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EU Harmonization - Flyer 2017-2018

Published by GIZ - SANECA - Publications, 2019-02-01 06:04:32

Description: EU Harmonization - Flyer


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apply professional and transparent service standards. Published by: Harmonisation of Economic and In drawing up the training programmes, account will Deutsche Gesellschaft für Trade Legislation with EU acquis be taken of the fact that they may also be replicated Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH for others. GIZ Albania c) Preparation of accession negotiations for EU membership. Harmonization of Economic Advice is provided on the process for the identification and Trade Legislation with EU acquis of the relevant players (including the civil society), Rruga Ismail Qemali, No. 3, 3rd Floor setting up the structures required for conducting the Tirana - Albania negotiations, and the drafting of rules of procedures T +355 42273424 / +355 42234365 for the areas of Acquis for which MEDTTE has the I lead. Consultation is also provided on the procedures and instruments required to do the pre-screenings FOLLOW US in the fields of legislation relating to the economy and ON FACEBOK trade for which MEDTTE is in charge. Law ‘On the status of the civil servant’ of 2013 Contact: stipulates that the Albanian School of Public Blerina Raça Administration (ASPA) must be the main institution Program Manager responsible for the public administration trainings. The E [email protected] competence in providing training to the civil servants Alma Bilali lies with such body. The project closely cooperates Coordinator for business law and services with ASPA in developing new, useful, updated, and E [email protected] replicable training curricula, programmes and formats for the three complementary focus areas of the project. The trainings are jointly assessed with ASPA.

GIZ relies on more than 20 years of legal expertise Aim of the project The focus with legal reform in Albania and in South East Europe. Project support focuses on three complementary This bilateral project “Harmonisation of Economic In order to be able to achieve the goal of integration of areas: and Trade Legislation with EU acquis” has started on Albania into EU, it is necessary to build the institutional a) Legislation and interpretation of the EU acquis. The 1 January 2015 and will last until 31 December 2018. and procedural capacities. The project support Project helps strengthen the competences of the inter- The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry consists in strengthening the competences for the institutional working groups by providing advice and for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). harmonisation of legislation, its implementation training in the areas of legislation and organisation, Its main political partner is the Ministry of Economic and conduction of EU accession negotiations to help produce better laws. There is a great need for Development, Tourism, Trade and Enterprenuership in the areas of work MEDTTE. MEDTTE is information about the legislative techniques and (MEDTTE). expected to have a key role during the negotiations about issues concerning proper interpretation of for membership, and act as an institution of reference the EU acquis. Application of legislative methods Background for the other structures and institutions. MEDTTE in conformity with European practice (Regulatory The integration of Albania in EU is since 2003 the key has the lead in six inter-institutional working groups Impact Assessment) also signifies application of element of Albanian politics. On 27 June 2014, Albania (chapters 1, 3, 6, 20, 28, and 30). Technical capacity the participation principle of the civil society and the received the EU candidate status, and is waiting to and competence varies across these working groups. interest groups in the process of law making, to ensure open soon the accession negotiations. Membership in There is a need to structure and intensify cooperation that their active participation contributes to better the European Union is a strategic goal fully embraced across the various ministries and the institutions laws. Development of policy cycle of law making across the Albanian political spectrum. This goal is subordinated to them. The project will follow a in the areas of MEDTTE enables understanding in particularly important for Albania’s international systematic approach to strengthen their capacities, practice the full process of law making methodology relations and for strengthening the competitiveness of and to improve the processes related to harmonisation in the context of EU approximation process. the Albanian economy. Harmonisation of legislation and implementation of legislation concerning the b) Implementation of harmonised legislation with EU acquis. with EU acquis and its correct implementation are economy and trade (acquis). The project helps strengthen the competences of the an essential condition for integration of Albania Market Surveillance Inspectorate, National Business in European Union. Irrespective of the positive Center and the other subordinate institutions of achievements attained in specific sectors, MEDTTE MEDTTE. Advice is primarely addressed to the and its subordinate institutions still need to further development of the organisation structures and enhance competences for the harmonisation of management instruments, which the Government legislation and its implementation; and do not have of Albania considers key measures required in the necessary negotiations competences to conduct the fight against corruption. Second, a number of accession talks for EU membership. trainings will be drawn up and carried out for the staff of the implementing bodies to enable them

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