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Grow Booklet Fall- FLIPBOOK

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GROW Concord United Small Groups Guide Fall 2022

Why Small Groups? Jesus called the disciples to follow him. Following Jesus is more than something we do, it is a way of being. This way of being includes sharing Christ, growing in faith, and serving others. An important means of following Jesus includes intentional community through small groups. How to be part of a Small Group at Concord The following information includes multiple ways to connect with a small group. One way to connect is to call or email the Small Group Facilitator. Another way is to email Brooke Hartman at [email protected]. What are Small Groups at Concord? Small Groups at Concord include Sunday morning small groups that function in the Sunday School format, meeting from 10:00-10:50. There are also weekday small groups that meet at least twice a month on various days, and Wednesday night community groups. Please refer to the small group descriptions in the following pages to find a small group that fits for you. If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Hartman at [email protected]. Other Ways to Fellowship — Other opportunities for building fellowship and community include: • United Methodist Men — The United Methodist Men meet the first Sunday of the month in the Fellowship Hall at 7:30 for breakfast and program. For more information, check out • United Women in Faith — Concord has several United Methodist Women Circles that meet monthly. Contact Brooke Hartman for a current listing of Circles. For more information, check out 1

Types of Small Groups Sunday Morning Small Groups - Meet 10:00-10:50 each Sunday featuring different formats, class sizes, and study topics. All groups are open to anyone. Weekday Small Groups - Small groups that meet during the week and feature varying formats, class sizes, and study topics. The descriptions that follow are provided by each group. The most up-to-date information on classes can be found on the church website, or by calling the church office (865) 966-6728, or contacting Brooke Hartman, Pastor of Discipleship, who is eager to help you find a class that fits you. ([email protected]) All groups are open to anyone and the ages or life stages listed for each group should be considered simply as a starting point and not exclusive. To find the best fit, Church members and guests alike are encouraged to visit several classes to find the one that best matches their interests, learning style, age, or stage of life. 2

Sunday Small Groups CONNECT TO CONCORD This is a four week group that serves as a first step at Concord in our journey of being a disciple. This group focuses on sharing Christ, growing in faith, and serving others, as well as introducing Concord ministries and staff. Offered several times during the year, in 4-week courses, on Sundays at 10:00 AM during the specified weeks FALL DATES: September 11-October 2 WHERE: Fellowship Hall FACILITATORS: Pastors – Wil Cantrell, Larry Trotter & Brooke Hartman [email protected] (865) 254-8021 3

Sunday Small Groups READING THROUGH THE BIBLE This small group has met the past year focusing on the church-wide Read through the Bible Plan and will continue to do so in 2022-2023. The group welcomes newcomers and includes ages that range from late twenties to post-retirement, with couples and singles. We enjoy studying the Bible together and discussing how to apply it to our lives as followers of Christ. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 202/203 FACILITATOR: Laura Young [email protected] (865) 235-4372 Laura McNeil [email protected] (865) 256-6417 4

Sunday Small Groups COFFEE WITH DALE (ZOOM) This group is an open and relaxed discussion group that meets via Zoom. The group uses video-based Bible studies to grow in faith. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Online via Zoom. Contact Sabine Collins to receive the link. FACILITATORS: Dale Davis Sabine Collins [email protected] [email protected] (865) 300-4965 (865) 230-1536 BIBLICAL INSIGHTS This group meets solely to increase Biblical understanding of Scripture as related to content, context and culture and its applicability to life today. The class is intergenerational and all are welcome! Topics for Fall include a study of the Ten Commandments, Nehemiah, and an Advent study. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 123 (Under Sanctuary) FACILITATORS: Melissa Tyrell Rev. Glenna Manning [email protected] [email protected] (865) 771-2216 (865) 679-3763 5

Sunday Small Groups FOUNDATIONS This group meets weekly with topics including Bible studies, currents events and our responses as Christians. In order to offer a variety of subject matter, the class does not have one teacher but various group members volunteer to be responsible for arranging groups lessons and/or speakers. New members welcome! WHEN: Sundays at 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 293 (2nd floor over Preschool in Music/West wing) FACILITATORS: Diane Hensley [email protected] (865) 414-5156 Lloyd Collins (865) 966-7526 (865) 919-6266 NEW HORIZONS This group is multi-aged, 40+, both men and women who focus on Bible studies such as those by Adam Hamilton, Max Lucado, etc. for group discussion. WHEN: Sundays at 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 207 FACILITATORS: Julia Lawson [email protected] (865) 679-8694 6

