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The Writer Erin Issue 18

Published by The Writer Erin, 2020-10-13 01:54:11

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The Writer Erin ISSUE 18 Soul Magazine OCT. 12, 2020 VIBRATION RAMPAGE OF TAROT PODCAST APPRECIATION The third Hermetic law is a Ep. 18 is the BEST one yet. vibe for real There’s a power in gratitude This is one you need to hear!!!

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - Nikoli Tesla

THE LAW OF VIBRATION The third Hermetic law... of attraction Even a house standing strong and stoic in its foundation erodes over time. It’s We carry on with week 3 of our study of affected by the constant motion of the 7 Hermetic laws with the 3rd, which is weather as it rains, heats and sends wind the law of vibration. It’s quality is self all over its structure. The tree standing in explanatory showing us that everything in its yard grows and blooms with leaves, the universe vibrates. Nothing is still. fruit and even flowers, which journey Everything is in constant, static motion. through their own individual path of life That’s because the foundation and making and death. Even thing moves. Everything of everything is energy, waves and vibrates. particles of energy. And since energy vibrates, everything vibrates. Working with the law for me means accepting the power of that vibration. I Even while you are sitting and reading this know that my thoughts affect the vibration article, you are breathing, your heart is of my body and aura. I also know that pumping, your cells are progressing these vibrations send an electro-magnetic through their life cycles, and he Earth is signal out to draw like vibrations to me. spinning through he galaxy. As every This means that the law of attraction really moment passes and with everything you is the law of vibration. So I try my best to learn, your mind races with thoughts that be conscious of my thoughts and energy at constantly change your DNA, second by any given moment. It is a process to be second. And as your thoughts abound consistent and even remember to maintain sighing your mind, your being vibrates my thought world effectively. But, knowing accordingly. is the first step.

Ways that I control my vibrations include listening to music and finding things to make me laugh. I also meditate as often as I can to detach from the constant mental chatter that muddle that my vibration. I also like to create art and go through what Abraham Hicks calls “rampages of appreciation” which puts everything in my life into proper and positive perspective. Sometimes if I am in a really bad mood or a state of anger, I do a process called E.F.T., which stands for emotional freedom technique. It includes a series of tapping my body’s meridian points while self talking myself from the issue at hand all the way up to a perspective about the situation where I be grateful for something about it. Guess what! I have a class where I can show you how to do this and a couple of other techniques. But wait, there’s more. I teach my basic tarot reading process, teach about working with your chakras, help you understand how to reprogram your subconscious mind, and show you how to do basic altar work that you can expand upon. In my Intro to Practical Spirituality class, I provide foundational principles and philosophies to help you on your spiritual journey and I even offer the very books that have been guides for my personal path. If you are interested in my class, click the link below to schedule a private zoom class. It’s cost $75 individually and I do offer a group discount. I can’t wait to work with you. Take Class

Rampage of Like I said before, I learned the power of appreciation by listening to Abraham Hicks. From those teachings, I have developed a new saying that I tell myself all the time; “What Is appreciate will appreciate”. This means that the things I am grateful for grow and increase. And really, appreciation just means I am looking for the beauty of wonderful people and resources that are already available to me. What the late Wayne Dyer stated sums it all up. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. A rampage of appreciation for me starts with looking at the things I can realistically appreciate at whatever moment I am in, given my mood or emotional state. It’s hard to sometimes to appreciate the innovation and access to freeways when you are sitting in bumper to bumper, rush hour traffic. It’s might be more realistic at that moment to be grateful that I’m in a comfortable, air conditioned car in 90 degree weather.

There was a time that I worked a job that really made I say out loud all the things about myself that I am proud me feel miserable. I had to wake up super early to go to and grateful for from my personality to my strength to a job around people and responsibilities that not only my artistic nature. I tell myself that I appreciated the annoyed me but stressed me out. Towards the end the people who do care about and respect me. I’m grateful gig, I had made it a habit to raise my “vibrations” by for the lessons my mistakes have taught me that have using my morning drive to speak aloud everything that I given me an extra edge or advantage. And I’m also super truly appreciated around the topic of work. I thanked appreciative that I am living in a space and time that God/ the universal source for giving me an income, could be the impetus for some expansion of my deepest, creative gifts, interpersonal skills, knowledge of online creative innovations. marketing systems, and my entire network. You can do the same. You can either write down all the Even sometimes when I’m doing my daily activities, things you are grateful for or you can say it out loud to because I am so cranial and always in my head with yourself. I’m learning the power and joy that I feel by thoughts, sometimes I am prone to some habitual, self expressing to there’s the things I appreciate about them inflicted anxiety. Usually its around concernsover the and their contribution to my life. From the opinions of others and regrets over things I think of as overwhelming happiness I feel holding a baby or personal failures. But the first thing I can appreciate is laughing with my family to the satisfaction of a cold the fact that these thoughts are illusions. I have no way glass of juice first thing in the morning, I express it all. of knowing what others truly think of me, nor is it my business. I also knows that my past is not who I am and Incorporate these rampages of appreciate in your life there is no need to avenge it. The supreme source of all and notice how quickly and powerfully it increases your things values and loves me and I live in appreciation of energetic vibrations. Plus, if you are really paying close that. enough attention, you’lol start to notice the resources, assistance, love, and opportunities that were always available to you anyway.

