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Pekin Park District PlayGuide Spring / Summer 2020

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PLAY GUIDE 2020 2020 spring & summer Visit us at As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, please take measures to protect yourself and others while visiting our parks and facilities. The CDC recommends good hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing especially after touching hard surfaces, covering sneezes and coughs with a tissue or inside of elbow, and distancing yourself from others. For your personal safety and the safety of others, we ask that you refrain from visiting park areas and facilities if you and/or your immediate family are not feeling well, have a fever, or other symptoms of illness. Taking these simple steps will allow everyone to enjoy our parks while limiting the risks of spreading illness.

OSF HealthCare Center for Health – Pekin 3422A Court St. | Pekin, Illinois | SCHEDULE YOUR PRIMARY CARE APPOINTMENT TODAY! CALL (309) 477-6000 HEALTH CARE Manage all of your health care needs in one place, at the OSF HealthCare Center for Health – Pekin. We offer primary care, lab work and diagnostic services, including electrocardiograms (EKG), ultrasound and X-ray. You also have access to specialists in: • Cardiology • General neurology • General surgery • Rheumatology • Urology • Orthopedics • Osteopathy • Physiatry Convenient, hometown PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 2

Board of Commissioners Kristen Walraven, President Paula Helm, Vice President Gary Gillis, Commissioner Marv Brown, Commissioner Kyle Cain, Commissioner Greg Maloney, Commissioner Greg Ranney, Commissioner Email: [email protected] EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Cameron Bettin Email: [email protected] Pekin Park District Administration TaBLE OF CONTENTS Facilities & Contact Info ...................................................................... 4 Message from the Executive Director ....................................... 5 Pekin Park Foundation ....................................................................... 6 Family Friendly Community Events ............................................ 7 Dragonland Water Park & Swim ................................................... 9 Mineral Springs Park Fun ................................................................ 16 Canine Obedience ................................................................................ 17 Kids Camps & Field Trips .................................................................. 18 Kids Sports & Activities ..................................................................... 21 Golf ............................................................................................................... 25 Parkside Fitness ................................................................................... 28 Miller Center ............................................................................................ 31 Birthday Parties .................................................................................... 35 IRVSA ........................................................................................................... 37 Rentals ....................................................................................................... 38 FAQs ............................................................................................................ 39 All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 3

FaCILITIES AND CONTaCT INFOrMaTION PARKS Blenkiron Park 601 Park Ave. Pekin, IL 61554 Coal Miners’ Park 300 S. Parkway Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Independence Park 612 Lasalle Blvd. Marquette Heights, IL 61554 James Field 101 S. 9th St. Pekin, IL 61554 John T. McNaughton Park 217 McNaughton Park Rd. Pekin, IL 61554 Kiwanis Park South On the Corner of 9th & Koch St. Pekin, IL 6554 Miller Park 121 Court St. Pekin, IL 61554 Mineral Springs Park & Lagoon 1701 Court St. Pekin, IL 61554 Railsplitter’s Park 268 Derby St. Pekin, IL 61554 Riverfront Park 121 Court St. Pekin, IL 61554 Rotary Park 1115 State St. Pekin, IL 61554 Southside Business Association Park 200 Sapp St. Pekin, IL 61554 Sports Complex 300 Koch St. Pekin, IL 61554 Tante Park Broadway Rd. Pekin, IL 61554 Willow Park 500 Willow St. Pekin, IL 61554 GOLF COURSES Lick Creek Golf Course 2210 N. Parkway Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 346-0077 Fax: (309) 347-1262 Parkview Golf Course 2300 Broadway St. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 346-8494 Fax: (309) 346-6016 FUN & GAMES Boating on the Lagoon Phone: (309) 347-7275 DragonLand Water Park 193 Red Bud Memorial Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 347-4000 Parkside Fitness 300 Red Bud Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 347-6644 Fax: (309) 347-4472 Magic Dragon Mini Golf 210 Recreation Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 353-1244 Pekin Archers, Inc. 2510 Edgewater Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Email: [email protected] Blazin' A Trail Riding & Boarding 217 McNaughton Park Rd. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 382-1268 COMMUNITY CENTERS Miller Center 551 S. 14th St. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 346-5210 Email: [email protected] Pavilion on the Lagoon 257 Pavilion Rd. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 201-4008 Email: [email protected] Soldwedel Program Center 207 McNaughton Park Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 201-4008 Email: [email protected] ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES Recreation Department Veterans Memorial Arena 250 Redbud Memorial Dr. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 347-7275 Robert N. Blackwell Administration Building 1715 Dragon Dr., Suite A Pekin, IL 6554 Phone: (309) 353-5330 Fax: (309) 353-1787 EMERGENCY NUMBERS Park Police Phone: (309) 346-3132 Inclement Weather Line Phone: (309) 226-4060 PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 4

MESSaGE FrOM THE EXECUTIVE DIrECTOr A lot has been happening at the Pekin Park District since my message in the Fall-Winter 2019-20 Play Guide. Bids for the replacement of DragonLand Water Park’s mechanical system were approved at a lower than anticipated cost of $440,000. Replacement of the old mechanical system will begin shortly and is planned to be completed by early May. The waterslides are also being recoated and recolored. Stop by the Recreation office in Veterans Memorial Arena to get your season pass available at a reduced rate through May 1 or your punch cards which are also available at a reduced rate. The Park District received a $400,000 Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) for improvements to Mineral Springs Park. These improvements include sections of the walk around the Lagoon, the concrete/brick paver patio area on the south side of the Pavilion, repairing and refinishing the fishing piers and patio deck on the Lagoon, adding tables with umbrellas to the patio deck, replacing the boat dock, replacing the playground equipment, replacing the restrooms along Royal Avenue, constructing a walk connecting the playground to the restrooms, renovating the tennis courts along Coal Car and Recreation Drives, and installing new equipment and ramps (phase one) at the skate park. The Park District will hold several public meetings to garner input from the community regarding the playground and skate park. The Park District has two years to complete the project. The total cost of the project is $1,305,200. The Park District’s match is $723,500. Other funds included in the remaining match will come from PCHS District 303 for the tennis court renovation as part of our intergovernmental agreement, and funds from a playground manufacturer’s matching grant program for the replacement of the playground equipment. It has been years since the Park District applied for and received an OSLAD grant, and we are looking forward to getting this project underway as these improvements are truly needed. At Parkside Fitness (note the new name), the tennis courts had a major overhaul during the first part of the winter season. Due to some flooding in December 2018 and again in May 2019, it was discovered that mold was starting to appear. Grading and drainage work was done outside on the north side of the building to prevent future flooding. The old tennis court surfacing was removed, the mold was remediated, along with some asbestos in the mastic being abated, and the new tennis court surface was installed. The courts were re- opened in mid-December. The total cost of the project came to around $330,000. All of these improvements are being paid through the issuance of a debt certificate, and restructure of bond reissuance and extending our debt service. Except for the minimal annual tax increase we are allowed by statute being a tax-capped community, the debt certificate and bond reissuances/extension of debt service will not result in additional increases to your taxes. Parkside Fitness also has installed some new cardio equipment, new spin bikes, Les Mills Virtual and On Demand classes in addition to our class line-up, and new equipment/changes will also be installed/occurring in the free-weight room areas thanks to a loan from the Pekin Park Foundation. An annual fee has been incorporated into our memberships to be utilized strictly for new equipment and building improvements over time. Though a Parkside Fitness membership is more than our competitors, what we have to offer overall is much more than our competitors, too. We offer a wide variety of exercise classes and programs, babysitting services for your children while you work out, racquetball and wallyball, tennis and pickleball courts, locker rooms with showers and saunas, and personal trainers that offer an array of options to fit your needs. If you are not a member, come out and check us out. We have a seven-day VIP Pass where you can use the facility for free to see what we have to offer, and we also have a reduced rate three-month summer special from May 1st to July 31st For those who skate at Veterans Memorial Arena, you probably noticed a lot of condensation and fog this year. This was mainly due to our dehumidifier system going down and the mild winter did not help the situation. We are in the process of working with an engineer consultant putting together drawings and specifications to go to bid for a new, state of the art dehumidification and ventilation system to be installed this summer. Improving the insulation and cleaning up the facility will also be part of the project. Lastly, the Park District has also rebranded itself. Our main Park District logo was revamped to be more current to today’s way of marketing and design. The iconic Pavilion is still part of the logo but more streamlined and designed in a way that we could incorporate our other facilities into the logo system. In the past, all our facilities had their own logos but without indication they were a facility of the Park District. With the new logo system in place, we are now a cohesive brand. Respectfully, Cameron Bettin Executive Director, Pekin Park District 5

The Pekin Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization. Its mission is to provide a means by which park supporters can help improve and beautify our parks and expand participation in activities and programs through a well-funded Gift Program and long- term sustaining Endowment Program. By having this funding mechanism in place to meet future needs and enhancements, the park will continue to serve as the cherished community icon that it has become. It also provides a means to leave a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by future generations of park users. Endowment gifts earn interest and dividends and can provide for maintenance, scholarships, enhancements and improvements. The Gift Catalog provides items that one may purchase as recognition or memorials and includes park benches, picnic tables or planted trees. Past projects include funding for the James Field Improvements Project, coordination of funding for the Pergola Project, and many trees planted throughout our park system. TREE DONOR PROGRAM The Pekin Park Foundation Tree Donor Program provides opportunities for meaningful tributes to family and friends, in honor of the birth of a child, special birthday, wedding, anniversary, various other special occasions, or a memorial to honor the memory of a loved one. Tree plantings are needed in many park locations including McNaughton Park, Lick Creek and Parkview Golf Courses, Pekin Park District Sports Complex and many other parks. The Superintendent of Parks will work with donors to select the best area suited for the type of tree planting desired. Plantings are done in the spring and fall. Tree cost is $300 or more depending on the size and type of tree chosen. Donors will receive a Commemorative Certificate and a document including a picture of the tree and an aerial map with precise GPS coordinates. Donated tree info is included in the Pekin Park Foundation Tree Donor Record Book as well as the Pekin Park Foundation website. Donations may remain anonymous if desired. Gifts are tax deductible and provide the community with a piece of nature that will benefit the area for years to come. For additional information, contact Cameron Bettin at (309) 353-4328 or [email protected] Potential donors may go to to view the gift catalog and complete an inquiry form. PEKIN PArK FOUNDATION PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 6

