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COMPANY PORTFOLIO ALU K aluminium (pvt) ltd architectural aluminium system

CONTENTS About us - Mission - Vision - Commitment Company Information - Name of the Company: - Fabricators Legal Form - Date of Incorporation - Company Registration - Nature of Business - Board of Directors - Head office & registered office - Work shop and Showroom Our complete range of Projects - Aluminum Works - Glazing - Ceiling - Cladding - Aluminium System - Steel Projects Top Ten Completed Projects Contact us

ABOUT US One of the Sri Lanka’s industrial and commercial building specialists from design ng Cladding andfing, Roofinal completion in, All Aluminium Work, Steel Roofito Building continue to provide their usual high level of service to ensure projects are completed to client’s expectations. OUR VISION “To provide innovative solutions in the aluminum fabricating industry” OUR MISSION edfi“To offer quality, high standard, environment friendly products through quali technicians to meet customer requirements.” OUR COMMITMENT TO Customer Satisfaction Adoption of latest techniques Reliability and Excellence in Quality and Innovation

COMPANY INFOMATION Name of the Company: Alu K Aluminum (Pvt) Ltd. Fabricators Legal Form: Sole Proprietor. Date of Incorporation: 18.02.2008 Company Registration: Business Registration W-A 77270 Nature of Business: Supply, Fabricate and Installation of Aluminum Doors & Windows, Cladding, Ceiling, Glass works & Steel Structure Work, Import and Distribute of all type of material for above works. Board of Directors: Mr. Suranjith Niroshan Naulla K.W.M.S.Sanjeewani ce: No.149, Wennawatta, Wellampitiya, Sri Lanka.fice & registered offiHead of Tel No: +94(0)112193084 Fax No: +94(0)112075081 | +94(0)112073482 E-mail: [email protected] Web: Work shop and: No.149, Wennawatta, Wellampitiya, Sri Lanka. Showroom

OUR COMPLETE RANGE OF ers as an attractive alternative to slid- ing doors. PRODUCTS Sliding Doors This series is designed for high rise Aluminum Works buildings and consists of many options DOORS for customers. Casements With so many things to consider when choosing a door – brands, materials, func- tionality, and performance and so on – the process can become mind-boggling. cient, Du-fiGo With a Classic: Beautiful, Ef rable Casement Doors Few designs are more classic or have as many different uses as casement doors. Casement doors are offered as a single sash creating a beautiful main entrance or as dual sash, also referred to as French doors, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. These versatile doors can be used for patio, deck or balcony access. Swing Doors Few designs are more classic or have as Use Swing Doors for Dramatic Indoor many different uses as swing doors. Effects Too Swing doors are offered as a single sash Swing doors can also be used as a room creating a beautiful main entrance or divider, either in place of a wall to create a as dual sash, also referred to as French dramatic effect or to add an open and airy doors, connecting the indoors with the feel to an existing wall. Commonly used for an entrance to a living room or study, outdoors. These versatile doors can be they are a popular choice among design- used for patio, deck or balcony access.

Sliding Folder Doors Aluminium Sliding / folding doors are stack- able folding doors of multiple panels that slide and stack neatly to one or two sides. This allows for a seamless transition between indoors and outside entertainment areas free of any barrier or obstruction. With multiple combination openings of up to 10 or 12 meters can be easily managed.Our Aluminium sliding folding doors are made from robust Alumini- les ensuring rigidity and strength. Infium pro nest double bogey stainlessfiaddition, only the steel and nylon rollers are used to ensure the door glides easily into position. Features of the Aluminium Sliding / Fold- ing doors. Aluminium Sliding / Folding doors turn any lled oasis, the ideal way tofiroom into a light link your internal and external entertainment areas. Has a series of between 2 to 7 doors, hinged so they fold onto themselves, Opens up patio spaces completely. Aluminium Sliding / Folding doors fold up and slide away, Smooth-gliding movement Durable rollers, handles, hinges etc. Aluminium Sliding / Folding doors are fully weatherproofed with qual- ity vinyl seals and woodpile, Keyed lock for added security, AAAMSA and SABS approved, Available nishes.fiin a range of

WINDOWS Sliding Windows 70mm – This is a low cost window series with two x, Topfitracks. Options available – Sliding and Bottom Sliding, Sliding and Louver. 80mm - This is an enhanced series of sliding win- dows with better weather resistance to wind pres- sure and water penetration. Can improve to 3 tracks with other options (1.5mm wall thickness). This window is recommended for high rise buildings. 100mm – This is designed to give a better look for the le. Singlefiwindow. 100mm width of the outer pro track. le thickness 2mm and1.5mm.This is heavilyfiPro used for apartment buildings and high rise build- ings. Casement Windows Casement windows feature window sashes attached to the frame by one or more hinges. Casement-style windows are hinged on the side and can either swing inward or outward, depending on the desired style, and feature our patented exclusive wash mode.

