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GVG Phoenix Brochure

Published by The Jason Mitchell Group, 2020-01-24 15:48:36

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CONTENTS 3 ABOUT US . 4 21 DAY SALE PROGRAM 6 THE LISTING PROCESS Welcome home! 8 MARKETING INITIATIVES // 10 TYPICAL HOME BUYER TIMELINE 12 CONCIERGE SERVICES Let your dream home become a reality 14 AWARDS with The Jason Mitchell Group 15 PRESS 16 WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY 17 PREFERRED PARTNERS 480.522.1030 8390 E Via De Ventura Blvd. Suite F-111 SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85258

ABOUT US Established in 2006, and with over $3 billion in closed transactions, The Jason Mitchell Group serves clients in all markets throughout Metro Phoenix and Greater Scottsdale. Ranked as Arizona's #1 Producing Team and America's #1 Real Estate Team, you can be assured you’re working with one of the best teams in the industry. From social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram to more traditional promotion including print and television, we cover all aspects to ensure each and every client gets maximum exposure when selling their home. Our clients purchasing property get access to public and private listings so they can make the best buying decision possible. All this, while have the best negotiators in the business on their side and utilizing the power of our brand to get the deals done. We make home buying and selling easy! So sit back, relax and enjoy The Jason Mitchell Group difference. America’s #1 Real Estate Team & Arizona’s #1 Producing Team OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: To provide a world class buying and selling experience to each or our clients we serve, while ensuring the highest level of communications and most advanced technology in the marketplace. T H E J A S O N M I T C H E L LG R O U P. C O M 3

21 DAY SALE PROGRAM HELPING YOU SAVE THOUSANDS WHEN YOU BUY OR SELL A HOME. Working with America’s #1 Real Estate Team, you are automatically pre-qualified to receive special incentives saving you thousands of dollars when you sell and buy your home. Additionally, you receive a world-class marketing package to give your home the exposure you need to sell within our 21 day guarantee. THE PROCESS WHEN YOU BUY – As a client of the Jason Mitchell Group you automatically qualify to the program. Stay connected with a Jason Mitchell Group Real Estate Specialist, and with our help, find your new home. Buy your home within 21 Days or less and close on your new home and receive your incentives to put towards the closing cost. WHEN YOU SELL – As a client of the Jason Mitchell Group you automatically qualify to the program. Stay connected with a Jason Mitchell Group Real Estate Specialist. Sign your Listing Agreement with the help from one of our Real Estate Specialists. Sell your home within 21 Days or less and close on selling your home to receive thousands! A PROGRAM LIKE NO OTHER! 4 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