CYCLE THROUGH PEKIN HISTORY See history up close as you enjoy a bike trip across town. Ride by the historic Pekin Train Depot, recall the Wreck of the Columbia, discuss the Pekin Agreement, the Urban League and the Berry hanging, and visit the Tazewell County Museum. The ride concludes at the Dirksen Statue. Helmets are required and bring plenty of water for this approximately 5-mile trip through Pekin history. No registration necessary. Date: June 4 Time: 6 PM departure from Mineral Springs Park Pavilion Cost: Free BAND CONCERTS IN THE PARK 92nd Summer Band Season Dates: Sundays, June 28 – August 9 Location: Mineral Spring Park at the Pavilion Time: 7 PM Cost: Free MILITARY APPRECIATION DAY Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, and their family are invited to enjoy various Mineral Springs Park Facilities for free. Date: Sunday, July 19 Location: DragonLand Water Park: Noon – 5 PM Magic Dragon Mini Golf: Noon – 9 PM Boating on the Lagoon: 11 AM – Dusk Cost: Free UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EXTENSION 4-H FULTON-MASON-PEORIA-TAZEWELL UNIT The annual 4-H Fair is a family-friendly fair with interactive activities for everyone! Find us on Facebook: Tazewell County 4-H Veterans Memorial Fair Association Dates: July 27 – 29 Location: Mineral Springs Park Cost: Free LARRY’S CASTING KIDS – FISHING DERBY In memory of Larry Goodlick This FREE 2-day program includes information stations on safety, rules, equipment, bait, live aquatic environments and casting held on Friday evening and the Fishing Derby on Saturday. All those pre-registered that complete the stations will receive their own Larry's Casting Kids fishing license and t-shirt. The Fishing Derby is held on Saturday with trophies, bait, breakfast and prizes. Participants must attend the station sessions on Friday to be eligible for the Saturday Derby. Participants under the age of 14 will need an adult buddy (with a fishing license) to make a 2-person team. All participants age 16 or older must have a valid State of Illinois Fishing License. Dates: Friday, July 31 – Station Sessions: 4 – 8 PM Saturday, August 1 – Derby: 8 – 11 AM Location: Mineral Springs Park Lagoon/Gazebo Area Code: 20REC613 Cost: Free Registration is required – Deadline: July 17 FAMILY FrIENDLY COMMUNITY EVENTS All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 7

PEKIN PARK DISTRICT ADULT SOFTBALL LEAGUES - STARTING APRIL 19 TH REGISTER NOW! MINERAL SPRINGS DIAMONDS #1 & #2 REGISTRATION: $250 per team $29 per player before play OFFERING MANY LEAGUES: CHURCH, INDUSTRIAL, LADIES AND CO-REC For more information visit: All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 8

As the weather warms up, the countdown to pool season begins. Thankfully, kids (and parents) can let out a cheer because the water slides are back and better than ever with the $465,000 DragonLand Water Park renovation! “Our slides are getting completely resurfaced, recoated and recolored,” shares Shawn Powers, Pekin Park District Superintendent of Recreation. “They are going to come back like brand new. We also replaced the roof and are getting new heaters, a new filtration system, and all new pumps with variable speeds for the whole system. The cool thing about this is that the new system takes up a quarter of the footprint and will save thousands of gallons of water, hundreds of gallons of chemicals, and thousands of dollars in the energy to heat and filtrate the water. It’s definitely a nice upgrade from the original 1992 system.” KIDS AND UP: THE BEST WAY TO PLAY IN THE SUN DragonLand has a little something for everyone. Located on three-plus acres in Mineral Springs Park, younger kids enjoy the zero-depth play area, “Dude” the dragon slide, mushroom waterfall geyers and sand beach play area. Older kids love zipping down two water slides, playing in the heated pools and competing on the sand beach volleyball court. And parents will enjoy the full concession stand and extended deck with hundreds of lounge chairs to relax in. It’s even fully handicap- accessible, making it a fun day out for everyone! “The sand beach play area is really geared towards the younger kids, but every now and then, you’ll see some 12 and 13-year-olds building a massive sand castle,” continues Shawn. “We do have sand toys and castle- building tools, but families are welcome to bring their own.” AWARD-WINNING LIFEGUARD STAFF DragonLand also has an award-winning lifeguard staff that is expertly trained to make sure your visit is a safe one. “We have eleven on-duty lifeguards and seven lifeguards watching the pool at any given time,” shares Shawn. “Our lifeguards work very hard. Just to become a lifeguard they have to go through 24 hours of instruction and training, then they have to maintain four hours a month of extra training. We do more than that. We usually do about four hours a week with them to keep them sharp.” You may have noticed when you’re there on a hot summer day, DragonLand lifeguards change stations every 30 minutes. They are also never scanning the pool for more than an hour and a half at a time to keep them alert on the water. But it’s important for parents to note that if lifeguards are stepping in, it’s because your child is in danger. Parents are asked to help keep an eye on their children while in the park. NEW 2020 SWIM LESSON PROGRAM “We also have a new swim program starting up this year,” shares Shawn. “Jeff Ellis Swimming, the same company that certifies our lifeguards, will be certifying our swim instructors. We’re offering both morning and evening classes again and I think this program will be easier for parents and kids to know how they should progress.” Bottomline, DragonLand is a great place to spend your summer. So, grab your sunblock. Come out and have some fun! And if you need swim lessons, check out the swim schedule and class descriptions to see where your child fits best. There’s something for every level – infants to adults! DRAGONLAND WATER PARK: BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER 9

FUN FACTS 80-82° F average water temp (heated pool!) 11 lifeguards on duty at all times 190,000 gallons of water to fill the pools 30 steps to the top of the slides 230 lounge chairs always on deck 6:1 swim lesson student-to-instructor ratio 2020 SEASON MAY 23 – AUGUST 9 Swim Hours: Noon – 5 PM Daily Daily Swim Admission Age 4 and up : $5.50 3 and Under: Free Twilight Admission After 3 PM: $4.00 Family Nights Every Tuesday: 7 – 9 PM Family of 4: $10 Add Ons: $2 each Group Rates (15+ Swimmers) Call Carrie at (309) 201-4008 PASSES & PUNCHCARDS Season Passholders gain admission to DragonLand whenever it is open to the public at no additional charge. Passholders may also enter the park 15 minutes before opening during Daily Swim hours. Passes may be purchased in the Recreation Offices in Veterans Memorial Arena. Season Pass Rates Individual: $75 Family Pass (4): $250 Family Pass Add On: $50 per person 10-Admission Punch Cards Cost: $49.50 (Saves $5.50) CONCESSION STAND DragonLand has a full concession stand available during business hours. Grab hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, candy and ice-cold Pepsi products while you’re at the park. Coolers are not allowed into DragonLand. SAFETY & WEATHER All floatation devices must be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Water wings and inflatable inner tubes are not allowed as swim aids. If you do not have access to this, DragonLand has life jackets available for use free of charge. If threatening weather or cool temperatures occur during regular business hours, DragonLand may close early. Please call (309) 226-4060 to see if we are open. BIRTHDAY PARTIES & PRIVATE RENTALS Throw a party at DragonLand! The Birthday Party Package includes discount admission for up to 12 swimming guests and reserved table space. Cake, ice cream and other treats may be brought in but are not supplied. Private rentals are also available after hours with full stadium lighting. Call Carrie at (309) 201-4008 to book your event. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 10

LEARN-TO-SWIM: BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED NEW this season! Our learn-to-swim program has partnered with Jeff Ellis Swimming (JES). For more than 15 years, Ellis has been providing high-quality, fun and engaging ways for aquatic facility swim instructors to deliver the best in learn-to-swim programs. All classes are 35 minutes long. Instructors will give progress reports at the end of each session. Register early to ensure your spot. Class fees: $41 R/$44 NR. The Introduction This class is an introduction to water safety and basic water skills for both parent and child. It is not a swim lesson and parents should adjust their expectations appropriately. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC800 10:15 AM 20REC801 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC802 10:15 AM 20REC803 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC804 10:15 AM 20REC805 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC806 10:15 AM 20REC807 Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC810 6:15 PM 20REC811 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC812 6:15 PM 20REC813 Preschool + Parent Level The objective of our Preschool + Parent swim class is to help students feel comfortable in the water while mom or dad is at their side. Students will learn elementary water skills they can build on as they progress through the various swim lesson levels. We introduce the Water Smart Rules that are encouraged by Sophie the Safety Seal. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Session Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC814 10:15 AM 20REC815 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC816 10:15 AM 20REC817 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC818 10:15 AM 20REC819 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC820 10:15 AM 20REC821 11