A Funky VIBE CORNER Roadtrip Road trips alone are a vibe all their own. There is nothing, to me, like having a destination I’m excited about, some cash for comfort food and my favorite music. It allows me to clear my mind and set some goals without being interrupted by people calling my name from the other side of the house. For me, it’s old school music that gets me going for a trip. Late 70’s through early 80’s Funk is my favorite. It’s upbeat, there is a lot of instrumentation go discover, and it’s just good ass music. See I grew up on Funk. My father being from Ohio always celebrated his pride of being from a state where a lot of Funk bands originated and owned the game. My mom was a black college grad in the 70’s and recalls all her partying nights to music that she made sure I was raised on. Being born in 1979, my childhood was always filled with the sounds of bands like Earth Wind and Fire, Cameo, The Jacksons, The Ohio Players, Parliament Funkadelic, and more. Any stretch of the trip that includes a scenic route, I savor it. I love to see new architecture like old Victorian houses and libraries, or even new outlet shops. It’s fun to look at the people because I have always been a people watcher, fascinated with how strangers live. Also, there is a lot of nature to take in on a road trips. Rivers, bayous, mountains, cornfields, and ranches are filled with so much inspiration. Try it out yourself. Plan you a Funk filled road trip. Save some money to grab a shake from one of the Dairy Queens on the way. Relax and let go of all your worries. Use it as a time to change your perspective a little bit and just have a good ass time.

Stay Tuned Hey friends, I am so excited to be working on bringing back my Short Stories for Grown Folks with a new cast of characters that will be reoccurring. Not only are they quirky and filled with an individual and collective power, they are going to be teaching you a little bit more about how to work with The Tarot. Get ready to meet The Tramp Stamp Camp Tarot Investigators and read as they solve mysteries, build a successful business together and grow in their own life paths. Next week, they’ll meet for the first time and help a solve a strange crime of passion and jealously involving a cute little poodle. As a writer, I want to share some of my fiction stories with you developing my characters and plotted themes. But, I also want to share the things I know with you in a way that entertains while it educates. I’ll be bringing back Sir Laurent P. L. Couture, his shady comments and his mysteriously powerful antique shop antiques.

The Pyramid Myth You know the image of the pyramid has interesting money than their up line and team members “above” implications for not only ancient history, but also for them in the organization. If you can promote business. There is a common myth that associates the (absolutely not sales) a way for people to have access network marketing industry with illegal pyramids. Trust to amazing products, services and savings, the me. I get it. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s, it’s true that company sends you a percentage of the sales that take ponzu schemes and money with no products exchanged place based on your referral. I mean, we promote the were really popular. These sorts of games really took latest movies to our friends, and best new clothing advantage of people who expected to get rich quick. brands go our families. We even promote something Because of that, the myth has continued, even though the as touchy as our political views to those who are authentic network marketing industry has nothing to do completely in disagreement with us. And we don’t get with such schemes. anything in return for that. Also, people tend to be sort of accepting of some If you know how to do something as simple as texting pyramids and judgmental of others. Think about it. All someone a video and then get help from a leader on businesses and organizations are shaped like pyramids. your team to answer any questions your friend might There is a president, owner or CEO at the top that have, you can win... big. dictates the rules to the large number of people towards If you want need some additional income, don’t want the bottom. And the ones at the bottom go work so that to sell, and don’t have the time to take an extra job, the leader at the top can afford the luxury yachts and golf click the link below. I can show you how to own your trips, while they days to run errands on the weekend. life. In network marketing, sure, there is an owner at the top Request Video of the company. But other than that, those who purchase a business system can make as much money as they want, instead of settling for $10 or $15 dollars an hour. No one is out to fire you and no one is plotting to replace you. And if you think about it, it’s the one of only industrIes where a person can make more

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