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Paid marketing vs Organic marketing

Published by sugarbrownindia1, 2021-05-09 17:02:25

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Paid marketing vs Organic marketing How do decide on an ideal budget to spend on marketing? Can we do marketing without spending anything at all? Do small firms also need to set a specific budget for marketing? Does online marketing cost much? Is there any way out to market that won’t cost anything?

These are a few questions that I used to think about a lot when I started my journey. I asked and consulted my friends and experts and always received different suggestions according to their experiences. Some of them worked and some didn’t. Marketing is all about experimenting with the strategies, this is something which I truly believe in. Here are some things that I would like to share with you, that hopefully will solve your doubts. There are two main categories of marketing. paid marketing and organic marketing. Table of Content: 1. Meaning of paid marketing. 2. Meaning of organic marketing. 3. Pros and cons. 4. How to increase search results organically? 5. How to do paid marketing?

6. Channels for organic marketing and paid marketing What is paid marketing? As the name suggests, it is something where you pay to market your product or services. And when it comes to digital marketing, paid marketing is mostly done through advertisements. Example: All the sponsored ads you see in your feeds are paid advertisements. What is organic marketing? As the name suggests, it is when you don’t spend a penny on the marketing of your products or services, and let your audience finds you organically or naturally on their own. It is mostly done through blogs, SEO, etc. This method usually takes time to get the targeted audience. PS. — It is a slower practice of marketing as compared to paid marketing.

Pros & Cons. • Paid marketing • Pros: Quick Visibility. Paid campaigns work quicker than the shazam (superhero) on search engines. Fine targeting. This is the best thing about paid marketing campaigns, that you have plenty of filters to customize your potential audience. Measurable results. You can track the results of your campaign, like how many people clicked on your ad, how many of them skipped it, etc and this later helps in re-targeting, which is the whole another type of marketing. • Cons:

Can be costly. It can be expensive for small-scale businesses. These advertisements are only good and effective, only when the targeting is done right else it will suck out your budget. Risks involved. As it is targeted-based campaigns and you spend your money on these ads, there is still no guarantee that you will get the desired results. Sometimes campaigns just fail to deliver any kind of results. Dependency on the experts. To run such ad campaigns, you need to be an expert or you need to hire an expert. You can’t do it on your own by just reading a few blogs or guidelines. • Organic Marketing • Pros: Cost-effective. This type doesn’t involve any type of ad campaign, and the audience reaches out directly and naturally to us. Low risk. The risk factor automatically decreases when there is not any kind of monetary investment involved. Credibility. It brings more credibility to a brand as the user directly approaching the brand on its own, and not through any sponsored source. • Cons:

Time-consuming: The process of attracting the potential audience or getting organic traffic can take months and it is really time-consuming. No control: You don’t have control over your targeting, as anyone can come to you directly. They may or may not your potential audience. How to increase search results organically? • Customize your content and writing according to the platform. • Use relevant hashtags, keywords, and pins. • Write blogs to convey your product or services to your audience. • Share your content to your social media accounts. • Ask your friends and family to share it on their social media accounts as well. • Optimize your bio on social media profiles, and if possible, use the main keyword on your social media handle. • Use shareable and evergreen content. • Try to market through memes. How to do paid marketing?

• Look out for the right platform to target your audience. • Work on the customer avatar to know your audience. • Target your audience carefully while choosing the right demographics. • Start your campaign with the lowest bid. • Keep doing A/B testing. • Work on your ad copy because the image and the headlines are the only click baits, use this option wisely. • Keep a check on the results. • Keep your audience engaged on your ad copy. Channels for Organic marketing & paid marketing Channels for any kind of marketing varies from audience to audience. But here are few platforms that you can use for your organic marketing: 1. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, basically, all sorts of social media platforms.

2. Facebook groups, it is the best way to reach out to the mass audience by sharing about your product or service in the relevant Facebook groups. 3. Comment on relevant blogs, pages, videos, groups, etc but don’t overdo it. 4. Comment sections are the best way to target your audience personally, but don’t spam. 5. Guest posting, is the hottest trend these days. 6. Blogs and SEO, this is something that every brand and business must do. Channels for paid marketing. 1. Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. 2. Hiring influencers of your niche to promote your brand. 3. Podcasts or live sessions on social media. 4. Giveaways 5. Host events. Conclusion: In this era where the competition in every stream is insanely high, one can not miss out on any kind of marketing. Both, organic marketing and paid marketing have their own set

of advantages. It is hard to pick which marketing is better than the other. If you are here to do business, you need to do every kind of marketing that brings you closer to your potential audience. Still, confused? Message or e-mail us and book a free call and share your doubts and concerns with us. We are here to help you out.

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