Preschool + Parent Level (continued) Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC824 6:15 PM 20REC825 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC826 6:15 PM 20REC827 Preschool Level The purpose of the Preschool Level class is to help students feel comfortable in the water without the presence of mom or dad. Students will learn elementary water skills and safety tips that will stay with them throughout all swim lesson levels. Sophie the Safety Seal’s Water Smart Rules are reinforced for increased aquatic safety. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC828 10:15 AM 20REC829 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC830 10:15 AM 20REC831 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC832 10:15 AM 20REC833 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC834 10:15 AM 20REC835 Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC838 6:15 PM 20REC839 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC840 6:15 PM 20REC841 Beginner Level The Beginner Level class builds on elementary water skills and teaches students the skills needed to complete a 25- yard swim for each of the following: Elementary Backstroke, Front Crawl and Backstroke. All elementary water skills are reinforced so that they become second nature to the students. All water safety rules are discussed as well. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Session Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC842 10:15 AM 20REC843 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC844 10:15 AM 20REC845 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC846 10:15 AM 20REC847 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC848 10:15 AM 20REC849 PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 12

Beginner Level (continued) Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC852 6:15 PM 20REC853 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC854 6:15 PM 20REC855 Advanced Beginner The Advanced Beginner class teaches students how to master stroke development and requires them to complete 50-yard swims of Elementary Backstroke and basic Backstroke. Students are also asked to complete 25-yard swims of the Breaststroke and Front Crawl with rhythmical breathing. We introduce Scissor Kick and Sidestroke at this swim level, too. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC856 10:15 AM 20REC857 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC858 10:15 AM 20REC859 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC860 10:15 AM 20REC861 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC862 10:15 AM 20REC863 Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC866 6:15 PM 20REC867 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC868 6:15 PM 20REC869 Intermediate Level The Intermediate level class strengthens coordination of key strokes. Students are asked to complete 50 yards of Front Crawl with rhythmic breathing, 75 yards of Backstroke, 50 yards of Breaststroke, 50 yards of Sidestroke, 75 yards of Elementary Backstroke and 25 yards of Butterfly. We introduce the Sidestroke, Butterfly and the act of treading water at this level. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC870 10:15 AM 20REC871 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC872 10:15 AM 20REC873 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC874 10:15 AM 20REC875 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC876 10:15 AM 20REC877 All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 13

Intermediate Level (continued) Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC881 6:15 PM 20REC882 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC883 6:15 PM 20REC884 Advanced Level The Advanced level class polishes strokes so students swim with more ease, power and smoothness over greater distances. At this level, swimmers should be able to complete 100 yards of Front Crawl with rhythmical breathing, 100 yards of Backstroke, 100 yards of Breaststroke, 100 yards of Sidestroke, 100 yards of Elementary Backstroke, 50 yards of Butterfly and three minutes of treading water. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC885 10:15 AM 20REC886 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC887 10:15 AM 20REC888 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC889 10:15 AM 20REC890 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC891 10:15 AM 20REC892 Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC895 6:15 PM 20REC896 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC897 6:15 PM 20REC898 All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 14

Adult Learn to Swim Basic swimming and self-rescue skills are taught in a comfortable environment. The class size is designed so that every swimmer gets the attention needed to achieve swimming goals. Morning Sessions: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – 18 9:30 AM 20REC899 10:15 AM 20REC900 2 June 22 – July 2 9:30 AM 20REC901 10:15 AM 20REC902 3 July 6 – 16 9:30 AM 20REC903 10:15 AM 20REC904 4 July 20 – 30 9:30 AM 20REC905 10:15 AM 20REC906 Evening Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays Sessions Dates Time Code 1 June 8 – July 1 5:30 PM 20REC909 6:15 PM 20REC910 2 July 6 – 29 5:30 PM 20REC911 6:15 PM 20REC912 All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 15

Located just off Rt. 9 (Court St.) in the heart of Pekin, Mineral Springs Park has over 200 acres of fun including a skate park and half-mile Lagoon walk, fishing around the Lagoon, bike trails, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, picnic areas and more. MINERAL SPRINGS PARK POPCORN STAND Enjoy great food right in the heart of Mineral Springs Park! Located on Pavilion Drive adjacent to the Kiddie Korral Playground, Boating on the Lagoon and the Mineral Springs Pavilion, the Popcorn Stand always has great treats, hand scooped ice cream and refreshing beverages available. Open Daily: May 25 – August 16 Weekends Only: May 2 – 24 August 17 – September 30 Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM BOATING ON THE LAGOON Enjoy a leisurely paddle boat ride with family and friends on the Pekin Park District’s iconic Mineral Springs Lagoon. Open Daily: May 25 – August 16 Weekends Only: May 2 – 24 August 17 – September 30 Hours: 11 AM – dusk Admission (30-Minute Rides) 4 years and over: $4.50* 3 and under: Free Second Ride: $3.50 (Current visit. No re-entry) MAGIC DRAGON MINI GOLF Take on this beautifully landscaped miniature golf course located in Mineral Springs Park. Featuring 18 challenging holes, a running stream and a real caboose serving as Hole 4, this is a must-do for all ages. ADA Accessible. Open Daily: May 25 – August 16 Monday – Saturday: Noon – 9 PM Sunday: Noon – 8 PM Weekends Only: May 2 – 24 August 17 – September 30 Saturday: Noon – 9 PM Sunday: Noon – 8 PM Admission 4 years and over: $5.50* 3 and under: Free Second Round: $3.50 (Current visit. No re-entry) Private Rentals: Call (309) 347-7275 for more information. *Reduced admission of $3.50 during Community Nights. Every Wednesday, June 3 – August 5 from 5 – 9 PM. MAGIC DRAGON MINI GOLF LEAGUE This 6-week competition begins Monday, June 8th. Prizes to best and worst score in each division will be awarded. Come see us at Magic Dragon Mini Golf for more information. Registration deadline: Monday, June 8. Cost: $35/player Division* Code 60+ 20REC652 18-59 20REC651 14-17 20REC650 *Based on age as of June 22, 2020. MINERAL SPRING PARK FUN All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 16

We offer two tailored classes on Wednesday evenings! All classes are held at the Livestock Review Building located in Memorial Springs Park. Please bring treats, a 4-foot leash (no FlexiLeads), and a harness or collar to all classes. Vaccinations records are required when you register. Questions? Contact Nick Obren at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4009. PUPPY OBEDIENCE (AGES 8 WEEKS – 6 MONTHS) Your puppy will learn many skills and lessons needed to be a member of your family. Items that will be covered in this class are socialization, basic obedience, confidence building and health issues. Sessions Dates Code 1 Wednesdays, April 8 – May 13 20REC622 2 Wednesdays, June 3 – July 8 20REC624 3 Wednesdays, Aug 19 – Sept 30 20REC626 (No Class Sept. 9) Time: 6 – 6:45 PM Cost: $70 R/ $73 NR DOG OBEDIENCE (AGES 6 MONTHS AND OLDER) The older canine members of your family will enjoy learning obedience and you will be shown how to train your dog using basic commands. Sessions Dates Code 1 Wednesdays, April 8 – May 13 1320REC623 2 Wednesdays, June 3 – July 8 820REC625 3 Wednesdays, Aug 19 – Sept 30 20REC627 (No Class Sept. 9) Time: 7 – 7:45 PM Cost: $70 R/ $73 NR CANINE OBEDIENCE All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 17

SOLDWEDEL ADVENTURES IN NATURE: GET READY TO MEET YOUR SUMMER CAMP SQUADS! Looking for a summer camp experience without the overnight stay? Soldwedel Adventures in Nature is a kids’ dream come true with 14-acres of outdoor adventures and hundreds of opportunities to make lasting memories. Located right next to McNaughten Park, Soldwedel Program Center is the perfect setting for kids ages 9 to 13 to experience the world around them in a whole different way… and make some friends doing it! ACTION AND ADVENTURE RIGHT FROM THE START “We start our mornings with breakfast (which is included in the daily fee), and then we launch right into a large group activity based around sports, crafts, STEM activities and more,” shares Andrew Richey, Soldwedel Program Coordinator. “We want kids to love coming to camp. They’re learning, but they’re having fun. They’re active, but being creative. And they’re making friends and memories while they do it! We’ll go fishing, hiking, and do activities that kids never have been able to do before. Because that’s what camp is all about!” As its name hints, almost all “Adventures in Nature” activities are done outdoors. Yep, they’ll even play in the rain if there’s no thunder and lightning. From taking hikes up to the creek, going fishing, running through a messy obstacle course, building forts, and playing capture the flag in an open clearing deep in the woods… exploring the outdoors, exposing your child to new ideas, and having a blast is what it’s all about. That’s why bringing a change of clothes is a must – muddy puddles, Slip ’n Slides, water baseball and messy adventures can and do happen! CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE [SQUAD] “After lunch (which kids need to bring their own), it’s all about squads,” continues Andrew. “They can choose from our Active Squad which usually plays a sport, Creative Squad which focuses on arts and crafts, and our Fun Squad which focuses on fun, one-off random adventures like hiking to the creek, building something, running through the Team Building Course and more. You can stick with the same squad every day, or switch it up and try something new, which is what a lot of our kids do.” SUMMER DAYS ARE FILLED WITH FIELD TRIPS – 3 TIMES A WEEK! “Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will go to Dragonland, plus we’ll have a field trip day planned – and it’s all included in the cost of the camp,” continues Andrew. “We’ll also take a charter bus down to St. Louis for the day, where we’ll go to the Zoo and City Museum. We do ask parents to help cost-share this trip, but it’s always a big highlight of the summer!” NEW THIS YEAR: STEAM PROGRAMMING This year, “Adventures in Nature” is also adding STEM/ STEAM activities to their curriculum. “We’re really excited about it,” shares Andrew. “As we were building the program, we realized we were already doing some of these activities, but we’re giving it a little more structure and building out some exciting themes that support these activities.” ADVENTURE DAYS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR In addition to a great summer camp, Soldewedel Nature Center also runs Schools Out Adventures throughout the school year. This includes an entire week of activities and field trips during various holiday breaks from school! “We still do crafts. We still explore outside. We still get messy,” shares Andrew. “The difference between our summer camp and our Schools Out Adventures is that we go on field trips every day that they are out of school during the year. But with both camps, at the end of the day, they leave exhausted and ready to come back again for more.” KIDS CAMPS All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 18

