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The Writer Erin Issue 19

Published by The Writer Erin, 2020-10-20 07:36:22

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The Writer Erin ISSUE 19 Soul Magazine OCT. 19, 2020 POLARITY YOUR POWER IS TRAMP STAMP CAMP NOW The 4th Hermetic law: Meet the new tarot detective light and darkness are one Discovering the magic of agency presence

Up down, good bad, in out, right Wrong, light Dark, its all dual polarities... therefore they’re the same thing. - The Writer Erin

Law of Polarity Light and darkness are one... The law of polarity, the 4th of the 7 Hermetic laws, But think about it like this. All personalities have acknowledges that everything is really a dual pair of qualities that are preferable to some people and opposites. Every concept has opposing dualities that some that are distracting to others. The type A, make up the thing itself. For example, a ripe banana competitive type might be fantastic and productive and a spoiled banana are still a banana. The baby is in networking and self initiative. That same also the elderly person at different times of their life. personality type might be impatient and restless. But these light and dark attributes fit perfectly The tarot cards break down the law of polarity in such together to create the divine type A personality. It’s a way that brings the topic home the best. Many tarot not necessarily good or bad (an ego judgement practitioners read the upright card or the reverse, as if assessment). It just is. the light and dark attributes of the cards are mutually exclusive. But they don’t exclude each other. In fact, You might be inside or outside of a house, noticing they include each other. An example would be the 6 of it from different angles and perspectives. But you hearts, a card that represents a happy home, wealth are still observing the same house. You might be and love. The opposite polarity, OF THE SAME CARD, ontop or under a hand woven blanket, feeling its could be that one is striving to create a happy home texture and observing its art from different views. or are anxious about the process of developing love But you still connecting with the same blanket. and happiness. Remember, it’s the same card. Ponder this law and how you can excercise less The yin and the yang operate together to create judgement. Instead, as hard as it is, even for me, try universal balance. Light can only exist in the divine and see things from a higher, more effective darkness. Love and hate, good or bad, right or wrong vantage point that accepts the polarity. Fighting are just relative polarities that include each other as against polarity is fighting against universal reality. universal phenomenons. It’s easy to judge one or the Accepting it is bringing yourself and your mind into other as of god or of something sinister based on our divine balance with all that is. programmed preferences, or of our misunderstanding of the dualities that must exist. But these are simply polarities of the same concepts.

Tarot Polarity Earlier I used a tarot card example to explain the nature of he law of polarity. As a matter of fact, I operate with this law in all of my readings. Where some tarot readers focus on whether or not a card is upright or reversed, I go into both light and dark attributes. It is, of course, the same card. When I do readings for people, I look at a card as a concept with the understanding that there is a spectrum of energy imbedded in its meaning. Each card represents a situation, personality archetype or a common human phenomenon. But every situation and everyone’s experience with a card is going to be different as will be their perspective. Let’s take the queen of hearts card for instance. Pictured as a royal woman sitting on her throne, the card symbolizes, on its light attribute, a woman of emotional maturity. She is dignified, confident and emotional balanced. She is able to solve problems with reason and operates with heart level prudence. Her darker attribute signifies emotional immaturity, rash reactions, and a self defeatist habituation. But each person’s relationship within the spectrum of that card will differ. You may see the card and recognize certain aspects within yourself that are more on the light or on dark attribute. But if we are speaking honestly, we will probably notice a bit of both attributes inside of you. As a matter of fact, I would be surprised if you don’t. Maybe, overall, you are pretty emotionally intelligent, and have a habit of pessimism on a certain topic, such as romantic relationships. Maybe you tend towards emotional melt downs, but you’re very much loving and maternalistic around children. The point is to just read the card, light and dark. Analyze your relationship to both spectrums. Ignoring each polarity could cause you to miss out on some areas of enlightenment on your situation. And in general, being unwilling to take a look at both aspects might be based on a wounded or fearful ego that refuses to face reality. Think about this very deeply when you do a reading or as you begin learning to read. In my Intro to Practical Spirituality class, I can teach you the fundamentals of my tarot reading process so that you can begin to confidently read for yourself and read others with practice. It’s a private class via zoom and it’s only $75. I also offer group discounts. The class teaches other topics including the chakras, the 7 Hermetic laws in whole, energy healing, basic altar work, and more. Click the link below to sign up for the class. Take Class

