tuesday, June 27 and at First United Meth- odist Church. Families ends at noon on Friday, For more informa- Preacher Under the Tree Ministries hosting needing help with back July 14. Church office tion, call the church to school items may hours are 8 am to 12 office during business Cracks in the Foundation gospel meeting complete an applica- p.m. Tuesday through hours. The number is tions at the church. The Friday. The church of- 850-892.5332. Preacher Under the son on July 8 from 3 to String. Tree Ministries is host- 7 p.m. at the Lake Yard For information ing a gospel message, Amphitheater in De- call (850)519-6422 or Cracks in the Founda- Funiak Springs, Fla. (504)427-9028.Dona- Send tion by Robert E. Gib- Music will be with 1 tions are appreciated. Church July 9-12 News Pleasant Valley Assembly of God and hosting Vacation Bible School Events to Calling all kids! Join will explore the rock sol- The fun begins July 9 - norma@ FEATURING BILL GAITHER, MARK LOWRY, KEVIN WILLIAMS, PHIL BROWER us at Mt. Pleasant As- id foundation of Jesus' 12 at 5:30 - 8 p.m. AND TORI TAFF sembly of God for our love. They will have They are located at defuniakherald. Cave Quest Vaction Bible lessons, music, 1996 Mt. Pleasant Rd, com Bible School. The kids games, food, and fun. Westville, FL 32464. First Baptist Church ! 216 East Live Oak Avenue! DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32435! ! Phone: 850\"892\"2722 Fax: 850\"892\"2381! e\"mail: [email protected]! Website:! ! Sunday School — 9:15 AM! Morning Worship Service — 10:30 AM! Evening Service — 6:00 PM! Wednesday Prayer Meeting — 6:00 PM! ! Rev. Tim Burnham— Pastor! Rev. Dean DeMarra — Worship Pastor! Brendon Murphy — Student Director! ! ! New Food Pantry Hours! Monday, Wednesday and Friday! From 9 \" 10 AM.! Our Pantry is located at the Hope House, on the corner of Orange Avenue and 11th Street.!

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 5-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 5-B CHURCH DIRECTORY ALAQUA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. The pastor and church. We are located on U.S. 331, near the Florida/Alabama state Rt. 1087 from Mossy Head. Pastor Todd Camp would like to invite you congregation invite you to come join us for services at 9 a.m. every line at 24512 5th Avenue in Florala, Ala. Please call us at (334) 858- to worship with us during any of our exciting weekly services. We are Sunday. Church school for children and coffee fellowship follow the 3515 for additional information. a family church that loves Jesus! Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m. morning service. Serving the faithful at 4189 Coy Burgess Loop since followed by our morning worship service at 10;30 a.m. Nursery and 1837. Come to the country for worship. Call Pastor Henry Martin at FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF DEFUNIAK SPRINGS children’s church are provided. Our Sunday evening service begins (850)892-4860 for more information. “CHURCH ON THE CIRCLE” extends a personal invitation to you at 6 p.m., as we “study to show ourselves approved unto God.” On X to join with them in worship, study, fellowship and service. SUNDAY Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. we have a dynamic children’s pro- BALDWIN AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH invites you to attend Enrichment Hour starts at 9:30 AM with Songfest for all, followed gram, youth meeting, ladies ministry, and adult prayer and Bible study Sunday School 9:45, Worship Service 11 a.m., Discipleship Training by Bible studies for everyone at 9:45 AM. Morning worship 11:00 service. The church also offers affordable daycare services. Monday- 5 p.m., Sunday Evening Service 6 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Service AM in the sanctuary with Pastor Joanne Kublik. Nursery is provided Friday. We are a Bible church committed to seeing God change lives 6:30 p.m. Come and be a part of an awesome ministry here in your for newborn through 2nd grade from 9:30 AM – 12 PM on Sun- in the power of the Holy Spirit. Come and be a part of what the Lord community. days. WEDNESDAY activities start at 4:00 PM with Mimi’s Kids is doing at New Harmony Baptist Church. Call for more information at (ages 1ST - 5TH grade). Wednesday Workshop for grades 6-12 (850) 834-2871. BIBLE BELIEVERS BAPTIST CHURCH, The congregation and , JUBLIEE Choir all children at 5:00 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal Pastor Danny Hershey, would like to invite you to visit our church. on Wednesday at 6:30 PM to 7:30PM. KID’S CLOSET providing ba- OLD MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH located at 1918 Old Mt We are an independent, fundamental KJV Bible-believing Baptist sic necessities for Walton County children is open on the first and Zion Rd, Ponce de Leon, would like to extend a heartfelt invitation Church with the emphasis on open air street preaching, witnessing, third Wednesdays from 9:00 AM – 12PM. For more information: Call to you and your family. We are a traditional Baptist church following and teaching, and preaching the Bible. The preaching is not compro- the church office 892-5832, or visit our website:, email: the proven ways of Scripture and desire to be known for the love we mised, it is straight out of God’s word. The preaching is known to be [email protected] for more information. The Church on the have one to another. Come and discover a place you can call home “old-fashioned,” like it used to be. We have no contemporary services. Circle located at 1063 Circle Drive. Serving community and Christ and feel special, a place where the Old Time Gospel is still preached So please come join us in worship at 330 North Davis Lane, DeFuniak since 1883. and God is reverenced. Our service times are Sunday morning at 10 Springs. Sunday school begins at 10 a.m. with worship services 11 a.m. for Sunday school and 11 a.m. for worship service, then Sunday a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH located at 88 Circle Drive, evening at 5 p.m. and Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. As the pastor, 6:30 p.m. Telephone (850)892-7024. happily invites you to visit! Come and check out our historic build- I want to encourage you who are looking for a church the way you ing (and the people inside). Each Sunday we offer a Contemporary remember it to come join us, and to all that are hurting and empty I COLLEGE AVENUE CHURCH OF CHRIST-located at 337 Col- Service at 8:45 a.m., Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. and a Traditional urge you to come. For a map to the church you can visit our web page lege Avenue in DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Sunday morning Bible study Service at 11 a.m. Nursery is provided for newborn to age 5 from 8:30 at at 9 a.m. Worship at 10 a.m., and Sunday evening worship at 6 p.m. a.m. until 12 p.m. For more information, call (850) 892-5332. Wednesday evening Bible study at 7 p.m. We invite you to come and OUTREACH FOR CHRIST CHURCH 6753 State Hwy 2 East, worship with a church that is following the pattern for teaching, wor- FREEPORT ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 17457 Hwy 331S. Sunday Darlington, Fla. We are reaching out to the lost, hurting, hungry, and ship, and practice as it is set forth in the New Testament. We believe Services: Bible Study for all ages at 9:30 a.m. and Morning Worship naked. The Rev. Curtis Manning and his congregation would like to that we must “Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the and Children’s Church at 10:30 a.m. – You are invited to hear mes- invite you to attend services with them. Sunday School for all ages Bible is silent” in all things spiritual, moral, and ethical, including how sages that examine life-changing ideas from the Bible. On Wednes- is at 10 a.m., and Sunday Morning worship is at 11 a.m.; Sunday we are to worship God as He has authorized. Then, and only then day at 6:30 p.m. – Hear topics of interest or ask your own questions. evening services will be at 5 p.m.; Wednesday night prayer and can we be pleasing to Him who sent His Son to die for mankind. We Nursery available. You may also join us on-line during interactive live teaching is at 6 p.m.; Come enjoy our anointed praise and worship are a small but friendly group of people, and you will find a warm and broadcasts by going to under Sermons or find and be encouraged with Holy Ghost filled preaching and teaching of friendly welcome. “Preaching the 1st Century gospel to a 21st Cen- us on Facebook at Freeport Assembly of God, Freeport, Florida and God’s Word. For more information call ( 850 ) 892-2048. tury world.: Come and see. click the Watch Video tab. Phone 865-4068 for more information or find additional information on our website. This is your invitation to PASTOR BILL HUNTER AND THE CONGREGATION OF THE COMMUNITY HOLINESS CHURCH is located at 971 W. Live Oak join us as we Worship God, Love People, and Share Hope here in BLACK CREEK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, “the Church in Ave. in DeFuniak Springs. Pastor Howard Taylor and congregation Freeport, Florida. the Wildwood,” invites you to come and worship with us just as you welcomes you to join Spirit filled worship services where we’ll treat are. Black Creek UMC is located five miles east of Freeport at 278 you in so many different ways, you will have to like some of them. FREEPORT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH (FBC) located at 430 Memorial Lane. (If you need directions, please call (850)859-2366 Service each Sunday at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday night Bible Kylea Laird Drive in Freeport, FL would like to invite everyone to wor- or (850)830-1497. We are a church body who loves people and who study at 7 p.m. All are cordially invited and welcome. For a ride to ship “in spirit and in truth” with the whole heart every Sunday. They be- also loves to hear the word of God preached. If you sing and/or play a church contact (850)892-0554 or (850) 892-4704. gin the day at 9:45 am. with Bible study for every age. Family worship musical instrument and would like to share your talent(s) please come with a blended music style starts at 11 am. Then they return again at 5 and join us. Make plans now to attend Sunday school at 10 a.m., CORNERSTONE CHURCH Come meet and fellowship with other p.m. for Bible study and choir practice at 6 p.m. The Wednesday Bible Morning Worship at 11 a,m., and Evening Worship at 6 p.m. Rev. Bill real people who genuinely love the Lord. Sit under practical bible study starts at 6 p.m. Pastor Sam Dunaway preaches and teaches may be reached at (850)859-2366 or (850)830-1497. teaching and preaching relevant to today’s issues. Come let Jesus the revealed Word of God as faithful and true, inerrant and infallible. Christ heal your body, save your marriage, touch your kids, and give Jesus Christ as God’s Son risen from the dead for our salvation and PLEASANT GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH located at the hope to the broken hearted. Come dressed casual or Sunday best. soon to return. The church’s phone number is (850)835-2742 and intersection of Hwy. 1883 & 183 invites you to Sunday School 9:45 All are welcome and will fit in. No ties required. Seekers welcome. email is [email protected]. Find the church also on Face- a.m., Worship Service 11 a.m., Discipleship Training at 5 p.m., Come see for yourself that we are sound, practical, God loving people book. Evening Service 6 p.m., Prayer Meeting Wed. 6:30 p.m. Youth group who center our lives around the person of Jesus Christ and a solid meets on Wednesday night. Please come worship God with us. For approach to the Holy Scriptures. We do pray for the sick and needy, FREEPORT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 340 St. H S.R.-20 E., more information call (850) 859-2028. and believe in the bible gospel of power to meet the human need. P.O.Box 287, Freeport, FL 32439, phone (850) 835-2447, Sunday Worship: 10 a.m. and Wednesday night classes begin at 6:30 Bible study is at 9 a.m. and morning worship PORTLAND UNITED METHODIST CHURCH is a friendly, warm p.m., Teens: Wednesday nights, Children’s Church: Sunday mornings is at 10 a.m. with Communion being served the first Sunday of each congregation that seeks to serve Jesus Christ through service to our and Wednesday nights. Cornerstone Church is located at 2044 Hwy. month. The Rev. Gene Harris will deliver the morning message. Fel- community. We are a close-knit group of Christians who strive to 83, two miles north of DeFuniak Springs. Ph.(850) 892-2240. lowship immediately follows the worship service the second Sunday show love to others the way Jesus has shown love to us. Our vision of each month. All are cordially invited and welcomed. Join us for a is to reach out to people in our community in efforts to see their lives DARLINGTON CHURCH OF CHRIST. 2998 CR-2E 32433. Min- day, you’re welcome for a lifetime. The following events are held in transformed by Jesus Christ. It leads us to care for those less fortu- ister Daniel H. McCormick invites everyone to come and join the con- the church Fellowship Hall - Women of the church meet the second nate, seek justice and to treat all persons with dignity and respect. If gregation for Sunday Bible study at 9 a.m. with worship service at 10 Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. Prayer meeting for Renewal you would like to know more about us please call our office at 850- a.m. and Sunday evening service at 6 p.m. and Wednesday at 7 p.m. meets on Wednesday at 4 p.m. 835-1706 or better yet come visit us at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning For more information call (850)859-2321. for worship. We would be honored to have you join us. God is doing FREEPORT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Rev. Wesley Sy- a work at PUMC. Pastor Jonathon O’Hara invites everyone to come EAST BAPTIST CHURCH, 910 Bay Avenue, DeFuniak Springs, frett, Pastor. Please feel free to Worship with us anytime. Friends are and see for yourself. God Bless! PUMC is located at 40 Church Street 32435, extends a warm welcome and sincere invitation to come and always welcome to become part of our family. The Family Of God! in Portland, Fla. join us. The church phone is (850)892-2324. The congregation and Sunday Worship Service 10:00a.m. Fifth Sunday Luncheons Our Pastor George Chestnut, and wife Linda encourage you to attend any prayer is that you will join us at Freeport UMC. Together we will make CITYREACH CHURCH OF SANTA ROSA BEACH, 1144 N. and/or all of our services. Beginning this month, East Baptist Church a difference through our obedience to God, in our community. We County Highway 395, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Pastor Damon is thrilled to announce our regular Sunday night service at 5:00 p.m. are located on the corner of Harrison St and County Rd. 83A (East Johnson and his wife, Darenda are excited about the opportunities in with Pastor George Chestnut in the pulpit. Come and share in the Bayloop Rd) or you canmake a right off of Madison St. onto Harrison this area. Pastor Damon knows God has called him to plant a church blessings of Christ and in the joy and fellowship of Christian friends. St. and Church is on the opposite corner. Church Office number is that will be more than just a place of worship. CityReach Church Sunday morning services include Sunday School at 10 a.m., followed 850-880-6633 please leave a message if we are not available to of Santa Rosa Beach has been created to reach the lost, serve by worship service at 11 a.m. with Wednesday night services at 6:30 answer phone we will return your call ASAP! Email: secretary.fumc@ the community, and build relationships. Come join us at CityReach p.m. Come and let our pastor’s words from the Bible, and our special Church, where we have dynamic praise and worship experiences, music and musicians warm your heart and feed your soul. Christian relevant preaching, and a place where the whole family can connect faith, fun, and fellowship await everyone when they come to hear the GLENDALE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (GPC) The congrega- and build relationships. Service times are Sundays at 10:30 am and words of God and feel the warmth of a loving, caring church family. tion of GPC invite you to come and worship with them. At GPC, you’ll Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. Our website address is: santarosabeach. Contact Bro. Chestnut at (850)263-5929, and the church on facebook find teaching that’s biblical, practical, and encouraging; worship that’s Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. at exciting, joyous, and Christ-honoring; and fellowship that’s warm Contact number is (850) 501-9020. See ya soon! and personal. Sundays: Sunday School (all ages!) at 9:30 a.m. Wor- FIRST APOSTOLIC CHURCH located at 440 West Orange Ave. ship and Kidz Klub at 11 a.m. Sunday Evening Study at 6:30 p.m. SOUTHWIDE BAPTIST CHURCH, 1307 Coy Burgess Loop, in DeFuniak Springs, FL. Church attendance doesn’t have to feel like Wednesdays: Adult Bible Study at 6:30 p.m. GPC is located about DeFuniak Springs, FL. Sunday school 8:45 a.m.; Morning Worship a dull, mundane, boring experience! You can attend a church in which 10 minutes north of DeFuniak Springs on SR-83N. Find out more 10 a.m.; Sunday Evening Worship at 6 p.m. Wednesday AWANA you feel both welcomed and loved! You can also be challenged by on the web at, like us on Facebook, or call Clubs at 6:00 p.m.; Youth and Mid-week Worship Service at 6:30 powerful preaching and ministered to by beautiful worship music! The (850)859-0080. p.m. Adult Sanctuary Choir at 7:30 on Wednesdays. Southwide church family at First Apostolic Church embraces the doctrine of the Baptist Church has classes and activities for all ages: Youth Group, first Christians-the Apostles-and incorporates the way they taught to HARMONY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH and Pastor Donel Davidson Adult Choir, Sarah’s Sisters (WMU), Paintball (ages 10+ every third worship and to live in our services. Our Sunday morning service be- together with his family welcome all to worship God in spirit and in Saturday of the month) and AWANA (3yrs-6th Grade). Everyone is gins at 10 a.m. and Sunday evening begins at 6 p.m. Wednesday truth, at 974 Adams Road, DeFuniak Springs. invited to come and hear the saving word of God. Directions: from night Bible study begins at 7 p.m. Please check out our website www. Church services will begin with Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.; DeFuniak take U.S. 331 S. turn right on first road (Coy Burgess Loop) and find us on face book as well! Come experi- Sunday morning worship at 11 a.m.; Sunday evening at 5 p.m., and past I-10. Southwide Baptist Church is located 1.5 miles on the ence church it was created to be in the Book of Acts. Need directions Wednesday evening 6:30 p.m. Directions: U.S. 331 N turn on to Wil- left at intersection of Coy Burgess Loop and Millard Gainey Road. or questions answered? Call the church office at (850)892-7882. Rev. liams Road, go about 3.3 miles to Adams Road, turn right onto Adams Call (850) 892-3835 for more information or for directions. www. David W. King-Pastor go about 9/10 of a mile to church. U.S. 90, turn onto CR-1087 in the Mossy Head area, go to Williams Road, turn right onto Williams about FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD of DeFuniak Springs, located at 461 2.8 miles to Adams Road, turn left onto Adams, go 9/10 of a mile to ST. AGATHA’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH is listed on the National Van Buren Avenue, pastor Russell Pettis, his wife, Angie and daughter, church. From CR-1087 out of New Harmony, turn left onto Adams Register of Historic Places as a contributing site in the DeFuniak Anna would like to extend an invitation for all to come join us as we Road and go 9/10 of a mile to church. For more information, call the Springs Historic District. It is the oldest church building in the city, celebrate the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ through Spirit filled pastorium phone number at (850) 834-2017. houses the only true pipe organ in the county. is graced with some worship & annointed preaching!! Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m., unique stained glass windows and is home to the Lakeside Concert followed by Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m. Sunday evening service is HISTORIC EUCHEE VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH is Series.. Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 11:30 am. The at 6 p.m. and Wednesday evening service begins at 6:30 p.m. Youth located in the Euchee Valley community at the intersection of County Rev. James Popham serves is the Vicar. “Breakfast Cooked to Or- ministry services are held every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Hwys. 183 S. and 280 E. We are a congregation that is Bible Believing, der” is a fund raiser offered on the first Saturday of the month between Please come and worship with us. Christ Centered, and Family Friendly. Reverend John Erthein and November and May. Free Rice and Beans are supplied each 3rd the congregation warmly invite you to come and worship with us Saturday at 8:30 am. A hot breakfast will be served to those receiv- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, 216 East and make us your church home. Sunday school for all ages begins ing assistance between 8:30-9:30 a.m. and food staples are supplied Live Oak Avenue. We cordially invite you to join our “Fellowship at 9:45 A.M. and is followed by Morning Worship at 11:00 A.M. A to those who come. No paperwork or identification is required. For of Encouragement” and come for Worship and Bible Study at the nursery is provided. Adult Bible Study is held at 6:00 P.M. on Sunday information call 892-9754. Everyone is welcomed at St. Agatha’s. following times: Sunday Bible Study (9:15 a.m.), Sunday School evenings. A Prayer Meeting is held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 9:15 Morning worship (10:30 a.m.), discipleship studies (5 p.m.) and P.M. Choir rehearsal is held at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday nights.If you ST MARGARET CATHOLIC CHURCH, 247 U.S. Highway 331 evening worship (6:00 p.m.) You are also encouraged to join us have questions or need assistance, please call 850-892-3180. You N., P.O. Box 590, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. 32435, Phone: (850) 892- for prayer meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, and come early for may also view our website at 9247. Mass Schedule: Monday-Thursday-Friday 8:30 a.m. Vigil - Sat- fellowship dinners. Call the church office, (850) 892-2722, for details. urday at 5 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.; Holy Days of Obligation - 8:30 a.m., Visit our webpage at INDIAN CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH, Highway 280-A, 4.5 miles 6:30 p.m. Rev. Richard Dawson, pastor. south of DeFuniak Springs, cordially invites you to come and worship FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF MOSSY HEAD, 92 Hinote Road with us in Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. and Sunday Worship services, THE BLUE JEAN CHURCH invites all to come visit and get (Corner of U.S. 90 and Hinote Rd.), invites everyone to join them for at 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday night Bible study is at 6 p.m. spiritually blessed. With wonderful live music, uplifting messages and worship and service to the Mossy Head and nearby communites. We Pastor Scot Keppel and the congregation extends a very special encouraging people, it’s a great way to start the new week. Services are a Southern Baptist Church and part of the Walton County Bap- welcome to come visit or make us your church home. We practice are held at 4C’s BBQ Restaurant located next to Dollar General behind tist Association, here in the heart of Mossy Head. We have Sunday “Love one another”. A nursery is provided. Walgreen’s beginning at 9 a.m. For more information call Pastors Byrl school at 8:45 a.m. and worship at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Discipleship and Kathy Peck (850) 910-0217. Come as you are, leave better. Training is now at 6 p.m. with Wednesday prayer at 6 p.m. We offer a LIFE CHANGERS CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, 1701 US 90 East variety of servies, programs, and missions for you and your family.For DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32433. Telephone number: office 850-892- THE SOLID ROCK COMMUNITY CHURCH and its congregation more information, one can call us (850)892-3525 or visit their website 9362. Apostle White and Pastor Ben Barton invite you to come and cordially invite you to attend services with us. Sunday School is at 10 at worship with us. Sunday morning 10 a.m. for pre-service prayer and a.m. Sunday Evening Services are at 6:00 pm. Wednesday Services 10:30 spirit led worship and teaching time. Children classes age 3-10 are at 7 p.m. The church is located at 26 Joe Anderson Road (Hwy FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (formerly the Concerned Christian available during services: Mid-week Wednesday service/prayer 6:30 83 North). Our pastor is the Rev. Larry Murphy. Please come ready to Church) desires to reproduce in doctrine, in life and practice, the p.m. Our youth classes meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. Our worship and expecting a blessing! Church founded by Christ. Our position may be summarized as heart is to take the rejected and raise them up to be leaders. All are “where the Bible speaks, we speak” and “where the Bible is silent, welcome. WESLEY MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, corner we are silent,” we invite you to join us and help spread the message of Live Oak and 21st Street, DeFuniak Springs, FL. “Open Hearts, of Christ in our community. Sunday School (all ages) at 10 a.m. LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRIES CHURCH OF GOD MOUNTAIN AS- Open Minds, Open Doors,” Pastor David Wilson. Sunday School 9 and worship (including Childrens’ Church) starts at 11 a.m. Nursery SEMBLY, is located at 2711 Hwy. 81 North, in Ponce de Leon, FL. a.m., Morning Worship 10 a.m. The small church by the side of the available. Our minister is John Dixon and the church is located on Our services times are currently Sunday School at 10 a.m., followed road with a cross over the entrance, longing to extend the love and U.S. 90, 2.4 miles west of the intersection of U.S. 90 and U.S. 331 by regular services at 11 a.m. Our mid-week services are held on peace of God to any wayfarer or pilgrim seeking a rest from this world North. Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Our church believes the Bible is the infal- of strife and despair. A place where common people can assemble for lible Word of God. We are a Christ-centered church and believe in simple worship and experience the Presence of God in their midst. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH members warmly invite you to wor- the power of the Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcomed. We invite all to “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I ship with us on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. We also invite you to stay for re- attend. Our pastor is Gary Lee, along with Associate Pastor Stephen in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20 K.J.V. “The devil wins a skirmish freshments, and to join us in our adult Bible study and children’s Sun- Constable, Contact number is (850) 307-4771 and (850) 333-5933. with a roar, but we belong to HIM who wins the war.” day school. Our Pastor, the Rev. James Yonkers’s message is from the gospel each Sunday of Jesus’ love for each of us. We welcome NEW HARMONY BAPTIST CHURCH is located at 2281 County newcomers and are know in our community as a friendly and serving Hwy. 2A, DeFuniak Springs, FL. only nine miles north of Hwy. 90 on