SOLDWEDEL ADVENTURES IN NATURE – SUMMER CAMP (AGES 9 – 13) Location: Soldwedel Program Center at McNaughton Park Dates: Opens May 26 and Closes August 7* Camp Hours: 6:30 AM – 6 PM Cost : $135/week or $35 per day (NR add $3 per day) Code: 20REC621 *Dates may change per District 108 Schedule OTHER AVAILABLE DAY CAMPS & EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING ADVENTURE DAY CAMP (AGES 6 – 12) 2020 Adventure Day Camp is a great time for kids, featuring tons of exciting activities. Each week will include themed activities, swimming at DragonLand Water Park, and a field trip or special event activity, plus plenty of sports, games and arts and crafts! Our trained and caring staff will provide a safe, fun, and active summer where campers will explore their interests and be introduced to new activities and friends. All activities and field trips are included in the fee. Campers should bring a water bottle and a change of clothes every day, plus their own swimsuit and towel on swimming days and during water week. Register early as we expect this exciting camp to fill quickly! Questions? Contact Nick Obren at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4009. Location : Veterans Memorial Arena Camp Hours: 9 AM – 4:30 PM Extended Care: 6:30 – 9 AM and 4:30 – 6 PM (included in price) Cost: $135/week or $35/day (NR add $3/day) Code: 20REC620 Day Camp Themes May 26* – 29: Welcome to Adventure Camp! School is out and it’s time for camp! We will begin camp by doing fun icebreakers and other camp activities. *Opening date depends on District 108 summer dismissal. June 1 – 5: Community Week This week of camp will center around our community with a tour of a local fire station. June 8 – 12: Jungle Quest Campers will learn all about animals and we will go on a trip to the zoo! June 15 – 19: Take Flight! Adventure Camp will soar high as we do activities centered around flight and take a trip to the airport. June 22 – 26: Fear Factor Back by popular demand is Fear Factor Week! This week will be packed with kid-friendly challenges that make kids squirm (and a big mess!) June 29 – July 3: America the Beautiful Celebrate America with a week of patriotic games and activities. July 6 – 10: Water Week Splash into this water games filled week! Each day we will be getting wet, so bring your swimsuit and towel every day. July 13 – 17: Adventure Camp Olympics Campers will compete against other campers in an action-packed week full of obstacle courses and relays. July 20 – 24: Adventure Camp’s Got Talent Camp this week is just for the stars (or the fans of stars). We will see what each camper’s special talent is and applaud all campers for how talented and amazing they are! July 27 – 31: Campers’ Choice This week is dedicated to whatever the campers decide! We can do past activities and games from the summer. August 3 – 7: See You Next Summer, Adventure Camp! Campers will spend the week looking back at the adventures and memories they made this summer and say goodbye until next year! 19

TEAMS CHALLENGE COURSE Available April to early November, the Teams Challenge Course is geared for students grades 5 through high school, as well as for adult groups. It consists of simple group exercises in trust, communication and personal physical challenge, utilizing different course elements, such as obstacle course activities and portable group activity elements for indoors and outdoors. Participants will gain experience in resource management; conflict resolution; group consensus; peer respect; communication; confidence; trust; cooperation. Available to groups of 10-30 participants and ideal for school, home school, church and scout groups, clubs and businesses. Programs last approximately 2 hours. Contact: Andrew Richey at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4006. Location: Soldwedel Center at McNaughton Park Costs: $6/student & $12/ adult FIELD TRIPS AT SOLDWEDEL Soldwedel Program Center is an ideal place for students to discover the flora and fauna of the Illinois River Valley. In each workshop, park educators introduce key concepts tied to state learning goals, and present lessons through discussion, story-telling, show & tell, walks in the woods, highly engaging games, and arts and craft activities. Field trips are available for grades K – 8. Offered September through May, school field trips are available to public, private elementary and middle schools, as well as home-school groups of 10 or more students. Cost: $6/child. For more information, contact Andrew Richey at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4006. FUN FACTS “Adventures in Nature Summer Camp\" is an electronics-free zone. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll never miss it. Breakfast and snacks and most field trips are included in the cost! Summer Adventure Day Camp for kids ages 6 – 12 is also available at Veterans Memorial Arena. Register your campers online at All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 20

From team sports like t-ball, soccer and lacrosse to learning archery, horseback riding and dance, tumble and cheer, Pekin Park District has many activities to keep your kids moving and active this summer. Register online at or stop by the Recreation Office at Veterans Memorial Arena. LACROSSE The Pekin Park District is collaborating with Pekin Dragon Lacrosse to bring boys and girls to the sport of lacrosse. This program will compete with area lacrosse teams throughout central Illinois. Lacrosse will host home games at the Pekin Park District Sports Complex. Outside practices will start on March 23rd. Players provide their own equipment. Price includes jersey. Dates: March 23 – July 20 (Practice nights & times vary)* Location: PPD Sports Complex on Koch and 5th Street Cost: $135 Registration Deadline: March 27 Ages: Code: U8 20REC670 U10 20REC671 U12 20REC672 U14 20REC673 Questions? Contact Nick Obren at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4009. YOUTH SOCCER Emphasizing fun, learning and skill development, this six-week program will practice one night a week and play games on Saturday mornings. Games are played on age appropriate fields. Each player will play at least half of each game. Games start with a 15-minute warmup followed by 45 minutes of play officiated by volunteer coaches. Team color t-shirts will be provided. Shin guards are required. Register by choosing a practice night according to child’s age on April 7, 2020. Practice times will rotate between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM on registered night and games on Saturday mornings between 9 AM and 1 PM. The last few weeks, practice times will also be games versus other teams registered on the same practice night. Dates: April 7 – May 16* Location : PPD Sports Complex on Koch and 5th Street Cost : $49 R / $52 NR Registration Deadline: March 20 Day Age Times Goalie Ball Size Team Size Code Tuesdays 3-4 5:30 – 6:30 PM NO 3 3 v 3 20REC590 Thursdays 3-4 5:30 – 6:30 PM NO 3 3 v 3 20REC591 Tuesdays 5-6 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 3 4 v 4 20REC592 Thursdays 5-6 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 3 4 v 4 20REC593 Tuesdays 7-8 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 6 v 6 20REC594 Thursdays 7-8 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 6 v 6 20REC595 Tuesdays 9-10 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 9 v 9 20REC596 Thursdays 9-10 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 9 v 9 20REC597 Tuesdays 11-12 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 9 v 9 20REC598 Thursdays 11-12 5:30 – 6:30 PM YES 4 9 v 9 20REC599 KIDS SPORTS & ACTIVITIES YOUTH SOCCER SCHEDULE All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. *Program start dates have been delayed due to COVID-19. Please watch for updates via 21

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Volunteer Coaches Consider volunteering to coach a youth sports team. We provide the equipment and resources, you coach! Please indicate on your child’s registration form if you are interested in coaching and your t-shirt size. You will need to fill out a volunteer application, which is located online, in the recreation office, or by contacting Nick at [email protected]. Volunteers for Swim Meets We have several home swim meets for the Pekin Water Dragons swim team and the Tazewell County Swim meet this summer. We will need multiple volunteers for various positions. If you are interested in helping out the swim team, contact Nick at (309) 201-4009 or email [email protected]. Volunteers for Special Events The Pekin Park District hosts various leagues and special events throughout the year, and we are always looking for volunteers from the community to help make each experience special! If you would like to volunteer for special events, contact the Recreation Office at (309) 347-7275. Challenger Sports Soccer Camp (Ages 3 – 12) Challenger Sports has combined the most popular elements of their two existing industry-leading camp programs, British Soccer and TetraBrazil, integrating them into a collection of the most effective soccer practices used by youth teams around the world. The Challenger International Soccer Camp reflects the truly global nature of the sport today and provides young players with a wide variety of coaching styles, practices and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill set. Register at https://challenger. Dates: July 13 – 17 Location: PPD Sports Complex on Koch and 5th Street Costs: ½ day camp: $80.00 Full day: $130.00 T-BALL The co-rec T-Ball instructional league is operated with volunteer coaches stressing sportsmanship and early skill development. Teams practice one night a week and play games on Saturday mornings. Practices and games are played using safety baseballs. Each player will receive a team color hat and t-shirt. Players provide their own glove. Register by choosing a practice night according to child’s age as of June 2, 2020. Practice times will rotate between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM on registered night and games on Saturday mornings between 8 AM and Noon. No games will be held on Saturday, July 4. Limited spots available, sign up fast to confirm your spot! Dates: June 1 – July 20 Location: Pekin Park District Sports Complex on Koch and 5th Street Cost: $49 R / $52 NR Registration Deadline: May 15 PRACTICE NIGHT AGES CODE Tuesdays 3 – 4 20REC600 Wednesdays 3 – 4 20REC601 Tuesdays 5 – 6 20REC602 Wednesdays 5 – 6 20REC603 Questions? Contact Nick Obren at [email protected] or call (309) 201-4009. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 22

