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L'anza November-December 2015 Magazine

Published by Tome Distribution, 2015-11-19 03:25:11

Description: November-December 2015 Magazine


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L’ANZA message his year is rapidly coming to a close. How L’ANZA is fully committed to believing, inspiring, and did we get here so fast? As we reflect upon growing stylists around the globe. This has not, and the ending year, let’s take a moment to be will not change. And as our Tribe continues to build momentum, so does our ability to affect change and T thankful for all we have and how far we’ve protect our mission. Together, we will continue to inspire more stylists to join the L’ANZA Tribe, and come. I am personally most thankful for our L’ANZA grow together. Tribe. All the incredible things we accomplish every day amaze me. The world is changing daily, and many of these changes I am truly grateful to be a part of the movement, and seem to attack the core authenticity of the professional authentically doing all that we can to advance our salon, and the stylists they grow and nurture. So common cause. Thank you for all you do! It really many forces are afoot to interfere with the development of counts! Let’s go B.I.G. together! a pure, professional salon culture. The good news is thatDAVID BERGLASS THANK YOU!President & and Estetica Magazine spotlighted the incrediblefeatured stunning summer bridal benefits of L’ANZA Healing Moisture.looks by L’ANZA Global CreativeDirector Ammon Carver, createdwith L’ANZA!NEWYOU caught up with Ammon Healing Artist Amy Freudenberg’s Prescott Woman featured localCarver for his tips to achieve four beautiful collection work made the celebrity L’ANZA Salon, Nyla D’Salon.easy summer hairstyles with L’ANZA. pages of Pristeen Magazine. They loved the natural windswept waves created by Beach Spray.

featured stylistPIPER DENMAN PIPER’S FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Trauma Treatment “Powder Up Texturizer Trauma Treatment is a gift from the heavens. We use it as an additive in all of our color services. It has made a world of difference in the quality, shine and softness of our guests’ hair.” “I would not have survived the prom season without Powder Up Texturizer.”The Shop | 130 W. Main St., Crawfordsville, IN 47933765-307-4000 | Salon Owner: Piper DenmanF or stylist and salon owner Piper Denman, life begins with art. An accomplished sculptor and painter, Piper’s love of creating is what instinctively drew her into the professional beauty industry. As a hairstylist, she translates her gift for design into every extraordinary look she creates behind the chair.Two years ago, Piper opened up The Shop in Crawfordsville, Indiana, which justcelebrated its one-year anniversary as a L’ANZA Healing Center! The Shop’seclectic décor scheme is endearingly referred to as “the inside of Piper’s brain”.Piper simply calls it “Junkyard meets Alice in Wonderland”. Filled with upcycledaccents and reclaimed materials, the entire space is very modern, with a distinctlyvintage feel. The walls are adorned with original artwork by Piper, and the receptionarea includes a painted comic strip wall, and flooring comprised completely ofpennies! Piper’s artistic nature inspires her ever-changing hair color. It’s always aconversation-starter, and helps to encourage clients to get a little more experimentalwith their own look.Piper runs a busy full-service salon, yet always finds time for her local community. WHY L’ANZA: I fell in love with L’ANZA, with the firstShe and her team at the Shop maintain an important goal: to offer a unique salon vibrant, beautiful red that strolled across a hair showexperience at affordable prices. stage, and I haven’t looked back. L’ANZA reflects the same principles that I hope to inspire with my ownIN HER MAKING ART: I am an artist first, and business. They deliver a superior product each and a stylist second. Creating is what makes every time. The simple philosophy of a precise and me the happiest, so the hair industry effective arsenal, to create flawlessly and effortlessly has perfected our art. We appreciate our BrandOWN WORDS : was a natural choice for me. My mind Consultant, Laurie DeWitt and all that she does, and is constantly designing and creating; love the additional support that L’ANZA offers as a I see things in form and color. I am company. As a business owner, maintaining a much smaller inventory has drastically increased profitsconstantly looking for potential in all things, all of the time. through services and retail. Everything is so easy to use and the results are beautiful and dependable.PIPER’S JOURNEY: I spent a large portion of my career in a very small 60 year-old Our guests also absolutely love it, and retail salesbarber shop absorbing priceless information about hair design, building lasting client have soared since implementing the line. We wererelationships, and running a business. That’s where I learned the value of my career the first Healing Center in our area, and L’ANZA ischoice and the impact we have on our guests and their families. I have also had the attracting clients from all around!opportunity to work in other Indianapolis-area salons, where I was taught about theendless possibilities in this field. Two years ago, I opened my own salon and myteam and I could not be happier.

