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The Writer Erin Issue 15

Published by The Writer Erin, 2020-09-20 20:52:24

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The Writer Erin  ISSUE 15 Soul Magazine SEPT. 20, 2020 AIR SWORDS/ SPADES TAROT PODCAST The subtlest, yet powerful The mental/ spiritual That new beginning theme Earth element  atrributes of the ancient seems to be a serious theme weapon

The air is a special, magical space. In my dreams, when I decide to take off into the night air and fly, I feel so much power and freedom. - The Writer Erin

THE AIR A subtle, yet powerful element In our 4 week series on the 4 elements and In the ancient traditions, according to The their metapysical, tarot related attributes, the Penguin Dictionary of Symbols, air is the middle last of them is air.  The word spirit comes from man, the mediator, between fire and water. It’s the Latin word spiritus which means breath. Air the place where thoughts float from energy to is vital to all life on the planet and it’s one of energy. It also believed to be the environment the only unseens that no one will argue. We all suitable for imagination.  breathe it, it keeps our vital functions working and we feel it in the seasonal breezes.  In a previous fairy magic I reviewed in an earlier issue, Arubafirina, the elementals also work with Air is related to the Indian Prana, the Chinese air and teach us ways to work with it to manifest. Chi and what many consider be the divine life One fairy indicates being able to send a wish force. In meditation, many newbies are asked through a breeze. Sound waves, suitable for to focus their attention on the breath as a way communication and beautiful music, is a fairy like of disconnecting from mental chatter and technology for magical minds to use air, too. coming into presence. And it is my Through chanting, singing, tuning forks, singing understanding that divine presence, the bowls, and other natural instruments, the present moment, is who and what we are. frequency of the air breathed in and out by a person is believed to be raised. It becomes more There are also some subconscious undertones condusive go healing and divine inspiration.  attached air. Think about man’s obsession with taking flight and developing technologies that Think about your psyche’s ideas about air. Recall allow this for humans. Air represents a certain some past dreams that are related to air or freedom from restrictions. In my astral/ dream flying. And continue reading and studying to state, I often, intentionally take flight and feel learn how it relates to the tarot. the exhilaration of that expanded relationship and view of my Earthly environment.

SWORDS/ SPADES The mental, spiritual attributes of the ancient weapon The spades in world mythology has always represented a level of strength and valor. It also represents inner power and mental wisdom. The simplest way to look at swords in the tarot is to relate it to the valor and power of the mind. In antiquity, the sword was even used a talisman to create a powerful energy of physical and mental protection.  Swords (spades in playing cards) in the tarot have everything to do with information, decisions, ideas, and communication. The air, the swords element correspondent, is where thoughts and ideas reside. Therefore the sword is that symbolic reference which takes place in the mind. The flaming sword often eludes to the opening of the pineal gland, the third eye, our organ for spiritual werewithal.

Im so many of the movies, literature and mythology, swords have often been linked to a “chosen one” character or archetype. Usually it’s a sword with a level of power that only the person who is meant to use it, who has a pure, inner knowledge, can access it. The frequency of the sword is too high for the selfish nemesis, so high that it would destroy the person who wasn’t meant to access it.  The sword also has dual nature, sort of like the mind. The sword can make a clear, power based decision while being a symbol of kingdom power. But on the other hand, it can also destroy and harm, just like the mind and the words from our tongues. In Sleeping Beauty, the Prince used his regal wisdom and knowledge to fight off Maleficent who had turned herself into a fear based energy, a dragon, to save the sleeping Princess, Aurora. When it looked like the dragon would get the best of him, Aurora’s 3 fairy godmothers imbued the sword with a magical power of concrete destruction. He aimed and slayed the dragon in the heart, bringing it to his death, and saving not only his soon to be betrothed bride, but also the kingdom. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols also likens the sword to the dual natures of the masculine and feminine. They believed the sword has an active side (the blade) and a passive side that both make up the weapon. The active energy in a sword often is compared to the swift and uncompromising  bolt of lightening and it speaks to the attainment and journey towards true knowledge.  If you pull a sword in your tarot reading, think about your mental state and any considerations around knowledge. Do you need clarity in a certain area or are you mentally prepared for a certain situations? On the darker attribute, are there confusions and an invasion of negative, mental forces happening against your well being or better judgement? Maybe there are subconscous blocks that you want to address. It could be your words that aren’t conducive to getting you what you truly want. So make sure to compose the dual nature of you tongue, too.

The Real Housewives TAROT READINGS? So I am considering something and I would like you guys’ opinions on it. I am a big fan of reality tv, primarily the Real Housewives. I can appreciate observing the personality interaction combinations between the ladies. Plus, I love to observe the fashions and interior designs of people with the money to pull it off. Also, most of the Housewives own million dollar businesses and run really compassionate non-profit organizations that are dear to their personal experiences.  In wanting to show people how to learn the tarot for themselves, I am sort of thinking about doing tarot readings on the latest episodes. That way, you can learn the ways to analyze relationship issues, conflicts and potential, inner motivations behind their words, and behaviors.  I also feel that the tarot is a low judgement way to ponder the dramas that encircle the Houswives. Everyone behaves according to a set of personality traits and habits just like everyone else. Breaking down the make up of these interpersonal issues and archetypes would be a great way for the novice to learn the tarot, allowing it to demystify itself before your very eyes.. If you are a fan of reality television and would like to see this on YouTube, email me at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts. What sorts of questions would you like to have analyzed related to the show. And when I get started, I’ll make sure to include access to them here in The Writer Erin Soul Magazine.

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