DANCE, TUMBLE & CHEER Pekin Park District Tumble/Cheer and Dance Program is one of the oldest programs in the area! Classes are held at Veterans Memorial Arena. Ready to dance? Summer is a great time to try something new or get some extra practice in! All classes will work on a variety of dance styles including ballet, hip hop, jazz and more. Dates: Mondays, June 15 – July 20 Class Age Time Cost Code Twinkle Toes 3 – 4 5 – 5:30 PM $42 20Rec927 Beginner Steps 5 – 7 5:30 – 6:30 PM $52 20Rec928 Junior Steps 8 – 10 6:30 – 7:30 PM $52 20Rec929 Advanced Steps 11 & up 7:30 – 8:30 PM $52 20Rec930 Time to Tumble! Whether you are new to tumbling or simply looking for a program to keep your tumbling skills sharp, summer is the perfect time to participate in our tumbling classes. We will be working on conditioning and skills of all levels. Participants should wear comfortable clothing – nothing extremely baggy – hair pulled back and jazz style dance shoes or go barefoot. Dates: Tuesdays, June 16 – July 21 Class Age Time Cost Code Tumble Tykes 3 – 5 5 – 5:30 PM $42 20Rec 931 Beginner/Advance 6 & up 5:30 – 6:30 PM $52 20Rec932 CHEER! Here is a chance to try cheer or keep advancing your cheer skills. We will be offering three age levels. For those trying out for cheerleading in the fall, Advance Cheer is the extra practice they will need! No uniforms are needed and no demos will be done over the summer! Cheer, stunting and tumbling skills will all be covered during the session. Dates: Wednesdays, June 17 – July 22 Class Age Time Cost Code Mini Cheer 3 – 5 5 – 5:30 PM $42 20Rec933 Step UP 6 – 9 5:30 – 6:30 PM $52 20Rec934 Advance 10 & up 6:30 – 7:30 PM $52 20Rec935 What to wear to tumble and cheer class: Wear comfortable clothing with stretch, no baggy clothing, no jewelry and hair tied back. Cheerleaders can wear tennis shoes to tumble in. SWIM TEAM Swimmers can choose to swim competitively or non-competitively. Practices will focus on breathing techniques and improving strokes while refining overall fitness and endurance. The competitive program will have approximately eight meets (four home/four away) with most scheduled on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. An informational meeting is scheduled for swimmers and parents at Veterans Memorial Arena on Monday, May 11 at 6 PM. Questions? Contact Nick Obren at [email protected] or (309) 201-4009. Dates: Early June – Mid July Location: Pekin Community High School Pool Cost: $110 R / $113 NR Age Time Code 13 & Up 7:45 – 9 AM 20REC572 9 – 12 9:05 – 10 AM 20REC573 8 & Under 10:05 – 11 AM 20REC574 Minimum Skill Requirements Competitive and noncompetitive swimmers must be able to comfortably swim with their face in the water for 25 yards. ARCHERY Open to kids age 10 through adult, Pekin Archery Club members will teach all aspects of archery including proper safety, terminology, the parts of a bow and arrow and targets. Participants less than 16 years old need to be accompanied by a parent. All archery equipment provided. Lessons take place at Pekin Archery Range located off Rt. 98 in Dirksen Park. Advance registration required. Questions? Contact Andrew at (309) 201-4006 or [email protected]. Dates – Spring Session: June 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 Code: 20REC605 Dates – Summer Session: August 4, 11, 18 & 25 Code: 20REC606 Time: 6 – 7 PM Cost: $30/session To learn more about Pekin Archery, go to, email [email protected] or visit Facebook @pekinarchers All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 23

HORSEBACK RIDING, LESSONS & CLINICS Location: Blazin’ A Trail Riding and Boarding, Inc. 217 McNaughton Park Road | (309) 382-1268 Blazin’ A Trail Riding and Boarding offers horseback riding lessons and guided trail rides through beautiful McNaughton Park. Whether you are experienced or a first-time rider, we'll take you through woods, creeks and wide-open spaces. Please dress accordingly for horseback riding – long pants and boots/shoes with a heel. You may also pack a snack and something to drink, everything else will be provided. All riders are required to wear a riding helmet which will be provided or you may bring your own. Pre-registration is required. To register for any of the following lessons or clinics, call (309) 382-1268. Proof of medical insurance is required at registration LIL SPURS! (Ages 2 – 7) Geared towards younger children, this introductory program consists of a hands-on horse demonstration and a hand led horse ride atop one of our equine friends. Dates/Times: May 1 at 5 PM Sunday, June 4 and August 2 at 4 PM Cost: $10/child/session All Hands On Horseback Riding Experience (Ages 8+) Spend half of a day on a real ranch enjoying hands on grooming/saddling, a riding lesson, horse care learning and a trail ride! Dates/Times: Sunday, June 28, 9 AM – Noon Saturday, July 18, 9 AM – noon Cost: $42/child/session 3-Day Beginner Horse Clinic (Ages 9 – 14) Learn about horse safety and horse care including grooming, saddling, feeding and cleaning the ol’ barn! You’ll also be given riding lessons! Also enjoy crafts, teaming events, games, nature hikes and more! Class size is minimum 8; maximum 14. Daily snacks and drinks will be provided. PLEASE bring a sack lunch. Dates: Wednesday, June 10 – Friday, June 12 Time: 8:30 AM – 3 PM Cost: $180/child* 3 Day Advanced Horse Clinic (Ages 10 – 15) Designed for experienced riders or those who have gone through our Beginner Clinic, this clinic focuses on refining horse-riding skills and furthering knowledge about horse safety and care including independent grooming, saddling, feeding and cleaning the barn. Also includes crafts, teaming events, games, nature hikes and more! Class size is Minimum 8; Maximum 14. Daily snacks and drinks will be provided. PLEASE bring a sack lunch. Dates: Wednesday, June 17 – Friday, June 19 Time: 8:30 AM – 3 PM Cost: $180/child* *$80.00 deposit required to hold spot; balance due 1st day of camp. Before and After Care is available for clinic attendees 7:30 AM – 4 PM for an additional $10/day. Limited spots available! All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 24

GOLF Lick Creek & Parkview Golf Courses Pekin Park District Director of Golf – Cory Proehl, PGA [email protected] | (309) 346-1969 GREEN FEES WEEKDAYS 18 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes 9 Holes Parkview GC Lick Creek GC Parkview GC Lick Creek GC Adult Resident $19 $21 $12 $13 Adult Non-Resident $23 $29 $14 $17 Senior Resident $18 $20 $11 $12 Senior Non-Resident $21 $26 $13 $16 Junior Resident $13 $16 $8 $10 Junior Non-Resident $15 $19 $10 $12 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS 18 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes 9 Holes Parkview GC Lick Creek GC Parkview GC Lick Creek GC Adult Resident $21 $24 $13 $14 Adult Non-Resident $25 $31 $16 $19 Junior Resident $14 $16 $9 $11 Junior Non-Resident $16 $20 $11 $13 25

2020 Golf Cart Pass – NEW! $1400 Unlimited Cart Fees at Both Courses GOLF CART FEES All persons must be 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart. Parkview GC Lick Creek GC 18-Hole ½ Cart Fee $15 $16 9-Hole ½ Cart Fee $8 $9 COUPON BOOKS – NEW! Coupon books are valid any time. Coupons may be used at both Lick Creek GC and Parkview GC and expire December 31 of the year issued. Unused coupons are Non-Refundable. 15 Rounds 15 Rounds 25 Rounds 25 Rounds Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident Adults $260 $290 $380 $430 Seniors $240 $270 $350 $400 GOLF RANGE PASS – NEW! Golf Range Pass is good from April 1 – October 31, weather permitting. Single: $250 Couple: $350 Family: $450 SEASON GOLF PASSES Season Golf Passes are valid at both Golf Courses January 1 – December 31, 2020. Golf Pass payment plan available. Pay 50% now and the last payment is due April 1. Resident Non-Resident Adults $585 $665 Seniors $470 $545 Junior $250 $320 Junior Adult $365 $405 Senior Rate: 65 years of age by June 1, 2020 Junior Rate: 22 years of age and younger Junior Adult Rate: 23 through 28 years of age Family Rate: When one Adult Pass and any other Pass are purchased by family members of the same household at regular price, any additional Junior Passes for qualifying family members will cost $1 each. 2020 JUNIOR GOLF LESSON PROGRAM Under the direction of PCHS Golf Coaches Jeremy Crouch and Brett McGinnis, the Junior Golf Program will feature instruction on full swing, short game, putting, rules and etiquette at Lick Creek Golf Course. Each program is designed to suit the golfer at different levels. If you have a young golfer who is experienced and would benefit from a more in-depth instruction, please feel free to register them at the appropriate level. Sessions can be altered after program has begun if need be. Each lesson will consist of a different learning area or focus. We will use developmental strategies that are designed to teach basic fundamentals of the game, as well as create an understanding and passion for the game of golf. Training aids may be used to enhance or demonstrate the learning process. To register call Lick Creek Golf Course at (309) 346-0077. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 26

Little Dragons (Ages 5 – 8) No prior experience necessary. Focus on safety, basic rules, etiquette, stance, grip, putting, and chipping. At the beginner level, instruction will take place at the putting green and driving range. Parents are encouraged to stay if possible. Location: Lick Creek Golf Course Dates: June 22 – 26; Monday – Friday Time : 4 – 5 PM Cost: $50 Big Dragons (Ages 9 – 12) For players with some prior experience. Focus on rules, etiquette, stance, grip, swing path, course management, chipping, putting, and ball striking. At this level, we will do work on the practice green, driving range, as well as course play. This is a starting point for those who wish to play high school golf. Location: Lick Creek Golf Course Dates: Session 1: June 9 – 12; Tuesday – Friday Session 2: June 16 – 19; Tuesday – Friday Time: 4 – 5 PM Cost: $50/session Golf Clinics All clinics will be held at Lick Creek Golf Course and are taught by Cory Proehl, PGA – Pekin Park District Director of Golf. To register, call the Golf Shop at (309) 346-0077. Junior Clinics (Saturdays) 2 – 3 PM | Cost: $10/clinic Date Clinic May 2 Pitching & Chipping May 16 Full Swing May 23 Putting May 30 Driver July 18 Sand and Trouble Shots July 25 Full Swing Adult Clinics (Thursdays) 5 – 6 PM | Cost: $20/clinic Date Clinic May 7 Chipping & Pitching May 14 Putting May 21 Driver May 28 Full Swing June 4 Chipping & Pitching June 11 Putting June 18 Full Swing June 25 Driver July 9 Chipping & Pitching July 16 Driver July 23 Sand and Trouble Shots August 6 Full Swing August 13 Driver August 20 Putting All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 27

