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How to Earn the Trust of Your Customers Through Digital Marketing

Published by sugarbrownindia1, 2021-05-15 22:37:08

Description: Success in business defines how well you were good at strategies. Things keep on changing quickly in the digital world, and it can be difficult to chase if your hired company is not proactive in visualizing these trends. Well, for your business growth and success, Sugar Brown is coming up with client-focused, audience-centric strategic solutions to give the optimum results at minimal time.

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How to Earn the Trust of Your Customers Through Digital Marketing. Do you have trust issues or are you a freak? I have issues, a lot more than normal.

I stalk people and brands online because I have a lot of time in my hands and I like to waste it all on stalking random stuff. Our generation is all into buying random stuff online and on the other hand, our parents don’t even trust buying stuff online. There was a time when they didn’t let me book flight/train tickets online. My father used to book them like an old school. But now times have changed, people have changed, their preferences and comforts have changed. But can you still trust a brand online blindly? No, I can’t. Neither should you.

You must be thinking why am I cribbing about not trusting everything we see online when my topic is all about earning the trust of customers. Wait, I’m getting there. Try to understand my point. What are the things that you need to be assured of before buying something online? By checking and confirming their authenticity, right? Yeah, I do that too. But what can you do to earn the trust of your customer as a company?

There must be things that need to be considered other than just being online. What are those things can be? Here’s the answer for you: 1. Keep up with your brand’s aesthetics. From logo designs, to create a website, to designing the Instagram feeds, you need to do it all. You don’t have to be just available or present online, you need to convince your audience

that your brand is genuine. Your brand’s aesthetics is the reflection of your brand’s authenticity. 2. Be consistent on social media. Don’t be one of those dead accounts, stay active on social media. Keep posting. The more, the better. But be consistent with your posting schedule. Social media is the closest way to be in touch with your audience. 3. Share valuable content. When I said post regularly, I meant regularly and relevant. Share what you think has value that your audience will appreciate. People usually post true but obvious things, don’t do that. You don’t want to bore your audience with that stuff. Post anything valuable that you think will help out your audience in some way.

4. Host events. Giveaways are the best way to gain more audience and to keep your existing audience engaged. Not just the giveaways, live events & webinars are also very in. Webinars and giveaways were such a hit in 2020. It’s a win-win for both parties. The business page gains a lot of followers and gets a high engagement rate and the audience, on the other hand, receives rewards for participating. These kinds of events boost the audience to stay connected and engaged with your account. 5. Start Engaging. Don’t leave your followers’ comments without a reply. Communicate with them. Followers like to make a connection like this way with the brands. Reply as much as you can. Share your work in progress. People love those bloopers and behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram. Everyone is kind of

nosey that way. The other way to keep them engaged is to keep them curious. You must have seen on the Instagram pages the ‘coming soon’ teasers or just a tiny little peek from the next day’s post. Give them something to think about, curiosity will always make them come to you. 6. Feedbacks. Ask everyone for the feedback, and reply to each of them, negative or positive doesn’t matter. Just reply to every feedback. And for heaven’s sake, don’t fool your audience with fake feedbacks. This fake feedbacks are done by the bots, you will get caught and you obviously don’t want this kind of black mark on your brand. 7. Provide excellent customer service.

Remember making a customer happy with your product is not in your hand, but listening to your customer and giving them the desired solution is in your hands. Keep your customers satisfied and their satisfaction your topmost priority. If your company lacks in this spot, no matter how good your product/services are, you will lose your customers eventually. 8. Quality over quantity. A moto to follow. It is not about producing quality products or providing quality services, but also about approaching or targeting a quality audience. I have seen many business pages that buy followers just to give an impression of a known brand, but that’s a huge mistake one can ever do. Instagram and other platforms have their algorithm, which can detect the unusual activities and bots in your accounts. You can get banned for doing such activities. So wait for the real audience to follow you,

give time to your business page to grow. The process can be slow, but it will be worth it. 9. Don’t advertise, tell a story. Emotions are the best way to get your audience engaged and connected instantly. People use stories in their testimonials, and that strategy works very well. Instagram is all about getting a good engagement. If your post is getting a good response, Instagram’s algorithm would try to show that post to a larger similar audience to increase the reach. That’s how social media’s algorithm works. 10. Blog. Blogging is the best way to communicate to your audience about your brand. Blogs are an important part of digital marketing. Tell them about why anyone should pick you, how

are you better than others, what is so different about you and how your brand going to solve their problems. Make sure to keep your blog interesting and not dull. Conclusion: Trusting someone takes a lot. Your audience not only gives you their trust but also invests in you. It is your job to make their experience worthwhile. It is on you to keep them stick with you by giving the best of your services. A customer’s loyalty is totally up to the brand’s customer satisfaction. Which brands do you trust the most?

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