WHEN YOU SELL WHEN YOU BUY TOTAL SAVINGS 1. List your home with the help of 1. Buy your home 1. List your home the Jason Mitchell Group 2. Finance your home 2. Sell your home 2. Sell your home 3. Receive up to 30% credit on the 3. Finance your new home with 3. Receive up to % off the listing JMG commission (for example, on a our preferred lender commission (for example, on a $ , sale price, typical $ , sale price, the discount commission would be $ , . 4. Receive up to % Disount & would be $ , . % credit on JMG commissions: % of $ , % of $ , % of $ , =$ , $, =$ , $ + % of $ , SAVINGS SAVINGS $, TOTAL SAVINGS Rewards Example 21 Day Guarantee Program HELPING YOU SAVE THOUSANDS 1% OFF THE SEE WHAT OUR CLIENTS WHEN YOU BUY OR SELL A HOME LISTING COMMISSION ARE SAYING A Program Like No Other! \"This was the best decision I made about Working with America’s #1 Real Estate 30% OFF THE REAL √ selling my home! I am very happy with Team, you are automatically pre-qualified to ESTATE COMMISSION WHEN X the service and experience I received receive special incentives saving you X from The Jason Mitchell Group. Their 21 YOU PURCHASE A HOME X thousaYnodus ohf daovllearsbweheenn yaopu pserlol avneddbufyor our \"Day Program made everything so easy. Track Your Status your home. Additionally, you receive a -Chris M.- Scottsdale, AZ Qualify f5or-RSeTaAl ERstCatOe RNeCwIaErdRsGE SERVICE Real Estate Rewards!world-class marketing package to give your Speak with your Real Estate Specialist \"Who knew that you could save money home the exposure you need to sell within Sell Your Home and/or Find Your New Home on both buying and selling! My husband our 21-day guarantee. and I saved over $10,000! Working with Close the Jason Mitchell Group was the best Congratulations on qualifying for our exclusive Real Estate \"decision we made. Rewards! As a client of the Jason Mitchell Group, you are - Sharon K. - Phoenix, AZ now entitled to receive additional incentives as outlined Mail below. Forwarding Installation Utilities TV/Internet/Phone Moving Service Quotes for Local Scheduling Activation Coordination Home Services What are my next steps?Service Transfer WEHliEgNibYlOeURSeEwLLards WHEN YOU BUY Step 1:TQOuaTliAfyLforSRAeVal IENstGateSRewards 1. List yWouhrehnomyoeuwsitehltlh-eRheeclpeoivfe 1% o1.ffBtuhyeyoLuisrthinogmCeommission GStr1eo. puLpi2s:tRCyeooanlunEreshtcaottmwe eiSthpeacJiaasliostn Mitchell the Jason Mitchell Group St2e.pSe3:llSytaorutrhhoommeesearch or sign your When you purchase - Receive 30% of the Real Estate listing agreement 2. Sell yCooumr hmomisseion 2. Finance your home 3. Finance your new home with Stoeupr4p:rePfuerrcrheadseleonrdseerll your home c$3.o5Rm0e0mc,0eiWCsi0vso0eihonuesncapni(lefetoyrogrpo1ereui%xcSapeome,ufftrprhvtcelheihced,aeoilssnicsetoaiounngrtsell -J3RM. ReGeccceeoiivmveemouisupsritoo5n-3S(0fot%arrcerxeadmitpolen, the $500,000 sale price, typical on a would bWeh$e5n,0y0o0u. refer - Refer a friecnodmomrifsasmionilywmoueldmbbee$r1&5,0y0o0u. St4e.pR5e:cCeliovseeuopntyoou1%r hDomisoeunt & 30% credit on JMG commissions: 1%reocefiv$e5$02500,0G0ift0Card 30% of $15,000 $9,500iHnocw+en13w%t0i%iovlfleo$If?5$r0e105c,,00e00iv00e==$m5,y000 $4,500 $5000IT’S THAT SIMPLE! $4,500 When you sell, the Listing Commissions will FSoArVQIuNeGstiSons Contact OuSrAVINGS TOTAL SAVINGSreflect a 1% reduction of the total commission. When you buy, your 30% rewards will be Client Experience Team RECOGNIZED BY credited to you at close of escrow. Phone: 855.521.6400 Email: [email protected] 855.521.6400Nationally Recognized as #1 Real Estate Team byReward is equal to a percentage of commissions payable to My Home Group, as the client’s broker. Amount is calculated after application all credits, fees and charges. Reward will be debited from the amounts otherwise due and payable to the brokerage at the closing. Reward will be credited to the client and re ected on the settlement statement at close of escrow. Reward shall be applied toward the client’s closing costs, such as, without limitation, lender fee, title fee, escrow fees. Reward is equal to a percentage of commissions payable to Jason Mitchell Real Estate, as the client’s broker. Amount is calculated after application all credits, fees and charges. Reward will be debited from the amounts otherwise due and payable to the brokerage at the closing. Reward will be credited to the client and reflected on the settlement statement at close of escrow. Reward shall be applied toward the client’s closing costs, such as, without limitation, lender fee, title fee, escrow fees. T H E J A S O N M I T C H E L LG R O U P. C O M 5

THE LISTING PROCESS Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so it’s important to select a team that has the expertise to get maximum exposure and top dollar for your home. Our team of agents at The Jason Mitchell Group is the best in the industry. We provide our clients with a world-class selling platform through mass marketing, as well as the most advanced technology in the marketplace. BRANDING The Jason Mitchell Group boasts a long-standing spot as one of the top brands for buying and selling real estate in the Valley. Having a team that is highly connected in the industry sets us apart from the rest, and allows for the best possible outcome in the buying or selling of your home. From our exclusive television series, to radio and print, to internet and social media presence, we continue to build our brand to be one of the most powerful in the nation. MARKETING From targeting specific demographics, to marketing to the area’s top agents, we have the tools to get your home maximum exposure. At The Jason Mitchell Group, our marketing plan is second to none in the industry and includes: • Custom Videos & Virtual Tours • Print & Email Advertising • Direct Mail • Social Media • Top Agent Online Networking • TV/Radio Exposure • Website Syndication • Services of partner Public Relations Firm 6 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

TECHNOLOGY In today’s world, technology plays a key role in selling real estate. We pride ourselves on having some of the most advanced marketing platforms in the industry. From marketing to specific demographics, to targeting area-specific top agents, we have the tools to launch your home listing above the competition. Our customer relations management system, Shabang, ensures you are constantly aware of the progression of your home throughout the listing process. It is one of our top priorities to carry on our legacy to be one of the most technologically-advanced teams in the industry. NEGOTIATIONS Negotiations start before an offer even comes in. Creating a sense of urgency with the buyer, developing the fear of loss, and developing a working relationship with a buyer’s agent are all key aspects of being a powerful, effective negotiator. Once an offer comes in, having an experienced agent to review all the terms and conditions and provide sound, strategic advice can make all the difference in getting top dollar for your home. Without a strong negotiator, you are potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table. The Jason Mitchell Group takes pride in the responsibility of getting the highest price for your home. T H E J A S O N M I T C H E L LG R O U P. C O M 7