PAGE 6-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 Sports The Great Happy 4Th of July Outdoors 8B Sports News and Notes 2016-17 seasons. NFCA Southeast All-Re- gion First Team. The Mel- Florida State Athlet- ics produced another tre- bourne native collected 68 mendous campaign in the 10 home runs this season. 2016-17 academic year, hits, 54 runs, 51 RBIs and By PATRICK CASEY and seven walks. LSU (52-20) lost for the Florida State University, finishing 13th in the final In ACC play, she ranks Paxton 2016 graduate The University of Flor- first time in seven appear- averaging 12.0 ppg., 7.8 Learfield Directors’ Cup second in runs scored (32), Grant Stewart has decided ida scored four runs in the ances in a championship rpg., 1.2 apg., 1.53 blkpg. standings that was an- third in RBIs (28) and to transfer to Northwest eighth inning to pull away game. and 1.16 stlpg. in 26.2 nounced on Thursday by fourth in slugging percent- Florida State College to from LSU, and the Gators The Orlando Magic minpg., while shooting the National Association age (.733). play baseball after spend- beat their Southeastern signed rookie forward .508 (130-256) from the of Collegiate Directors of Sixty-eight University ing his freshman season at Conference rival 6-1 last Jonathan Isaac, President floor, Athletics (NACDA). The of Florida student-athletes Florida State University. week to complete a two- of Basketball Operations .348 (31-89) from three- Seminoles leaped by nine were named last week to Stewart, who is looking game sweep in the Col- Jeff Weltman announced point range and .780 (92- spots from their 22nd- the 2016-17 Southeast- to pitch as a starter, ap- lege World Series finals on Saturday. Isaac (6’10”, 118) from the free throw place showing in 2015-16. ern Conference First-Year peared in 10 games while for their first national title 210, 10/3/97) was selected line. Florida State Athletics Academic Honor Roll by pitching 11 innings with in baseball. The Gators in the first round (sixth Three NCAA team titles ranked second among At- league commissioner Greg a 4.91 ERA for the Semi- (52-19) posted the eighth overall) of NBA Draft to close the collegiate sea- lantic Coast Conference Sankey. Grades from the noles in 2017. He allowed sweep in the 15 years of 2017. He played and start- son lifted the University of institutions in the final 2016-17 academic year 13 hits and six earned the best-of-three finals for- ed in 32 games last season Florida athletics program standings. Its 13th-place are used to determine runs with 14 strikeouts mat, and first since 2013. (2016-17) as a freshman at to third in the 2016-17 standing is its seventh- the 2017 SEC First-Year Learfield Sports Directors’ best performance in the Academic Honor Roll. Cup standings. This is 24 years that the Direc- The announcement brings Florida’s ninth consecu- tors’ Cup has been in exis- Florida’s total of student- tive top-five finish in the tence. athletes named to a 2016- national all-sports rank- Clemson All-America 17 SEC Academic Honor ings. Florida is the only quarterback Deshaun Roll to 254. Florida placed program to finish among Watson joins two-sport 187 on the SEC Academic the nation’s top 10 in each standout Kenzie Kent of Honor Rolls (76 on fall list; of the last 34 national all- Boston College as the top 33 winter, 77 on spring) sports standings. Thir- male and female ACC and 68 on the First-Year teen Florida teams placed athletes for the 2016-17 Honor Roll. among the nation’s top 10, academic year, as voted marking the 10th consecu- upon by the Atlantic Coast Mark Kingston has tive season 12 or more Ga- Sports Media Association been named the head tor teams turned in top-10 (ACSMA). baseball coach at the national finishes. Ten Ga- Florida State’s Alex University of South Caro- tor teams among the na- Powers has been recog- lina. He becomes the 30th tion’s final top-five equals nized as the 2017 Atlantic head coach in the history the program record set Coast Conference Softball of Gamecock Baseball. in 2009-10 and matched Scholar-Athlete of the Kingston comes to Caro- in 2013-14, 2014-15 and Year. The redshirt senior, lina following a three-year who is currently acquir- stint as the head coach at THE DEFUNIAK SPRINGS MAJOR LEAGUE ing her master’s degree in USF. He compiled a 100- 78-1 record while in Tam- sports management from softball team beat Shalimar 10-2 on Friday night FSU, was key to the Semi- pa, helping the Bulls to a to become the District 1 champion. The squad will nole success this season pair of NCAA Regional ap- host the Sectional round on Saturday, July 15, as they achieved a perfect pearances. Kingston owns with a chance to advance to the state tournament. 24-0 conference record. At a career mark of 253-180-1 (Photo by Patrick Casey) first base, Powers and her in eight seasons as a head Seminole squad were the coach, including five at Il- 2017 ACC Champion and linois State, with three advanced to Super Region- NCAA appearances in als of the NCAA tourna- that eight-year span. ment. The 2017 softball Contact Patrick Casey Senior CLASS recipient at The DeFuniak Her- was also named NFCA ald with your local sports third team All-America, notes at: heraldsports@ All-ACC first team and ALEXIS PERKINS PITCHED the DeFuniak Springs Little League Major League softball team to a 10-2 win over Shalimar on Friday night to help the local squad finish a four-game winning streak that earned the squad the District 1 championship. DEFUNIAK SPRINGS’ HANNAH KING just (Photo by Patrick Casey) barely beats a tag from Freeport’s Lexie Newsome during a second round all-star game played last DEFUNIAK SPRINGS MAJOR LEAGUE soft- week. Defuniak ousted Freeport from the tourna- ball team coach Vernon Jones keeps an eye on the ment with a thrilling 6-4 victory. (Photo by Blake batter at the plate while his daughter, Alionna, pre- McCormick) pares to score from third base during the top of the sixth inning last week against Shalimar. (Photo by Patrick Casey) DEFUNIAK SPRINGS SOFTBALL PLAYER ALI JONES smacked three hits and scored three runs against Freeport helping her team clinch a 6-4 win over their intra-county rivals and advance in the 12U district all-star tournament. Here, Jones broke a 4-4 tie in the fifth inning with a slide home. (Photo by Blake McCormick) THE FREEPORT MAJOR LEAGUE SOFT- BALL team lost a pair of close games to Niceville and DeFuniak Springs during last week’s District 1 softball tournament that was played at the De- Funiak Springs Little League Complex. (Photo by Blake McCormick) WWEO TV-24 SPORTS CLASSICS on TV-24 Local Sporting Events air nightly at 7 p.m. Your source for great family outdoor adventures in and Saturday Sportsline every week at 9 a.m. around Walton County. “See All the Action”

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 7-B WALTON MIDDLE SCHOOL RECEIVED NEW SOD for their football practice field recently with the hope that the abundance of rain will help the grass take root in time for fall football practice in August. (Photo by Patrick Casey) THE FIELD HOUSE FOR THE FOOTBALL team and coaches ad- jacent to Everette Yates Memorial Stadium at Walton High School is undergoing expansion and remodeling this summer. (Photo by Pat- rick Casey) VIEW OF THE CON- STRUCTION of the new football press box from the field at Ev- erette Yates Memorial Stadium on the campus of Walton High School in DeFuniak Springs. (Photo by Patrick Casey) DID YOU KNOW? 5 Sports Facts 1. The American Athletic Conference (The American), a member of the NCAA, was reconsti- tuted in 2013. With the conference office in Provi- dence, Rhode Island, The American is comprised of the following institutions: UCF, Cincinnati, UConn, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, Navy (in football only), USF, SMU, Temple, Tulane and Tulsa. Wichita State (basketball and Olympic sports) joins the Conference on July 1, 2017. Un- der the leadership of Commissioner Mike Aresco, The American sponsors 21 championships – 10 for men and 11 for women; is a member of the College Football Playoff; began new television partner- ships with ESPN and CBS Sports in 2014; and has a marketing partnership with IMG College. 2. Tim Krumrie, a defensive tackle for Wiscon- sin from 1979-82, became the ninth Badger player to enter the College Football Hall of Fame upon his induction in 2016. A consensus First Team All- WORK CONTINUES ON THE NEW PRESS American in 1981, Krumrie recorded 135 tackles BOX and coaches offices at the Walton High School that year, which is still Wisconsin’s single-season athletic complex. (Photo by Patrick Casey) record for a defensive lineman. He is currently Local Sports Trivia third on the school’s career tackles list with 444, and he owns the school record with 276 career solo tackles. The three time All-Big Ten selection led 1. Who coached Paxton’s girls basketball team to a the Badgers to two bowl games, including a win six year mark of 133-36, including the 2013-14 Class A in the 1982 Independence Bowl where he earned state championship? Defensive MVP honors after posting a then school bowl-record 13 tackles. Krumrie also took them 2. Which Walton football head coach led the Braves to the 1981 Garden State Bowl, Wisconsin’s first for nine seasons, the longest tenure of any Walton foot- postseason berth since 1962. The senior team cap- ball coach? tain led the Badgers in tackles in both 1980 and 3. What Walton junior receiver caught 87 passes for 1981, and he played in the 1982 Hula Bowl. 987 yards with eight touchdowns for the varsity Braves during the 2009 high school football season? 3. Tom O’Brien compiled a 115-80 record in 16 seasons as the head coach of Boston College and 4. How long has Ponce de Leon girls basketball coach North Carolina State, taking his teams to 12 bowl Tim Alford been the head coach of the Lady Pirates? games and producing an 8-2 record in those bowl games (he did not coach in the 2006 Meineke Car 5. Since 1944, the Walton High School varsity foot- Care Bowl or the 2012 Music City Bowl). O’Brien ball team has had only one Homecoming game end in is the all-time winningest coach in Boston College a tie. Which area foe did this occur against? Hint: The history, leading the Eagles to an impressive 75-45 game was played on Nov. 1, 1963. record, eight consecutive bowl games and seven 6. During what decade did the Walton football team straight bowl wins. post a varsity record of 53-51? 4. Now in its 16th year, previous recipients of the 7. Name the only two varsity head football coaches USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award at Freeport to post winning records during their time at are UCLA catcher Stacey Nuveman (2002), Texas the school. pitcher Cat Osterman (2003, 2005 and 2006), Flor- ida State pitcher Jessica Van der Linden (2004), 8. What is the longest losing streak the South Wal- Tennessee pitcher Monica Abbott (2007), Virginia ton girls basketball team has suffered since Kevin Craig Tech pitcher Angela Tincher (2008), Washington took over as head coach at the school in 2004-05? pitcher Danielle Lawrie (2009 and 2010), Stan- 9. Who was named Northwest Florida Conference ford shortstop Ashley Hansen (2011), Oklahoma’s Coach of the Year after the Walton football team posted Keilani Ricketts (2012 and 2013), Florida State’s an 8-0-1 mark in 1947? Lacey Waldrop (2014), Florida’s Lauren Haeger (2015), Michigan’s Sierra Romero (2016) and Flor- 10. How many district championships in varsity foot- ida’s Kelly Barnhill (2017). ball has Walton High won since 1968? 5. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended their NFL Answers: 1. Steve Williams. 2. Buddy Supple. 3. Cor- record 26-game losing streak by defeating the New liss Stone. 4. 22 years, with a record of 474-180 in that Orleans Saints 33-14 on Dec. 11, 1977 at the Su- time. 5. Crestview, in a 7-all tie. 6. From 2000 through the 2009 seasons. 7. Jeff Webb and Jim Anderson. 8. perdome in New Orleans. The Bucs went 0-14 as Five games, during the 2011-12 season as the team fin- an expansion team in 1976, then lost their first ished 21-9 that year. 9. John Frank Bludworth. 10. Ten 12 games of the 1977 season. During the losing (1968, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1998, 2015, streak, the Bucs scored only 178 points and were 2016). blanked 11 times.

PAGE 8-B THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 The DeFuniak Springs Herald-Breeze The Great The DeFuniak Springs Herald-Breeze Outdoors Hope everyone had yet another great week! Once again, this summer weather stayed unpredictable making plans a little tough to follow. Though this past weekend was beautiful and if the forecast stays like this, we should have nice weather the rest of the week. Take advantage of these extra two week days given to us on July 3rd and 4th for state and federal Red Snapper. Reports of many small Cobia have been caught when bottom fish- ing. Red Grouper has still been a consistant bite around rocks and natural bottom. When bottom fishing, try something new... If you get a day that is nice and calm, anchor on your spot, deploy a chum block and consistantly throw out chunks of cut bait to get the Red and Black Snapper to the surface. You might even be able to catch them on topwater then! Moving inshore.. forget about using Shrimp anymore unless you want to catch Pinfish! It is that time of the year that so many Pinfish are around docks and structure that they will eat your Shrimp within about a minute. Also, with the hot summer temperatures the Shrimp have been very small which is common fornthis time of the year. Pogies and Menhaden are preferred baits, freelined on the grass flats or with a light knocker rig around docks. The bull Redfish are starting to show up better in the bay, look for school on top and cruising the flats. Good luck and God Bless! MONICA AND BUBBA BROWN with a fine mess of fish. Tight lines, Capt. Steven Swendsen Reel Faithful Fishing Charters LLC 7277419592 WALTER AND SEAN from KY caught a boat load of snapper and king with Captain Brad Bish- op. KAREN BUSH and her first Red Grouper. BUBBA BROWN caught a nice red grouper. LIZ AND BILLIE from Black Creek Cafe, fish- ing off Grayton Beach! CAPT. STEVEN SWENDSEN with his new- born, Cadence Grace and a nice catch I brought in on a solo trip. HUNTER JENKS LEFT, AND LOGAN RHO- DES right with a nice barr Brands You Love LIVE BAITS Costa Shrimp DENNIE SMITH with two fine kings caught G Loomis Shiners this past weekend. St Croix Crickets Lews Crappie Minnows ENFORCEMENT FIREARMS Shamino Wigglers Penn Guns • Ammo Lures & Lots More Earthworms & Accessories M-F 6-5 The best time to fish is Sat 6-4 Concealed Carry Classes whenever you can! Sunday Closed UPS Shipping Outlet 17290 US HWY 331 S Freeport, FL 32439 850-835-4277 475 East Nelson Ave. LOGAN RHODES AND HUNTER JENKS with DeFuniak Springs 850-892-2934 Stop by Copelands and sign petition a nice boar the same day. to allow fishing on Bayfill Causway.

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 1-C THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 INSIDE ‘Plan B’ options for beach WALTON storm protection and response LAKE POWELL PROPERTY discussed at workshop GETS NEW OWNER Oak Beach By DOTTY NIST Partners new “This is our job, to make sure the county is owner. 10-C prepared,” Matt Tram- mel, coastal engineer consultant for Walton County, told attend- ees at a June 21 pub- lic workshop to discuss WALTON a beach management plan for the county. COUNTY Attended by a doz- SCHOOL en people, including beachfront property DISTRICT owners, the workshop took place at the South MAKES Walton Annex. TOP TEN Over a year ago the Walton County Board Ranking in of County Commission- Florida K-12 ers (BCC) had voted to table the Walton Coun- state assess- ty Hurricane & Storm ment. 1-A Damage Reduction PROTECTION OF Walton County dunes and beaches and a plan for response in the event of storm (WCH&SDR) Project, a large scale project that damage was the topic of a recent workshop hosted by the Walton County Tourist Development Council. would have involved (Photo by Dotty Nist) pumping sand from off- shore deposits onto ap- proximately 18 miles of “NEUTER Walton County coast- Trammell empha- the Walton-Okaloosa Trammell explained holding additional pub- COMMUTER” line. The BCC decision sized to attendees that County line, where that he, together with lic workshops as those came after only about the county decision to Walton County’s first his colleagues at Taylor efforts proceed, possi- SERVICE TO 10 percent of beachfront table the project still large-scale beach resto- Engineering, were in the bly in conjunction with START JULY 31 property owners in the stood and that the prop- ration project was com- process of developing meetings of the Walton a storm response plan County Tourist Devel- project area agreeing erty owners had been pleted in 2007. Tram- Shuttle ser- to easements required heard “loud and clear.” mell noted that quite a for the Walton County opment Council (TDC) vice transports in order for project con- “The support from bit of beach accretion beaches. He reported Beach Management tractors to go onto the the property owners had taken place in the that, in connection with Committee. He sug- animals to clinic. beachfront lots to con- clearly was not there,” latter area. that effort, the BCC gested that conducting 1-B struct the project. clari- he noted. His take on the big- had given direction for surveys of the beach However, Trammell gest concerns with the a permit to be obtained and dunes might be a Trammell fied that the proposed discussed the situa- WCH&SDR Project, from the state for the good idea as well. WCH&DR Project “was tion of an average of 75 particularly for beach- beach restoration proj- Trammel spoke of a beach restoration feet of beach being lost front property owners, ect and for the permit different options should project.” through erosion along were the easements for to then be “put on the storm damage occur Due to the property much of the county sand placement, which shelf” to be available to the beaches. These INMATES GET owners’ response re- coastline over the past would have remained in the event that dune might include, he ex- OPPORTUNITY garding the easements, decade and the vulner- in effect for 50 years, or beach restoration is plained, locally-funded along with the require- the U.S. Army Corps ability of coastal struc- needed as the result of beach restoration proj- TO PAVE of Engineers (USACE), tures as a result of that ment for establishment a hurricane or storm. ects paid for by the federal partner for the erosion. This was with of an erosion control This would allow for a TDC or through a mu- NEW WAY WCH&SDR Project, the exception of the line (ECL), the quality quicker response in the nicipal service benefit Career Source had withdrawn its ap- area between the west- of sand in the offshore event of damage to the unit (MSBU.) However, ern edge of Topsail Hill borrow site, and cost for beaches, he said. plication for a state per- offers counseling mit for the project. Preserve State Park to the project. Trammell suggested See OPTIONS 2-C for employment after release. 1-A Changes proposed for Kaiya Planned Unit Development NEW SPLASH By DOTTY NIST Board of County Com- hensive Plan and Land PAD AT Changes to the Kai- missioners (BCC) in Development Code.” CHOCTAW ya Planned Unit De- May 2016 as mixed-use Among other re- quests, Mitchell asked velopment (PUD) were development on 28+- BEACH PARK recently submitted for acre site on the east the court to bar the Future up- review by the Walton end of CR-30A, with the county from permit- ting construction on the County Technical Re- main portion of the proj- grades planned. view Committee (TRC). ect site located at the southern parcel “until 1-B The changes involve northeast corner of the a plan of development the 2.2-acre southern WaterSound Parkway that is consistent with portion of the project and CR-30A intersec- the Walton County where a pool, beach tion, and the 2.2-acre Comprehensive Plan club building, town- portion, less than 100 and Land Development homes, and other de- feet in width, extending Code is properly re- velopment, including from the south side of viewed and approved.” multi-story buildings, CR-30A to the gulf. In Aug. 2016, the was approved. In June 2016, Ed- court granted a June CLASSIFIEDS 5-C Submitted by SBG- ward Mitchell, owner 28 motion by SBG-PR, PR, L.L.C., applicant for of a single-family resi- L.L.C., as applicant for MEETINGS 3-C the Kaiya PUD devel- dence adjacent to the the Kaiya development southern portion of order, to intervene in opment order, the pro- posed revisions would the development, chal- the lawsuit as a defen- ARRESTS 8-A apply to the southern lenged Walton County’s dant, with full-party portion, referred to as approval of the Kaiya status. The lawsuit is “The Strand.” They PUD in Walton County ongoing in circuit court. would provide for “a Circuit Court, in his reduction in density, own name and that of The proposed revi- height, and the pool Mitchell Brothers, Inc., sions were set up to be amenity and increasing the company for which reviewed as a minor de- the building setback on he serves as president velopment by the TRC the west side,” accord- and principal. His com- at its July 5 regular ing to a TRC meeting plaint alleged that the meeting. Additional in- agenda. county approval was formation on the revi- SITE PLAN for the Kaiya Planned Unit Devel- Kaiya was approved “inconsistent with the sions will be forthcom- opment. by the Walton County Walton County Compre- ing.

