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Newsletter -First Edition (1)

Published by ETHDC Technologies, 2021-03-07 13:06:21

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From the Principal’s Desk As the Principal of the school, I feel privileged to pen an opening note for the first edition of ISAS newsletter named “Youthful Rhapsody”. This humble attempt of our young poets, artists and columnists during the virtual era must have definitely helped them in developing effective engagement, good decision-making skills, self-confidence, and character building with high moral values. ISAS always believes in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to encourage in publishing the work of our students in various arenas. As you navigate your way through the pages, the teamwork of our editorial board collaboratively with the teachers is vivid. We focus on quality literacy and we provide an apt platform for the aesthetic work. I am happy to reinstate that our staff and students live truly to our school vision: \"Education for Excellence’’ As you are aware, any child’s holistic development involves and revolves around an effective partnership between the scholastic and co scholastic activities. In this context I encourage you to indulge into the world of imagination and I look forward to enjoying the creative skills of our students along with the parents too. Mrs. Leena Francis Principal

Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic … wherever I turn I Hear only this word “Pandemic “. “What will be our future?”, “What will we do now?”, “when will this end?”, “Its Impact on society, politics, economy, our life…”, these questions Haunt us every second of every day. The world is Grappling with an invisible, Deadly virus. BUT there is ALWAYS A sunrise After every sunset. Every night we Prepare ourselves for A new day. Now we are experiencing the night, instead of being depressed, hopeless, tensed…let us be more Active, let us Prepare ourselves for tomorrow, A new sunrise. The world is under lock and key but our minds, our thoughts, our Creativity is Always free and flying. This Magazine, Youthful Rhapsody is the true evidence to this. This is An Assemblage of Creative works, an expression of the inner Heart. Enjoy flipping through the pages …a visual treat And a creative tingle -Jemy Sara Boben XI B EDITORIAL TEAM Hamees XI A Mahizha. XI B Sruthy. XI B Ann. XI B Jemy.S XI B Lakshmi XI C Nida XI B Anunand XII B Cover Page Designer

PRIMARY 9-10 middle and senior 11 Online education 15 COLOURFUL CANVAS

Voice Your Opinion YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS ell WHAR ISOYUOTULOROOKUOTLNOOOKNLOINNEONCLLAINSSEECS…LA.SSES?? “In these trying times, online classes have allowed us to create a classroom '' During this scenario, online classes has VOICE YOUR OPINION simulation. This is essential as it prevents major hindrances in education. kept us more active, engaged and 1 Of course it's not as efficient as a physical classroom yet it's importance in motivated. It provides an adaptability to the present scenario is undeniable” – ARIN IDHANT , XI B learn anywhere and at any place'' -AYANNA MARIAM RAJU , XI A \" It has allowed us to continue education without putting us through any “In times like this, online classes help to major health risks\" –PRANAV NALLAPERUMAL, XI B efficiently close the gap between classes. “Online classes have started and it's going really better than expected and Even so it doesn't provide facilities and effectiveness of physical classrooms. Yet it all the teachers are doing their best in helping us during these hard times is a good way to continue education and I hope we can finish portions in time and hopefully school starts soon” through times like these”. - JADEN JOHNSON , XI A -ALINASOY JOMON KOIKARA , XI B “Even though physical interaction is not possible, it is made sure that “During this pandemic,online classes have everyone mingles in the virtual classroom which creates a good classroom helped to continue our education in the atmosphere almost. It shows a good sign that we are not leading the best way possible .Our teachers are putting wrong path” –R. NIRANJANA , XI B great efforts to create a classroom like scenario.”: -VISMAYA RAMESH , XI B “In these tough in the form of online classes have a “Online classes : been a boon to the students to continue their education without any obstruction. online classes are the best option in the current scenario In Online classes there is no face to face even though they cant replace the physical classroom atmosphere! “ – interaction. There is no regularity or ANJANA RAJASREE , XI B discipline. Online classes are good at this present pandemic time to provide \"Even during a challenging period such as this, the school has been able to education to Children.” -BY SHIRLYN XI A conduct online classes in a student-friendly manner. Though it is difficult “In this present scenario, we all are trying to teach and manage a classroom environment, teachers and students alike have been able to adapt and overcome these obstacles.- ANUSHA a lot to avoid getting into any major health DEVI AKELLA , XI B issues. So, Online classes gets us away and creates a classroom simulation. Teachers “Online classes are very interesting and the concepts are very good” are always there to support us and so far, online classes are going extremely good.”- - SAJEER , XI B KRISHNA GANESH – XI A “In this situation online classes are the best the school can do . All the “Online classes are flexible and teachers are good and also teach well.” – LIZY BARBOZA, XI A convenient and brings education right to your home. Though it cannot be compared “A child attending online classes is motivated to become a self-learner to the physical classroom but feels its importance during this pandemic crisis-“ and independent on study's” - VIJAYA VARSHINI , XI A CHRISTINA JOSE , XI A “On-line classes are a great paradigm shift from the physical classes. They “It is much better than expected. It is the are the need of the hour and provide a good platform for a stronger best alternative in this period of time. teacher – student interaction. Online classes provide us with better Overall it is a nice experience”. - abilities to concentrate in a more convenient and comfortable ABHINAND A M , XI A atmosphere”. R. SACHIT, XI A “Online classes are not efficient as physical classroom learning, yet it helps us to cope up with the current situation ,not letting down the educational processes..”.- AYISHA SANA ABOOBACKER , XI B “The online classes are convenient so far; it is a very good initiative as i am able to access education at my home comfortably without any major risks.” – UJMA MOHAMMED SAFI KHALAK , XI B “It is quite admirable the way teachers create a spirit of enthusiasm and motivate students with their joyful gestures.” – CAROLINE M PHILIP, XI B