Sunday Small Groups NEW VISIONS This group is a multi-generational discussion-based group with studies of books about the historical Jesus as led by New Testament Professor Jack Wilson, Ph. D. Group includes singles and couples, and primarily “empty nesters.” Currently studying Brian McLaren's Do I Stay Christian? Followed by an in-depth study of a New Testament text. WHEN: Sundays at 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 204 (CADES Hallway) & Zoom FACILITATORS: Bob Brantley [email protected] (407) 963-1808 Stephen Coppock stevecoppock26@gmail (502) 418-7994 Jack Wilson [email protected] (865) 317-8017 7

Sunday Small Groups PATHFINDERS This group is the longest ongoing class at Concord, made up of multi- generational singles and couples. The group covers various Bible and topical studies, with a series of guest speakers or group volunteers leading the group. WHEN: Sundays at 10:00 AM WHERE: Room E-110 (1st Floor of Worship Center) FACILITATORS: Delores Hummel [email protected] (865) 679-5499 8

Sunday Small Groups WOMEN SEEKING WISDOM Women Seeking Wisdom is a class for women of all ages seeking a stronger relationship with God and the Bible. Whether you are single or married, we welcome you to join us for discussion and fellowship. Group will use a video-driven format with optional texts that coordinate with the church-wide Bible reading plan. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 226 FACILITATORS: Kay Harper [email protected] (865) 693-6908 Glenda Ramsey [email protected] (865) 850-3982 9

Sunday Small Groups PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN This group is for parents of toddlers, younger children, and tweens all earning as we go, raising our kids in Christ-centered families, and creating community with other parents who understand and share in the joys and challenges of parenting little ones. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 128—(Under Sanctuary) FACILITATORS: Kathryn Mosby Jefferson Wallace (229) 339-0936 615) 974-1290 [email protected] [email protected] PARENTING WITH FAITH This group is for parents ranging in age from 30s-50s, trying to navigate a Biblical view of the world and how to instill Biblical principles in our children. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: 125 FACILITATORS: Julie Ezold Ben Stolt [email protected] [email protected] (865) 254-0977 423) 774-3607 10

Sunday Small Groups COMMITMENTS This group is made up of couples who are becoming empty-nesters. We are rediscovering our spouses and marriages. We focus on current Christian studies using books and video series. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 127 (Under Sanctuary) FACILITATORS: Stacey St. Pierre Jennifer Anderson [email protected] [email protected] (865) 705-5720 (865) 691-3960 FRIENDSHIP This group is made up of couples and singles 55+. The group studies a variety of topics taught by different teachers. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 296 (2nd floor over Preschool in Music/West wing) FACILITATORS: Carolyn Phillips [email protected] (865) 659-0957 Norma Smith (865) 254-0977 11

Sunday Small Groups FAITHFUL DISCIPLES This is a shared facilitator-led group that studies a variety of Christian literature and topics. Typical series study lasts 4-6 weeks and are led by volunteers from the class. Couples and singles 50+. Studies may include books of the Bible; books and short-studies by contemporary Christian authors such as Adam Hamilton, Max Lucado, Phillip Yancey, and Will Willimon; and review of Christian history and theology. The class has used video series available through Right Now Media which provides access to many Christian lecturers and leaders. WHEN: Sundays, 10:00 AM WHERE: Room 129 (Under Sanctuary) FACILITATORS: Julia Wood Chuck Parmele [email protected] [email protected] (865) 966-6780 (865) 414-4463 YOUNG ADULTS This group is made up of young adults who are seeking to grow in faith and connect with others of similar age. The group meets weekly following the 11:00 services for lunch and conversation. WHEN: Sundays, 12:00 PM WHERE: The Studio FACILITATORS: Becca Means Daniel Doubleday [email protected] [email protected] (865) 712-8145 12