The Scent of Beauty An Aromatic Luxury Treatment KERATIN HEALING OIL Hair Perfume Crafted with soothing aromatherapy essences Eliminates smoke & other odorsvibes - /v¨ bs/ noun. Unique emotional auras experienced instinctively. January 2016

business building 8020THE RULE by Brian McClelland Salon Success Challenge: Take one or two of these ideas and incorporate them into your daily life over the Business Development Manager Holidays. Let us know how you did via Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram with #MyLANZATop20.W hat is the 80/20 rule? Many of us are familiar with the idea that 80% of our business comes from 20% of our clientele. However, did you Consultations: know this rule could be applied to many aspects of everyday life? • Check in with every client to see if anything has changed Applying the 80/20 rule can help you manage your time better, helpyou make more money, and help you live a better quality of life! or if they’re looking for something new/different • Ask them “Is there anything about your hair that concernsThis Holiday Season, we are focusing on how the 80/20 rule applies to productivity:20% of what you do generates 80% of your productivity. Think of this in terms of you TODAY?”a typical behind-the-chair service. Construct a pie chart and break down what you • Ask them about their “beauty budget”, and understanddo during an hour-long service. Include the greeting, consultation, and the serviceitself. How much of that time do you spend on the actual service? My guess would how much they’re willing to spend on their services andbe most of it (perhaps 80% of it, or 48 minutes within that hour). at-home maintenance.What does that remaining 20% or 12 minutes look like? Research tells us that our Retailing:clients remember the first 7 minutes and last 5 minutes of their service. (That’s 12 • Educate your clients about the products you useminutes!) Concentrate on using that time to your full advantage, creating wealthand future opportunities. Give a valuable consultation, make helpful product throughout the entire service.recommendations, get that next appointment scheduled, and talk about your referral • Put the product in their hands and show them how toprogram. These are Top 20 activities – those that maximize opportunities withminimal strain on time. They will increase your retail commission check, your add-on use it. Creates more ownership and, your higher ticket referrals, and decrease your time behind the chair. • Power of 3: Show them 3 key things you used on themFocus on making the most of that time, and you can live the 80/20 life! during your service. Close with “if there was ONE thing I recommend you take home, it would be…”$ • Have them take a selfie with their favorite product you used on them and share on social media. Referrals: • Take a look at your Top 20% clients and ask for their referrals. You want more like them. • Make it sincere. You take care of them. Make them feel confident you will take care of their friends and family just as much. Look for our next edition of L’ANZA Lifestyle in JAN/FEB to see the 80/20 Rule successes in action!

salon spotlightGLOSS SALON& MAKE-UP BOUTIQUE4501 Southern Hills Dr. #15 “ Gloss Salon had a few thingsSioux City, IA 51106 to say about L’ANZA! Here are712 224 4501 some L’ANZA product favoritesSalon Owner: Megan Meylor and Tanisha Andersen from Gloss’ top stylists!Salon owners Megan Meylor and Tanisha Andersen share a tremendous passion forthe beauty industry. In January of 2013, that passion became Gloss Hair & Makeup Keratin Healing Oil Combing CreamBoutique. Located in Sioux City, Iowa, Gloss is quickly becoming Siouxland’s most “I just love this product! It smoothesfashionable salon destination. and calms curly, frizzy hair.”A stylist for over six years, Gloss co-owner Tanisha’s passions include makeup,fashion, and martinis. With her finger on the pulse of current trends and fashion, - Candishe is sure to make your look stand out! Megan has enjoyed over a decade in theindustry and is on the cutting edge of all things beautiful. Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing SprayGloss is quickly becoming a metro-area mecca for women and men who know “It’s very universal and can be used aswhat quality, upscale customer-centered services are all about. An eclectic mix a styling aid or a finishing spray.”of vintage and contemporary furniture creates a funky, relaxed atmosphere.Accented by shimmering antique chandeliers and playful knick-knacks, the salon - Kristiis a refuge for clients to reunite with their favorite stylist and update their look. Beach SprayTanisha and Megan take pride in their experienced, highly talented staff. Together “It smells like the beach andthey head up a team specializing in custom colors, beautiful cuts, elegant formalstyling, and airbrush make-up. Megan and Tanisha heavily focus on continuing gives hair great texture.”education, and believe that keeping current with the latest industry advancementsis key in delivering personal knowledge of hair and makeup trends in an honest, - Roxieaccessible way. Neem Plant Silk SerumGloss’ incredible growth continues with their partnership with L’ANZA. Since taking “Love the way it makeson the entire line in early 2015, their business has skyrocketed! During the first three the hair feel and smell!”months of 2015, they surpassed their entire year in 2014. Gloss looks forward tocontinuing to serve its loyal client base and forging new relationships with clients in - Sydneyits sleek home!“ has skyrocketed!style how-to BEAUTY IS...COLORGET THE LOOK: SarahRecreate this stunning cut and color design from L’ANZA’s latest Vision Collection.Visit to download the step-by-step video and technical guidefor this look, and all the beautiful designs from the BEAUTY IS...COLOR Collection. Distributed by © DAVEXLABS LLC Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA • L10960

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