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Published by Summer Gault, 2020-10-22 20:38:15

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8th Grade 1st Nine Weeks - 2020

con·sid·er·ate /kənˈsidərət/ Adjective adjective: considerate 1. careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others.

Grace 8th grade Chavez Science Mr. Jackson

It is my pleasure to nominate Grace Chavez for an Outstanding Chargers Award. I can not simply narrow it down to one single event that inspired me to choose her. It is the day to day attitude and character that she presents always. From the first day of school she has been kind, considerate, and responsible. She makes my classroom a better place to be. One specific example of her kind, considerate disposition was demonstrated the other day in class. We were taking notes in class, one of my students had make-up work to complete and was in another room. Grace took it upon herself to get an extra note sheet and take notes for the student that was missing. When I questioned what she was doing she simply explained that she didn’t want him to be behind. She did this completely on her own without being asked. I am proud to be her teacher. She exemplifies the traits of character, considerate, selfless, and attitude. Outstanding work Grace!

CJ 8th grade Chavez Honors Science Mrs. Underhill

It is my joy to recognize CJ Chavez as an outstanding Charger! CJ exemplifies many of the traits that make students stand out as outstanding among their peers. The trait I chose to highlight about CJ is considerate. CJ puts others before himself. He is kind to his peers and his teachers. CJ always makes sure to ask how I am doing and how my weekend was. He has a genuine heart and makes others feel included and valued. CJ brightens my day every day I am blessed to see him in the hallway or in class. He is very intelligent but does not boast. CJ is always willing to lend a helping hand or suggestion that might make your day a little easier or better. I have had the pleasure of watching CJ grow from a 6th grader when he started with us at South into an amazing, intelligent, considerate 8th grader. CJ is going to great things in life. His future teachers will be very lucky to have such an outstanding student. Thank you, CJ, for being the wonderful person you are. Never stop believing in yourself and always know you have the support of your teachers from South! I am very proud of you and honored to be your Science teacher.

hon·es·ty /ˈänəstē/ Noun noun: honesty 1. 1. the quality of being honest.

at·ti·tude /ˈadəˌt(y)o͞ od/ Noun noun: attitude; plural noun: attitudes 1. a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

John Spanish 1 Dutton Mrs. Bowles

John, I have decided to nominate you for ATTITUDE these 1st. Nine Weeks of Spanish class. I could’ve nominated you for other attributes, but having a positive attitude seemed the best one for you. You are very dedicated and hardworking. You are always on task and turn in your work on time. During class you are always smiling and acknowledging others. And when things have gotten a bit difficult you have always encouraged others to try their best. You reassure all the other e-learners that everything will be ok and that they are doing great. What a wonderful classmate you are! Plus, you have a great sense of humor about everything, especially when you get teased about the time in your clock…Ha! I look forward to seeing you grow in Spanish language acquisition and seeing you use the language in everyday situations. I am sure you will have a wonderful year. Gracias! Señora Bowles

Caroline Spanish 1 Sedlak Honors Mrs. Cavazos

I nominated Caroline Sedlak to be my Outstanding Charger for the first 9 weeks. I nominated Carolina for her attitude. She has the best attitude in class, I am amazed to see how confident she is in everything she does. No matter the situation she always responds with her best Spanish. She walks in class with an excellent attitude and she is always prepared. It is a true blessing to be your teacher this year, and I know that no matter what, your attitude and confidence will help you achieve all your dreams. Caroline It is a pleasure to have you in class. Gracias, Señora Cavazos

Angela 8th grade Corea ELAR Inocente Mrs. Cochran

Angela demonstrates all of the CHARGER attributes, but the one that sticks out the most is ATTITUDE. Angela puts forth 110% effort in everything she does. The challenge of learning English as a second language has not stopped Angela from demonstrating her very best every single day. Even though it may be difficult, Angela approaches every task with a positive attitude and a growth mindset. This attitude will cause her future to be bright no matter where she goes or what she does!

Gabriel 8th grade Hernandez ELAR Mrs. DuLaney

Gabe comes to class everyday with a positive attitude. He sets a great example for our class! He actively participates in class and wants to be successful. Gabe has embraced his new school school with an open-mind to new experiences and meeting new friends. It is truly a pleasure having Gabe in our class!

Colton 8th grade Shaw American History Mrs. Green

I love Colton's enthusiasm for History. He comes to class totally ready and focused to learn. His attitude is reflected in those around him and makes this class a better class because he is here. He participates in whatever we are doing and his insights help others in class who might not understand what I am trying to say. He truly is one of those students who really is a pleasure to have in class.