Sunday Small Groups SEARCHERS The Searchers group is composed of retired active adults. A curriculum committee determines various courses of study for each year. We always welcome new people into our midst. We use both outside speakers as well as class members as teachers. This is a class that enjoys discussion and appreciates a variety of points of view on any given topic. This small group is participating in the Read Through the Bible Plan. Each week, the discussion centers around the readings of this plan. Reading the plan is not required to attend. WHEN: Sundays at 10:00 AM WHERE: Room E-109 (Across from Worship Center) FACILITATORS: Jack Taylor [email protected] (865) 216-0692 Janie Wendelken [email protected] (865) 680-2124 13

Weekday Small Groups Weekday Small Groups meet during the week and feature different formats, class sizes, and study topics. The descriptions that follow are provided by each group. The most up-to-date information on classes can be found on the church website, or by calling the church office (865) 966-6728, or contacting Brooke Hartman, Pastor of Discipleship, who is eager to help you find a group that fits you. ([email protected]) All groups are open to anyone and age or stage should be considered simply as a starting point and not a limiting criteria. Weekday Small Groups: MONDAY ZOOMING ADULTS Busy adults who want to have a small group but getting together in person is too much. WHEN: Every other Monday, 7:00 PM WHERE: Online via Zoom FACILITATORS: Megan Fields [email protected] (865) 384-5425 14

Weekday Small Groups: MONDAY SCRIPTURE TALK This group meets via Zoom and is based on the Read Through the Bible plan. WHEN: Mondays 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM WHERE: Online via Zoom, Meeting ID: 848 7973 4910 Passcode - John3:16 FACILITATORS: Sabrina Holbrook [email protected] MORNING GLORIES This small group is women 60+ that meets twice monthly to connect and serve together. WHEN: 2nd and 4th Mondays 9:00-11:00 AM WHERE: Individual homes FACILITATORS: Cynthia Hudson [email protected] 15

Weekday Small Groups: TUESDAY OASIS We are sisters in Christ who enjoy meals and fellowship together, discuss spiritual topics, and support/pray for each other through lifeʼs joys and struggles. Group members rotate facilitator responsibilities and the topics are decided prior to each meeting. WHEN: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6:00 PM WHERE: E-109 FACILITATORS: Wanda Trent Debbie Pea [email protected] [email protected] (423) 384-9475 (952) 426-5788 16

Weekday Small Groups: TUESDAY TUESDAY STUDY GROUP Being disciples of Jesus Christ is more than simply doing something, it is a way of being. Join us Tuesday afternoons as we seek to grow in our faith through learning about and discussing following Jesus Christ through the study of the book Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bon- hoeffer. This group will be led by Pastor Glenna Manning and Pastor Brooke Hartman. If you are unable to attend in person, a video will be available for each group meeting. Please sign up for this group through the link below, including noting if you would like to receive the video. Books are available on the table outside Pastor Brookeʼs office. Any questions, please contact Pastor Brooke at [email protected]. Signup Link: 1l05RZlGuV2Igls/edit WHEN: Tuesdays, September 6 – November 15, 1:00-2:30 PM WHERE: Worship Center Classroom FACILITATORS: Pastor Brooke Hartman [email protected] (865) 254-8021 17

Weekday Small Groups: TUESDAY FUN & FAITHFUL Our group consists of adult couples of all ages. WHEN: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6:00 PM WHERE: E-110 FACILITATORS: Delmas Franklin [email protected] (706) 266-9580 Virginia Helmendach [email protected] (865) 254-9518 WELCOMING WOMEN Group of Christian women who consider our faith to be central to our lives. The group reads books that give an opportunity to see a broader world view. Discussion time includes books as well as discussing our lives outside of group. This group values \"a safe place\" for all members and sharing leadership responsibilities. WHEN: Tuesdays, every two weeks 4:00-6:00 PM WHERE: Individual homes FACILITATORS: Glenna Manning [email protected] (865) 679-3763 18