300 Red Bud Drive (309) 347-6644 | Hours: Monday – Thursday: 5 AM – 10 PM Friday: 5 AM – 8 PM Saturday: 6:30 AM – 8 PM Sunday: 7:30 AM – 8 PM Manager: Keith Knox Email: [email protected] PH: (309) 347-3278 Member Account Coordinator: Margaret Frazell Email: [email protected] Ph: (309) 347-8601 3-MONTH SUMMER MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL Individual 4-Star Membership Benefits (May 1 – July 31): $75 MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS 4 Star Membership Monthly Fee* Junior Fitness Pass (14-18) $10/mo Junior (19-22) $15/mo Young Adult (23-28) $25/mo Individual (29-64) $36.50/mo Couple $51.50/mo Family $66.50/mo Senior (65+) $29.25/mo Senior Couple (both 65+) $41.25/mo 5 Star (Unlimited open tennis court usage included) Membership Monthly Fee* Junior (14-18) $40/mo Individual (19-64) $50.50/mo Couple $66/mo Family $81/mo Senior (65+) $44.25/mo Senior Couple (both 65+) $56.25/mo *Membership fees are prorated on the initial month with the twelve month continuous contract beginning on the 1st of the following month. Monthly payments via EFT, debit or credit card only. Annual Membership Fee of $35 applies. Other Fees & Charges Service Monthly Fee Tennis Court Fee $20/court hour Daily Towel Fee $0.75/towel Unlimited Towel Service $7/mo Daily Kidz Klub $5/child Kidz Klub Monthly Service $20/mo 1st child $5/mo each additional child Non-Member Options Service Fee Group Fitness Punch Card $45/10 classes Group Fitness Drop-In $6/class Guest Fee $10/day One Month Trial – $43 (allowed once per year) PARKSIDE FITNESS Visit for information on all the classes and many fitness offerings available at Parkside Fitness! PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 28

PICKLEBALL Day Time Monday – Saturday AM 9 – 11 AM Monday – Friday PM 1 – 3 PM Sundays 3:30 – 5:30 PM Want to play a sport that provides a great workout, but doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion or the fitness level of a 20-year old? Join the Pickleball Revolution! It is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. It’s played on an indoor or outdoor court that is approximately half the size of a tennis court. Cost: FREE for members, $3/drop-in or $25/punch card (10 visits) for non-members KIDZ KLUB (AGES 3 MONTHS – 10) Enjoy your workout and leave the kids with us. Our staff will provide games, crafts and much more. Available Time Monday – Saturday 8 – Noon Monday – Friday 4 – 8 PM Cost: $5/child per visit or $20/month for unlimited visits (additional children are each $5/month) GROUP X FITNESS CLASSES We offer a class for everyone—all included with your membership! We make fitness fun no matter your current level of fitness and work hard to motivate you to succeed. If you are not a member, you can still join in! Grab a punch card or pay to drop in any class. Check out for a class schedule and your free-trial pass! We are proud to accept members with the following: VIRTUAL CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE! Parkside Fitness now offers Les Mills Virtual along with our full live class line-up! We offer virtual Body Pump, Body Combat, GRIT Cardio, GRIT Strength, GRIT Athletic, RPM, Sprint and The Trip. All classes are included free with a membership! We also offer drop-in classes for $6/ class or $45/10 classes with a punch card. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 29

TENNIS Tennis Clinic Session Date: Session 1: June 1 – July 2 (5 weeks) Session 2: July 6 – Aug 6 (5 weeks) Session Cost: 1 hr clinic: $150/session 1.5 hr clinic: $225/session Family Registration Rate: 100% for the first family member, 10% discount for each additional family member residing in the same household. Tennis Lessons Level 1 / 5 – 6 yrs Class will use foam balls and low compression red felt balls along with smaller racquets and nets. This age group also plays on 36’ modified courts. Mon & Wed: 5:30 – 6:30 PM or Tues & Thur: 9 – 10 AM Level 2 / 7 – 8 yrs Class will use low compression red felt balls along with smaller racquets and plays on the regular net. This age group also plays on 42’ modified courts. Mon & Wed 6:30 – 7:30 PM or Tue & Thur 10 – 11 AM Level 2 / 9 – 10 yrs. Class will use low compression orange felt balls along with smaller racquets and plays on the regular net. This age group plays on 60’ modified courts. Mon & Wed 7:30 – 8:30 PM or Tues & Thu 11 – Noon Junior High 11 – 13 yrs Class is for older beginners who are thinking about playing High School tennis or have taken limited lessons before. Focus will be on stroke technique, footwork, rules and games. Mon & Wed 10:30 AM – Noon or Tues & Thur 5:30 – 7 PM High School JV Class is for players who play JV tennis or play in the lower part of the line up for their school. This class will teach consistency as well as strategy and doubles. Mon & Wed 9 – 10:30 AM or Tues & Thur 7 – 8:30 PM Adult Clinic Class is designed for individuals who are just starting to play tennis or are getting back in the game again. Instruction will focus on teaching basic strokes as well as doubles positioning. Mon & Wed 6 – 7:30 PM Junior Tennis Camp For junior high and high school players, this camp will focus on all elements of match play, strategy and a variety of shots. Camp will be divided by age and skill level to ensure fun and competitive balance. Parkside Fitness will be working with the Pekin High School coaching staff on the camp. Dates: June 8 – 12 Location: John Moss Tennis Courts (if raining, inside Parkside Fitness) Time: 3 – 5 PM Cost: $10 (includes camp t-shirt) Open Court Tennis For high school players, Pekin High School Tennis Coaching Staff are offering open court time. Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 15 – July 30 Location: John Moss Tennis Courts Time: 3 – 5 pm Cost: Free All of our instructors are available for private lessons. For rates and more information, call (309) 347-6644 or email [email protected]. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 30

MILLER CENTER 551 S. 14th St. | Pekin, IL 61554 Ph: (309) 346-5210 [email protected] LIKE US ON FACEBOOK : Geared toward people age 50 or better, the Miller Center serves the needs and interests of mature adults in the Pekin Community and surrounding areas. Drop by the center to meet with friends and make new ones too! Enjoy the pleasant surroundings and participate in the many programs, services and special events we offer. All seniors welcome! Miller Center is also a central “Resource and Referral Center.” Contact us for information or assistance concerning education, nutrition, health issues, legal aid, employment, transportation, recreation, counseling and other topics for mature adults. Alisha Dault, M.A. - Administrator Molly Brian, M.S. - Assistant Administrator Ann Heimer, Sharon Hundt, Pat Look, Ethel Noonan, Mary Ann Russell - Receptionists WHO ME? VOLUNTEER? A staff of dedicated, generous, and hard-working volunteers support the Miller Center. You make this Center what it is, and we thank you! We are currently looking for a volunteer craft leader, make & take crafts instructor, mah-jongg mentor and more. If you are interested in helping the Miller Center in any capacity, please give us a call at (309) 346-5210. MILLER CENTER MAJOR SPONSORS We extend our greatest appreciation to the following businesses that are generously sponsoring Miller Center programs, activities and services. 50+ News & Views Magazine Brandon Wood Retirement Center CEFCU Compassus Hospice Excalibur Seasoning Farmington Country Manor Fresenius Kidney Care Generations at Riverview Grand View Alzheimer’s Care Center Hallmark House Henderson Funeral Home Humana John 3:16 John Evans Supportive Living Lange Animal Clinic Liberty Village of Pekin - Pekin Manor & Pekin Estates OSF HealthCare Preston-Hanley Funeral Home Senator Dave Koehler St. Francis Woods Timbercreek Rehab & Healthcare Unland Companies United Way of Pekin Villas of Holly Brook Pekin Check the Miller Center newsletter for an updated list of all upcoming activities including trips and other special events. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. REFLECTIONS NEWSLETTER Our newsletter is your best source for up-to-date information regarding Miller Center programs, activities, and events. Go to our website for a digital copy – Sponsored by: Henderson Funeral Home and Liberty Village of Pekin, Pekin Estates, and Pekin Manor. 31