PAGE 2-C THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 OUTDOOR EVENTS IN WALTON COUNTY AND THE SURROUNDING AREA GeocachinG event at topsail hill preserve state park every Wednesday Time: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Topsail Hill State Park invites you to enjoy their “one of a kind” geocache program every Wednesday through Nov. 8. Visitors can check in at the Camp Store and pick up the geocache packet. This activity will take you to vari- ous points throughout the Preserve. Note: the hiking and biking trails are easy to moderate in difficulty, some are paved, sand and KEN HAIR, CIC gravel, or hard pack. What is Geocaching? It is an outdoor rec- President and CEO sur- Weekly calendar of reational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning rounded by members System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, of the Costa Family events and meetings called “geocaches” or “caches,” at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. Geocach- McDonalds, presents a ing was originally similar to the 160-year-old game letterboxing, which uses clues and references to $1,500 check to Children landmarks embedded in stories. Geocachers are free to take a treasure, or “swag” (except the logbook, In Crisis to help feed, pencil, or stamp) from the cache in exchange for leaving something of similar or higher value behind. clothe and care for the July 5 Enter the park through the main gate and park staff will direct you to the Camp Store, you will need a GPS over 150 children that Walton County Technical Review Committee or a smart phone capable with GPS. A $6 entry admission per vehicle into the park. Topsail Hill Preserve will call the CIC Neigh- Regular meeting State Park is located at 7525 W. Scenic Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. For more informa- borhood home this and July 5, 8:30 a.m. at South Walton Annex tion, call (850) 267-8330. every year. Every Mon- Gulf place hosts live music on sunday eveninGs day all day, 50% of the Ribbon cutting for Gaskin Park splash pad Gulf Place on 30A announces the lineup of the Summer Sunday Concert Series sponsored by Re- coffee proceeds go to one Hosted by Walton County Board of County Com- sortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. Kicking off on May 28, 2017, each week will feature a different of the 12 chosen chari- missioners local or regional band, ranging in genres. Performances will be appropriate for attendees of all ages. This ties. Chair/District 2 Commissioner Cecilia Jones week is July 9 – Déjà vu. Concerts are from 5- 8 p.m. and are free and open to the public. Attendees are July 5, 10 a.m. at Gaskin Park, 104 CR-181 East, encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets to enjoy the concert on the amphitheater lawn. The Gaskin live entertainment acts are as follows, however subject to change. For more information, go to gulfplacefl. com. July 6 Walton County Board of County Commissioners camp helen state park hostinG movie, cookout, and more July 12 Budget workshop The fourth annual Movies & More series at Camp Helen State Park continues on Wednesday, July12. July 6, 9 a.m. at Walton County Courthouse The evening begins at 5:30 p.m. in the park’s Recreation Hall with a brief interpretive program led by a Costa Camp Helen Park Ranger or other expert. The program will be followed by an old-fashioned campfire Walton County Economic Development Alliance cookout of hot dogs and s’mores provided by the Friends of Camp Helen. Each evening will conclude with Family meeting a family-oriented movie in the Recreation Hall, where seating will be provided. A parent or guardian must accompany all children. These special movie nights are sponsored by Florida’s Department of Environ- July 6, 12 p.m. at Walton County Administration mental Protection, Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Friends of Camp Helen McDonalds Building State Park. Admission into the park for this event is free, although donations are accepted. Donations will 76 N. 6th Street, DeFuniak Springs go directly to the Friends of Camp Helen State Park to benefit the park’s resource management projects makes and interpretive programs. Walton County School Board On Wednesday, July 12 Firehouse Dog: Rexxx, Hollywood’s top canine star gets lost and is adopted donation to Regular meeting. DeFuniak Springs office into a shabby firehouse. He teams up with a young kid to get the station back on its feet. (Rated PG) July 6, 5 p.m. Point Washington State Forest will present the interpretive program on prescribed fires and safety. More CIC information is available at, by calling (850) 233-5059 or Walton County Scenic Corridor Design Review by emailing [email protected]. Camp Helen State Park is located at 23937 Panama City Children Board Beach Parkway (U.S. 98), Panama City Beach, just west of the Lake Powell Bridge. Regular meeting July 6, 5 p.m. at South Walton Annex For more upcoming events and places to explore the outdoors, go to: The Costa Family McDonalds presented a July 11 $1,500 donation to their Walton County Tourist Development Council “McCafe with a Cause” Beach Management Committee meeting Charity of the Month, July 11, 9 a.m. at South Walton Annex Children in Crisis. Ev- ery Monday, Costa’s South Walton Mosquito Control District (SWM- McDonalds donates 50 CD) percent of their coffee Monthly board meeting proceeds to a Charity of July 11, 9:30 a.m. at SWMCD Office OPTIONS FROM PAGE 1-C the Month. 774 CR-393 North, Santa Rosa Beach such projects, since they ment. beach restoration, after All of Costa’s over 20 Walton County Board of County Commissioners would extend into state Bringing up seawalls, which property owners stores participate in the Regular meeting waters, would still re- Trammel observed that could negotiate with program that will con- July 11, 4 p.m. at South Walton Annex quire the establishment property owners had the county regarding tinue through 2017. A of an ECL, he noted. constructed many of uses of the leased prop- total of twelve charities July 13 A sticking point for them after Hurricane erty. There was also a benefit from the pro- South Walton Tourist Development Council many property own- Dennis impacted the suggestion for the use gram. Destination Improvement Committee meeting ers, the ECL, a state area in 2005. While the of geotextile tubes in Ken Hair, CIC Presi- July 13, 9 a.m. at South Walton Annex requirement for large- walls do protect upland conjunction with sand dent and CEO com- scale beach restoration property, they “don’t placement. mented, “The Costa Mc- Walton County Planning Commission projects, is a fixed line provide a benefit to the Trammell addressed Donalds’ McCafe With A Regular meeting established essentially dune system,” and may discussion regarding Cause campaign helps July 13, 5 p.m. at South Walton Annex in the same area as the result in a scouring ac- sand quality for the feed, clothe and care mean high water line tion to the beach in front WCH&SDR Project, for over 150 children July 18 (MHWL) that separates of the seawall, he said. saying that the borrow that will live at the CIC Walton County Tourist Development Council state sovereignty prop- Within the past decade site sand is similar in Children’s Neighbor- Marketing and Media Committee meeting erty along the coast both the state and the quality to what exists hood this year. Fund- July 18, 9 a.m. at the South Walton Annex from upland property county have put more on the beaches. “These ing to care for our chil- deeded to the MHWL, stringent requirements are sand deposits from dren is our most critical property which in many in place for permitting the last ice age,” he ex- need but our toughest cases is under private of seawalls, and they plained. While algae challenge. This dona- ownership. may be difficult to get and other organics may tion will go a long way While smaller “truck permitted in the future, be attached to the sand to help our kids have a haul” projects would Trammel said. due to its having been better home and life!” be a “Plan B” alterna- Beachfront property underwater for so long, tive, Trammell noted, owner Lisa Boushy these materials are re- CIC is a 501, (c)(3) those are extremely agreed that the ECL moved by natural abra- non-profit community expensive. Other con- had been the biggest sion forces, he said. charity of caring people cerns, he said, would be concern for property Later Trammell providing homes and whether the amount of owners but also identi- discussed that during establishing hope to the sand needed would be fied the sand to be used recent beach nourish- abused, neglected and available and whether in WCH&SDR Project ment in Panama City abandoned children of it would be possible to as a matter of serious Beach a new technique our community. To- ensure that the sand concern. She observed had been used to reduce gether we can make a would be of the right that Walton County’s shell content of sand difference in the life of quality for use on the beach sand is unique in placed on the beach. a child. To learn more beaches. its softness and fine tex- Seashells were left about CIC, visit www. Other alternative, ture. whole and filtered out, or Trammell continued, Boushy said she had of the fill sand, result- call 850-864-4242. would be passive dune heard of a lot of beach- ing in a shell content of management through front owners who were less than one percent, the planting of sea oats interested in funding he indicated. Dr. Chuck Stevenson, O.D., P.A. and other native plants their own project that Shell content on the that help anchor the would include dune unrestored beaches announces dunes. This alternative restoration and sea oat in Walton County has has the advantage of planting and would not been quantified as less being relatively inex- involve an ECL. than one-half percent, pensive, he commented. Trammell agreed and shell content for available on Wednesday with Trammell said that that such a countywide deposits in the borrow some beachfront proper- dune restoration proj- site has been stated to ty owners had indicated ect might be a good be from 2 to 2 1/2 per- that they would like to alternative. “It’s cer- cent by consulting staff manage their property tainly doable,” he said. for the USACE. themselves, which was However, he cautioned an option. that permitting would The workshop was In response to a ques- likely be “a year-long concluded with plans tion, Trammell said that permitting challenge,” for additional discus- the consultants had and finding the sand sion and input. Infor- looked at the possibility that would be needed mation on future work- of a beach restoration would be another chal- shops on this topic will project that would stop lenge. He also pointed be forthcoming. In the at the MHWL. Howev- out that the thousands meantime, community er, he said the USACE of trucks that would be members are invited had indicated that they transporting sand for to attend meetings of did not want to partici- the project would pres- the TDC Beach Man- pate in such a project ent an impact to the agement Committee. and the state had also area. Upcoming committee 271 US Hwy 20E Unit C expressed concerns Another attendee meeting dates are July should the county par- suggestion was getting 11, Sept. 12, and Nov. ticipate. The indication “bottom land” along the 7, with meetings begin- had also been that es- beach put under lease ning at 9 a.m. and tak- For an appointment call tablishment of an ECL to the county by the ing place at the South would still be a require- state in connection with Walton Annex.

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 3-C Gulf Power internship helps student land her dream graduate school From Gulf Power that fit with her area summer, they perform Southern Company. contractors to replace studies –– to be more Summer is in full of study. Farrar was well in the classroom Gulf Power has 14. the interns if they were professional as a per- swing and that means thrilled when the re- because they now see Landing those jobs are not available,” he said. son and organized,” she many college students cruiter offered her the more relevance, and highly competitive. “We see value in having said. are faced with deciding job because of her water they really see the ben- “The main focus of interns with their fresh In the graduate pro- how to spend their time sampling and environ- efit of earning a degree,” the program is to create point of views to work gram she’s entering, –– studying abroad, mental studies experi- said Terry, who started a pipeline of future em- on the same projects as she’ll be analyzing prob- working on a profes- ence in college. his career at Gulf Power ployees,” he said. “We our engineers. During lems in civil engineer- sor’s research project or That previous water in the cooperative stu- try to be selective from the summer with our ing from an academic, interning. sampling experience dent program, another the 1,500 applications ‘intern power,’ we are management and eco- Many career experts called for standing on type of intern program we receive each semes- able to accomplish a lot nomic perspective, she agree that all the above the banks of a stream the company offers to ter. We interview about of important projects.” said. “This internship are beneficial, but two and lowering equip- further groom students 400 of those students on Farrar said the real- has given me a much Gulf Power summer in- ment into the water. At for a job campus and hire about world experience work- broader understanding terns have discovered Gulf Power, she quick- Michael Armstrong, 75 interns.” ing alongside engineers of how energy compa- an internship can pave ly learned to embrace Southern Company’s Terry stressed that is polishing her aca- nies operate, and just the way to fulfilling ac- stepping out of her com- Campus Recruiter team interns provide Gulf demic and professional the opportunity to work ademic and career wish fort zone and stretching leader, said at any giv- Power incredible value skills, and giving her in the corporate world lists. herself. en time there are about and results for the air a clearer picture about makes me feel more Mississippi State “When I first read 350 co-ops and interns and water quality teams. her career path. “It has prepared to make the University graduate the job description, I working throughout “We would need to hire helped me with school most of my education.” Emily Farrar says her thought I’d be on a boat summer internships at swimming in nice, clear Gulf Power’s Environ- water all day,” she said mental Affairs Depart- of the requirement to ment, in 2016 and this snorkel to deploy and year, have helped her retrieve water quality, get into University of sampling equipment. California, Berkeley’s “I remember the first master’s degree pro- day last year going out gram –– the graduate testing water in Es- program of her dreams. cambia River. I had to James Grafe, on his learn to be OK being in second internship at the murky river water Gulf Power this sum- and diving down with mer, changed his ma- my hands in front of jor from mechanical me to feel around for engineer to civil/envi- test equipment, and not ronmental engineering seeing anything a foot after an internship at away from my face.” another utility compa- Navigating the corpo- ny in Mississippi intro- rate office Environmen- duced him to the world tal Affairs department of environmental com- proved less challeng- pliance ing but was equally Farrar applied for a rewarding with its in- Gulf Power internship terdisciplinary experi- after she toured Berke- ence. “The team likes to ley for a graduate school expose you to all the visit a few years ago. different things they do “An academic advisor –– the air and the water told me that a lot of stu- quality sides.” dents who want to go to Grafe, of Kiln, Miss., graduate school will try who gradates in De- and get research proj- cember, said the Gulf GULF POWER SUMMER INTERNS Emily Farrar and James Grafe got to work with a Southern ects for the summer,” Power internship has Company drone pilot on project to use shoot aerial photos of the Naval Air Station Whiting Field Holley she said. “The advisor definitely helped him Solar Field. said they end up seeing solidify his interest in too many students with environmental compli- the same backgrounds ance work. “And my applying, and they pre- interest in working for fer students who have Southern Company internships or real- and Gulf Power,” said world experience.” Grafe. “The field work Farrar, of Pass is my favorite part, and Christian, Miss., gradu- I hope to land a job that ated from Mississippi has a field component to State in the spring with it. The variety of back- a civil engineering de- grounds found in the gree and concentration department is some- on environmental stud- thing I hope to find in a ies. She selected UC future workplace.” Berkeley for its Energy, Overall, he said, the Civil Infrastructure most interesting part is and Climate program, the outdoor water sam- which basically focuses pling, even in the murky on how to maximize en- river water. “Spending ergy efficiency and de- time on a boat in Pen- velop infrastructure to sacola, Florida sounded minimize impact to the like everyone’s dream environment and create internship, and it has resiliency to extreme definitely turned out weather events. to be exactly that,” he To up her odds of get- said. ting into the program, Greg Terry, Gulf she applied for an in- Power Air Quality Pro- ternship through a cam- grams supervisor who pus recruiter from Gulf manages interns, said Power’s parent compa- internships do improve ny, Southern Company. students’ performance. She wanted to work for “Sometimes the class- Gulf Power because of work may not seem in- COLLECTING SAMPLES - Interns Emily Farrar and James Grafe love the diversity of the summer its strong Environmen- teresting or relevant, intern program at Gulf Power where they work on air and water quality projects. Here they are collecting tal Stewardship focus but after working a samples in the Blackwater River. YOUR PROVEN PROFESSIONALS EXPERIENCE ~ SERVICE ~ RESULTS COMMUNITY CALENDAR FLORIDA DEPART- MENT OF ELDER AFFAIRS—What is elder abuse, neglect or exploitation? It’s tak- ing money from an el- Owner-Broker Sales Associate Office Manager Sales Associate Sales Associate derly person. It’s push- ing or shoving them. It’s leaving them unat- tended when they can- FREE MARKET FREE MARKET not care for themselves. ANALYSIS ON If you know an elderly ANALYSIS ON person who is being YOUR PROPERTY YOUR PROPERTY abused,call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800- 962-2873. The power to prevent elderly abuse is in the our hands.