Weekday Small Groups: THURSDAY THURSDAY COFFEE TALK Small Group of varying ages meets weekly to discuss Bible readings and other topics. Group will be reading and discussing Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer this fall. WHEN: Thursdays, 8:30-9:30 AM WHERE: Empty Cup, Center 9111, Executive Park Drive FACILITATORS: Brooke Hartman [email protected] (865) 254-8021 JOYFUL This group includes women 45+ sharing life and Christ through fellowship, study and prayer. We share a meal and life with love and laughter and work to grow closer to God and each other. Currently following the Grow with the Bible study. WHEN: 2nd and 4th Thursdays 6:00-8:00 PM WHERE: E-109 FACILITATORS: Judy Johnson Laura Gac [email protected] [email protected] (865) 223-1120 (703) 615-6401 19

Weekday Small Groups: THURSDAY SOUL SISTERS A group for women that like to grow in their discipleship and make new friends. Studying A Shepherds Look at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller. WHEN: Thursdays, 10:00-11:30 AM WHERE: Room 296 FACILITATORS: Joan De Tar [email protected] (865) 966-6728 FAITHFUL FRIENDS The group is made up of couples or individuals who fit in the “Baby Boomer” demographic. We consider ourselves a faith-based, life support group who provide support and encouragement through the various stages of adult life. We share experiences and lift each other through lifeʼs transitions including becoming empty nesters, loss of parents/siblings, health concerns, growing families (kids and grandkids) and adjusting to retirement. We rotate leading the meetings and usually have a “point to ponder” that we use as the focus of discussions. WHEN: 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 6:30 PM WHERE: E-109 FACILITATORS: Gary Kuhn Robin Manning [email protected] [email protected] (865) 621-9099 (865) 670-0540 20

Weekday Small Groups: THUR & FRI MOMS GROUP Moms of all ages, with children of all ages, come together to talk about life at whatever season. As a group we encourage, comfort, and listen while growing deeper in our journey of faith. Supporting each other in strengthening our relationship with God and relying on his guidance while navigating life. Will follow the Grow Through the Bible Reading Plan and other selected topics including women of the Bible. WHEN: There are two options for Momʼs group: Thursday evenings and Friday mornings • Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month • Friday mornings beginning Aug. 26, and will follow KCS calendar. Childcare provided. 10:30-12:00pm WHERE: • Thursday evenings in E-221, “The Coffee House” • Friday mornings Room 296 (2nd floor over Preschool in Music/West wing) FACILITATORS: Becca Means (Thursday evenings) [email protected] (865) 712-8145 Leaighanna Colgrove & Jenny Gergely [email protected] 21

PARENTING WITH FAITH WORKSHOP SERIES First Wednesdays of the Month, During Community Care Nights 7:00-8:00 PM Join us as we engage in important conversations about parenting in 2022 and 2023. Experts in multiple areas will lead us in our conversations. This parent workshop series is hosted by Concord United Methodist Church. Join us for a free meal at 5:45 and/or for a brief worship service at 6:30, prior to the workshops. September 7 • Parenting and Social Media Heather Kyle-Harmon from University of Tennessee Extension Agency joins us to share about Digi_Life. Digi_Life” is the shortened name for “Digital Life” and is a guide to educate about the relationship between technology and our everyday lives. This guide does not offer “how-to” sessions with specific software or hardware. Instead, the topic offers information on how to integrate and manage technology in a manner that contributes to a healthy and positive quality of life. Digital life starts early for children and has been proven to be useful in small amounts. Come learn how to balance the digital life from 1 year olds to 91 year olds. October 5 • Parenting Post-Covid Even though the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over, doesnʼt mean everything is back to normal. And if youʼve got children, you may be underestimating the impact that the pandemic had on their brain's development during this unusual time. Ellie Kittrell, Bright Start Fellow and Director of Early Care and Education with United Way of Greater Knoxville, will discuss how to develop socialization skills, build self-confidence, and how safe, stable, nurturing relationships play crucial roles in childhood and adolescent development. November 2 • Parenting Resiliency Dr. Keith Baily, Training Director at Harmony Family Center, will lead this workshop session focused on parenting resiliency. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which includes those things that cause high levels of stress and trauma, can have a negative impact on childrenʼs physical and mental health. The good news is that Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) can reduce those negative impacts. Learn how parents, caregivers, community members and the faith community can be part of the positive path to healthy development, healing, and resilience for children. Spring Workshops February 1 • Parenting Prevention for Substance Misuse March 1 • Mental Health towards EOC and TCAPStesting. April 5 • Parenting with Faith 22