MARKETING INITIATIVES Smart, strategic marketing is the #1 factor in successfully selling property. Having a marketing 92% OF ALL HOME platform that encompasses a wide range of exposure SEARCHES is critical for anyone selling their home. The goal of BEGIN ONLINE The Jason Mitchell Group is to provide our clients with maximum exposure of their home, through as many media channels as possible. SOCIAL MEDIA According to Global Web Index, the average Internet user is on social media and messaging services for over two hours per day, making use of these tools essential to marketing your home. With thousands of followers on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, The Jason Mitchell Group has the ability to get your listing in front of thousand of potential buyers, and has the most dominant social media presence of all real estate teams in Arizona. INTERNET Today, 92% of home searches begin online. With help from our partners at ReachLocal, we have established the standing of one of the top websites for property searching. is on the list of top 10 most visited real estate sites in the state, and hold the #4 spot for most visited real estate blog, with over 37,000 hits a month. We are also syndicated to every major real estate website in the world, including, Trulia, Zillow, Property Nut, and Homes. com. With The Jason Mitchell Group, your home will be featured on virtually every real estate domain available. 8 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

PRINT TOURS To reach the masses, we market There are a number of real estate our listings with a variety of tours that take place in the Valley publishers in the Valley and each month. Tours allow the nationwide, including AZ Foothills, opportunity for agents to check Luxury Home, Scottsdale Health, So Scottsdale, out your property firsthand, and also network The Village, and many more. with some of the top agents in the business. PV Luxury Tour, Arcadia Home Tour, North Scottsdale DIRECT MAIL Tour, and the McCormick Gainey Tour are just a few that our agents take part in. Direct mail is a form of traditional marketing that still proves highly- effective today. We mail thousands of custom designed marketing pieces to targeted areas every month, prompting phone calls and private showing from potential buyers. WALK-INS Our strategically-placed office is located in a popular retail area, and attracts many walk-in clients. Hundreds of visitors a month stop in to The Jason Mitchell Group to talk real estate and check out our available properties. Our in- office kiosk allows for a fun, interactive way to search for listings and show off our amazing inventory. Who knows...the next walk-in could be looking for your home. EMAIL CAMPAIGNS There is no better form of instant communication with realtors and consumers than our custom email campaigns. We target specific consumer demographics, neighborhoods and agents to ensure open rates of up to 91%. T H E J A S O N M I T C H E L LG R O U P. C O M 9

TYPICAL HOME BUYER TIMELINE Here For You, Every Step of the Way! From agents, to transaction managers and processors, we provide a full scope of services to make each step of your real estate experience the absolute best. Get Loan Offer Purchase Mortgage Pre-Approval Accepted! & Sales Commitment You’re on Your Agreement Way Home Signed Choose Your Your Home Home Submit Final Moving Closing on Agent and Search Inspection Mortgage Preparations Your Home! Company Begins Application Final Walk Through START FINISH Sign Buyer Your Pace, Within 7 After The Day Usually 6 to 8 Agency Your Way Days From Signing Before Weeks From Acceptance Purchase & Closing Accepted Offer Agreement Sales ASAP! Now it Gets Within 14 Within 3 Weeks EXCITING! Days From From Signed P&S Acceptance Our ultimate goal is to provide a world- class buying and selling experience to each and every client we serve by harnessing the power of our brand and our experienced agents to get the deal done. 10 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

Whether buying or selling, you can rest assured that every need will be taken care of by our enthusiastic team of professionals.

CONCIERGE SERVICES Our services don’t stop at the purchase of your home! Each and every client of The Jason MItchell Group receives complimentary concierge services to ease the moving process and ensure you are taken care of every moment throughout your home purchase or sale. Mail Utilities Installation Forwarding Activation Scheduling TV, Internet & Phone Moving Service Quotes for Local Service Transfer Coordination Home Services ...and much more! 12 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

“The added benefit of having a real estate team who takes care of EVERYTHING is something my family will never forget. Easiest process ever!” – MARY LOU, Paradise Valley, AZ