PRIMARY CREATIVE CORNER OF BUDDING TALENTS YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY-ISAS PRIMARY CREATIVEPRCIOMRANREYR–OCFRBEUADTDIVINE GCOTRANLEENRTOSF BUDDING TALENTS THE DOG AND THE CAT Once upon a time there lived a dog and a cat in a house. They were good friends. One day they got less food to eat. They began to fight. At last they decided to have a race. They agreed that whoever wins the race can have the food all by themselves. They had a race and dog happens to win the race. The cat was incredibly sad and was about to leave the food for the dog as decided, but the dog did not like his friend being hungry and sad. He called the cat, shared the food and then onwards they remained friends forever and started sharing and caring for each other. MORAL: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. ALWAYS CHERISH. Anamika Anish Class II C I WISH PERSONAL HYGIENE I wish… I wish, I would have a Personal Hygiene is a very important factor in a Kite with rainbow colors. human’s daily life. Maintaining a high level of It would fly above all the personal hygiene will help to increase self- mountains like an eagle. esteem and confidences while minimizing the chances of developing imperfection. Failure to I wish… I wish, it could reach keep up personal hygiene can have many above the sky. implications. Personal Hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining ‘Hurrah! Hurrah! It will meet my cleanliness and grooming of the external body. great grandma; 1. Bath regularly. Who always watches me, as now 2. Trim your nails. she is a twinkling star. 3. Brush and floss. 4. Wash your hands. I wish... I wish, I could send lot of 5. Use mask and gloves. warm kisses, 6. Sleep tight. That’ll make her happy! The effects of poor personal hygiene have 2 I wish… I wish, I would have a many implications. Not only is there an increased vulnerability of getting an infection or illness, but Kite, there are many social and psychological That would fly higher and aspects that can be affected. higher… Personal hygiene protects you from viruses and Anjana Krishna, IVA diseases. It keeps you safe. It also makes you look good and smart. So, if you want to be safe from viruses and diseases, and want to look good, take good care of your body the right way. ~Gaurav Vinesh IVA