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THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 5-C Fresh off the Easel (850) 419-3007 or email when the time is right. us at dfsartcoop@gmail. Also, please check this com All students must space for an update. be registered for the class no later than noon By Jan Faubel of the Best in Show, This soft pastel deserv- our proud history. All on Friday, July 28, so Art Trivia Festivals • Auditions Flying the Colors, in edly earned the Best three of these artists that I have time to as- One of my favorite rts & And the Winner Is . . . the DeFuniak Springs in Show honor due to continuously and ex- semble the necessary American artists has Congratulations to Art Co-op’s first juried its unique take on in- pertly embrace the dra- reed for each person’s always been Winslow Jan Hannon, creator show: Patriotic Art. corporating Patriotism ma and emotion of life basket. If, for some rea- Homer. Throughout son, you sign up but his career, Homer ac- into the composition. throughout their bodies can’t make it, please no- complished much and ntertainment Thank you to Elia tify the Co-op before the enjoyed a varied ap- Jan deftly rendered a of work. vibrantly colored Cardi- Friday Noon deadline, proach to capturing the nal, a pure white Dove, Saxer, our judge from so we can remove your American scene. One Okaloosa County, who and an Indigo Bun- Concerts ting, clustered together did an amazing job name from the list and job he held was dur- amicably on adjoining narrowing down the create a spot for anoth- ing our American Civil branches. These read- winners from a field of er potential classmate. War, when he served Theatre • Shows ily identifiable birds exceptional work. Judg- This small, yet practi- as an artist, mak- evoke nostalgia, peace, ing art is a tough task cal basket is sure to be ing quick sketches of and Americana. Jan with a myriad of crite- a favorite whether you battles, as well as the It has been ongoing for has a special affinity ria to consider—there is make it for yourself or armies’ camps between the past three years, and in the county could for painting our feath- much more to judging give it to a loved one. skirmishes. These continue doing business as shops, working with the new numerous last week at the Walton usual, just in time for the ered friends. No matter than just picking one’s Sue Grimes’s Acrylics sketches then became and night international airport and restaurants County Board of busy wedding and event which birds she chooses favorite! A warm thank Painting Classes are on full-fledged drawings, Southwest Airlines, has clubs. Commissioners season that started in mid- to capture, they always you to all who joined us a brief hiatus for just a which, in turn, became helped boost Bay CountyÌ s Many say that Walton engravings, (BCC)meetings, April. have that spark of per- for the opening recep- few short weeks. But if detailed should remain economy by hundreds of County weddings and events The noise ordinance is sonality and familiar- tion of the Patriotic Art you would like to learn which were then print- millions of dollars. It has quiet, and somewhat off the also been a big factor that map, but who is going to took one step closer to still on the table, and all ity to them. Flying the show! We love sharing painting, go ahead and ed in the newspapers though their permitting keep all the roadways being saved on the commissioners have agreed Colors warms the heart our Art with all of you. sign up so your name and magazines of the procedure is a bit more paved, the hospitals staffed, beaches of south Walton. to expedite their research If you have not yet vis- will be on the list for day to inform the pub- than Walton the school doors open, and tougher With heated debate for and discussions to come up and offers a subtle mes- ited the Patriotic Art when Sue’s classes re- lic about the war effort. with a Ï quiet timeÓ for all sage of Nationalism. County when it comes to the government working, if many years, and a One of the biggest putting on events, they are not for events and the sume, probably the end A far cry from today’s Further recognition constant and steady events and weddings along four-day event, all taxes show, you will certainly of July or early August. instantaneous, digital CR-30A. from which went to Bay reasons, people say, is the constantly working on thousands of weddings that goes to Sue Grimes’s want to stop by to view coverage from the The decision also came County. This was another fact that Bay County wants making Bay County, Ï theÓ take place on our beautiful Sue will let you know documentation! Acrylic painting: Old all the amazing entries. national press, Walton just in time, before the bit of information the the events to come in and place to come for any type beaches? It comes down to Vets (1st Honorable Even though Jan Han- County seems to have national press would have county commissioners bring in millions of millions of cultural event. the simple fact that Walton Mention). This iconic non walked away with saved themselves from descended on Walton received shortly before the of dollars in revenue for the Another aspect of events County could not survive the Judge’s Choice, all losing millions of County, and hundreds of meeting, via numerous local economy. Others say being so successful in Bay without the wedding and image depicts an elder- millions of dollars. thousands of prospective phone calls and emails from that Walton County seems County, is the fact that of event industry, since there ly man and his faithful the other entries are --------------------------------------- Walton County brides irate residents who never to be steering away from numerous hotels and is no other industry in the dog, kneeling in a field, worthy of their place Wedding and event would have chosen another wanted the event to leave events and not wanting to condos that line the county. and looking out over the in this show. Don’t for- rental venue. have thousands of tourists beaches of Panama City short-term Walton County. The coordinators, FLYING THE COLORS (Best in Show) by Jan landscape of their lives get that you can vote Signs are looking for positive come to the shores of south Beach thrive on these more the rental and noise ordinance companies, rental property Hannon (Photo by Jan Hannon) The heated debate - that Walton, even if it does events to bring in tourists industry, but that also owners, florists and was one ordinance that together. Next is Adlai on the People’s Choice Grayson’s Photograph: Award—the work you caterers were on one side of many journalists and has gone on for more than bring in millions of dollars and tourism dollars. means that things are Stored Memories (2nd feel best defines Patri- the aisle, and a handful of analyst said was 60-65 three years - has been a in heads in bed tax. Besides having thousands looking better for a countyÌs homeowners was on the percent of the wedding and media delight as Events like the of rooms for tourists, Pier economy that is beginning Honorable Mention), otic Art. With such a newspapers, radio stations, Seabreeze Jazz Festival, Park Shopping Center is to realize that though there other. The April 26 BCC event industryÌs income. which reveals an old vast array of subtopics, meeting in DeFuniak It was also the first websites and TV networks the Seafood Festival, and also a huge magnet for should be regulations and footlocker, along with a styles, techniques, and Springs seemed to be more meeting that followed the have descended on Walton this past weekendÌ s shoppers, tourists, beach rules, the wedding and helmet, boots, and flag. media, every viewer will like a church service, Seabreeze Jazz Festival in County. Every time the Thunder Beach, have put goers, festival goers and event industry does not surely find one work compared with the April 12 Panama City Beach, that commissioners met, the Panama City Beach on the others that have made the need to be stifled. It also is As always, Adlai’s pho- meeting, where tempers took place April 15-18. This press crowded into the map, and the Panama City Emerald Coast their a sign that with the tos make me feel as if I that touches his or her flared and it seemed that event called Walton County assembly room, waiting for Beach Tourist and vacation destination. economy, the press of the have opened a novel in heart. both sides were set for home for more than a a sound byte. Convention Center BP oil spill and the overall the middle, knowing a another Civil War. decade, but because of one Walton County has long (PCBTCC) wants more. Though Walton County slowdown of travelers to the powerful story has led Classes complaint that festered into been known as Ï the placeÓ Just this week, the has Silver Sands, and they Emerald Coast, now is not up to this point and Join me Saturday, But when Commissioner more problems for the to come for art festivals, PCBTCC announced they do have a few events the time to strangle Sara Comander suggested event organizers, they concerts, beach chapter July 29, from 9 a.m. events, are taking applications for throughout the year, they businesses in the county. that another that the various parts of moved the event to Bay gatherings, weddings, and production companies and are quiet in comparison to It is hoped that the until Noon to weave a lies ahead. Addition- the ordinance should be County in 2009. This year reunions. But recently, producers who would like to Pier Park. With Mardi nonsense of trying to shut ally, Joan Vienot’s Oil Pin Cushion Basket. separated and further was the most successful more and more events have work with them on bringing Gras parades, summer down a vast majority of painting: Faded Glory This small, yet fairly studied, a sigh of relief event in the festivalÌ s 13- been traveling over the even more events to Pier blast parties, New YearÌ s weddings and events in easy basket is suitable county Honorable Men- could be heard from the year history. (3rd line into Bay Park and Frank Brown Eve ball drops, and other Walton County will become for tion) presents a close- wedding and event The Seabreeze Jazz County, where Pier Park Park. a new weaver. Due events, people make their a thing of the past and the up look at an unfurled industry. It was a sign that Festival this year sold more has been overwhelmed with to its diminutive size, vacation plans in Panama bad press on both sides will things could be going their than 20,000 tickets and events - some that once National coverage from City, to always spend the go away and a positive light American flag, proudly the class will cost only way, and the largest generated more than $10.5 called Walton County the jazz festival, and the day, and into the night at will once again shine on our $25. If you are interest- displayed from a well- fact that they had been Pier million in revenue for the home. income-generating industry OLD VETS (1st Honorable Mention) by Sue worn pole, hinting at ed, contact the Co-op at Park with its great county. Grimes (Photo by Jan Hannon) (At left) MELANIE MORRIS WILL BE ONE OF NEARLY 50 artisans and crafters from all across MORE THAN 100 ARTISTS WILL BE TAKING part in the Cultural Arts FADED GLORY (3rd Honorable Mention) by the South, at this AssociationÌ s ArtsQuest this coming weekend at Seaside. The event spotligts artisans Joan Vienot (Photo by Jan Hannon) weekendÌ s West Indies and crafters from around the nation. For more information, log on to Market at Rosemary Beach. For more information, log on to www.hilltopproductionsinc. At The MOVIES com. Wonder Woman 3D (PG-13) Marquis Cinema 10 Prom (PG) Rio 3D (G) 2828 Richbourg Lane, Crest- Scream 4 (R) Hop (PG) view Hop (PG) The Grand 16 - Panama City Rio (G) Soul Surfer (PG) (850) 306-2500 Arthur (PG-13) Beach Insidious (PG-13) Paul Simon, 5/21, Chastain Park Despicable Me 3 (PG) Water for Elephants (PG-13) 500 South Pier Park, Panama � City, FL 32413 Tanya Tucker, 5/6, IP Casino and Resort James Taylor, 5/27-5/28, Chastain Park Despicable Me 3 3D (PG) Source Code (PG-13) Hanna (PG-13) (850) 233-4835 Night Ranger, 5/6, Hard Rock Casino and Resort The Monkees, 6/3, Chastain Park Transformers: The Last Tyler Perryʼs Madeaʼs Big Happy Hop (PG) The Beguiled (R) Larry the Cable Guy, 5/11, IP Casino and Resort B.B. King, 6/5, Chastain Park Knight (PG-13) Family (PG-13) Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D Cheap Trick, 5/13, IP Casino and Resort Chelsea Handler, 6/10, Chastain Park Cars 3 (G) Despicable Me 3 (PG) (PG) Fast Five (PG-13) Bret Michaels, 5/28, Hard Rock Casino and Resort Hall and Oates, 6/19. Chastain Park The House (R) Despicable Me 3 3D (PG) Prom (PG) The House (R) Chris Isaak, 6/22, Chastain ParkSteve Miller Band, 6/24, Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis, 6/3, IP Casino and Resort Insidious (PG-13) STORED MEMORIES (2nd Honorable Mention) by Adlai Grayson (Photo by Jan Hannon) Baby Driver (R) Arthur (PG-13) Baby Driver (R) Rio 3D (G) Creedance Clearwater Revisited, 6/17, Beau Rivage Chastain Park Rough Night (R) Rango (PG) The Last Your Highness (R) Water for Elephants (PG-13) 47 Meters Down (PG-13) Transformers: Casino Jennifer Hudson, 7/2, Chastain Park Tyler Perryʼs Madeaʼs Big Happy Destin Harvest Wine & Food Festival Wonder Woman (PG-13) Prom (PG) The Last Knight (PG-13) Rhianna, 7/12, Chastain Park Family (PG-13) Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D Pirates of the Caribbean: Soul Surfer (PG) (PG) Transformers: Bon Jovi, 5/14, Philips Arena � Knight 3D (PG-13) Tyler Perryʼs Madeaʼs Big Happy New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys, 6/22, Philips Jeff Beck, 5/5, Florida Theatre Dead Men Tell No Tales (PG- Rio 3D (G) Cars 3 (G) Don’t forget! The festival-goers a selec- seafood, BBQ and provi- open Friday, November 13) Family (PG-13) Arena Jackson Brown, 5/24, Florida Theatre Hop (PG) Rough Night (R) Destin Charity Wine tion of library wines that sional stations manned 3 at 6PM and will run AMC Paul (R) African Cats (G) Sade, 7/13, Philips Arena Hop (PG) Destin Commons 14 + 47 Meters Down (PG-13) Auction Foundation feature rare vintages by celebrity chefs and through Sunday, No- IMAX All Eyez on Me (R) Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D (PG) (DCWAF Harvest Wine not easily accessible to supplemented by the vember 5 at noon. 4000 Legacy Drive, Destin The Mummy (PG-13) Fast Five (PG-13) Wonder Woman (PG-13) Source Code (PG-13) & Food Festival tickets the average consumer. best restaurants along The opportunity to (850) 650-4539 Fast Five (PG-13) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (PG-13) Prom (PG) Pirates of go on sale to the public An array of perfectly the Gulf Coast are com- purchase wine and oth- Despicable Me 3 (PG) Insidious (PG-13) the Caribbean: Thor 3D (PG-13) Despicable Me 3 3D (PG) Dead Men Tell No Tales (PG- specialties that will help features over 115 juried 951-2148, or log on to Water for Elephants (PG-13) this July 6 at 10 a.m. paired hors d’oeuvres bined with tasting sta- er merchandise on-site The House (R) Soul Surfer (PG) Rio 3D (G) Hanna (PG-13) 13) sustain our growers. For artists showcasing their Applications are www.hilltopproductionsinc. Arthur (PG-13) Events: and live music all set tions featuring over 150 will also be available Baby Driver (R) Limitless (PG-13) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. more information, call the works throughout Seaside, now being accepted for the com. Insidious (PG-13) Water for Elephants (PG-13) Prom (PG) Thursday, November Merchants of Seaside at May 5-8. Live Transformers: The Last � 2 (PG-13) June and July West Indies to a breathtaking Gulf wines from around the throughout the festival. Hanna (PG-13) 231-5434. 2 Market at Rosemary coast sunset will make world. Craft beer and Stay tuned for celeb- Knight (PG-13) entertainment, interactive Soul Surfer (PG) Tyler Perryʼs Madeaʼs Big Happy Last other Beach. The first market of booths art : Get your pick of and Celebrity Winemaker for a memorable and el- spirit tents and an ex- rity attendee and dem- Transformers: The Regal Santa Rosa 10 Family (PG-13) Knight 3D (PG-13) 300 Mary Esther Blvd. Mary the summer season, is May fresh items and other activities make it fun for � Dinners egant evening. clusive VIP experience onstration information Cars 3 (G) Rio (G) Esther Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (PG) 7 and 8, from 11 a.m. - 6 unique offerings during our : The Cultural the entire family. For more Locations and vintners Farmers Market on will also be available. to be announced later Cars 3 3D (G) Fast Five (PG-13) (850) 243-5260 p.m. Arts Association of Walton information, call the Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (PG-13) Thor 3D (PG-13) (Starts May 6) Despicable Me 3 (PG) For more information, Saturday mornings. Find Auction this summer. Visit us to be announced by Au- Saturday, November 4: County brings the Cultural Arts Association 47 Meters Down (PG-13) Hanna (PG-13) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (PG-13) Despicable Me 3 3D (PG) African Cats (G) gust 1. 1 - 4 p.m. dairy It wouldn’t be a online at HarvestWin- The Beguiled (R) Tyler Perryʼs Madeaʼs Big Happy Last produce, or for a vendor application local ArtsQuest Fine Arts at 622-5970, or log on to Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D Transformers: The Mummy (PG-13) Family (PG-13) The for any of the listed shows, products, Tasting: Ceru- Festival to its new home, www.culturalartsassociatio Friday, November 3: Grand baked goods, DCWAF event without for more Wonder Woman (PG-13) Source Code (PG-13) (PG) Knight (PG-13) The Conspirator (PG-13) Hop (PG) call Hilltop Productions at native plants and other Seaside. ArtsQuest 6PM - 8PM lean Park the opportunity to bid info and updates. Captain Underpants (PG) The Lincoln Lawyer (R) The Last Transformers: Fast Five (PG-13) Al Fresco Reserve Tast- The Grand Tasting high and bid often! A Don’t forget, all net Pirates of the Caribbean: Knight 3D (PG-13) ing: WaterColor Beach is the festival’s main silent auction featur- proceeds from our fes- Dead Men Tell No Tales (PG- Cars 3 (G) Club event and is designed to ing a variety of rare tival go to benefit chil- 13) Cars 3 3D (G) The Mummy (PG-13) The Al Fresco Re- highlight harvest sea- wines, staycations and dren in need in North- Carmike Cinemas Boulevard Wonder Woman (PG-13) serve Tasting will offer son at the beach. Large unique experiences will west Florida. 10 465 Grand Blvd., Miramar Regal Sun Plaza 8 Beach, FL 32550 427 Mary Esther Blvd. Mary (850) 460-3288 Esther Despicable Me 3 (PG) (850) 244-4252 Despicable Me 3 3D (PG) The House (R) The House (R) Baby Driver (R) Baby Driver (R) Rough Night (R) Transformers: The Last 47 Meters Down (PG-13) Knight (PG-13) Megan Leavey (PG-13) Transformers: The Last Pirates of the Caribbean: Knight 3D (PG-13) Dead Men Tell No Tales (PG- Cars 3 (G) 13) 47 Meters Down (PG-13) Captain Underpants (PG) Wonder Woman (PG-13) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (PG-13)