COMMUNITY CARE NIGHT Community Care Night is a coming together to eat, fellowship, worship, and share. The evening includes a free meal, worship, community small groups, and children and student activities. There are multiple ways to engage in small groups Wednesday evenings. This fall we are adding these opportunities prior to our free meal and worship. WHEN: Wednesdays Early Small Groups: 4:30 PM Meal: 5:45 - 6:30 Worship: 6:30 - 7:00 Later Small Groups: 7:00 - 7:45 WHERE: Worship Center 4:30 PM Community Care Night Small Groups Caregiver Support Group Caring for a loved one requires much. Join us as we gather to share, listen, and support. This group is open to anyone who has or is caring for a loved one. WHERE: Room E-110 Aging Faithfully Our faith accompanies us through all stages of life. Join us as we learn, share, and support each other through the years of our life that occur in retirement, as parents of adult children, and . This group will use the book by Joan Chittister, The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully. Books are available at group or on the table outside Pastor Brookeʼs office. WHERE: Room E-109 23

COMMUNITY CARE NIGHT 7:00 PM Community Care Night Small Groups Questions of Faith There are many questions related to faith, including those questions we are afraid to ask and those we have asked and received no answers or were attacked for even asking. This group provides a safe space to ask questions of faith. WHERE: Room 226 All Recovery Menʼs and Womenʼs groups We have both a menʼs and a womenʼs All Recovery group that is a safe place to share our experience, strength and hope related to our own addictions, our loved oneʼs addiction, our codependency, and our losses. • All Recovery Menʼs group meets in Room 202/203. • All Recovery Womenʼs group meets in Room 204. Parenting Connection Looking for a place to connect with other parents in a low-key environment? This is the place for you. WHERE: Room 293 The Path The Path group is a foundational group for persons seeking to follow Jesus Christ. This group focuses on core principles of following Jesus daily. Whether you are new to Christianity, want to renew your commitment of following Jesus daily, this group is for you. Roxanna Jones leads this 8 week group. DATES: Wednesdays, August 24 – October 12 WHERE: Room 296 For more information: Brooke Hartman [email protected] (865) 254-8021 24

QUICK ROOM REFERENCE - SUNDAY E-109 Searchers E-110 Pathfinders 123 Biblical Insights 125 Parenting With Faith 127 Commitments 128 Parents of Young Children 129 Faithful Disciples 202/203 Reading Through The Bible 204 New Visions 207 New Horizons 226 Women Seeking Wisdom 293 Foundations 296 Friendship The Studio Young Adults Fellowship Hall Connect to Concord 25

QUICK ROOM REFERENCE - WEEKDAY 202/203 All Recovery Menʼs (Wednesday) 204 All Recovery Womenʼs (Wednesday) 226 Questions of Faith (Wednesdays) 293 Parenting Connection (Wednesday) 296 The Path (Wednesday) 296 Soul Sisters (Thursday morning) 296 Moms Group (Friday morning) E-109 Oasis (Tuesday) E-109 Aging Faithfully (Wednesday) E-109 Faithful Friends (Thursday) E-110 Fun & Faithful (Tuesday) E-110 Caregiver Support (Wednesday) E-110 Joyful (Thursday) E-221 Moms Group (Thursday evening) Worship Center Community Care Night (Wednesday) Worship Center Classroom Tuesday Study Group (Tuesday) 26



PASTORAL TEAM Larry Trotter Senior Pastor [email protected] Wil Cantrell Senior Associate Pastor [email protected] Brooke Hartman Pastor of Discipleship [email protected] Mike Stallings Worship Arts Pastor [email protected] Sabine Collins Administrative Coordinator [email protected] PRAYER If you find yourself with a specifc prayer request, please let us know. The church has a team ready and willing to pray for you, no matter the situation. Go to and submit a public prayer request to the church family and pastoral team, or submit a private prayer request for only the pastors. 29

CONNECT ONLINE @ConcordUM 11020 Roane Drive | Knoxville, TN 37934 865-966-6728 30

11020 Roane Drive | Knoxville, TN 37934 865-966-6728

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