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PCIA 2015 Seminars

Published by agerrity2001, 2014-11-05 15:03:11

Description: PCIA 2015 Seminars

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Professional Concepts Insurance Agency, What Sets Us Apart: Inc. (PCIA) was founded in 1988 to serve PCIA represents the leading insurers of AEs. “Mike Cosgrove and his the Engineering, Environmental and PCIA is an acive member of PLAN since our team at PCIA have been Architectural community with specialized founding in 1988. insurance and risk management services. serving our business With over 25 years in business, PCIA is We are “hands on” with our clients without insurance needs for as long recognized by its clients and peers as the large agency bureaucracy and shareholders as I have been a part of the leading specialist agency serving the AE making decisions to “cut costs” or “reduce senior leadership team at community for irms with home oices staf.” Harley Ellis Devereaux. based in Michigan and northern Illinois. Our service model was built to serve the needs of our AE clients uilizing the most During this time, PCIA has PCIA maintains an exclusive membership efecive means of assising them from our provided exceptional service in PLAN, the Professional Liability Agents use of technology to selecing the insurance Network. PLAN’s membership consists of and value to our independent agencies represening all 50 companies we represent. Every procedure organization. They have states and internaionally in Canada and and process is painstakingly scruinized with been diligent in Puerto Rico serving the AE community. our client in mind – always with the goal of communicating insurance PLAN member agencies specialize in risk serving our client to best it their needs options to us, helping us to management and loss prevenion while saving them ime and money. An manage costs, assisting us programs for architects, engineers and example of this is our use of ShareFile for each client with an assigned portal in resolving issues quickly environmental consultants. The PLAN containing their policies of insurance, and proactively training our member agency representaives have endorsements, ceriicates of insurance, and created several publicaions uilizing the staff in an effort to avoid experience of the agency representaives renewal data. We also use ShareFile for issues altogether. We are a and industry experts: Disaster Recovery, transmiing large contract iles between service organization and as Expert Witness Guide (for forensic and PCIA and our clients. such, recognize others who, expert witness services), Limitaion of Our employees serve on AE commitees and like us, are customer Liability Handbook and a Project boards keeping their knowledge of the AE focused and committed to Representaive’s Manual, to name a few. industry current. great service. PCIA is such Mike Cosgrove is the current president of an organization. It has been PLAN ( Your irm would beneit from PCIA’s a pleasure working with many years of experience in working with them, and I would AEs. recommend them to anyone Since 1988, PCIA has never experienced a looking for a business claim from any client. While we aren’t insurance partner.” perfect, we do respond with clarity and in - Michael Cooper, Managing a imely manner in all communicaions Principal with our clients. We ARE the experts Harley Ellis Devereaux serving AE irms based out of Michigan and northern Illinois. A full, commercial agency, PCIA also specializes in Group Beneits for AE irms. 3

DESERT CITY MUDDY WATERS RESORT th January 20 nd 8-10AM April 22 PCIA Oices 8-10 AM 1127 S. Old US 23 PCIA Oices Brighton, MI 48114-9681 1127 S. Old US 23 800-969-4041 Brighton, MI 48114-9681 800-969-4041 st January 21 st 8-10 AM April 21 Grand Rapids Crown Plaza 8-10AM th 5700 28 Street Southeast Grand Rapids Crown Plaza th Grand Rapids, MI 49546 5700 28 Street Southeast (616) 957-1770 Grand Rapids, MI 49546 (616) 957-1770 Discipline: Mulidiscipline Design Firm Project Type: A new prototype big-box store. Discipline: Civil Engineer Descripion: Mulidiscipline irm engaged by a long-ime Project Type: Sewage treatment plant for a waterpark client to design a lagship big-box store. Learned that a and hotel resort subsidiary enity of the client would actually hold the design Descripion: This complex project involves a developer, and construcion contracts, which meant that the \"client\" muli-prime agreements, a sensiive permit applicaion for had just become a whole new group of people to deal with. wastewater treatment, major program changes that took In addiion, the store was to be ulimately handed of to a place ater permits were issued, value engineering, plant franchisee. The project imeline for the 60,000 square foot operaion problems and, ulimately, citaions for the illegal building was an extremely aggressive seven months. There discharge of untreated sewage into a local stream. Not were permiing diiculies and some mysterious consultants surprisingly, the developer claimed $20 million in damages. brought in by the subsidiary enity, and communicaion Key Points: Lack of communicaion re unique project issues abounded. The claim, itself, involved the HVAC system, requirements, permiing restricions and owner's program which was dubbed inefecive by the franchisee, although changes; poor coordinaion; muli-prime agreements; built as speciied by the client. value engineering; owner's inexperience with project type; Key Points: The lack of project and client evaluaion; the binding arbitraion; no waiver of consequenial damages or perils of an aggressive schedule; not proacively dealing with limitaion of liability; choice of governing law; statutes of issues and potenial disputes; and the failure to seek help. limitaion; joint and several liability; sub not privy to the Learning Units: 2 AIA LUs/2 PDHs. terms of the prime contract, unqualiied operaions staf, Required Paricipants: More than 50% of the irm's lack of insurance and writen contract for geotech. principals, partners, execuives and contract oicers, plus Learning Units: 2 AIA LUs/2 PDHs more than 50% of the irm's project managers. Required Paricipants: More than 50% of the irm's principals, plus more than 50% of the irm's project managers. 4