PAGE 6-C THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 TO PLACE CLASSIFIED ADS...CALL 892-3232 or e-mail: [email protected] Visa, Mastercard & Discover Accepted DEADLINE IS MONDAY 4:30 PM July 6, 2017 BLUE BIRD HOUSES FOR a 572 sq, ft, efficiency appt. COUNTY COMPTROLLER 3249 ----------------------------------------- CASE NO: 2017-0295TD With a private entrance. There WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA SALE $9.00 EACH. Call 850- 836-4583. tfc 6/16. is also a fishing dock where /s/ By: KATHY DOUGLASS Parcel ID No.- ----------------------------------------- beautiful sunsets happen quite Deputy Clerk 17-1S-19-23010-000-0300 NOTICE OF APPLICATION (seal) often. $294,500 Cash or con- FOR TAX DEED Base Bids - $6,793.42 YARD SALE SERVICES ventional loan only. No owner 4tc: June 15, 22, 29; July 6, Name in which assessed - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: financing. Contact Chet or TREE SERVICE plus Handy Betty Bush @ 850-951-0444 2017 354Y BRAD HEARD JR BETHEA FAMILY LIMITED YARD SALE: Follow signs Man Service home repairs, or 850.758.6167. 4tc 6/15-7/6. ----------------------------------------- PARTNERSHIP, the holder From Sun Bank. 3046 Corbin painting, pressure washing, 87wds CASE NO: 2017-0253TD All of said property being in the of the following certificate has Gainey Rd. Fri & Sat. Next odd jobs, Free estimates. 333- ----------------------------------------- County of WALTON, State of filed said certificate for a tax week. 4920. 6tp 6/22-7/27.2017 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY NOTICE OF APPLICATION Florida. deed to be issued thereon. The ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- FOR SALE BY OWNER FOR TAX DEED certificate number and year of ITEMS WANTED REASONABLE RATES Located on Hwy. 90. 1688 Unless said certificate shall be issuance, the description of LAWN CARE. Florala, Pax- 90-W DFS. 8 rooms. Ideal for NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: redeemed according to Law, the property, and the names in FLORIDA LICENSE PLATES ton, DeFuniak Springs. Free office or Business. Freshly CAZENOVIA CREEK FUND- the Property described in such which it was assessed are as before 1956. Porcelain estimates. One time or every renovated. $129,000. Will con- ING I LLC, the holder of the fol- Certificate shall be sold to the follows: tags 1911-1917. Paying time. 850-546-0011. 24tp 3/16- sider renting. 850-585-5245. lowing certificate has filed said highest bidder, at www.walton. $500 and up. Jeff (727)424- 8/24.2017 tfc 11/10.22wds certificate for a tax deed to be on the 3rd Certificate No.- 3846 1576. [email protected]. ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- issued thereon. The certificate day of August, 2017 at 11:00 Year of Issuance- pd2/16/17-2.16.2018 UPHOLSTERY BY NITA. FOR SALE BY OWNER number and year of issuance, A.M. June 01, 2011 ----------------------------------------- 850-307-4823. All types of OAKWOOD LAKES the description of the property, Dated this 15th day of June, Description of Property- upholstery, large fabric selec- and the names in which it was $12,500 EMPLOYMENT tions. Free quotes. 15wds tfc Beautiful Lakefront wooded assessed are as follows: 2017. COM AT THE SW/C OF THE 1/28.2016 lot. Call JD Merchant at 334- SE1/4 OF SEC 26-5N-20W LAND SURVEY CREW NEED- ----------------------------------------- 406-2077 or 800-749-7252. tfc Certificate No.- 2111 ALEX ALFORD THENCE E ALONG S SEC ED. Call 850.231.6300. tfc YARD WORK, raking, pruning 4/28/2016 Year of Issuance- CLERK OF COURTS AND LINE 1670 FT, N 13 DEG W 6/29 and landscaping ideas. Will ----------------------------------------- June 01, 2015 COUNTY COMPTROLLER 336FT THENCE E ALONG ----------------------------------------- haul away. 850-323-2025. tfc ATTENTION I-10/285 Inter- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA THE N LINE OF CANEY 6 TEMP POSITIONS: Ag. 1/2617 change Employees! NEW, 4 Br, Description of Property- LOT /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON CREEK CHURCH PROPERTY Equip. Opr. 08/03/17 to ----------------------------------------- 2Ba, 2 CAR garage. Homes on 40 WATERSOUND BEACH Deputy Clerk 358FT TO THE NE/C OF THE 12/01/2017. We offer $11.27 COMMERCIAL nice, level, wide lots! Qualifying PH 3 PB 15-62 OR 2619-250 (seal) PROPERTY DESC IN DB 80- p/hr at time work is performed. Buyers can move in with very OR 2637-1085 OR 2770-116 344 FOR THE POB THENCE Wage rate may increase w/ little cash and in many cases OR 2891-1707 OR 2913-2323 4tc: June 22, 29; July 6, 13, S 328FT TO THE SE/C OF verifiable exper. w/ the compa- NICE COMMERCIAL BUILD- pay less than rent. Built by one OR 2924-842 2017 372Y CANEY CREEK CHURCH ny. 48 hrs p/wk. ¾ guarantee, ING. $1,000.00 a month. 188 of the area’s BEST Builders. ----------------------------------------- PROPERTY THENCE E 200FT transp. & subsistence expenses N. 9th Street. High traffic area. Located approximately 12 miles Parcel ID No.- CASE NO: 2017-0288TD THENCE N 328FT M OR L TO to worksite pd after 50% com- 1,800 SQ. FT. Hwy. 83 North in from this interchange. ALSO 20-3S-18-16012-000-0400 A POINT LYING 200 FT E OF pletion of contract, or earlier Town. Ken 892-2442. 20wds tfc - Land - with creek and river Base Bids - $5,623.00 NOTICE OF APPLICATION THE POB THENCE W 200FT if appropriate. Housing, tools, 3/23 frontage. Mildred C. Heaton FOR TAX DEED M OR L TO THE POB OR equip. provided at no cost. ----------------------------------------- Realty, Inc. 850-582-3806 Or Name in which assessed - 2630-4941 OR 2729-2021 Duties: drive/operate dump FOR LEASE, WALTON BUSI- e-mail [email protected] tfc KAREN GEIGER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: trucks, tractor/trailers, farm NESS CENTER. Desirable 6.30.2016. 65wds 5T WEALTH PARTNERS LP Parcel ID No.- equip. to haul silage, manure & Corner, Commercial divided ---------------------------------------- All of said property being in the DEPARTMENT #6200, the 26-5N-20-30000-006-0021 gravel for farm driveways; per- office location 1504 FT. Water, County of WALTON, State of holder of the following cer- Base Bids - $1,565.52 form water & manure irrigation; Sewage, Garbage pickup. Fur- LEGALS Florida. tificate has filed said certificate fencing; barn cleaning/ mainte- nished. 4 blocks north of 90 on for a tax deed to be issued Name in which assessed - nance, plumbing, crop spray- 83. $850 month. 850-892-0852. Unless said certificate shall be thereon. The certificate num- ROBBIE EDWARD GILL ing, weed control. Maintain tfc 7/21/2016. 28wds CASE NO: 2017-0235TD redeemed according to Law, ber and year of issuance, the land using mowers, bush hog- ----------------------------------------- the Property described in such description of the property, and All of said property being in the ger, weed-eaters, chainsaws, PROPERTY NOTICE OF APPLICATION Certificate shall be sold to the the names in which it was as- County of WALTON, State of rock pickers. Cut, rake, bail hay FOR TAX DEED highest bidder, at www.walton. sessed are as follows: Florida. & forage silage. Lubricate/re- LISTINGS on the 25th pair farm machinery; transport NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: day of July, 2017 at 11:00 Certificate No.- 4241 Unless said certificate shall be crops to storage. Min. 3 mos WE ARE LOOKING for proper- INVESTAX LLC, the holder A.M. Year of Issuance- redeemed according to Law, exper. Able to lift 60 lbs. Able ties listing and property man- of the following certificate has June 01, 2010 the Property described in such to obtain a driver’s license w/in agements and sales. Call J.D. filed said certificate for a tax Dated this 7th day of June, Certificate shall be sold to the 30-90 days of hire. No min ed. Merchant @ Penn Signature deed to be issued thereon. The 2017. Description of Property- highest bidder, at www.walton. required. Post-hire drug screen Properties. 1-334-406-2077. certificate number and year of LONG DESC AS RECORDED on the 3rd & criminal backgr. check may 19wds 5/19.2016 issuance, the description of ALEX ALFORD IN OR 121-210 BEING LOT day of August, 2017 at 11:00 be required & administered at ----------------------------------------- the property, and the names in CLERK OF COURTS AND 6 OF EDEN ACRES UNRE- A.M. employer’s expense. Mountain which it was assessed are as COUNTY COMPTROLLER CORDED S/D OF LOT 14 View Farms, Chatham, VA. Ap- FOR RENT follows: WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA SANTA ROSA PLANTATION Dated this 13th day of June, ply at VEC, 434-363-6671, Job /s/ By: SAM KELLEY OR 2320-1808 OR 2656-617 2017. order #1089959. 161 MOSSY HEAD. 3/2 mobile Certificate No.- 2707 Deputy Clerk ----------------------------------------- home. Well maintained, coun- Year of Issuance- (seal) Parcel ID No.- ALEX ALFORD LABORER for large asphalt try living. $600. References, No June 01, 2010 24-2S-20-33040-000-0060 CLERK OF COURTS AND company. Must be able to pass pets/No HUD. (850)225-0949. 4tc: June 15, 22, 29; July 6, Base Bids - $3,196.04 COUNTY COMPTROLLER a Federal background check 2tp 6/29-71/1.2017 Description of Property- LOT 2017 355Y WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA and pre-employment drug test. ----------------------------------------- 24 ORCHARD AT HAMMOCK ----------------------------------------- Name in which assessed - /s/ By: SAM KELLEY Must also be able to speak and 2BD/2BA MOBILE HOME BAY PB 16 PG 90 OR 2695- CASE NO: 2017-0269TD DEAN A COX Deputy Clerk understand English; and work 210 Rubens Lane. DeFuniak 3468 (seal) nights and weekends. Medical Spgs. NOTICE OF APPLICATION All of said property being in the & Dental insurance available Fenced yard. Enclosed car- Parcel ID No.- FOR TAX DEED County of WALTON, State of 4tc: June 22, 29; July 6, 13, after 60 Days. Applications be- port. Recently remodeled. Rent 17-1S-19-23050-000-0240 Florida. 2017 375Y ing taken now. Minorities and $625 & $500 Security deposit. Base Bids - $7,640.53 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: ---------------------------------------- Women are encouraged to ap- 699-4476 or 333-6614, tfc FNA FLORIDA, LLC, the hold- Unless said certificate shall be CASE NO: 2017-0278TD ply. CW Roberts Contracting, 6/29/2017 Name in which assessed er of the following certificate redeemed according to Law, Inc, EOE, Drug Free Workplace ----------------------------------------- - BRIDGETT B BRANNON, has filed said certificate for a the Property described in such NOTICE OF APPLICATION FEID: 59-1683951. 62wds tfc 2 BED/1.5 BATH. Mobile home. CATHERINE B BRANNON, tax deed to be issued thereon. Certificate shall be sold to the FOR TAX DEED 11/17/2016 $700. 850.419.5087. tfc 6/5 BRIDGETT BRANNON The certificate number and year highest bidder, at www.walton. ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- of issuance, the description of on the 3rd NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: SEWER MAINTENANCE 3BD/2BA DOUBLEWIDE Mo- All of said property being in the the property, and the names in day of August, 2017 at 11:00 SUNSHINE STATE CERTIFI- WORKER I bile home at 138 East Juniper County of WALTON, State of which it was assessed are as A.M. CATES V LLP, the holder of The City of Freeport has an im- Avenue. 859-2523. Florida. follows: the following certificate has mediate opening for a Sewer ----------------------------------------- Dated this 15th day of June, filed said certificate for a tax Maintenance Worker I. For a 2BR/2BA 2-STORY House. Unless said certificate shall be Certificate No.- 627 2017. deed to be issued thereon. The complete job description and Very private location on 10 redeemed according to Law, Year of Issuance- certificate number and year of application, please contact the acres. Good hunting. Fronts the Property described in such June 01, 2015 ALEX ALFORD issuance, the description of City Clerk at 850-835-2822 or Alaqua Creek.7 miles west of Certificate shall be sold to the CLERK OF COURTS AND the property, and the names in email cityclerk@freeportflorida. Wal-Mart. Private Road. Call highest bidder, at www.walton. Description of Property- COUNTY COMPTROLLER which it was assessed are as gov. Excellent benefit package. Jerry at 850-892-3381. $850 on the 25th COM AT NE/C OF TRACT 22 WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA follows: 112 Hwy 20 West, Freeport, FL mo & $800 dd. No inside pets. day of July, 2017 at 11:00 HOLLEY FAMILY PROPERTY /s/ By: SAM KELLEY 32439. Closing Date: July 21, tfc 6/15.2017.32wds A.M. PH II FOR POB; N 28 DEG Deputy Clerk Certificate No.- 2955 2017. AAP/EEOC, Drug- ----------------------------------------- 06’07”W 198.69FT, S 49 DEG (seal) Year of Issuance- Free. 52wds 3tc 6/29-7/13 MOBILE HOME. 2BD/2BA. Dated this 5th day of June, 05’40’W 123.50FT, S 36 DEG June 01, 2015 ----------------------------------------- $600. a month. 334-406-2077. 2017. 00’51”E 198FT, N 47 DEG 00’E 4tc: June 22, 29; July 6, 13, PETS/SUPPLIES tfc 5.18.2017 96.41FT TO POB *LESS: THE 2017 373Y Description of Property- UNIT ----------------------------------------- ALEX ALFORD S 20FT & THEE 25FT FOR RD ----------------------------------------- 1411 POINTE OF VIEW AND CASE NO: 2017-0289TD CLERK OF COURTS AND OR 2531-1795 OR 2814-1660 A FRACTIONAL INTEREST ANIMAL STERILIZATION HILLTOP TERRACE APTS. COUNTY COMPTROLLER OR 2822-312 OR 2849-3237 IN ALL COMMON AREAS 600 N. 4th St. Florala, Al. Af- ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. fordable housing for the elderly WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA NOTICE OF APPLICATION AND APPURTENANT LIM- (850)329-5655. Call Tuesday 1 bdrm. Central Heat and Air, /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON Parcel ID No.- FOR TAX DEED ITED COMMON ELEMENTS 9-noon to schedule appoint- stove, refrigerator, free laun- Deputy Clerk 07-3N-19-19780-000-0220 AS DESC IN OR 2571-945 OR ments. More info: site google. dry facilities, planned activities. (seal) Base Bids - $2,541.12 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: 2578-1605 OR 2706-3137 OR com/site.asapofwaltoncounty. Based on income. Come by 5T WEALTH PARTNERS LP 2858-4981 OR 2900-3262 15wds tfc 6/12 or call (334)858-4655. Leave 4tc: June 15, 22, 29; July 6, Name in which assessed - DEPARTMENT #6200, the ----------------------------------------- message. Equal Opportunities 2017 353Y SUSAN J SCRUGGS holder of the following cer- Parcel ID No.- BOATS Housing. tfc 4/20/2016 ----------------------------------------- tificate has filed said certificate 25-2S-21-42200-000-1411 ----------------------------------------- CASE NO: 2017-0238TD All of said property being in the for a tax deed to be issued Base Bids - $1,454.10 County of WALTON, State of thereon. The certificate num- RHINO BOATS. Joe’s Mo- NICE 1BR APT. on John White NOTICE OF APPLICATION Florida. ber and year of issuance, the Name in which assessed - tor Services Inc. Hartford, AL Rd. Quiet. Call 850-218-8681 FOR TAX DEED description of the property, and LOUISIANA DESTIN GROUP 334-588-2968, 6.24/2017 or 859-2321 for details. tfc Unless said certificate shall be the names in which it was as- LLC ----------------------------------------- 11/6/2015 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: redeemed according to Law, sessed are as follows: ----------------------------------------- FOR SALE REAL ESTATE MARK H REEDER, the holder the Property described in such Certificate No.- 2076 All of said property being in the of the following certificate has County of WALTON, State of Certificate shall be sold to the I HAVE 350 DVD’S for sale. filed said certificate for a tax highest bidder, at www.walton. Year of Issuance- Florida. on the 25th June 01, 2010 deed to be issued thereon. The $200 buys all. Call (850) 951- BEAUTIFUL JUNIPER LAKE certificate number and year of day of July, 2017 at 11:00 Unless said certificate shall be 0857. 2tp 7/6-7/13. home located approx. 5 miles issuance, the description of A.M. Description of Property- redeemed according to Law, ----------------------------------------- north of DeFuniak Springs the property, and the names in LOT 8 BLK A WINDSWEPT the Property described in such HUSQVARNA RIDING on 1.14 scenic North Shores which it was assessed are as Dated this 5th day of June, ESTATES PH 2 PB 16-4 OR Certificate shall be sold to the LAWN MOWERS Acres. Property has 2,872 sq. follows: 2017. 2640-380 OR 2656-846 OR highest bidder, at www.walton. (1) 48” cut. 24 H.P. Very good ft. 3bd/2.5ba home that fea- 2664-1152 on the 19th condition, reinforced cutting tures a great room with 18’ Certificate No.- 2943 ALEX ALFORD day of August, 2017 at 11:00 deck. 219 hr. $1,100. OBO. ceiling. Family room, a game Year of Issuance- CLERK OF COURTS AND Parcel ID No.- A.M. 419-4519. 20wds room, and green house. A de- June 01, 2015 COUNTY COMPTROLLER 15-1S-18-14020-00A-0080 ----------------------------------------- attached 2-car garage and has WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA Base Bids - $2,371.52 Dated this 19th day of June, Description of Property- N1/2 /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON 2017. OF SW1/4 OF NW1/4 Deputy Clerk Name in which assessed - BRANDI’S ATTIC (seal) DEVIN B COOK, DAN FEITZ ALEX ALFORD SELF-SERVICE MINISTORAGE Parcel ID No.- 4tc: June 15, 22, 29; July 6, All of said property being in the CLERK OF COURTS AND 25-1S-19-23000-003-0000 COUNTY COMPTROLLER 835-2850 Base Bids - $1,239.44 2017 356Y County of WALTON, State of WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA ----------------------------------------- /s/ By: KATHY DOUGLASS Florida. 1/2 Mile N. of Bay Bridge on Name in which assessed - CASE NO: 2017-0286TD Deputy Clerk 331 or 5 Miles S. of Freeport JOEL SANDERSON ESTATE Unless said certificate shall be (seal) 5x10 - $25 to 10x20 - $80 OF C/O DEVOE SANDER- NOTICE OF APPLICATION redeemed according to Law, Well Lighted & Secure Area SON FOR TAX DEED the Property described in such 4tc: June 29; July 6, 13, 20, Manager Lives On Location All of said property being in the NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Certificate shall be sold to the 2017 388Y ----------------------------------------- highest bidder, at www.walton. County of WALTON, State of FLORIDA TAX LIEN ASSETS on the 3rd CASE NO: 2017-0287TD Florida. IV LLC, the holder of the fol- day of August, 2017 at 11:00 lowing certificate has filed said A.M. NOTICE OF APPLICATION Unless said certificate shall be certificate for a tax deed to be FOR TAX DEED redeemed according to Law, issued thereon. The certificate Dated this 15th day of June, the Property described in such number and year of issuance, 2017. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Certificate shall be sold to the the description of the property, TWR AS CST FOR EBURY highest bidder, at www.walton. and the names in which it was ALEX ALFORD FUND FL15 LLC, the holder on the 25th assessed are as follows: CLERK OF COURTS AND of the following certificate has day of July, 2017 at 11:00 COUNTY COMPTROLLER filed said certificate for a tax A.M. Certificate No.- 2664 WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA deed to be issued thereon. The Year of Issuance- /s/ By: SAM KELLEY certificate number and year of Dated this 8th day of June, June 01, 2010 Deputy Clerk issuance, the description of 2017. (seal) the property, and the names in Description of Property- LOT which it was assessed are as ALEX ALFORD 30 GARDENS AT HAMMOCK 4tc: June 22, 29; July 6, 13, follows: CLERK OF COURTS AND BAY PB 16 PG 86 OR 2695- 2017 374Y

PAGE 2 • JuLY 6 2017 THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 7-C Certificate No.- 912 Year of Issuance- IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF court appearance, or immedi- located at 31 Coastal Centre Infill on +/- 1.125 AC. The proj- Year of Issuance- June 01, 2015 THE FIRST JUDICIAL ately upon receiving this no- Boulevard, Santa Rosa Beach, ect is located at Driftwood Road June 01, 2015 CIRCUIT IN AND FOR tification if the time before the Florida 32459 beginning at in Miramar Beach and identified Description of Property- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA scheduled appearance is less 5:00 pm, to hear the following by parcel number(s) 30-2S-21- Description of Property- COM AT SE/C OF BLK1 GENERAL JURISDICTION than 7 days; if you are hearing items: 42290-000-0930. (Continued TRACT L NATUREWALK AT HARBESON LUMBER CO S/D DIVISION or voice impaired, call 711. from June 8, 2017 PC meet- SEAGROVE PB 17-34 RE- AND RUN N 10DEG 30’00”E Case No. 16000152CAAXMX QUASI-JUDICIAL ITEMS: ing) PLAT IN PB 18-8 OR 2844- ALG E LINE OF SAID BLK1 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 4426 OR 2952-347 &-357 A DIST OF 66.5 FT TO POINT U.S. Bank National Asso- 398Y Beachwood Estates – Re- Indian Woman Subdivision ON N/LY ROW LINE OF US ciation, as Trustee for Resi- ----------------------------------------- quest to approve by final order. – Request to approve by fi- Parcel ID No.- HWY 90 AND POB THENCE dential Funding Mortgage IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Project number 17-00100010 is nal order. Project number 16- 11-3S-19-25010-000-00K1 CONT N 10DEG30’ 00”E ALG Securities I, Inc., Mortgage FOR WALTON COUNTY, being reviewed by Tim Brown. 00100202 is being reviewed Base Bids - $43,668.60 E LINE 1194.67 FT THENCE Pass-Through Certificates, FLORIDA This is a major development by Bob Baronti. This is a major S 79DEG38’35”E 250.0 FT Series 2006-SA2, PROBATE DIVISION order application submitted development order application Name in which assessed - THENCE S 10DEG30’00”W File No. 66-2017-CP-46 by Dewberry|Preble-Rish, re- submitted by Jenkins Engi- NEW NATUREWALK LLC C/O 1195.42 FT TO POINT ON Plaintiff, Division questing to develop 22 residen- neering, Inc. on behalf of Doma US BANK NATIONAL ASSOC. SAID ROW LINE THENCE N tial lots on 3.37 acres with a fu- Development & Design re- ATTN: DAVID JAE 79DEG28’35”W ALG ROW vs. IN RE: ESTATE OF ture land use of Neighborhood questing approval to construct LINE 250.0 FT TO POB OR BETTY L. BRUNKE Infill. The project is located at 31+/- single family lots on All of said property being in the 2590-951 OR2656-496 OR Greenien D. Hodder; Un- the west end of Rachel Road, 9.79+/- acres with a future land County of WALTON, State of 2722-1810 & 1812 OR 2801- known Spouse of Greenien Deceased. west of Sugar Drive and south use of Neighborhood Infill. The Florida. 3500 D. Hodder; JPMorgan Chase of U.S. Highway 98, and is project is located from the in- Bank, National Association; NOTICE TO CREDITORS identified by parcel number(s) tersection of Highway 393 and Unless said certificate shall be Parcel ID No.- Tops’l Master Association, 33-2S-20-33260-046-0000. Chat Holly Rd. turning north to redeemed according to Law, 21-3N-19-19000-024-0000 Inc., The administration of the (Continued from June 8, 2017 1297 Indian Woman Road and the Property described in such Base Bids - $3,542.00 estate of Betty L. Brunke, de- PC meeting) identified by parcel number(s) Certificate shall be sold to the Defendants. ceased, whose date of death 14-2S-20-33150-000-0440. highest bidder, at www.walton. Name in which assessed - was December 23, 2016, is Azzurro Condominium – Re- (Continued from June 8, 2017 on the 8th AUTOMOTIVE CORE SUP- NOTICE OF pending in the Circuit Court quest to approve by final order. PC meeting) day of August, 2017 at 11:00 PLY OF FLORIDA LLC FORECLOSURE SALE for Walton County, Florida, Project number 17-00100035 A.M. Probate Division, the address is being reviewed by Bob Bar- Yellow House 30A, LLC SSA All of said property being in the NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- of which is Walton County onti. This is a major develop- – Request to approve by or- Dated this 19th day of June, County of WALTON, State of EN pursuant to a Final Judg- Courthouse, Probate Division, ment application submitted by dinance. Project number 17- 2017. Florida. ment of Foreclosure dated Room 208, 571 U.S. Highway Emerald Coast Associates on 00700003 is being reviewed June 1, 2017, entered in Case 90 East, DeFuniak Springs, behalf of Clif Harbour request- by Bob Baronti. This is a small ALEX ALFORD Unless said certificate shall be No. 16000152CAAXMX of the Florida 32433. The names and ing approval to construct a 4 scale amendment applica- CLERK OF COURTS AND redeemed according to Law, Circuit Court of the First Judi- addresses of the personal rep- story 12 unit condominium on tion submitted by the Walton COUNTY COMPTROLLER the Property described in such cial Circuit, in and for Walton resentative and the personal 3.11 acres with a future land County Board of Commission- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA Certificate shall be sold to the County, Florida, wherein U.S. representative’s attorney are use of Neighborhood Infill. The ers on behalf of Christine Tay- /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON highest bidder, at www.walton. Bank National Association, as set forth below. project is located 0.50 miles lor requesting an amendment Deputy Clerk on the 8th Trustee for Residential Fund- All creditors of the dece- south of the intersection of of the Future Land Use Cat- (seal) day of August, 2017 at 11:00 ing Mortgage Securities I, Inc., dent and other persons hav- Lakewood Dr. and W. Co. High- egory designation for the sub- A.M. Mortgage Pass-Through Cer- ing claims or demands against way CR30-A, on the west side ject property from Residential 4tc: June 29; July 6, 13, 20, tificates, Series 2006-SA2 is decedent’s estate on whom a of Beachside Dr. and identified Preservation to Neighborhood 2017 389Y Dated this 19th day of June, the Plaintiff and Greenien D. copy of this notice is required by parcel number(s) 19-3S-18 Commercial. The project is lo- ----------------------------------------- 2017. Hodder; Unknown Spouse of to be served must file their -16080-000-0162. (Continued cated on the southeast corner CASE NO: 2017-0294TD Greenien D. Hodder; JPMor- claims with this court ON OR from June 8, 2017 PC meet- of County Highway 30A and ALEX ALFORD gan Chase Bank, National As- BEFORE THE LATER OF 3 ing) County Highway 83 intersec- NOTICE OF APPLICATION CLERK OF COURTS AND sociation; Tops’l Master Associ- MONTHS AFTER THE TIME tion and identified by parcel FOR TAX DEED COUNTY COMPTROLLER ation, Inc. are the Defendants, OF THE FIRST PUBLICA- Gulf Atlantic Electric Ware- number(s) 12-3S-20-34040- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA that Alex Alford, Walton County TION OF THIS NOTICE OR house – Request to approve 001-0100. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON Clerk of Court will sell to the 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE by final order. Project number TWR AS CST FOR EBURY Deputy Clerk highest and best bidder for OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF 17-00100036 is being reviewed Sand Dollar Court Subdivi- FUND FL15 LLC, the holder (seal) cash by electronic sale at www. THIS NOTICE ON THEM. by Bob Baronti. This is a major sion – Request to approve by of the following certificate has, be- All other creditors of the de- development order application final order. Project number 17- filed said certificate for a tax 4tc: June 29; July 6, 13, 20, ginning at 11:00 AM on the 17th cedent and other persons hav- submitted by Emerald Coast 00100001 is being reviewed deed to be issued thereon. The 2017 391Y day of July, 2017, the following ing claims or demands against Associates on behalf of Mi- by Rita Banhunyadi. This is a certificate number and year of ----------------------------------------- described property as set forth decedent’s estate must file their chael Reny requesting approv- major development order appli- issuance, the description of CASE NO: 2017-0297TD in said Final Judgment, to wit: claims with this court WITHIN 3 al to construct 14,200 sf. office/ cation submitted by Dewberry/ the property, and the names in MONTHS AFTER THE DATE warehouse space located on Preble-Rish on behalf of Bryan which it was assessed are as NOTICE OF APPLICATION UNIT 106, CAPTIVA AT OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION 1.14 acres with a future land E. Duke requesting approval to follows: FOR TAX DEED TOPS’L, A TOWNHOUSE & OF THIS NOTICE. use of Business Park. The develop a four lot residential PATIO HOME PLANNED UNIT ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED project is located from intersec- subdivision on 0.69 acres, each Certificate No.- 3029 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: DEVELOPMENT, ACCORD- WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS tion of Serenoa Rd. and High- lot consisting of 0.17 acres with Year of Issuance- TWR AS CST FOR EBURY ING TO THE PLAT THEREOF SET FORTH IN FLORIDA way 98, then North on Serenoa a future land use of Neighbor- June 01, 2015 FUND FL15 LLC, the holder RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK STATUTES SECTION 733.702 Rd. to Lot 10 and identified to hood Infill. The project is locat- of the following certificate has 12, PAGE 19, PUBLIC RE- WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. parcel number(s) 05-3S-18- ed north of Sand Dollar Court, Description of Property- E filed said certificate for a tax CORDS OF WALTON COUN- NOTWITHSTANDING THE 16010-000-0100. (Continued approximately 450 ft. east of 70FT OF W 85FT OF N 180FT deed to be issued thereon. The TY, FLORIDA. TIME PERIODS SET FORTH from June 8, 2017 PC meet- Somerset Bridge Road and OF BLK 1542 TOWN OF DE- certificate number and year of ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED ing) identified by parcel number(s) FUNIAK SUBJECT TO RD issuance, the description of Any person claiming an inter- TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE 24-3S-19-25120-000-0060. ROW ACROSS THE N 30FT the property, and the names in est in the surplus from the sale, AFTER THE DECEDENT’S Lot 16 South Walton Com- THEREOF OR 38-451 OR which it was assessed are as if any, other than the property DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. merce Park – Request to ap- Santa Rosa Beach Cow – Re- 2862-4348 OR 2883-3931 follows: owner as of the date of the lis prove by final order. Project quest to approve by final order. pendens must file a claim with- The date of first publication number 16-00100201 is being Project number 17-00100052 Parcel ID No.- Certificate No.- 1219 in 60 days after the sale. of this notice is June 29, 2017. reviewed by Bob Baronti. This is being reviewed by Renee 25-3N-19-19070-001-5425 Year of Issuance- is a major development order Bradley. This is a major de- Base Bids - $2,592.08 June 01, 2015 Dated this 22ND day of JUNE, Attorney for application submitted by ECM velopment order application 2017. Personal Representative: on behalf of Holditch Holings, submitted by Verizon Wireless Name in which assessed - Description of Property- Lauren N. Richardson, for the LLC requesting the approval of on behalf of Serra Holdings ANGELA LINDSEY TOWN OF FREEPORT LOT 6 BROCK & SCOTT, PLLC Firm 7,900 sf, of wholesale storage LLC, requesting approval to S OF BRANCH IN BLK 19+ A Attorney for Plaintiff Attorney for Petitioner with a future land use of Busi- build a temporary communica- All of said property being in the STRIP OFF E END OF LOTS 3 1501 N.W. 49th Street, Suite Florida Bar Number:0083119 ness Park on 0.78+/- acres. tion tower measuring 120 feet County of WALTON, State of + 4 RUNNING ALONG A CON- 200 2233 NW 41st Street, This project is located 4 miles tall with a shelter consisting of Florida. TINUATION OF S LINE OF Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Suite 400-D east of the intersection of US98 20’ x 20’, and a 30’ wide ac- LOT 6 BETWEEN THAT LOT Phone: (954) 618-6955, Gainesville, FL 32606 and CR395, turn north on cess/utility easement on 2.513 Unless said certificate shall be + LOT 15 TO PT ENDING AT E ext. 6177 Telephone: (352) 204-2224 Serenoa Rd then go 0.08 miles acres with a future land use of redeemed according to Law, LINE OF LOT 3 AND S 25 FT Fax: (954) 618-6954 Fax: (352) 204-2225 north the project is on the right Neighborhood Infill. The proj- the Property described in such TO TAYLOR ST ADJACENT FLCourtDocs@brockandscott. E-Mail: lauren@laurenrichard- and is identified by parcel(s) ect is located at 228 Sea Croft Certificate shall be sold to the TO AND N OF ABOVE DESC com number 05-3S-18-16010-000- Drive in Santa Rosa Beach and highest bidder, at www.walton. OR 1538-107 OR 1553-251 /s/ By: Secondary E-Mail: 0160. (Continued from June identified by parcel number(s) on the 8th KATHLEEN MCCARTHY logan@laurenrichardsonlaw. 8, 2017 PC meeting) 02-3S-20-34160-000-0050. day of August, 2017 at 11:00 Parcel ID No.- Kathleen McCarthy, Esq. com A.M. 15-1S-19-23040-000-0060 Florida Bar No. 72161 Piper’s Place – Request to Old Florida Village Ph. II PUD Base Bids - $20,157.15 Personal Representative: approve by final order. Proj- Amendment – Request to ap- Dated this 19th day of June, If you are a person with a dis- Carol L. Wing ect number 16-00100073 being prove by final order. Project 2017. Name in which assessed - ability who needs any accom- 189 Las Roblas Grande Drive reviewed by Rita Banhunyadi. number 17-00100014 is being ECKIE CASWELL, KIM CAS- modation in order to participate Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 This is a major development reviewed by Bob Baronti. This ALEX ALFORD WELL in this proceeding, you are en- order application submitted by is a major development order CLERK OF COURTS AND titled, at no cost to you, to the 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 Core Engineering & Consulting application submitted by Em- COUNTY COMPTROLLER All of said property being in the provision of certain assistance. 399Y on behalf of Gulf Beach Rent- erald Coast Associates Inc. on WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA County of WALTON, State of Please contact Court Admin- ----------------------------------------- als LLC., for a development of behalf of Max Mathews request- /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON Florida. istration, ADA Liaison, Walton NOTICE OF 6 single family homes with a fu- ing approval to amend Phase II Deputy Clerk County, 571 Highway 90 East, PUBLIC HEARING ture land use of Neighborhood of the PUD for Old Florida Vil- (seal) Unless said certificate shall be DeFuniak Springs, Florida redeemed according to Law, 32433, Phone (850) 595-4400 The Walton County Planning 4tc: June 29; July 6, 13, 20, the Property described in such Fax (850) 595-0360 (Escambia Commission will hold a pub- 2017 390Y Certificate shall be sold to the County handles calls), ADA. lic hearing on Thursday, July ----------------------------------------- highest bidder, at www.walton. Walton@flcourts1.govat least 13, 2017, at the South Walton Of mostly pasture. CASE NO: 2017-0296TD on the 8th 7 days before your scheduled County Courthouse Annex 3/2 Brick house day of August, 2017 at 11:00 NOTICE OF APPLICATION A.M. and Guest House, FOR TAX DEED Oversized garage, Dated this 19th day of June, Giant 1,500 sqft NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: 2017. TWR AS CST FOR EBURY back porch with FUND FL15 LLC, the holder ALEX ALFORD fireplace, 7,000 sqft total under roof., 3 ponds, of the following certificate has CLERK OF COURTS AND huge barn. filed said certificate for a tax COUNTY COMPTROLLER deed to be issued thereon. The WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA certificate number and year of /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON 2 cleared level aces on Walton Rd issuance, the description of Deputy Clerk the property, and the names in (seal) which it was assessed are as 850-951-2703 follows: 4tc: June 29; July 6, 13, 20, 2017 392Y Certificate No.- 2147 ----------------------------------------- Charlie McKinley • Philip Anderson ................................. $195 Down & $195 Month ........ $399 Down & $399 Month ...... $315 Down & $315 Month .................... $100 Down & $100 Month ............... $150 Down & $150 Month ........... $450 Down & $450 Month LARGER ACREAGE AVAILABLE, SOME OWNER FINANCED! CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 8-C PAGE 3 • JuLY 6 2017 lage by removing office space (IBTNP) Land Use Map des- 03-3S-20-34000-001-0040 and decedent and other persons 35-4N-21-38010-000-0040 all bids. and adding 21 multifamily units ignation from Residential to 03-3S-20-34223-000-0031. who have claims or demands Base Bids - $1,882.62 and pool with a future land use Neighborhood Commercial against the decedent=s estate, Kimberly Taylor - Unit 26 of Small Neighborhood on 3.40 in the Inlet Beach Traditional Proposed project(s) or plan including unmatured, contin- Name in which assessed - acres. This project is located Neighborhood Plan, and up- amendment(s) may be inspect- gent or unliquidated claims, BEAN REVOCABLE TRUST Maria Russell - Unit 102 at the intersection of Hidden date the Inlet Beach Traditional ed by the public from 7:00 AM must file their claims with this Lake Circle and CR 30-A on Neighborhood Plan Appendix to 5:30 PM, Monday through Court WITHIN THREE (3) All of said property being in the Jennifer Spaid - Unit 167 the north side of CR 30-A and D: Neighborhood Commercial Friday at Walton County Plan- MONTHS AFTER THE DATE County of WALTON, State of identified by parcel(s) number Designations to reflect the map ning and Development Servic- OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION Florida. Crystal Adams - Unit 194 02-3S-20-34300-00C-0010. amendment of parcel .0621 on es located at 31 Coastal Cen- OF THIS NOTICE. +/- 1.19. The project is located ter Blvd, Suite 100, Santa Rosa Unless said certificate shall be Lorna Layman - Unit 518 Ocean Estates SSA – Re- on the east side of North Wall Beach, FL 32549 or 47 North ALL CLAIMS NOT SO redeemed according to Law, quest to approve by ordinance. Street, north of U.S. Highway 6th Street, DeFuniak Springs, FILED WITHIN THE TIME the Property described in such Christopher Sanders - Unit 530 Project number 16-00600018 98 East and south of Pinewood FL 32435. PERIODS SET FORTH IN Certificate shall be sold to the is being reviewed by Christine Lane, and is identified by par- SECTION 733.702, FLORIDA highest bidder, at www.walton. 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 412Y Sammelmann. This is a small cel number 36-3S-18-16100- Interested parties may ap- STATUTES (PROBATE CODE) on the 17th- ----------------------------------------- scale amendment application 000-0621. pear at the public hearing and WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. day of August, 2017 at 11:00 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE submitted by McNeil Carroll En- be heard with respect to the A.M. gineering, requesting to amend QUASI-JUDICIAL ITEMS: proposed project(s) or plan NOTWITHSTANDING THE AMERICAN SELF STORAGE the Future Land Use designa- amendment(s). TIME PERIODS SET FORTH Dated this 21st day of June, 2, 3734 HIGHWAY 331 SOUTH tion from Residential Preserva- St. Clair ROW Abandon- ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED 2017. DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FL. tion to Low Density Residential ment – Request to approve by In accordance with Sec- TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE 32435 on 8.29 acres. The project is resolution. Project number 17- tion 286.26, Florida Statutes, AFTER THE DECEDENT=S ALEX ALFORD located South on Thompson 00800002 is being reviewed whenever any board or com- DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. CLERK OF COURTS AND PURSUANT TO THE PRO- Rd. from Hwy 98 0.075 miles by Bob Baronti. This is a pe- missioner of any state agency COUNTY COMPTROLLER VISIONS OF THE FLORIDA with the property on the left tition for abandonment appli- or authority, or of any agency The date of the first publica- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA STATUTES 83.001 THROUGH side of the road and identified cation submitted by Emerald or authority of any county, mu- tion of this Notice is JUNE 29, /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON 83.809, HEREBY GIVE NO- by parcel number(s) 34-2S-20- Coast Associates on behalf of nicipal corporation, or other 2017. Deputy Clerk TICE OF SALE UNDER SAID 33270-051-0000. Beverly and John St. Clair, re- political subdivision, which has (seal) ACT SHALL BE CONDUCT- questing the abandonment of 7 scheduled a meeting at which Attorney for ED IN A COMMERCIALLY The Planning Commission will ft. of easement adjacent to Lot official acts are to be taken re- Personal Representative: 4tc: July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017 REASONABLE MANNER AS make a recommendation to 1, Block 6, of the amended plat ceives, at least 48 hours prior to William S. Howell, Jr., Esquire 407Y THE TERM USED IN SEC- the Board of County Commis- of Daugettes First Addition to the meeting, a written request Florida Bar No. 394040 ----------------------------------------- TION 679.504(3) TO BE WIT- sioners regarding these items Choctawhatchee Beach with a by a physically handicapped 1727 S. Co. Hwy 393 NOTICE OF APPLICATION NESSED ON WEDNESDAY either to approve, approve future land use of Residential person to attend the meeting, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida FOR WATER USE PERMIT JULY 26, 2017 AT 10:00 A.M. with conditions or to deny. Any Preservation. The project is directed to the chairperson or 32459 agenda item that is tabled will located at the intersection of director of such board, com- (850) 622-0529 Notice is hereby given that UNIT D-37 CHARLES DUKE be scheduled for a future Plan- Little Canal Drive and Ricker mission, agency, or authority, Primary Email: pursuant to Chapter 373, - PLASTIC TOTES, BOXES, ning Commission meeting and Avenue from Hwy 98 and CR such chairperson or director [email protected] Florida Statutes, the following FISHING POLES, CHRIST- will not go forward to the Board 283 north and identified by par- shall provide a manner by Secondary Email: application(s) for water use MAS DECORATIONS, FILE of County Commissioners un- cel number(s) 28-2S-19-24050- which such person may attend [email protected] permit(s) has (have) been re- CABINETS, & MISC ITEMS. til the Planning Commission 006-0020. (Continued from the meeting at its scheduled ceived by the Northwest Florida makes a recommendation. June 20, 2017 BCC meeting) site or reschedule the meeting Ancillary Water Management District: UNIT D-72 DEWEY WILLIAMS to a site which would be acces- Personal Representative: - MATTRESSES, CLOTH- Proposed project(s) or plan Magnolia Cottages By The sible to such person. Anthony Chancellor Whitton Application Number 2E-131- ING, BROOMS, STEPLAD- amendment(s) may be inspect- Sea Ph. 2 Replat – Request to 351Spring Willow Drive 5275-2 filed June 27, 2017. DER, DEER HEAD, HUNTING ed by the public from 7:00 AM approve by final mylar. Project In accordance with Section Sugar Hill, GA 30518 Leebaw Manufacturing Compa- ITEMS, BED FRAMES, TV, & to 5:30 PM, Monday through number 17-00300012 is being 286.0105, Florida Statutes, all ny, P.O. Box 553, Canfield, OH MISC ITEMS. Friday at Walton County Plan- reviewed by Rita Banhunyadi. persons are advised that, if a 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 44406-0553. Requesting an ning and Development Servic- This is a plat application sub- person decides to appeal any 404Y average withdrawal of 290 gal- 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 413Y es located at 31 Coastal Cen- mitted by Emerald Coast Asso- decision made by the board, ----------------------------------------- lons per day from the Floridan ----------------------------------------- ter Blvd, Suite 100, Santa Rosa ciates, Inc. on behalf of Creek agency, or commission with re- CASE NO: 2017-0301TD Aquifer (Undiff) for Public Sup- NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Beach, FL 32549 or 47 North Park, LLC requesting to re-plat spect to any matter considered ply use by an existing facility. INTENT TO FORECLOSE 6th Street, DeFuniak Springs, Lot 1 Block D to create new at such meeting or hearing, NOTICE OF APPLICATION General withdrawal location(s) FL 32435. preservation area on 19.76 he or she will need a record of FOR TAX DEED in Walton County: Section 35, Gasdick Stanton Early, P.A. acres with a future land use the proceedings, and that, for Township 2S, Range 20W. has been appointed as Trustee Interested parties may ap- of Traditional Neighborhood such purpose, he or she may NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: by WYNDHAM VACATION pear at the public hearing and Development. The project is lo- need to ensure that a verbatim FOUNDATION LLC, the holder Interested persons may submit RESORTS, INC. for the pur- be heard with respect to the cated on the north side of CR- record of the proceedings is of the following certificate has written comments/objection or poses of instituting a Trustee proposed project(s) or plan 30A at Seacrest and identified made, which record includes filed said certificate for a tax submit a written request for the Foreclosure and Sale under amendment(s). by parcel number 28-3S-18- the testimony and evidence deed to be issued thereon. The notice of proposed agency ac- Fla. Stat. §721.856. The fol- 16191-00D-0010. upon which the appeal is to be certificate number and year of tion (NOPAA) regarding the ap- lowing owners are hereby no- In accordance with Sec- based. issuance, the description of plication by writing to: Division tified that you are in default of tion 286.26, Florida Statutes, Carson Oaks 1st Addition the property, and the names in of Regulatory Services, North- the note and mortgage for the whenever any board or com- Replat – Request to approve Please be advised accordingly. which it was assessed are as west Florida Water Manage- following properties located in missioner of any state agency by final mylar. Project number follows: ment District, Attn: Terri Peter- Walton County, Florida: or authority, or of any agency 17-00300011 is being reviewed 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 son, 152 Water Management or authority of any county, mu- by Jason Catalano. This is a 401Y Certificate No.- 444 Drive, Havana, Florida 32333. Contract Number: nicipal corporation, or other plat application submitted by ----------------------------------------- Year of Issuance- A NOPAA will be mailed only 1261516991 - JAMES E. political subdivision, which has Emerald Coast Associates, NOTICE OF SPECIAL June 01, 2010 to persons who have filed such HOWARD, JR., 8731 STONE scheduled a meeting at which Inc., on behalf of Huff Homes MEETING FOR EXECUTIVE requests. A NOPAA must be re- HILL PL, SPRINGFIELD, VA official acts are to be taken re- of Florida, LLC and William & SESSION Description of Property- LOT quested in order to be advised 22153-1718; Principal Bal- ceives, at least 48 hours prior to Shelia Clemens, requesting ap- 3 PALMETTO PLACE PH 2 of further proceedings and any ance: $22,516.51; Interest: the meeting, a written request proval to shift the South prop- Take notice that the Walton PB 17-57 OR 2719-3436 public hearing date. Written $3,549.68; Late Charges: by a physically handicapped erty line of Lot 14 that is com- County Board of County Com- comments/objection or NOPAA $30.00; TOTAL: $26,096.19 person to attend the meeting, mon with Lot 15 approximately missioners will hold a SPECIAL Parcel ID No.