AWARDS America's #1 Real Estate Team I n the past Arizona’s #1 decade, The Jason Producing Agent Mitchell Group Jason Mitchell has received more state and national 2016, 2017, 2018 recognition than any other real Top 5 Producing estate team in all Team in the of Arizona. United States GQ Magazine Top Entrepreneur Recognized by Phoenix Business Journal as Arizona's #1 Producing Team - 2017 Nationally Recognized by The Wall Street Journal 14 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP

PRESS As a highly trusted and proven brand RREOSMTAAUNRTIACNTS in the real estate industry, The Jason Mitchell Group has been featured in GREAT DESTINATIONS FOR a variety of mainstream national VALENTINE'S DAY publications and television programs, including: TTRHEENNDEW • Host of A Sale of Two Cities (HGTV) PAINTING AND WINE • Host of Millennial Money Club (available on iTunes) ARIZONA FOOTHILLS STYLE SUBSTANCE SOPHISTICATION ESLI8INGMGIBOLLESETS WWW.SOSCOTTSDALE.COM | RICHMAN MEDIA GROUP | FEBRUARY 2014 • TV Appearances on HGTV, Bravo, IS ONE YOUR MR. OR MS. RIGHT? CNN, FOX and NBC COVER5_SS_Feb14.indd 1 1/24/14 11:36 PM • Published in The Wall Street Journal,, Top Agent, GQ, and Phoenix Business Journal BEST OF OUR VALLEY A P R I L 2 017 April Cover.indd 10 3/28/17 1:24 PM Published 2015 ENTREPRENEURS ON THE RISE PHOENIX’S NEW FACE OF REAL ESTATE JASON MITCHELL Jason Mitchell has clearly begun to make his mark on the real estate market in Phoenix and now on a national level. Since 2003, Jason and his team have sold over $550,000,000 and over 1100 homes. He is also the co-founder of Desert Bridge Capital, a real estate investment firm which specializes in residential property flips. Since 2010, Jason and his partner James Wexler have turned over 28 million in re-hab properties through- out greater Phoenix. Jason caught our attention last year when he appeared on CNN discussing treasury bonds and the impact of rising interest rates on the housing market. This year he can be seen on HGTV’s a Sale of Two Cities and heard on Money Radio 1510am. Jason (34) grew up with humble beginnings in south Detroit and started his career there. Today he is a self-made multi-mil- lionaire running one of the top 50 real estate teams in the Nation. When asked what was next for him, Jason said “my goal is to continue to grow our brand by offering some of the best technology and processes available. Nothing is more important than providing a world class experience to each and every one of our clients. It will happen!” For more information on the Phoenix/Scottsdale real estate market. Contact The Jason Mitchell Realty Group @ Realty Executives 480-522-1030 | T H E J A S O N M I T C H E L LG R O U P. C O M 15

WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “I HAD THE BEST EXPERIENCE working with the Mitchell Group. They were very attentive to my needs and were looking out for my best interest as a home buyer. They answered every question that I asked and provided me with enough information to make a big business decision. I would and have recommended them to others.” — PATRICK M. “WE HAVE BOUGHT AND SOLD SEVERAL HOMES with Jason over the years. Throughout the process Jason and his team were professional, responsive, and had our best interests at heart. He is an exceptional negotiator, has extensive knowledge of the industry, is honest, and a real pleasure to work with.” — CHRIS L. “THE MOST PLEASANT EXPERIENCE I have ever had when purchasing a home was with The Jason Mitchell Group. They are dynamic at what they do from their personalized customer service to their immediate rresponses to my requests. They made my job very easy as they followed up on every small detail so I wouldn’t have to.” — CAROLANN TUTERA “WE HAVE WORKED WITH SEVERAL AGENTS over the 10 years we have lived in Scottsdale. The Jason Mitchell Group is simply in a different league. They are dedicated, honest and efficient. They do what they say with a level of integrity like no other. We would NEVER consider working with anyone else!” — DR. PAUL SOS “WE HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE of working with Jason on the sale of our home and will be using Jason when buying our new one in the future. It is challenging to be concise in describing all that Jason has done for our family. He has the unique ability to make us feel as if we were his only client. He is a true professional who cares very much for the clients he serves and delivers on everything he commits to. We recommend Jason to anyone buying or selling their home!” — EDWARD JOHNSON 88% OF OUR BUSINESS COMES FROM REPEAT CLIENTS & REFERRALS 16 THE JASON MITCHELL GROUP


“We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing your real estate agent. That’s why we go the extra mile - to make the buying and/or selling process as easy as possible. It is with continuous efforts and the relentless pursuit of finding the most effective marketing tools that allow us to push ourselves each and every day.” — JASON MITCHELL — President, The Jason Mitchell Group Arizona’s #1 Producing Agent AS SEEN ON 8390 E Via De Ventura Blvd. Suite F-111, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 480.522.1030 | [email protected] |

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