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Home Explore (2nd nine weeks 20-21 8th grade Outstanding Chargers

(2nd nine weeks 20-21 8th grade Outstanding Chargers

Published by Summer Gault, 2021-01-14 14:40:02

Description: (2nd nine weeks 20-21 8th grade Outstanding Chargers


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8th Grade 2nd Nine Weeks - 2020

con·sid·er·ate /kənˈsidərət/ Adjective adjective: considerate 1. careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others.

hon·es·ty /ˈänəstē/ Noun noun: honesty 1. 1. the quality of being honest.

at·ti·tude /ˈadəˌt(y)o͞ od/ Noun noun: attitude; plural noun: attitudes 1. a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

Noah Spanish 1 Koepke Mrs. Bowles

Noah, the attribute that I chose to nominate you for is ATTITUDE. You are always kind to everyone, you never miss class and you are very responsible, but the way you always push yourself to be better and to give more in class is what makes you great. Learning a new language can be very challenging. It requires memorization and a lot of practice, but also it requires willingness from the person learning it. Since the beginning of the year you have demonstrated an interest in the language. You always come prepared to class and ready to work. When you work on your written assignments you always give more than what I am asking. I see you going over your notes, you go way back so you can use vocabulary and sentence stems that we have learned before. I can see you thinking, writing, then erasing and writing again all to integrate what you have learned in the past with the new concept being introduced in class that day. By the time you get to speak in Spanish, your answers are always rich and very well structured because you try to use everything you can to make your answer better. That is amazing! I love seeing you do it and it sets a great example for all of your classmates. Keep going and pushing yourself in this language journey. I really hope you are enjoying learning Spanish, because I sure enjoy having you as my student. Gracias! Señora Bowles

Landon Spanish 3 Wade Mrs. Cavazos

My outstanding student of this 9 weeks is Landon Wade and the attribute is attitude. You have the best attitude, always smiling and hardworking. Landon I want to say thank you for striving everyday to learn Spanish. You are an excellent student and I have seen you grow from six grade to now and it has been a blessing to have you in my class. I appreciate your effort and willingness to work everyday in class. Muchas gracias, Mrs. Cavazos

Hailey 8th grade Cuellar ELAR Mrs. Cochran

Hailey Cuellar is an extraordinary role model for her peers, demonstrating a positive attitude inside and outside of the classroom. She is an outstanding student who puts forth 110% effort into everything she does. Hailey is kind, respectful, and helpful to her classmates and teachers. Her smile brightens my classroom every time she enters. Hailey, your outstanding work ethic and honorable character will take you far in life. Keep up the good work!

Taylor 8th grade Castillo Science Mr. Jackson

Taylor Castillo-Attitude It is my pleasure to nominate Taylor Castillo for an Outstanding Charger award for the second nine weeks. Taylor always has the best attitude when it comes to academics, athletics, and his peers. He is one of those kids that will make lemonade out of lemons. He is positive and encouraging to his classmates and always points out the bright side of every situation. He never complains and is always eager to get the job done (and done well). Taylor is a fine example of what it means to be an Outstanding Charger. With his outstanding attitude, Taylor will accomplish anything he attempts in life. Thanks for being a great kid Taylor! Mr. Jackson

Shea 8th grade Svendsen Math Ms. O’Connor

This is the second year I get to work with Shea in her math class. What a joy it has been to watch her grow in perseverance, knowledge, and skills in a subject that can be extremely challenging to her. She has been absolutely undaunted! She participates in class, has become a leader in our little study group, and now, is able to teach other students some of the things she first struggled at learning. It seems like she actually looks forward to math class and can't wait to learn something new. I look forward to seeing her beautiful smile and contagious enthusiasm every 7th period!

Seth 8th grade Seaman Honors ELAR Mrs. O’Rourke

Can you say \"voracious reader\"? Seth devours books like most teens eat Takis! That in and of itself makes me adore this kiddo, but that isn't his only fabulous characteristic. Seth is also one of the most polite and engaging students I've ever had the pleasure to teach. There isn't a day Seth comes to class that he isn't smiling, and I can tell even with a mask on! His spirit is so positive and upbeat. Seth is a friend to everyone, and it is obvious his peers admire him. Seth is going to be wildly successful, and I'm thrilled to have been a part of his journey.