- requests must be received by through 02/09/2017 (per diem: directed to the chairperson or 15 feet South on +/-.354 acres MEETING and a closed EXEC- 03-1S-19-23111-000-0030 5:00 p.m. ET, within 14 days of $11.10/day thereafter). An un- director of such board, com- with a future land use of Neigh- UTIVE SESSION on July 11, Base Bids - $4,011.72 publication of this notice of ap- divided 211,000/101,072,000 mission, agency, or authority, borhood Infill. The project is lo- 2017, beginning at 3:00 p.m., plication. interest in the “SEVENTH” such chairperson or director cated from U.S. Hwy. 98 West, or as soon as possible after Name in which assessed FLOOR; Annual/allocated shall provide a manner by go North Mack Bayou Rd, ap- that time, at the South Walton - TANYA BANKS-WICHTER- No further public notice will be 211,000 Points as defined in which such person may attend proximately 1.3 miles, located Courthouse Annex located at MAN provided regarding this applica- the Declaration for use in Each the meeting at its scheduled on the West side of the road, 31 Coastal Centre Blvd., Santa tion. Publication of this notice year(s). site or reschedule the meeting 55 Carson Court and identified Rosa Beach, Florida to discuss All of said property being in the constitutes constructive notice to a site which would be acces- by parcel number(s) 24-2S-21 the following: County of WALTON, State of of the permit application to all Contract Number: sible to such person. -42721-000-0140 & 24-2S-21- Florida. substantially affected persons. 2001504885 - JOSEPH PARK- 42721-000-0150. In Re: Harry A. Laird, IV v. ER and DEANDREA PARK- In accordance with Section Walton County, 3:15-cv-00394 Unless said certificate shall be 1tc: July 6, 2017 408Y ER, 18116 CLAUDETTE DR, 286.0105, Florida Statutes, all Gailey Estates Plat – Request -MCR-CJK redeemed according to Law, ----------------------------------------- ZACHARY, LA 70791-8232; persons are advised that, if a to continue to the August 8, the Property described in such NOTICE UNDER FICTITIOUS Principal Balance: $14,114.87; person decides to appeal any 2017 BCC meeting. Project The following persons will Certificate shall be sold to the NAME LAW Interest: $2,407.13; Late Charg- decision made by the board, number 17-00300009 is being attend the meeting: the Board highest bidder, at www.walton. es: $45.00; TOTAL: $16,567.00 agency, or commission with re- reviewed by Rita Banhunyadi. of Commissioners, Bill Chap- on the 17th- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, through 02/09/2017 (per diem: spect to any matter considered This is a plat application sub- man, Cecilia Jones, Melanie day of August, 2017 at 11:00 under Chapter 865.09, that $6.96/day thereafter). An undi- at such meeting or hearing, mitted by ECM Inc. on behalf of Nipper, Sara Comander, and A.M. the undersigned, desiring to vided 112,000/101,072,000 in- he or she will need a record of McHenry Electric Inc., request- Tony Anderson; Larry Jones, engage in business under the terest in the “NINTH” FLOOR; the proceedings, and that, for ing the approval to plat 5 resi- County Administrator; Sidney Dated this 21st day of June, fictitious name of FairWeather Annual/allocated 112,000 such purpose, he or she may dential lots on +/-1.393 acres Noyes, Interim County Attor- 2017. Publishing Points as defined in the Decla- need to ensure that a verbatim with a future land use of Low ney; and Tim Warner and Bill Physical address 339 L’atrium ration for use in Each year(s). record of the proceedings is Density Residential. The proj- Warner, Special Counsel for ALEX ALFORD Circle made, which record includes ect is located 0.37 miles north the county in this case. This CLERK OF COURTS AND in the City of Miramar Beach, Contract Number: the testimony and evidence from the intersection of US 98 meeting will be recorded by COUNTY COMPTROLLER FL 32550 1261508253 - BENNIE upon which the appeal is to be and West Hewett Road turn- a certified court reporter. The WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA Walton County, Florida, intends HESTER, 5527 CHATHAM based. ing east on Sierra Court 660 court reporter will prepare a /s/ By: APRIL MORRISON to register the said name with WOODS DR, COLUMBUS, feet on the south side of Sierra verbatim record of the meeting, Deputy Clerk the Division of Corporations of GA 31907-1867; Principal Please be advised accordingly. Court Road and identified by which will be sealed until con- (seal) the Department of State. Balance: $8,429.25; Interest: parcel numbers(s) 30-2S-20- clusion of the litigation. The ex- DATED this the 28TH day of $981.03; Late Charges: $30.00; 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 33306-000-0060. ecutive session is not open to 4tc: July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017 JUNE, 2017. TOTAL: $9,440.28 through 400Y the public pursuant to Section 406Y OWNER’S NAME(S) 02/09/2017 (per diem: $4.16/ ----------------------------------------- Lot 3 Watercolor Crossings 286.011(8), Florida Statutes ---------------------------------------- ALLY ELIZABETH WOO- day thereafter). An undivided NOTICE OF – Request to approve by fi- CASE NO: 2017-0303TD DARD 64,000/101,072,000 interest in PUBLIC HEARING nal order. Project number 17- Sidney N. Noyes, Interim MAILING ADDRESS: the “SIXTH” FLOOR; Annual/ 00100054 is being reviewed by County Attorney NOTICE OF APPLICATION 339 L’atrium Circle allocated 64,000 Points as de- The Walton County Board of Renee Bradley. This is a major FOR TAX DEED CITY, STATE, ZIP fined in the Declaration for use County Commissioners will development order application 2tc: June 29; July 6, 2017 Miramar Beach, FL 32550 in Each year(s). hold a public hearing on Tues- submitted by The St. Joe Com- 402Y NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: OWNER’S SIGNATURE(S) day, July 11, 2017 at 4:00 p.m pany, requesting approval to ----------------------------------------- IDE IDE TECHNOLOGIES ALLY WOODARD The owners must pay the or as soon thereafter as may construct a 7,200 s.f. commer- IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF INC, the holder of the follow- TOTAL listed above plus the be heard at the South Walton cial building along with associ- THE FIRST JUDICIAL ing certificate has filed said 1tpd: July 6, 2017 409Y per diem. Failure to cure the County Courthouse Annex, ated parking and infrastructure CIRCUIT IN AND FOR certificate for a tax deed to be ----------------------------------------- default set forth herein or take at 31 Coastal Centre Blvd, improvements on +/- 1.00 acre WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA issued thereon. The certificate NOTICE OF other appropriate action re- Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. with a future land use of Court Case No.: 17-CP-165 number and year of issuance, PUBLIC MEETING garding this matter will result The following items will be Ordered Overlay. The project PROBATE DIVISION the description of the property, in the loss of ownership of the heard: is located on Pine Grove Circle and the names in which it was The Walton County Public Li- timeshare through the trustee from S. Co. Hwy. 395 and iden- IN RE: ESTATE OF assessed are as follows: brary System Advisory Board foreclosure procedure set forth LEGISLATIVE ITEMS: tified by parcel number(s) 14- TONY LANIER WHITTON will hold a public meeting at in F.S.721.856. You have the 3S-19-25401-000-0030. a/k/a Certificate No.- 4236 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 18, right to submit an objection Chandler LSA – Request to TONY L. WHITTON, Year of Issuance- 2017 at the Walton-DeFuniak form, exercising your right to approve by ordinance. Project Preserve at Paradise Cove June 01, 2015 Library, 3 Circle Drive, De- object to the use of the trustee number 17-00700001 is being – Request to approve by fi- Deceased. Funiak Springs, Florida. foreclosure procedure. If the reviewed by Tim Brown. This nal order. Project number 17- Description of Property- LOT objection is filed this matter is a large scale text amend- 00100033 is being reviewed NOTICE TO CREDITORS 4 SHOAL RIVER PLANTA- The public is encouraged to at- shall be subject to the judicial ment application submitted by by Tim Brown. This is a major TIONS DESC AS: COM NW/C tend. foreclosure procedure only. McNeil Carroll Engineering, development order application The administration of the OF 02-3N-21,RUN S 00 DEG The default may be cured any Inc., requesting to amend the submitted by Innerlight Engi- ancillary estate of TONY LA- 53’ 09” W 493.21 FT TO CL 1tc: July 6, 2017 410Y time before the trustee’s sale Walton County Comprehensive neering Corporation, request- NIER WHITTON a/k/a TONY OF A 50’ RD EASMT, N 89 ----------------------------------------- of your timeshare interest. If Plan Appendix F: Inlet Beach ing to develop 99 residential L. WHITTON, Deceased, DEG 03’ 34” E ALONG CL NOTICE OF SALE you do not object to the trustee Traditional Neighborhood Plan lots with pool amenity on +/- whose date of death was Oc- 34.51 FT, CONT ALONG CL S ABANDONED PROPERTY foreclosure procedure, you will (IBTNP) Land Use Map des- 75.02 acres with a future land tober 27, 2016 is pending in 69 DEG 56’ 56” E 165.05 FT, not be subject to a deficiency ignation from Residential to use of Conservation Residen- the Circuit Court for Walton CONT ALONG CL N 69 DEG You are hereby advised that judgment even if the proceeds Neighborhood Commercial tial 2:1. The project is located County, Florida, Probate Divi- 48’ 17”E 383.60 FT, CONT bids will be accepted on entire from the sale of your timeshare in the Inlet Beach Traditional north of U.S. Hwy. 98 E. and sion, the address of which is ALONG CL S 74 DEG 45’ 10” contents of personal posses- interest are insufficient to offset Neighborhood Plan, and up- west of Blakely Drew Blvd. and 571 U.S. Highway 90 East, De- E 324.20 FT, CONT ALONG sions by public sale in units the amounts secured by the date the Inlet Beach Traditional is identified by parcel number(s) Funiak Springs, FL 32433. The CL N 75 DEG 14’ 42”E 380.81, described below at Waller’s lien. Neighborhood Plan Appendix 35-2S-19-24000-022-0000, 35- names and addresses of the CONT ALONG CL S 68 DEG Storage, Inc., 428 US Hwy 90 D: Neighborhood Commercial 2S-19-24000-019-0000, and ancillary personal representa- 29’20” E 208.79 FT, CONT W, DeFuniak Springs, FL on Pursuant to the Fair Debt Designations to reflect the map 36-2S-19-24000-008-0010. tive and the ancillary personal ALONG CL S 77 DEG 08’ 25” July 14, 2017 at 11:00 AM. For Collection Practices Act, it is amendment of parcel .0620 representative=s attorney are E 632.68 FT, CONT ALONG information, call 850-892-4677. required that we state the fol- on +/- 0.86 acres. The project Fox Lake Residential (Sub- set forth below. CL N 53 DEG 40’ 56” E 355.39 We reserve the right to reject lowing to you: THIS IS AN AT- is located on the east side of division) – Request to ap- FT TOW LINE OF LOT 4, all bids. TEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT North Wall Street, north of U.S. prove by final order. Project All creditors of the decedent CONT N 53 DEG 40’ 56” E AND ANY INFORMATION OB- Highway 98 East and south of number 15-00100099 is being and other persons, who have 203.74 TO POB, N 25 DEG Paul Kellett - Unit W22 TAINED WILL BE USED FOR Pinewood Lane, and is identi- reviewed by Rita Banhunyadi. claims or demands against 19’ 04” W 260.88 FT, S 56 THAT PURPOSE. fied by parcel number(s) 36- This is a major development decedent=s estate, includ- DEG 56’ 23” W 201.78 FT, S 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 411Y 3S-18-16100-000-0620. order application submitted by ing unmatured, contingent or 25 DEG 19’ 04” E 311.38 FT ----------------------------------------- By: Gasdick Stanton Early, Emerald Coast Associates, Inc. unliquidated claims and who TO CL OF SAID RD, CONT S NOTICE OF SALE ABAN- P.A., Trustee, The Crossings Phase 3 LSA on behalf of Trustmark National have been served a copy 25 DEG 19’04” E 478.81 FT DONED PROPERTY 1601 W. Colonial Dr., – Request to approve by or- Bank, consisting of 79 single- of this notice, must file their TO SHORELINE OF SHOAL Orlando, FL, 32804 dinance. Project number 17- family home sites on +/- 29.58 claims with this Court WITHIN RIVER, MEANDER NELY You are hereby advised that 00700002 being reviewed by acres with a future land use of THE LATER OF THREE (3) ALONG SHORELINE TO A PT bids will be accepted on entire 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 414Y Tim Brown. This is a large Low Density Residential. The MONTHS AFTER THE DATE WHICH IS S 25 DEG 19’ 04” E contents of personal posses- ----------------------------------------- scale text amendment appli- project is located north and OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION TO POB, N 25 DEG 19’ 04”W sions by public sale in units IN THE CIRCUIT COURT cation submitted by McNeil east of the Santa Rosa Golf OF THIS NOTICE OR THIRTY 751.31 FT TO POB OR 1051- described below at A-1 Mini FOR WALTON COUNTY, Carroll Engineering Inc., re- and Beach Club golf course (30) DAYS AFTER THE DATE 61 OR 1554-256 OR 1948-317 Storage, Inc., 1154 US Hwy 90 FLORIDA questing to amend the Walton in Dune Allen Beach and OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF OR 2139-63 OR 2831-530 OR W, DeFuniak Springs, FL on PROBATE DIVISION County Comprehensive Plan identified by parcel number(s) THIS NOTICE ON THEM. 2909-2680 July 14, 2017 at 11:00 AM. For FILE NO: 2017CP000085 Appendix F: Inlet Beach Tra- 03-3S-20-34150-000-0080, information, call 850-892-4677. ditional Neighborhood Plan 03-3S-20-34150-000-0090, All other creditors of the Parcel ID No.- We reserve the right to reject IN RE: ESTATE OF

PAGE 4 • THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017JuLY 6 2017 PAGE 9-C REGINALD H. FOXWELL, JR. MINUTES 35 SECONDS fore your scheduled court ap- [email protected] THROUGH CERTIFICATES, ALTERNATIVE LOAN TRUST EAST FOR A DISTANCE OF pearance, or immediately upon For all other inquiries: SERIES 2006-4, 2004-25CB, MORTGAGE Deceased. 231.76 FEET TO AN IRON receiving this notification if the [email protected] PASS THROUGH CERTIFI- ROD; THENCE SOUTH 87 time before the scheduled ap- /s/ By: HELEN M. SKALA Plaintiff, CATES, SERIES 2004-25CB NOTICE TO CREDITORS DEGREES 59 MINUTES 24 pearance is less than 7 days; Helen M. Skala, Esq. is the Plaintiff, and LINDA G. (Summary Administration) SECONDS EAST FOR A if you are hearing or voice im- FL Bar # 93046 vs. MORGAN A/K/A LINDA GAIL DISTANCE OF 118.64 FEET paired, call 711. MORGAN A/K/A GAIL MOR- TO ALL PERSONS HAV- TO AN IRON ROD; THENCE 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 418Y ARNOLD SPITZMAN A/K/A GAN RILEY; MORTGAGE ING CLAIMS OR DEMANDS NORTH 00 DEGREES 03 MIN- DATED at Walton County, ----------------------------------------- ARNOLD SIGISMUND SPITZ- ELECTRONIC REGISTRA- AGAINST THE ABOVE ES- UTES 30 SECONDS WEST Florida, this 28th day of June, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MAN; IRIS PINHEIRO A/K/A TION SYSTEMS, INCORPO- TATE: FOR A DISTANCE OF 234.75 2017. THE FIRST JUDICIAL IRIS SPITZMAN, ET AL. RATED, ACTING SOLELY AS You are hereby notified that FEET TO THE POINT OF BE- CIRCUIT IN AND FOR A NOMINEE FOR COUNTRY- an Order of Summary Admin- GINNING. Kelley Kronenberg WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA Defendants WIDE HOME LOANS, INC.; istration has been entered in Attorneys for Plaintiff CIVIL DIVISION SUN SEEKERS HOMEOWN- the estate of REGINALD H. A/K/A 369 N 1ST STREET, DE- 8201 Peters Road, Suite 4000 Case #: 2015-CA-000095 NOTICE OF ERS ASSOCIATION, INC.; FOXWELL, JR., deceased, FUNIAK SPRINGS, FL 32433 Ft Lauderdale, FL 33324 FORECLOSURE SALE UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF LIN- File Number 2017 CP 000085 Telephone: (954) 370-9970 JPMorgan Chase Bank, DA G. MORGAN A/K/A LINDA whose date of death was July has been filed against you and Eservice: arbservices@kel- National Association NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN GAIL MORGAN A/K/A GAIL 6, 2016, is pending in the Cir- you are required to serve a pursuant to a Final Judgment MORGAN RILEY; UNKNOWN cuit Court for Walton County, copy of your written defenses Email: jcostoya@kelleykronen- Plaintiff, of Foreclosure dated March TENANT (S); IN POSSESSION Florida, Probate Division, the within 30 days after the first 28, 2017, and entered in Case OF THE SUBJECT PROPER- address of which is 571 High- publication, if any, on Albertelli /s/ by: -vs.- No. 16000342CAAXMX, of the TY, are Defendants. way 90 E, Defuniak Springs, Law, Plaintiff’s attorney, whose JACQUELINE COSTOYA Circuit Court of the First Judi- FL 32433. The total value of address is P.O. Box 23028, Jacqueline Costoya Elisa R. Crowder; Unknown cial Circuit in and for WALTON The Clerk of the Court, Alex the estate is $23,996.80. The Tampa, FL 33623, and file the Florida Bar No.: 98478 Spouse of Elisa R. Crowder; County, Florida. U.S. BANK Alford will sell to the highest names and addresses of those original with this Court either Village Community Associa- NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, bidder for cash at www.walton. to whom it has been assigned before _________ service on 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 417Y tion, Inc.; Unknown Parties AS TRUSTEE FOR HARBOR- on Septem- by such order are: Plaintiff’s attorney, or immedi- ----------------------------------------- in Possession #1, If living, VIEW MORTGAGE LOAN ber 25, 2017 at 11:00 AM the ately thereafter; otherwise, a IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF and all Unknown Parties TRUST 2006-4, MORTGAGE following described real prop- Paul K. Foxwell 1530 Wood- default will be entered against THE FIRST JUDICIAL claiming by, through, un- LOAN PASS-THROUGH CER- erty as set forth in said Final crest Drive, Reston, VA 20194. you for the relief demanded in CIRCUIT IN AND FOR der and against the above TIFICATES, SERIES 2006-4 Judgment, to wit: the Complaint or petition. WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA named Defendant(s) who (hereafter “Plaintiff”), is Plain- ALL INTERESTED PERSONS CIVIL DIVISION are not known to be dead or tiff and IRIS PINHEIRO A/K/A UNIT NO. 5 SUN SEEKERS ARE NOTIFIED THAT: WITNESS my hand and the Case #: 2015-CA-000512 alive, whether said Unknown IRIS SPITZMAN; ARNOLD CONDOMINIUM A CONDO- All creditors of the estate seal of this court on this 27th Parties may claim an interest SPITZMAN A/K/A ARNOLD SI- MINIUM ACCORDING TO of the decedent and persons day of June, 2017. Trustmark National Bank as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, GISMUND SPITZMAN; WHIT- THAT CERTAIN DECLARA- having claims or demands Grantees, or Other Claim- NEY NATIONAL BANK SUC- TION OF CONDOMINIUM against the estate of the dece- Clerk of the Circuit Court Plaintiff, ants; Unknown Parties in CESSOR BY MERGER TO THEREOF RECORDED IN dent other than those for whom /s/ By: Sharla Hall Possession #2, If living, and DESTIN BANK; NATIONSTAR OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK provision for full payment was Deputy Clerk -vs.- all Unknown Parties claim- MORTGAGE LLC; COASTAL 428 PAGE 120 OF THE PUB- made in the Order of Summary (seal) ing by, through, under and BANK & TRUST, A DIVISION LIC RECORDS OF WALTON Administration must file their John E. Strickland; Michele against the above named OF SYNOVUS BANK, AND COUNTY FLORIDA AND AN claims with this court WITHIN **See the Americans with Dis- J. Strickland; Trustmark Defendant(s) who are not THE SURVIVING BANK OF UNDIVIDED INTEREST IN THE TIME PERIODS SET abilities Act National Bank; Unknown known to be dead or alive, THE MERGER OF VANGUARD THE COMMON ELEMENTS FORTH IN FLORIDA STAT- In accordance with the Ameri- Parties in Possession #1, If whether said Unknown Par- BANK & TRUST COMPANY, AND LIMITED COMMON EL- UTES SECTION 733.702. ALL cans with Disabilities Act, if you living, and all Unknown Par- ties may claim an interest AND BANK OF PENSACOLA, EMENTS APPURTENANT CLAIMS AND DEMANDS NOT are a person with a disability ties claiming by, through, as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, AS PARTICIPATING BANKS THERETO. SO FILED WILL BE FOREVER who needs any accommoda- under and against the above Grantees, or Other Claim- OF COLUMBUS BANK & BARRED. NOTWITHSTAND- tion in order to participate in this named Defendant(s) who ants TRUST COMPANY., A DIVI- ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN ING ANY OTHER APPLI- proceeding, you are entitled, at are not known to be dead or SION OF SYNOVUS BANK, INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS CABLE TIME PERIOD, ANY no cost to you, to the provision alive, whether said Unknown Defendant(s). are defendants. Alex Alford, FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS of certain assistance. Please Parties may claim an interest Clerk of the Circuit Court for OTHER THAN THE PROP- OR MORE AFTER THE DE- Contact; Court Administration, as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, NOTICE OF SALE WALTON, County Florida will ERTY OWNER AS OF THE CEDENT’S DATE OF DEATH ADA Liaison, Walton County, Grantees, or Other Claim- sell to the highest and best bid- DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS IS BARRED. 571 Highway 90East, DeFuniak ants; Unknown Parties in NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN der for cash via the Internet at MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN The date of the first publication Springs, Florida, 32433. Phone Possession #2, If living, and pursuant to order rescheduling, 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. of this notice is the 6TH day of (850) 595-4400, Fax (850) 595- all Unknown Parties claim- foreclosure sale or Final Judg- at 11:00 a.m., on the 27th day JULY, 2017. 