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Devoted Newsletter Issue 5

Published by annerine, 2021-12-08 08:36:18

Description: Devoted Newsletter Issue 5


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NewsletterNewsletter5 Reflecting on a year full of rsSetetrticnagoitrhgedht about a cult challenges, love and inspiration A fter years of studying, Elfrieda Marie-Louise Fleischmann received her second doctoral degree, T his pandemic (which now has a new name, Philosophiae Doctorate in Theology with Missiology, in Omicron) has many “after-affects” and impact us 2021. In her thesis, “Erlo Hartwig Stegen: A missiological on so many ways. In a newsletter by the United evaluation of his life, ministry and teachings”, she grounded her Nations (13 April 2020) readers are warned, evaluation of the KwaSizabantu Mission (KSB) in KwaZulu-Natal “unreliable and false information is preading around the within the theory of revivals from where she synthesised a world to such an extent, that some commentators are Protestant Revival Evaluation Criteria (PREC). The North-West now referring to the new avalanche of misinformation University said about the thesis: “Elfrieda gleaned qualitative data that’s accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic as a through interviews, newsletters, sermons, audio-visual material, ‘disinfodemic’.” photographs, and other documents. ATLAS.tiTM software and networks were employed during data analysis. The findings of Of course the newsletter refers particularly to fake this study indicate that Stegen pioneered missions, mission work, news about the pandemic, but it can also be applied education, humanitarian efforts, agricultural projects, and a to news in general in mainstream media and social sustainable model for missions through experimental farming…” media platforms. The abovementioned newsletter warns To read this article, just click Here. against “contamination caused by some orchestrated misinformation campaigns, which pose a threat to fact- REVIEW: The truth about the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut based journalism…” It states, “when disinformation is repeated and amplified, including by influential people, The book, Die Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) – Die kaalkop the grave danger is that information which is based on waarheid oor 75 jaar van hoogte- en laagtepunte by Tom Moodie is truth, ends up having only marginal impact.” Devoted has a great read for those who are interested in the Afrikaner’s history. been warned about the spreading of fake news for some The book by this well-known leader in the business world is currently time now. only available in Afrikaans. Read the review HERE. “Untruths, half-truths, and blatant lies are the new reality, but Devoted tells the other side of the story” is the title of the Editor’s Note in the December/January edition (Issue 31) of Devoted, and the title says it all. We believe that there are always another side to a story - a side mainstream media will not tell you because they will then not sell their publications. In issue 31 we tell the opposite side which represents an opposide point of view. To read this article, just click Here. Like us on Facebook: www.dViesitvouor wteebdsitemat

A story untold: How themmyedfaiamabiluysed and me C entral to this story is Louise Pretorius. She became addicted to the Internet (To read this article, just click Here) and her pastor reached out to her. He arranged for help for her, but he and his orgnisaton then became the victims of the media with a series of false claims on various media platforms. Podcasts which were produced by News24 included parts of Louise’s testimony from years ago out of context. The allegation in the video is that she was being held captive against her will, but Louise denies these allegations and said her “testimony” was used out of context, and without her permission. The Devoted team listened to her and others, and concluded her side of the story was completely different from those mainstream media wanted its readers to believe about this Christian Mission. Louise claims the media and the people who are still spreading the stories is nothing other than abuse; and thousands of people dependent on the Mission for their livelihoods are being hurt by the untruths told. To read this article, just click Here. Mof ilkoav’esasntdoriny spiration Grace to all Alittle boy was born on 9 March 2010, and an angel “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the was set free on 25 November 2021 at around 00:45. love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit 11-year-old Mika Schmunk was an inspiration to be with you all.”(2 Conrinthians 13:14), This is everyone who ever had the privilege of meeting my wish for all our Devoted readers and the rest him. The inspiration and love this little boy shared with so of mankind. Let us all make sure that the things many while he was with them must be continued to be we say and write do not hurt others. 1 Peter 3:10 shared with many more. “I have put everything on the altar”, warns, “Whoever would love life and see good Mika said. “I trust the Lord. He is with me.” days must keep their tongue from evil and their To read this article, just click Here. lips from deceitful speech.” Newsletter

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