Mallory 8th grade Woods Math Mrs. Surley

Sweet Mallory, You are such a bright light during third period. You are always prepared for class, work hard and are extremely respectful at all times. I appreciate what an amazing student and young lady you are. Your positive and hard working attitude will prove to take you far in life in whatever you choose. Thank you Mallory for possessing all the qualities of an OUTSTANDING C.H.A.R.G.E.R. but mostly that of an incredible attitude. Mrs. Surley

re·spect /rəˈspekt/ noun noun: respect; plural noun: respects 1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. 2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Ashley 8th grade Black Honors ELAR Ms. Weber

Ashley, when I looked at the choices for nominating you as my outstanding student of the quarter, I was uncertain what to choose. You \"qualify\" in all of the categories: considerate, honest, responsible, genuine etc. But I choose respectful because I think that is so important in middle school. You are respectful to me and to your classmates. I admire your patience during classroom discussions. You listen to other's perspectives and then form your own opinion. You also listen carefully to instructions, and if needed, you respectfully ask for clarifications or examples. You are an eager learner unafraid to respect your own rights and ask for assistance. Your success in my class is obvious. You do your assignments on time respecting deadlines and always turn in quality work. I am so glad to have you in my class this year. Ms. Weber

gen·u·ine /ˈjenyo͞ oən/ adjective adjective: genuine 1. truly what something is said to be; authentic. ● (of a person, emotion, or action) sincere.

Sadie 8th grade Brinkerhoff American History Mrs. Blunt

Sadie has been such a light in the classroom in the past few weeks that I have gotten to know her. Her enthusiasm during class is contagious, and it makes teaching her and her fellow classmates so much fun. Her love for Hamilton also contributes, as well! I think one of my favorite things about having Sadie as a student is how much she likes to sit at the podium in front of the class. :) Since I've only been back in the classroom for a few weeks, it can be hard to establish rapport with students. But, not with Sadie. Her comfortability and confidence everyday makes it feel like I've been teaching her all year; which I love! It has been such a blessing to have her in the classroom, and I truly look forward to getting to know her better as the year goes on. Thanks for being so awesome, Sadie!

em·pa·thy /ˈempəTHē/ noun noun: empathy 1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

re·spon·si·ble /rəˈspänsəb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: responsible 1. having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role. ● capable of being trusted. ● morally accountable for one's behavior.

Savannah 8th grade Stanley Physical Education Coach Fallon

My outstanding student award goes to Savannah Stanley. She is a great role model for her peers and a natural leader. I enjoy watching her give it her “all” in every activity we do in PE. Savannah is polite and respectful to her Coaches and teammates always thanking us with a big smile. Congratulations Savannah it is a pleasure to have you in PE this year and best of luck the rest of the year in all you do.

Mia 8th grade Tyler College, Career, Military Readiness Coach Grant

Mia shows outstanding character and leadership qualities in class. She comes in and gets to work without anything having to be said, she leads class discussions along with helping the people around her. She is the true definition of what it means to be a CHARGER!

Ana Yearbook & Daniela Broadcasting Trevino Mrs. Grossenbacher

I would like to nominate Ana Daniela Trevino for the Outstanding Student Award. The top quality I see in her is Responsibility! Daniela started the school year as an E-Learner, and returned the 2nd nine weeks for in-person learning. I admire her work ethics and dedication to take the lead, work hard, learn new material, and be responsible for her own work, as well as helping others, and volunteering to go above and beyond to get the job done. When no one else wants to do the job needed, she leaps at the opportunity to get it done, without hesitation. She is a part of my yearbook team and broadcasting team. It’s been a big struggle with a small staff and the Pandemic. She is creative and dedicated and much appreciated! She is definitely that student that stands out in the crowd, in a very positive way!! We will have an amazing Yearbook because of her hard work.

Benjamin Symphonic Manarpaac Band Mr. Haden

Ben is a great student and has shown much improvement on his trombone. He is often the model on behavior and classroom management to the rest of the trombone section. The responsibility that Ben has shown during the symphonic band rehearsals is a testament to the type of person he is and I look forward to working with him throughout the school year and beyond.

Lindsay 8th grade Renaud American History Mrs. Harp

Lindsay, you have blown me away with the amount of self discipline and responsibility you have displayed since the beginning of the year. You log in as an e-learner on time and always let me know if you are not going to be in class. You complete all of your assignments thoroughly with thoughtfulness. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts. You are an outstanding student and I am blessed to have you in my class this year. Mrs. Harp

Dev 8th grade Patel Honors Science Mrs. Underhill

It is my joy to recognize Dev Patel as an outstanding student in Science. Dev is being recognized for the character trait of responsibility. Dev has been an e-learner all semester and has done an exceptional job. He is always on time to class, turns in all assignments and completes them with excellence. He is patient and polite when e-learning doesn’t go exactly as I expected or hoped. E-learning has several challenges and Dev has risen above them all. Dev’s grades are exceptional due to his responsibility and work ethic. It has been an honor to be his teacher. Dev ends every class by thanking me for the class. As his teacher this means so much. We often feel we are not meeting all the needs of our students and that little act of encouragement means a lot. He is kind and respectful. I have no doubt Dev will move on to High School and achieve great things. His teachers will be very lucky to have such a remarkable student. Thank you, Dev, for being such an outstanding individual. You have been a true blessing in a year that has been very challenging for both students and teachers. I am thankful to be your teacher. Congratulations on being recognized as an outstanding student in science! Mrs. Underhill

self·less /ˈselfləs/ adjective 1. concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish. \"an act of selfless devotion\"

Mara Choir Sueltenfuss Mr. Pineda

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