Double Glass Windows Double glazed windows consist of two layers of glass with a layer of inert gas sealed between them. This creates nearly twice the insulation as single glazed units. Once sealed, the unit becomes airtight. The advantages of double glazed win- dows are: Energy cost savings. The airtight construction of double glazed windows creates thermal insula- ow of incoming and outgo-fltion. This reduces the ing heat. Less energy is used to heat up or cool down the space, resulting in lower energy bills. Create an expansive addition to your design project with Alumex folding windows, avail- able in both the Ultra and Heritage Series of products. Folding windows are perfect for proj- ects needing a pass-through type serving system, such as restaurants, kitchens, or other rooms that extend to the outdoors. Folding windows can be produced in numerous gurations (see link below). With a maxi-ficon mum of 8 panels per side, units can offer up to 52' of unobstructed views. Four basic operations available: • Panels being folded all to one side • Split and then folded on either side of the opening guration, allows panels to be putfi• Floating con on either side of the opening guration, intended tofi• Access sash panel con allow easy exit/entry.

Partitions Suspension Ceiling Suspension Ceiling

Roofing System Our high quality and high performance aluminum and glass roof system is uniquely versatile and adaptable, making it perfect for both the domestic and commercial mar- kets. It has been designed to provide maximum glass area and let in as much natural light as possible.

Canopy Cover Technology CANOPY ROOFS are made-to-measure to create personalized shelters suitable for the various contexts. Great care is given to the structural design and to the choice of materials, ensuring that these outdoor covers have excellent mechanical strength and are totally waterproof. The Cover Technology CANOPY ROOF structure consists of an aluminum and steel frame covered.

Shower Cubicles We ensure that we provide exactly what our clients are looking for, delivering a pur- t their requirements.fipose-made washroom to Not only does this include actual functionality and appearance, but also pricing. Due to our all-in-one service, both the installation time and the costs are greatly reduced. nalfiWe complete every stage of the washroom installation. From initial design to inspection, no organization other than our own is required.

Roller Shutters ciencyfiAluminum roller shutter systems are the best choice in terms of durability, cost ef and functionality. They are roll-formed during our in-house production process. For opti- mal weather resistance, our roller shutters are coated using a double-layer thick coating nishing, and thefiprocess. Thanks to the varied design options when selecting the surface wide range of shapes and types to choose from, the heroal roller shutters are truly exclu- sive when it comes to design.

Curtain Walls A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep the weather out and the occupants in. As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs. When glass is used as the curtain wall, a great advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. The curtain wall façade does not carry any dead load weight from the building other than its own dead load weight. The wall transfers horizontal wind loads that are incident upon it to the main building structure through oors or columns of the building. A curtain wall is designed to resist airflconnections at ltration, sway induced by wind and seismic forces acting on the building,fiand water in and its own dead load weight forces.

Louver Panels

Cladding Work

Handrail Systems

our CLIENT’s projects “The Relationship between a Client must be’WE.”’ -Billy Baldwin

ALUMINIUM Project Name – Hostel project Location – Trincomalee Client – Sanken Project Name – Hostel project Location – Kelaniya Client – Sanken

ecfiProjcet Name – Garment factory Of Location – Piliyandala Client – Mr. Hussain Project Name – Water Board Project Location – Polonnaruwa Client – Sanken

Project Name – Legence Trading Location – Narahenpita Client – Mr. Priyantha

GLAZING Project Name – Aitken Spence Location – Vauxhall Street Client – Sanken Project Name – Car sale Location – Katunayaka Client – Mr. Sampath

Project Name – Karunarathna Brothers (Pvt) Ltd Location – Borella Client – Karunarathna

CEILING Project Name – Super Fashion Location –Panadura

Project Name – ASB Fashion Location –Kalutara

CLADDING Project Name – Marina Oil Factory Location – Kurunegala Client – Mr. Manjula

Project Name – Seylan Bank Location – Borella Client – Mr.Karunarathna

Project Name – ASB Fashion Location – Kalutara

Project Name – Saegis Campus Location – Kohuwala Client – Mr.Bandara

ALUMINIUM SYSTEM Project Name – Karunarathna Brothers Location – Rajagiriya Client – Mr.Karunarathna

Project Name – Gunners Club Location – Minneriya Client – Sri Lanka Army

STEEL PROJECTS Project Name – Automatic car spa Location – Kotikawatta Client – Mr. Suranjith

TOP 10 COMPLETED PROJECTS ASB Fashion – Kaluthara ASB Fashion – Anuradhapura Saegis Campus - Kohuwala Automatic Car Spa - Kotikawatta Sampath Car Mart - Katunayaka Hostel Project - Kelaniya Hostel Project - Trincomalee Super Fashion - Panadura Legence Trading Housing Project - Narahenpita Hilton Project - Colombo

Contact Us Office and showroom #149 Wennawatta Wellampitiya. Tel : (+94)11 219 3084 Hotlines Suranjith : (+94)77 381 0182 Dulaj : (+94)77 775 8943 Ramzan : (+94)77 198 8991 ALU K aluminium (pvt) ltd architectural aluminium system Fax : (+94)11 207 5081 Email : [email protected] Web :

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