0360, ADA.Walton@flcourts1. ing by, through, under and ment, entered in Civil Case No. of July, 2017, the following de- WITNESS my hand and the gov at least 7 days before your against the above named 2015-CA-000095 of the Circuit scribed property as set forth in seal of the court on JUNE 26, Attorney for Petitioner scheduled court appearance, Defendant(s) who are not Court of the 1st Judicial Circuit said Final Judgment, to wit: 2017. /s/Shannon L. Widman or immediately upon receiving known to be dead or alive, in and for Walton County, Flor- Shannon L. Widman, Esq. this notification if the time be- whether said Unknown Par- ida, wherein JPMorgan Chase LOT 30, BLOCK A, PHASE CLERK OF THE COURT Attorney for Petitioners fore the scheduled appearance ties may claim an interest Bank, National Association, 1 OF BAYSIDE, ACCORD- Alex Alford FBN: 316090 is less than 7 days; if you are as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, Plaintiff and Elisa R. Crowder ING TO PLAT THEREOF AS /s/ By: A. Price Porath & Associates, P.A. hearing or voice impaired, call Grantees, or Other Claim- are defendant(s), I, Clerk of RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK Deputy Clerk 600 Grand Boulevard #201 711. ants Court, Alex Alford, will sell to 9, PAGE 22 AND 22A PUB- (seal) Destin, FL 32550 the highest and best bidder for LIC RECORDS OF WALTON 850-622-0102 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 416Y Defendant(s). cash VIA THE INTERNET AT COUNTY, FLORIDA. IMPORTANT 850-622-1132 fax ----------------------------------------- WWW.WALTON.REALFORE- [email protected] IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF NOTICE OF SALE CLOSE.COM, AT 11:00 A.M. If you are a person with a dis- AMERICANS WITH DISABILI- [email protected] THE 1ST JUDICIAL CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. ability who needs any accom- TIES ACT: If you are a person CIRCUIT IN AND FOR NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- on July 31, 2017, the following modation in order to participate with a disability who needs any 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 415Y WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA EN pursuant to order resched- described property as set forth in this proceeding, you are en- accommodation in order to par- ----------------------------------------- CIVIL DIVISION uling foreclosure sale or Final in said Final Judgment, to-wit: titled, at no cost to you, to the ticipate in this proceeding, you IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF CASE NO: Judgment, entered in Civil provision of certain assistance. are entitled, at no cost to you, THE FIRST JUDICIAL 16000573CAAXMX Case No. 2015-CA-000512 of CONDOMINIUM UNIT: B-383, Please contact: Court Admin- to the provision of certain as- CIRCUIT IN AND FOR the Circuit Court of the 1st Ju- THE VILLAGE IV, A CONDO- istration, ADA Liaison, Walton sistance. Please contact: Court WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA MTGLQ INVESTORS, L.P., dicial Circuit in and for Walton MINIUM, ALL AS SET FORTH County, 571 Highway 90 East, Administration, ADA Liaison, CIVIL ACTION County, Florida, wherein Trust- IN THE DECLARATION OF DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433, Walton County, 571 Highway CASE NO.: Plaintiff, mark National Bank, Plaintiff CONDOMINIUM AND THE EX- Phone (850) 595-4400, Fax 90 East, DeFuniak Springs, 17000022CAAXMX and John E. Strickland are HIBITS ATTACHED THERE- (850) 595-0360, ADA.Walton@ Florida 32433, Phone (850) DIVISION: -vs.- defendant(s), I, Clerk of Court, TO AND FORMING A PART at least 7 days 595-4400, Fax (850) 595-0360, Alex Alford, will sell to the high- THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN before your scheduled court [email protected], WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., MARK R. KNORR; DEBORAH est and best bidder for cash OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK appearance, or immediately at least 7 days before your J. KNORR; ALL UNKNOWN VIA THE INTERNET AT WWW. 2723, PAGES 1430-1505, OF upon receiving this notification scheduled court appearance, Plaintiff, PARTIES CLAIMING INTER- WALTON.REALFORECLOSE. THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF if the time before the sched- or immediately upon receiving ESTS BY, THROUGH, UNDER COM, AT 11:00 A.M. CENTRAL WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA, uled appearance is less than this notification if the time be- vs. OR AGAINST A NAMED DE- STANDARD TIME. on July 26, AND AS MAY BE AMEND- 7 days; if you are hearing or fore the scheduled appearance FENDANT TO THIS ACTION, 2017, the following described ED FROM TIME TO TIME, voice impaired, call 711. is less than 7 days; if you are THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, OR HAVING OR CLAIMING property as set forth in said Fi- TOGETHER WITH ALL OF hearing or voice impaired, call DEVISEES, GRANTEES, TO HAVE ANY RIGHT, TITLE nal Judgment, to-wit: ITS APPURTENANCES AC- Dated this 29th day of 711. ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, OR INTEREST IN THE PROP- CORDING TO THE DECLA- March, 2017. CREDITORS, TRUSTEES, OR ERTY HEREIN DESCRIBED; COMMENCING AT THE RATION OF CONDOMINIUM. 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 421Y OTHER CLAIMANTS CLAIM- UNKNOWN TENANT #1; UN- SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SUBJECT, HOWEVER, TO ALEX ALFORD ----------------------------------------- ING BY, THROUGH, UNDER, KNOWN TENANT#2, THE SOUTHWEST ONE- ALL OF THE PROVISIONS CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE OR AGAINST, ROSEMARY QUARTER OF THE SOUTH- OF THE DECLARATION OF COURT A. WILLIAMS, DECEASED, Defendant(s). EAST ONE-QUARTER OF CONDOMINIUM. TOGETHER /s/ by: Lee Stafford The Walton County Code En- et al, SECTION 25, TOWNSHIP 3 WITH AN UNDIVIDED IN- As Deputy Clerk forcement Board will hold their NOTICE OF SALE SOUTH, RANGE 18 WEST; TEREST IN THE COMMON (seal) regular meeting on July 20, Defendant(s). THENCE WEST 1136.7 FEET ELEMENTS APPURTENANT 2017 beginning at 6:00 p.m. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- TO THE POINT OF BEGIN- THERETO. Any person claiming an inter- to be held at the South Walton NOTICE OF ACTION EN pursuant to an Order and/ NING; THENCE WEST 75 est in the surplus from the sale, Courthouse Annex. To: or Final Judgment dated June FEET; THENCE NORTH 175 ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN if any, other than the property THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, 21, 2017 entered in Civil Case FEET; THENCE EAST 75 INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS owner as of the date of the Lis Any person who decides to ap- DEVISEES, GRANTEES, No. 16000573CAAXMX of the FEET; THENCE SOUTH 175 FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, Pendens must file a claim with- peal any decision made with re- ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, Circuit Court of the 1st Judicial FEET TO THE POINT OF BE- OTHER THAN THE PROP- in 60 days after the sale. spect to any matter considered CREDITORS, TRUSTEES, Circuit in and for Walton Coun- GINNING; BEING IN AND A ERTY OWNER AS OF THE at a meeting of the Board will OR OTHER CLAIMANTS ty, Florida, wherein MTGLQ IN- PART OF THE SOUTHEAST DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 420Y need a record of the proceed- CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, VESTORS, L.P. is Plaintiff and QUARTER OF SECTION 25, MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN ----------------------------------------- ings, and for such purpose, may UNDER, OR AGAINST ROSA MARK R. KNORR; DEBORAH TOWNSHIP 3 SOUTH, RANGE 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF need to ensure that a verbatim LEE GRATE, DECEASED J. KNORR; ALL UNKNOWN 18 WEST, LYING SOUTH AND THE FIRST JUDICIAL record of the proceedings is PARTIES CLAIMING INTER- WEST OF POWELL LAKE, If you are a person with a dis- CIRCUIT IN AND FOR made, including the testimony Last Known Address: ESTS BY, THROUGH, UNDER WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA, ability who needs any accom- WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA and evidence upon which an Unknown OR AGAINST A NAMED DE- AND ALSO BEING KNOWN modation in order to participate CASE NO.: 09-CA-002554 appeal may be based. FENDANT TO THIS ACTION, AS LOT 6, IN BLOCK B, AC- in this proceeding, you are en- Current Address: OR HAVING OR CLAIMING CORDING TO THE MAP AND titled, at no cost to you, to the THE BANK OF NEW YORK Walton County adheres to Unknown TO HAVE ANY RIGHT, TITLE SURVEY OF LAKE SHORES provision of certain assistance. MELLON FKA THE BANK the American with Disabilities OR INTEREST IN THE PROP- ESTATES, RECORDED IN Please contact: OF NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE Act and will make reasonable ANY AND ALL UNKNOWN ERTY HEREIN DESCRIBED; THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE modifications for access to the PARTIES CLAIMING BY, UNKNOWN TENANT #1; OF CIRCUIT COURT OF WAL- Court Administration, ADA Li- CERTIFICATE HOLDERS OF meetings upon request. Please THROUGH, UNDER, AND UNKNOWN TENANT #2 are TON COUNTY, FLORIDA, IN aison THE CWALT, INC., ALTER- call (850) 892-8115 to make AGAINST THE HEREIN defendant(s), I, Alex Alford, PLAT BOOK 3, PAGE 60. Walton County NATIVE LOAN TRUST 2004- a request. For hearing im- NAMED INDIVIDUAL Clerk of Court, will sell the 571 Highway 90 East 25CB, MORTGAGE PASS paired, please call 1-800-955- DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE subject property at public sale ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 THROUGH CERTIFICATES, 8771 (TDD), 1-800-955-8770 NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD on July 21, 2017, at 11:00 AM INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS Phone (850) 595-4400 Fax SERIES 2004-25CB, (VOICE). Requests must be re- OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID (CST), via on-line auction at FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, (850) 595-0360 ceived at least 48 hours in ad- UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY, OTHER THAN THE PROP- Plaintiff, vance of the meeting to allow CLAIM AN INTEREST AS to the highest and best bidder ERTY OWNER AS OF THE time to provide the requested SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVI- for cash, after having first giv- DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS At least 7 days before your VS. services. SEES, GRANTEES, OR en notice as required by Sec- MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN scheduled court appearance, OTHER CLAIMANTS tion 45.031, Florida Statutes, 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. or immediately upon receiving LINDA G. MORGAN A/K/A Please be advised accordingly. (1995), to-wit: this notification if the time be- LINDA GAIL MORGAN A/K/A Last Known Address: If you are a person with a dis- fore the scheduled appearance GAIL MORGAN RILEY; 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 422Y Unknown Legal Description: LOT 12, ability who needs any accom- is less than 7 days; if you are MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC ---------------------------------------- BLOCK “D”, CHOCTAW modation in order to participate hearing or voice impaired, call REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF Current Address: SUBDIVISION, ACCORDING in this proceeding, you are en- 711. INCORPORATED, ACTING THE 1ST JUDICIAL Unknown TO THE PLAT THEREOF ON titled, at no cost to you, to the SOLELY AS A NOMINEE CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR FILE IN PLAT BOOK 2, PAGE provision of certain assistance. SHAPIRO, FISHMAN & FOR COUNTRYWIDE HOME WALTON COUNTY, YOU ARE NOTIFIED that 71, IN THE OFFICE OF THE Please contact: GACHÉ, LLP LOANS, INC.; SUN SEEK- FLORIDA. an action to foreclose a mort- CLERK OF COURT, WALTON Attorneys for Plaintiff ERS HOMEOWNERS ASSO- CASE No.: 2015CA000351 gage on the following property COUNTY, FLORIDA Court Administration, 4630 Woodland Corporate CIATION, INC.; UNKNOWN in Walton County, Florida: ADA Liaison Blvd., Ste 100 SPOUSE OF LINDA G. MOR- DEUTSCHE BANK NA- Property Address: 173 Live Walton County Tampa, FL 33614 GAN A/K/A LINDA GAIL MOR- TIONAL TRUST COMPANY, THAT PART OF BLOCK Oak Street, Niceville, Florida 571 Highway 90 East Telephone: (813) 880-8888 GAN A/K/A GAIL MORGAN AS TRUSTEE FOR GSAMP 1625, AS SHOWN ON W.J. 32578 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 Ext. 5141 RILEY; UNKNOWN TENANT TRUST 2006-SEAl, MORT- VANKIRK’S MAP OF DE- Phone (850) 595-4400 Fax: (813) 880-8800 (S); IN POSSESSION OF THE GAGE PASS-THROUGH FUNIAK SPRINGS, FLOR- ANY PERSONS CLAIMING AN Fax (850) 595-0360 For Email Service Only: SUBJECT PROPERTY, CERTIFICATES, SERIES IDA, DESCRIBED AS FOL- INTEREST IN THIS SURPLUS [email protected] 2006-SEA-1, LOWS: COMMENCE AT THE FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, For all other inquiries: Defendant(s). NW CORNER OF BLOCK OTHER THAN THE PROP- At least 7 days before your [email protected] Plaintiff, 1541 AS SHOWN ON SAID ERTY OWNER AS OF THE scheduled court appearance, /s/ By: HELEN M. SKALA NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE MAP, THENCE NORTH 00 DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS or immediately upon receiving Helen M. Skala, Esq. SALE PURSUANT TO vs. DEGREES 00 MINUTES 00 MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN this notification if the time be- FL Bar # 93046 CHAPTER 45 SECONDS EAST FOR A 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. fore the scheduled appearance ESTATE OF MILDRED DISTANCE OF 213.50 FEET is less than 7 days; if you are 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 419Y NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN MCLENDON A/K/A MILDRED ALONG THE EAST LINE If you are a person with a dis- hearing or voice impaired, call ----------------------------------------- that sale will be made pursuant M. MCLENDON A/K/A MIL- OF BLOCK 1625; THENCE ability who needs any accom- 711. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF to an Order of Final Judgment. DRED MALLETT DALTON, NORTH 90 DEGREES 00 modation in order to partici- THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIR- Final Judgment was awarded NOW DECEASED; THE MINUTES 00 SECONDS pate in this proceeding, you are SHAPIRO, FISHMAN & CUIT, IN AND FOR WALTON on June 22, 2017 in Civil Case UNKNOWN SPOUSE, WEST FOR A DISTANCE OF entitled, at no cost to you, to GACHÉ, LLP COUNTY, FLORIDA No. 09-CA-002554, of the Cir- HEIRS, BENEFICIARIES, DE- 16.00 FEET TO AN IRON ROD the provision of certain assis- Attorneys for Plaintiff CASE NO. 16000342CAAX- cuit Court of the FIRST Judicial VISEES, GRANTEES, AS- AND THE POINT OF BEGIN- tance. Please contact Shelia 4630 Woodland Corporate MX Circuit in and for Walton Coun- SIGNEES, LIENORS, CREDI- NING; THENCE NORTH 90 Sims, Chief Deputy Court Ad- Blvd., Ste 100 ty, Florida, wherein, THE BANK TORS, TRUSTEES AND DEGREES 00 MINUTES 00 ministrator, Office of Court Ad- Tampa, FL 33614 US, BANK NATIONAL AS- OF NEW YORK MELLON FKA ALL OTHER PARTIES SECONDS WEST FOR A ministration at (850) 595-4400 Telephone: (813) 880-8888 SOCIATION, AS TRUSTER THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS CLAIMING AN INTEREST DISTANCE OF 141.59 FEET at the M.C. Blanchard Judicial Ext. 5141 FOR HARBORVIEW MORT- TRUSTEE FOR THE BENEFIT BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR TO AN IRON ROD; THENCE Building, 5th Floor, Pensacola, Fax: (813) 880-8800 GAGE LOAN TRUST 2006-4, OF THE CERTIFICATE HOLD- AGAINST THE ESTATE OF SOUTH 05 DEGREES 45 FL 32502 at least 7 days be- For Email Service Only: MORTGAGE LOAN PASS- ERS OF THE CWALT, INC., MILDRED MCLENDON A/K/A

THE DeFUNIAK SPRINGS HERALD BREEZE, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017 PAGE 10-C PAGE 5 • JuLY 6 2017 MILDRED M. MCLENDON THIS AUCTION WILL BE A/K/A MILDRED MALLETT HELD AT DAY’S SERVICE DALTON, NOW DECEASED; STATION INC. AT 11 ARGYLE NATALIE JOHNSON; RAILROAD AVE. DEFUNIAK TOMASINE GLOVER; LAU- SPRINGS, FL. ON, July 28th, TRICE MCLENDON; JAMES 2017 COMMENCING AT 7:00 MCCASKILL; PATRICIA DIX- AM. WE HEREBY RESERVE ON; APRIL DANAI MCLEN- THE RIGHT TO AUCTION DON A/K/A APRIL JOHN- THIS VEHICLE ACCORD- SON; BARRIS DEVONNE ING TO THE FLORIDA STAT- MCLENDON A/K/A BARRIS UTES, SECTION 713.78 IN JOHNSON; TRASHAWNA ORDER TO RECOVER ANY ASHLEY MCLENDON A/K/A AND ALL UNPAID CHARGES TRASHAWNA JOHNSON; FOR TOWING AND STOR- STATE OF FLORIDA; CLERK AGE FEES ON THE ABOVE OF THE COUNTY COURT OF LISTED VEHICLE. WALTON COUNTY, FLORI- NO OFFERS WILL BE TAKEN DA; PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE SALE OF THIS VEHICLE. Defendants. 1tc: July 6, 2017 424Y NOTICE OF ACTION ----------------------------------------- PUBLIC AUCTION NOTICE TO: ESTATE OF MILDRED MCLENDON A/K/A MILDRED REGISTERED OWNER M. MCLENDON A/K/A MIL- Fannie Q Ward DRED MALLETT DALTON, 16005 Lapine Hwy NOW DECEASED Grady, AL 36036 411 Sloss Ave E Defuniak Springs, Florida LEINHOLDER: 32433 N/A PATRICIA DIXON DESCRIPTION OF VEHICLE: Residence Unknown 1995 Ford Crown Victoria VIN# 2FALP73W2SX124346 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mort- TOWING AND STORAGE A VIEW OF the undeveloped property facing west toward Lake Powell. (Photo by Dotty Nist) gage on the following described COMPANY: property in Walton County, DAY’S SERVICE STATION Florida: INC. 11 ARGYLE RAILROAD AVE. LOT 1014 AND LOT 1015, DEFUNIAK SPRING, FL. Lake Powell property across ACCORDING TO THE MAP 32435 OF DEFUNIAK SPRINGS BY 850-892-3935 W.J. VANKIRK, A COPY OF from Camp Helen gets new owner WHICH IS ON FILE IN THE THIS AUCTION WILL BE OFFICE OF CLERK OF CIR- HELD AT DAY’S SERVICE CUIT COURT OF WALTON STATION INC. AT 11 ARGYLE COUNTY, FLORIDA. RAILROAD AVE. DEFUNIAK By DOTTY NIST they will not be pro- as previously approved new submittal for con- SPRINGS, FL. ON, July 21th, A 39.5-acre property ceeding with the plans but will be preparing a sideration. Street Address: 411 Sloss Ave 2017 COMMENCING AT 7:00 just across Lake Powell E, Defuniak Springs, Florida AM. WE HEREBY RESERVE from Camp Helen State 32433 THE RIGHT TO AUCTION THIS VEHICLE ACCORD- Park recently changed has been filed against you and ING TO THE FLORIDA STAT- hands, selling for $13 you are required to serve a UTES, SECTION 713.78 IN million. copy of your written defenses, ORDER TO RECOVER ANY The property is locat- if any, to it on Clarfield, Okon AND ALL UNPAID CHARGES & Salomone, P.L., Plaintiffs at- FOR TOWING AND STOR- ed in southwestern Bay torney, whose address is 500 AGE FEES ON THE ABOVE County just east of the S. Australian Avenue, Suite LISTED VEHICLE. Phillips Inlet Bridge 825, West Palm Beach, FL NO OFFERS WILL BE TAKEN and mostly on the south 33401, within 30 days after PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE side of U.S. 98. It fea- the date of the first publica- SALE OF THIS VEHICLE. tion of this notice, on or before tures extensive lake __________, 2017, and file the 1tc: July 6, 2017 425Y frontage. Still vacant, original with the Clerk of this ----------------------------------------- this land has been sub- Court, otherwise, a default will NOTICE ject to previous plans be entered against you for the relief demanded in the com- 1. 2002, FORD, and approvals over the plaint or petition. TAURUS, 4DR, BEIGE years. Among those was VIN: 1FAFP53U32A122632 one known as Sunset Alex Alford 2. 1999, CHEV, BLAZER, Pass, featuring a 22- Clerk of said Court UT, MAROON story high rise that gen- /s/ By: Jean Pryor VIN: 1GNCS13W2X2166670 As Deputy Clerk 3. 2000, DODGE, GR. erated controversy over (seal) CARAVAN, RED a decade ago and, that, VIN: 2B4GP44GXYR612763 in spite of the name, did 2tc: July 6, 13, 2017 423Y 4. 1996, MERCURY, not comes to pass. ----------------------------------------- GR MARQ, 4DR, WHITE PUBLIC AUCTION NOTICE VIN: 2MELM74W6TX656250 The most recent plan 5. 1995, MAZDA, 626, approved for the prop- REGISTERED OWNER 4DR, WHITE erty was known as Par- John Frank Newby VIN: 1YVGE22C5S5422753 adise Bay. Approved 376 S 19th Street 6. 1995, CHEV, S10, in September 2016, it Defuniak Springs, FL 32435 PU, RED VIN: 1GCCS19W4S8158835 included a 77-unit resi- LEINHOLDER: dential subdivision and N/A Notice is hereby given that on 80-unit hotel. the, 25th day of July, 2017 , A little over two DESCRIPTION OF VEHICLE: Cobbs Towing & Recovery LLC, 2002 Chrysler reserves the right to sale this months ago, on April * physical therapy VIN# 2C8GP64L92R543629 vehicle according to the Florida 20, Lake Powell Hold- * iv administration/picc line Statues, Section 713:78. Auc- ings, L.L.C., sold the * speech therapy and implanted port care TOWING AND STORAGE tion will conducted at 10:00 property, composed of * occupational services * specialized Wound care COMPANY: AM, at 354 US HWY 90 West, three adjacent parcels, DAY’S SERVICE STATION Defuniak Springs, FL. 32433. * intensive outpatient services INC. We will not take any bids prior to Oak Beach Part- therapy program * respiratory therapy services 11 ARGYLE RAILROAD AVE. to auction date, and we reserve ners, a limited liability DEFUNIAK SPRING, FL. the right to refuse any bid. company with a Water- * Joint replacement therapy * tracheostomy care 32435 Sound, Walton County, * stroke recovery * Weekend and after hours 850-892-3935 1tc: July 6, 2017 426Y ----------------------------------------- address. * dementia training admissions According to Bay * kinesio taping * on-site podiatry, optometry, County Planning and * certified vitalstim therapist and dental services Zoning, the new own- ers have indicated that * myofascial release * full time chaplain * diathermy * full time in house nurse practitioner Guitar, Ukulele Music Class at Walton County Coastal Branch Library Walton County Coast- ited to 10 so please reg- more about Karl Shaw al Library in Santa Rosa ister early at the Coast- at his website, www. beach will host singer, al Branch Library by songwriter Karl Shaw calling (850) 267-2809. We hope to see you for free music lessons Please bring your own at the Coastal Branch Monday July 03, 2017 instrument prepared Library, 437 Greenway at 5:00 pm for adults to learn fundamental Trail located on HWY and children age 10 or techniques to accom- 331 South. Please call 5 star facility older. The first Monday pany your singing or Linda Thompson, (850) reported by the of each month is the for instrumental per- 267-2809 for more in- center for medicare & Coastal Library’s “Mu- formance. Karl Shaw is formation. medicaid services sic Monday” Karl Shaw a professional musician will cycle through three and teacher of Ukulele, stringed instruments, 5 String Banjo, finger the Ukulele, guitar and style and flat-picking banjo. Class size is lim- Guitar. You can learn

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