SPECIaL EVENTS A variety of special events and outings are held at the Miller Center throughout the year. Come join the fun! Stay up to date on all Miller Center happenings through our monthly newsletter. Stop in for a copy or give us a call. You don’t want to miss out! (Unless noted other- wise, events are held at the Miller Center.) AMEREN ILLINOIS PRESENTS… STORM PREPAREDNESS & ENERGY SAVING TIPS Are you READY? It’s never too soon to be prepared. Join us as Ameren Illinois discusses storm preparedness tips, as well as ways to save on energy. This event includes a free catered lunch and entertainment. Door prizes and freebies will be given throughout the day. Seating is limited. Call (309) 346-5210 to reserve your place. Date: Friday, August 21 Time: Doors open at 10 AM Cost: FREE! BINGO NIGHT BINGO!! What everyone wants to yell. Join us for a night of bingo and great food. Dinner and door prizes provided by: Hallmark House Nursing Center. Dates: July 29 and Sept 30 Time: 4:30 PM Cost: $5 (includes dinner and 4 bingo cards) DARTBALL TOURNAMENT Annual Dartball Tournament open to the public. Players wanted! Join us for lunch, prizes, 50/50 drawing and lots of FUN! No Experience Necessary! Sponsored by John 3:16 Date: Saturday, August 15 Time: 8 AM (registration) and 8:30 AM (game time) Cost: $5 FRIDAY NIGHT DANCES On the 1st Friday of each month singles and couples of all ages, are welcome. Enjoy the wonderful performers and dance the night away! Refreshments provided by John Evans Supportive Living. Preston Hanley Funeral Home supports Friday Night Dances. Dates: May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7 & September 4 Time: 7 - 10 PM Cost: $7/person GAME NIGHT Enjoy a night of food, drink and fun! Try out Bunco, Cards, Pool and more! Sponsored by John Evans Supportive Living. Please register in advance. Date: Tuesday, May 5 Time: 4:30 PM Cost: $5 (includes dinner and games) MINI MARIGOLD OPEN Try your \"putt\" at our 5th annual miniature golf tournament. Fun for ALL ages! Prizes awarded to the lowest and highest score and for the hole in one! Root Beer Floats provided to all participants. All Ages Welcome! Date: Friday, September 11 Time: Call (309) 346-5210 for times Location: Magic Dragon Mini Golf Cost: $5 (includes game, one raffle ticket and root beer float) Please see our newsletter for the most up-to-date information regarding Miller Center programs and special events. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 32

14TH WALK FOR A RIDE Join us for 14th Annual fitness walk around the lagoon to raise funds to support the Miller Center Transportation Service. Visit the sponsor tables for free goodies and information on local services. Day: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 Registration: 5:30 PM Walk: 6 PM Fee: Free - raise $25 and receive a commemorative t-shirt! Location: Mineral Springs Park Pavilion & Lagoon SPONSORED EVENTS OUT AND ABOUT DINNERS SPONSORED BY VILLAS OF HOLLY BROOK PEKIN Come and join us on the third Wednesday of each month as we travel town-to-town to sample culinary delights in various eating establishments. Dinner is up to you! Hostess: Ethel Noonan Time: 4:30 PM Bus Leaves Miller Center Cost: $4/person for transportation plus your dinner 3rd Wednesday of each month May 20: Jonah’s Seafood, East Peoria June 17: Golden Corral, Peoria July 15: Po’boy’s, Peoria August 19: One World, Peoria September 16: Season’s Gastropub, Morton EXERCISE WITH ANN Come giggle and get fit with Ann Heimer. Choose your session time. This class is sponsored by OSF Health Care. Days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays Times: 9 AM & 9:45 AM Cost: $1.50/session Location: Room B WALKING CLUB Sponsored by Farmington Country Manor. Choose to fitness walk indoors or walk around the lagoon. Get a t-shirt, log your miles and win a prize. Current walking club members get discounts on several walking inspired trips. Leaders: Mary Ann Russell & Cindy Miller Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays Time: 10 AM Cost: FREE to Walking Club Members (annual membership $25.00) 33

MILLER CENTER COMPUTER LAB 9 AM – 4 PM MONDAY – FRIDAY THANK YOU TO OUR COMPUTER LAB SPONSOR: COMPUTER TUTORING Let us help you to connect with family & friends, maintain your independence and explore your interests. This one on one tutoring environment at the Miller Center allows you to ask ANY questions and not feel embarrassed in front of your friends. Tutoring days and times set up between you and the instructor’s convenience. Cost: Free but donations are appreciated DAY TRIPS Pella Tulip Time Festival – Pella, Iowa Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020 Time: 7 AM – 5:30 PM Cost: $125/Person – All Inclusive* All-Aboard! Illinois Railway Museum – Union, IL Dates: September 2020 Times: 7 AM – 4:30 PM Cost: $125/Person – All Inclusive* * Includes: Luxury motor coach, professional driver, tour host, Miller Center pick-up location, activities on the coach, tour & museum admission and a premium lunch! FRUGAL FRIDAYS Are you a bargain shopper? Do you like consignment shops and good deals? Frugal Friday trips are for you! Catch a ride on the Miller Center bus and shop the deals around Central Illinois at local thrift stores and consignment shops. Please let us know if you have any requests! Cost: $9 2020 Dates & Destinations: May 15 Canton / Lewistown / Havana June 5 RIDER’S PICK June 30 Bloomington “$1.50 Goodwill Day” July 17 Eureka / Washington / Metamora August 28 Galesburg September 18 Chillicothe / Lacon / Metamora ACTIVITIES There is no shortage of fun and engaging activities at Miller Center. For a full schedule of activities, stop by the Miller Center for a copy of our monthly newsletter, call to be added to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook! GAMES & FUN • Bingo – sponsored by Timbercreek Rehab & Health Care, St. Francis Woods, Grand View Alzheimer’s Care Center, John Evans Supportive Living and Brandon Wood Retirement Center • Bunco • Dartball • Game day – sponsored by Generations at Riverview • Mah-Jongg • Pool/Shuffleboard • Popcorn Fridays – sponsored by Humana • Show Time – sponsored by Brandon Wood Retirement Center CARD GROUPS • Double Pinochle • Euchre • Hand & Foot • Pinochle CREATIVE GROUPS • Crafts • Lapidary Workshop • Make & Take Craft Classes • Miller Melodies • Quilt Class • Woodcarving Class SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS / CLASSES • AARP Smart Driver Class • Ballroom dance lessons • Bluegrass Jam • Book club – sponsored by the Pekin Public Library • Bottle collector's club • Civil War history • Rules of the Road class • Square dances & lessons PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 34

SOLDWEDEL BIRTHDAY PARTIES Soldwedel Program Center offers themed “Birthday- in-a-Box” Party Packages for children. These party kits take the hassle out of your party planning by providing a variety of fun party activities and decorations. You simply send out invitations and provide cake and refreshments. You’ll be provided with a copy of instructions on how to play the party games or lead craft activities. All materials for activities are provided. To register, call Carrie at (309) 201-4008, e-mail: [email protected]. Birthday in a Box Ages: 4 – 10 Cost: $95/Box or $125/Box plus onsite party host for up to 20 guests Campfire Birthday Recommended for ages 8 and up. Celebrate your birthday around a campfire. Campfire games, storytelling, S’mores, and of course a lot of outdoor fun. The space, firewood, and game supplies all provided. This party requires a Soldwedel Program Center party host and is only available April through October. There is an option to be indoors in case of inclement weather. Birthday Divas Every little girl loves to pretend to be a star! This party is all about feeling like a Diva! Participants paint fingernails, make jewelry, play the pink boa limbo, dance to music and so much more! A Dino-Mite Birthday Everyone dreams of making great discoveries. At this party, guests discover Dino facts as they play the Dinosaur Egg Hunt, Pin-the-Horn-on-the-Triceratops, Make-a-Dino Fossil, Play Bone-Drop and Dino Relay, and make a Dino coloring book. Monster Bash Invite your party guests to dress up as their favorite monster! Participants play pin the eye on the monster, a monster beanbag toss, a wild rumpus and more! Mad Scientist Wacky Experiments Party Several, simple, hands-on science activities for kids to enjoy that allow them to discover the science behind the mysteries! Some activities include making slime, blowing up a balloon using gas, a contest to see how many paper clips it takes to overflow a cup of water and much more! Just Fun N Games Party This party consists of any games that gets kids playing and having fun! Some can be organized as contests, or just for fun and silliness. Games include cheese curl toss, twister, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hopscotch, red light/green light and red rover. Saddle Up! Howdy! Come on down to our Western style themed party! Party guests enjoy games such as horseshoes, red rover, duck-duck-goose and red light/green light. For an extra cost, the Blazin' A Trail Riding will bring a horse to your birthday party. Each child takes a hand-led horse ride controlled by a staff member. * *Parents must sign a liability waiver for each child participating. Children must be 7 years of age or younger and under 65 pounds to participate. Horse rides available April through October only. Additional cost for horse rides: $35 for 30 minutes for one horse that can accommodate rides for 10 – 12 kids. $65 for 30 minutes for two horses that can accommodate rides for 20 – 25 kids. BIRTHDAY PARTIES 35

TUMBLING BIRTHDAY PARTY AT VETERANS MEMORIAL ARENA Pekin Park District School of Gym, Dance, and Cheer offers a variety of themed birthday parties. Packages include games and tumbling activities, cupcakes, drinks and treat bags for all guests. A trained gym instructor oversees all activities in a safe and fun setting. Birthday person receives a free t-shirt to show off where they celebrated their big day. For more information or to book a party call (309) 347-7275. Ages: 3 – 13 Days: Saturdays Times: 11 AM – 12:30 PM or 1 – 2:30 PM Cost: $99 for 12 guests or $149 for 18 guests Available party themes include: Traditional – This party is all about celebrating the birthday boy or girl with a good old-fashioned birthday party complete with games and lots of tumbling. Princess – This party is for the princess who loves to sing, dance, and tumble. Girls Rock – This party is for the young lady who wants to celebrate her birthday tumbling to some good old rock and roll. MINERAL SPRINGS PARK BIRTHDAY FUN Celebrate your child’s birthday in Mineral Springs Park with a round of mini golf, boat ride on the lagoon, and an ice cream cone from the Mineral Springs Park concession stand! Cost: $45 for 5 guests, plus $10 for each additional. PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 36