HOLY SMOKES ROCKRIDGE ELEMENTARY th August 18 SCHOOL 8-10 AM PCIA Oices th 1127 S. Old US 23 November 17 Brighton, MI 48114-9681 8-10 AM 800-969-4041 PCIA Oices 1127 S. Old US 23 th August 19 Brighton, MI 48114-9681 8-10 AM 800-969-4041 Grand Rapids Crown Plaza th th 5700 28 Street Southeast November 18 Grand Rapids, MI 49546 8-10 AM (616) 957-1770 Grand Rapids Crown Plaza th 5700 28 Street Southeast Discipline: Architecture irm and its subconsultant Grand Rapids, MI 49546 structural engineer. (616) 957-1770 Project Type: Church renovaion and expansion Descripion: Poor coordinaion between project manager Discipline: Architecture irm. and structural engineer results in a design that can't be Project Type: Elementary school design. constructed. The contractor works with another engineer to Descripion: Under a ight schedule and even ighter move the project forward. When the contractor removes the budget, the architecture irm designed a 600-student shoring from the free-span ceiling, the roof drops several elementary school. The school district insisted on the inches and causes an outward delecion on the beams. lowest-bidding contractor and cut construcion Accusaions ly and experts opine. Key Points: project team observaion services to save money. The district insisted capability issues, failure to get subs involved early, to read on changes during construcion and subsituions were the contract and to check insurance, documentaion approved on other items to cover the increased costs. The problems, billing and payment issues, communicaion school opened on ime, but six years later, cracks in the breakdowns, and failure to respond properly to problems roof trusses were discovered along with construcion and to report to the insurance company. defects and poorly performing subsituted materials. In Learning Units: HSW Qualiied, 2 AIA LUs/2 PDHs. this highly publicized case, the iniial demand against the Required Paricipants: More than 50% of the irm's architecture irm was $5 million. principals, partners, execuives and contract oicers, plus Key Points: Client Selecion - inancial constraints, inexperienced client, low-bid contractor; Negoiaion and Contracts - failure to provide a full scope of services or to obtain a signed contract; Project Team Capabiliies - unqualiied staf and inadequate QA/QC processes; Other Issues: communicaion breakdowns, failure to require or check insurance, schedule control issues and failure to cooperate with insurance company. Learning Units: HSW Qualiied, 2 AIA LUs/2 PDHs. Required Paricipants: More than 50% of the irm's principals, partners, execuives and contract oicers, plus more than 50% of the irm's project managers. 5

UNDERSTANDING FURTHER STUDIES IN CONTRACT BASICS: CONTRACTS: A MONOGRAPH A MONOGRAPH th th March 17 October 20 10AM – 12PM 10AM – 12PM This course strengthens your understanding of contract Our third contract review course digs deeper into XL elements, terminology and review, and explores the Group’s Contract eGuide and explores a number of problems and soluions associated with 20 common clauses. important contractual and loss prevenion issues. It will “Contract Basics” helps you develop and negoiate further sharpen your ability to negoiate with clients on professional services agreements that minimize liability contractual maters that afect professional liability. exposure. Learning Units: HSW Qualiied, 5 AIA LUs/5 PDHs. Learning Units: HSW Qualiied, 5.5 AIA LUs/5.5 PDHs. Required Paricipants: All principals Required Paricipants: All principals BEYOND CONTRACT BASICS: A MONOGRAPH th June 16 10AM – 12PM This higher level course examines 40 important contract clauses. It builds on our “Contract Basics” course to help you develop stronger alternaive contract language and negoiate fair and equitable professional services agreements. 6

Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Title: _________________________________________________________________________ Organizaion: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Cell: _____________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________ 2015 SEMINARS # of Atendees January 20 Desert City Brighton, MI $20 January 21 Desert City Grand Rapids, MI $20 April 21 Muddy Waters Resort Grand Rapids, MI $20 April 22 Muddy Waters Resort Brighton, MI $20 August 18 Holy Smokes Brighton, MI $20 August 19 Holy Smokes Grand Rapids, MI $20 November 17 Rockridge Elementary School Brighton, MI $20 November 18 Rockridge Elementary School Grand Rapids, MI $20 2015 WEBINARS March 17 Understanding Contract Basics: A Monograph $0 June 16 Beyond Contract Basics: A Monograph $0 October 20 Further Studies in Contracts: A Monograph $0 TOTAL $ SEMINARS: All seminars are $20. Mail registraion form and check payable to PCIA, Atenion Pat Howle, 1127 S. Old US 23, Brighton, MI 48114-9681. WEBINARS: No cost to atend. Register via email to Jamie Larson [email protected]. 7

PCIA | 1127 S. Old US 23 | Brighton, MI 48114-9681 | 800-969-4041 | 8

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