Buy Book Tolle’s book sheds so much light on, just like the title says, the power of now. As a matter of fact, power is only found in the now. Now doesn’t actually rely on thoughts, because most thoughts are passed and future based. In meditation, we are taught to focus on something, one single thing, like our breath. This allows us to detach from the constant mental chatter happening in our heads and instead into presence. One of the ways I incorporate this into my life is to focus on my body. Our bodies are sensory receptors and those senses reflect the present vibrational state we’re presently in. That means that my eyes may sense the presence of a beautiful tree before me. My ears may sense the sound of music in playing the background. My nose may sense the smell of food on the stove. Nevertheless, these are the energies surrounding my presence. It helps me detach from all the anxieties and opinions of others that are clouding my sense of peace. One of the most profound books that I have ever read is It’s natural for thoughts to creep in. That’s okay. Thoughts “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It breaks down, in just do that. We don’t need to identify with them or be great depth, the power of intense presence and the worried with fixing them in meditation. In mediation, we just enemy of joy, which is the ego. I learned so much about peacefully and non-judgementally acknowledge them and the ego including how past focus, the pain body and then put our focus back on our senses and our vibrations. mental chatter takes us away from the bliss that can Over time, practicing this in exercise or on freeways allows only be found in presence. me some relief from all that irrelevant and unnecessary chatter in my brain. I feel much more calm and peace in This book helped me to understand that our true these moments. And I also, which is the big secret, receive nature is the present moment. The body isn’t who we direction from God/ Source/ Self (however you describe it) are, it’s just a vehicle that houses our soul in the third in the form of divine inspiration. This is the purest definition dimension. Our body holds within us the energies of of getting out of your own way. regret, trauma, fear, and false ideas about who we are. As a matter of fact, we get caught in the illusion that it Sometimes I get swept in a series of neverending thoughts is actually who we are. and before I know it, I’m caught vibrating on some resentment, regret or fear. But being conscious doesn’t mean not having these thoughts or always being present. Being conscious means consciously and intentionally, in the present moment, NOW, acknowledging the thoughts and then falling back into our sensory vibrations. The vibrations you feel, see, hear, smell, taste, and intuit in your frequency are the receivers that will help you get good and present. Click link in top left to get your hands on the book.

VIBE CORNER I’m going to tell you a movie that is a complete vibe to me. It’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s a movie I can watch over and over again. The lead femme, Holly Golightly, is an aspiring rich socialite with a need to feel a sense of home and safety all her own. In her quest to move up the social and economic ladder, her quirky personality values allow her to have really interest experiences, while learning interesting cultural things, with interesting people. It’s set in 1960’s New York so the style and fashion are pretty chic and forward. The eclectic fusion of Brazilian jazz and cinematic, classical-esque orchestration in the movie were composed by Henry Mancini. There is this one funky and funny scene where Holly throws a Whiskey Party in her very humble apartment. It’s filled with all these high brow, wealthy city slickers who get all the way turnt. It’s gets shut down by an agitated landlord (a character that by today’s standards would be unacceptable) who calls the law and gets everyone kicked out. I feel a kinship to the character. Sometimes, we don’t exactly know how much of a vibe we are right now because we are so focused on achieving something in the hopeful future. Not to say that goals and aspirations aren’t appropriate. But the present moment already encapsulates all that we want, all that ever was, and all that will ever be. It’s not a cliche, we really do have everything we need inside of us. Watch that movie and get into the fashion, art and vibes that make up this cinematic classic. Discover a part of you that would do well by enlivening your present space with a party, the company of interesting people, or even just good music and a book about travel, like Holly did. Have a little bit more fun. Enjoy developing your style. And remember that your place is always in the now. Like my Daddy always says, “If you ever want to know where you’re supposed to be, reach around and grab your ass. Then you’ll know.”

TRAMP STAMP CAMP Tarot Detective Agency First Day of Work Short Stories for Grown Folks By: Erin Liggins

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