Ranger Digital Turley Literacy 3 Mrs. Grossenbacher

I would like to recognize Ranger Turley for Outstanding Student with an Awesome Attitude in Digital Literacy 3 Class. From the first days of school in 2020, I noticed a growth from 7th to 8th grade. Ranger has grown a lot, his attitude is positive, his work ethic has improved greatly, he takes the initiative to ask for help when needed, he did both E-Learning and In-School Learning with a great attitude, and I am so proud of him!! He has been such a pleasure to have in class. He is working hard, enjoys learning to code, and is engaging with his peers in class. Thanks for being an awesome student, and taking pride in your classwork.

Logan 8th grade Schram Honors ELAR Mrs. O’Rourke

Kevin Thompson said, “There is a trait in the leaders I most admire and the people I most respect. They have a quiet determination.” I think this epitomizes Logan in so many ways. He doesn’t draw attention to himself, but he is obviously respected by his peers. He consistently seeks out ways to improve himself in the classroom, and I can always count on him to be prepared for whatever we might be doing. Logan does all of this with a healthy dose of respectfulness. It is a pleasure to have this young man in my class, and I look forward to watching him pursue his goals.

Molly 8th grade Briskey Honors ELAR Ms. Weber

I remember meeting Molly the first day of school 1st period. She sits in the first seat of the first row. She was alert, interested, and looked eager to listen and learn. Molly seems to be my go to girl when I want to show an example of work to make a point with my classes. I will always ask, \"Molly, can I show your work?\" She always complies. With masks on and distance requirements, it is sometimes difficult to get to know our students this year. Molly has radiated a calm presence in my classroom. She is genuine in her efforts and responsible to complete work on time that demonstrates sincere effort. She is willing and selfless to volunteer in class and help her classmates. I am looking forward to getting to work with her this year.

re·spect /rəˈspekt/ noun noun: respect; plural noun: respects 1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. 2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Aiden Honor Band Roche Mr. Hudson

Aiden is among the most respectful students I've ever taught. This is obvious by his actions during rehearsal and how he speaks to me and other students. Thanks for going above and beyond.

gen·u·ine /ˈjenyo͞ oən/ adjective adjective: genuine 1. truly what something is said to be; authentic. ● (of a person, emotion, or action) sincere.

em·pa·thy /ˈempəTHē/ noun noun: empathy 1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Lillian Choir Ritchie Mr. Pineda

I would jokingly introduce Lilly as being the \"meanest girl in school!\" Nothing could be further from the truth. Lilly is a gentle soul who’s empathetic nature is a true gift. She takes it upon herself to guide and INCLUDE every student in the choral classroom. Lilly is welcoming and encouraging particularly to those who may need it most. This world is better for having caretakers and shepherds like Lilly Ritchie!

re·spon·si·ble /rəˈspänsəb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: responsible 1. having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role. ● capable of being trusted. ● morally accountable for one's behavior.

Katherine College, Gray Career, Military Readiness Coach Grant

This student is always works hard in my class and leads it every time she is in my class. She leads discussions, helps other students, and takes care of all responsibilities.

Ciana 8th grade Saunders American History Mrs. Harp

Ciana encompasses many of the traits that our CHARGER acronym displays however I would like to focus on how she is one of the most genuine students I have ever come across. She treats her fellow students with kindness, she is funny, she shows genuine concern for all things from fellow classmates to her own work and performance. She is inquisitive and displays a strong value for her education. It is so refreshing to watch her interact with her peers as a bright lighted individual who is comfortable with who she is even while in the midst of growing and discovering herself. It is a blessing to have her as a student and to have her in my classroom. Thank you, Ciana for bringing me joy with your existence and being an outstanding student.

Chloe 8th grade Allen Math Ms. O’Connor

I got to know Chloe really well during the time we were closed for Covid last spring. Chloe and I would meet through Google Duo and talk about math and so many other things. I treasure these times that allowed me to really get to know this shy, quiet young woman. I discovered how kind, thoughtful, hardworking, sweet, and responsible Chloe could be. I'm so proud of her for all the progress she's made in math so far this year; she's turned in all her assignments, totally pays attention in class, and is an awesome team-mate when we get into groups. I feel so blessed to have this beautiful girl in my life!

Mallory 8th grade Adamitz Math Mrs. Surley

I have chosen Mallory as my Outstanding Student in the area of responsibility. Mallory shows so much dedication to her learning. As an E-learner Mallory turns in all of her work on time, asks thoughtful questions in class and attends E-Learner tutoring if she needs help on a topic. She is an asset to class and always participates in class instruction. When I call on her she is quick to respond and always is paying attention. She is also always the first one logged on and last to log off. Thank you Mallory for being so responsible especially under the current circumstances. I can't wait to have you back in class in person. Mrs. Surley

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