IRVSRA.ORG All Pekin Park activities and programs are open to individuals with special needs. We are pleased to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations to make reasonable accommodations for participation, made on an individual basis. We provide reasonable accommodations to all participants, as needed. Pekin Park District must be notified 2 weeks prior to the individual’s start date. In addition to making any reasonable adaptive inclusions into all our Pekin Park activities, we offer additional special needs specific programs through our association with the Illinois River Valley Special Recreation Association (IRVSRA). IRVSRA is a cooperative extension of Pekin and Fon du Lac Park Districts to provide recreational programs and leisure services for individuals with developmental disabilities. These integrated and specialized programs are available for both residents and nonresidents with special needs. It is our pleasure to provide these athletic and social settings, through IRVSRA, to the special needs population within the Tazewell County area. IRVSRA publishes a seasonal brochure quarterly containing all their recreational programs and offerings. Some of the programs like Special Olympic Sports have age requirements while other programs like dances and parties are open to all age groups. The IRVSRA Recreation Staff handles all IRVSRA registration, program and activity related questions. They are available to assist and advise participants, parents or caregivers to assure a comfortable, quality recreational experiences. Stop by their office during business hours or visit anytime to connect and stay up to date. IRVSRA.ORG specializes in: • Special Olympic Team/Individual Sports • Parties & Dances • Gardening Classes & Crafts • Clubs & Service Projects • Group Outings & Special Events • Day Camps for spring, summer, winter & holiday breaks IRVSRA Contact Info: IRVSRA Recreational Center 1715 Dragon Drive, Pekin, IL 61554 Office Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 10 AM – 5 PM Call or Text: (309) 201-4005 - Fax: (309) 353-1787 Program Manager: Casey Smith E-mail: [email protected] Assistant Program Manager: Shawna Burnice E-mail: [email protected] Program Assistant: Shelly Chism E-mail: [email protected] ILLINOIS RIVER VALLEY SPECIAL RECREATION ASSOCIATION 37

RENTAL FACILITIES Spaces & Places Available for Rent INDOOR FACILITIES Pavilion on the Lagoon Phone: (309) 201-4008 • Historic facility • Kitchen access • Includes tables and chairs • Air conditioned/heated • Overlooking the beautiful lagoon Soldwedel Center Phone: (309) 201-4008 • Unique and natural cabin feel • Full kitchen located in lodge • 2 cabins and a lodge • Overnight lodging facility • Includes tables and chairs • Air conditioned (lodge) and heated • Fireplaces in all 3 buildings • Outdoor areas (fire pit too) • Team building course (by reservation) Requests for rental of the Pavilion and Soldwedel Program Center can be made online. Payment is required upon reservation confirmation. Miller Center Phone: (309) 346-5210 • 3 Spacious rooms • Kitchen facilities • Fireplace in tearoom overlooking lagoon OUTDOOR FACILITIES Pekin Park District offers small and large shelter rentals at local parks. Outlying parks are first come, first serve. For reservation information call (309) 201-4008. • Royal Avenue Shelter • 4-H Shelter • Rotary Park Shelter • Miller Park Shelter SEASONAL FACILITIES During specific seasons, there are opportunities to rent the following facilities. For reservation information call (309) 347-7275. • DragonLand Water Park | (309) 201-4008 • Magic Dragon Mini Golf | (309) 347-7275 • Veterans Memorial Arena | (309) 353-4319 • Paddleboats | (309) 347-7275 WEDDING FACILITIES During specific seasons, there are opportunities to rent the following facilities for your outdoor wedding. Call (309) 201-4008 for reservation information. • Fountain • Gazebo • Pergola • Lake Zuercher PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 38

QUESTIONS? AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT The Pekin Park District complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination in the provision of programs, services or activities to individuals with disabilities. We invite any resident with special needs to contact our staff upon registration so that a smooth inclusion may occur. Our district provides additional specialized services for people with disabilities through IRVSRA. Feel free to call (309) 353-4328 if you: • Have questions about the Pekin Park District’s commitment regarding the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) policy • Believe you have been unfairly discriminated against by the Park District • Wish to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of a disability in the provision of programs, services or activities by the Pekin Park District CONTACT: Cameron Bettin Executive Director ADA Coordinator/Compliance Officer Pekin Park District Robert N. Blackwell Administration Building 1701 Court St., Pekin IL 61554 Office Phone: (309) 353-4328 E-mail: [email protected] HOW TO REGISTER Online: Fax: (309) 347-3970 Mail: 1701 Court St., Pekin, IL 61554 Walk-In: Veterans Memorial Arena, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (behind football stadium) QUESTIONS ABOUT A PROGRAM? Program descriptions contain the Program Manager’s contact information. Please call or email them with any questions you have. PROGRAM REFUNDS Refunds are given if a request is received 7 days prior to the start of a program, less $5 service charge. Refund requests less than 7 days prior to the start date will receive a 50% refund. Refunds are mailed within 3 weeks. If a credit card was used with your online registration, your card will be credited. Refunds are not given after the start of a program, except for illness (note from doctor must be submitted) or if moving from the area. SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships are available to Pekin Park District residents in need. Forms are available in the Recreation Reception Office. PARK DISTRICT RESIDENCY Residency is available to anyone living within the Pekin Park District boundaries and paying taxes to the Pekin Park District. If you are in question regarding your residency, please call the Recreation Office at (309) 347-7275. Non-residents will pay an additional $3 per program (unless otherwise noted). PROGRAM WAIT LIST Popular programs fill up fast! If this happens, please ask to be placed on a wait list for the next available opening. LOST & FOUND Items found on park grounds are turned into the Recreation Office located in Veterans Memorial Arena. If you discover you’ve lost something, please call the Recreation Office at (309) 347-7275 to inquire. All activity dates, times, and offerings are subject to change in response to COVID-19. Please go to for the most up-to-date program offerings. 39

Blenkiron Park 601 Park Ave. Coal Miners’ Park 300 South Parkway Dr. Everette McKinley Dirksen Park Route 98 Independence Park Enter at LaSalle Blvd. James Field 101 South 9th St. Kiwanis Park South 9th and Koch Streets Kiwanis Park North 1620 Parish Ave. John T. McNaughton Park 217 McNaughton Park Rd. Miller Park 121 Court St. Mineral Springs Park & Lagoon 1701 Court St. Railsplitter’s Park 268 Derby St. Riverfront Park 121 Court St. Rotary Park 1115 State St. Southside Business Assoc. Park 200 Sapp St. Sports Complex 300 Koch St. Tante Park Broadway Rd. Willow Park 500 Willow St. Lick Creek Golf Course 2210 N. Parkway Dr. Parkview Golf Course 2300 Broadway Rd. PARKS, FACILITIES, AMENITIES & MORE .25 acres 47 acres 459 acres 340 acres 2 acres 6.5 acres 6.5 acres 800 acres 2.5 acres 220 acres 3 acres 2.5 acres 1.9 acres 1.2 acres 82 acres 43 acres .25 acres 160 acres 101 acres Archery Range 1 Ball Diamonds 2 1 1 4 1 1 1 12 Basketball Courts 1 2 1 1 1 Boating (fee at Mineral Springs Park) 1 1 Camping (tent only) (fee) 1 Concession Stands 2 2 1 1 Disc Golf 1 Dog Park (lighted) 1 Driving Range (fee) 1 Fishing (Lake Butterfield, Zuercher, Lagoon & River) 1 1 1 Football Fields 4 Golf Pro-Shop 1 1 Hiking/Biking/Paths/Lagoon (total length trails) (x around = miles) 4.3 m 1 12.3 5x= m 1m 1 1 2x= 1m 4.3 m 1x= 1.6 m 1 Horse Stables (fee) 1 Horseshoe Pits 1 Indoor Ice Skating Rink (fee) 1 Lodging/Facility/Room Rentals Soldwedel, Pavilion, Shelters, Miller Center (fee) 1 1 4 1 1 Miniature Golf (fee) 1 Pekin Bike Trail - 4.3 miles (Allentown Rd. to Riverfront Park) 1 1 1 1 Playgrounds 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 Racquet & Full Fitness Facility (fee) 1 Radio Controlled Airplane 1 Restrooms/Comfort Stations 1 1 1 1 5 1 2 1 1 Rollerblade Hockey Court 1 Senior Center (50+) 1 Shelters (fee) /TeePee Shelters 1 1 2 1 2 7 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 Skate Board Park 1 Soccer Field 10 Swimming/Water Play Area 1 1 Tennis Courts 5 Volleyball Courts 4 PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 40

THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS A top partner for your bottom line . At Busey, we understand the unique challenges and circumstances you face. Our team has extensive experience working with a large range of specialized industries, allowing us to propose new ideas and proactive solutions to help you meet your needs and reach your goals. Member FDIC YOU CAN OPEN DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS AND APPLY ONLINE FOR LOANS 24/7! Go to and hover over Open/Apply Online to get started. 3 0 9 . 3 4 6 . 5 2 1 0 R e c e p t i o n s r e u n i o n s p a r t i e s l u n c h e o n s m e e t i n g s v e n d o r s h o w s E V E N T V E N U E 41

SUPPLY COMPANY atlas Finding the right cleaning equipment & supplies doesn't have to be a dirty job. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, stop by & see us! STOP BY 2000 N. 8th Street Pekin, IL 61554 CALL 309.347.1584 EMAIL o[email protected] VISIT SUPPORTING PEKIN FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS WE BELIEVE IN CLEAN 120 E. Elizabeth St. Pekin, IL 61554 Phone: (309) 346-8392 PEKIN PARK DISTRICT 42

Serving the Area for Over 60 Years Prompt Service and Repair Commercial • Industrial • Residential Licensed and Bonded Electrical Contractor 309-347-2196 43


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