MIDDLE & SENIOR-THE MIND UNLEASHED YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY-ISAS MIDDLE & SENIOR- THE MIND UNLEASHED TIME FAILURE TO SUCCESS- A JOURNEY 3 Time is precious for everyone. We should never In this competitive world there is a race between all the people to move forward and leave the rest behind. Among waste time. Time is very strong and powerful. It is these there are many people who win the race and achieve their goals and many who lose this race and give up, but preciou s more than money. We cannot stop time. among these people there are some who have the guts to fall and rise again, they have the guts to not focus on their It never waits for anyone. We should understand inabilities but to focus on their abilities and finally achieve their goals. In real sense they are the winners because they the meaning of time and also use it in a positive are just not scared to accept the fact that they have failed. way. Even time destroys lazy people, strengthen Remember that our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fail. There are two things and a hardworking person. Time is just like a that lead to success and they are hard work and determination. Remember the person who has these two running river because it never runs back. Time qualities will never fail. Now you all might be thinking that just like any motivational article I will be giving you the help you in many ways like catching a train going example of that person who is the most fortunate in my sight, she has the spirit of never giving up, she is the leader, to a journey. It helps you to be punctual to school. the champion and she is none other than me myself. Now you might be thinking that how am I supposed to have these By seeing time you can complete your work easily. many qualities, because if I had them I might be at a position where the entire world recognized me, I would have been It helps you to study at the right time. We should the best at whatever I did, I would have been successful. For most of the students, success is nothing but scoring good make proper use of time. Elisha Agarwal VI E marks in exams. ELISHA,VI E We find our success in this and even I did. When I was in sixth grade, we had our Half Yearly Exams and MY HERO I scored low marks. I felt incredibly sad but, I did not give up, I believed in myself and in my next exams I scored full in My hero is my all in all, almost all the subjects and became a class topper. I found my I’m glad that I have you success in this, and believe me, you all are winners, you too as my hero. can achieve goals. At times you might feel like giving up and It’s because of you, feel that we just cannot do anything more now. That’s when what I am today, hope is needed the most, no matter how lost or how buried it You look after me like a king. gets, you should promise to yourself that you will hold on to You build a strong foundation hope. Bob Riley once said that, “Hard times don’t create which no one can take away, heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero is revealed You make me bright whenever I’m upset. “ You played with me whenever I am bored, You supported me all the time. -Sanjana Kharb,VII B But now that you are transferred to Dubai , I miss you more than anyone else. My hero is none other than my “DAD”. ~ Nimshika Shinoj ,VII E THE NAUGHTY BOY AND THE PET DOG Once there was a naughty boy with his pet dog. The boy's name was Rahul and the dog's name was Franky. The naughty boy always kicked him would throw stones at the dog. One day he and his family went for a picnic to a forest there they saw different types of plants and animals. That day the boy got lost he tried to find his family, but he couldn't it was going to be sunset, a wild cat came and was going to attack Rahul the boy. Then Franky the dog came and attacked the wild cat. The dog defeated the wild cat then he and the boy found their family. From that day the boy changed completely he took care of the dog. Abdul Ahad Solanki-VI C

SOMETIMES ITS FINE, TO “An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY-ISAS MIDDLE & SENIOR- THE MIND UNLEASHED harm.” NOT BE FINE 4 This is the definition of fear according to GOOGLE. Millions of words, but not a single to But have you ever thought about your own definition of fear, have describe this ambivalent you ever thought about what is fear according to you? Some of you might consider fear to be the feeling that comes into your mind when Why felt so disturbed, lonely and you have not prepared for an important exam, some of you might tangled? consider fear to be the feeling that comes into your mind after you have committed a sin and you know that you have to pay a price for Just dyeing for a help but being silent. it. You might be having different sorts of fears but you certainly don’t Her wild eyes darting back and forth, too have a definition for it. But if you ever dig deep into your fear you will realize that it is nothing but a FEELING! heavy handle Her loved mate and homes, neither could FEAR according to me is nothing but a feeling. Humans are the best at crippling fears yet humans fear the most. Strange but true. realize the problem Fear according to me can be categorized into 2 types- At times its better to fake smile than • Fear which results in victory: crying with silent tears This is the fear we feel when we are about to do something right Though at the end she knew to overcome but we start to consider it wrong. We consider it wrong because we fear that we will be criticized by the society, by our family, friends and the mess and blossom even an unknown old lady who walks past us somewhere; very few of Since then, it never bothered her us are able to do that particular task with our hearts filled with fear, Full of rejoice and pinch of charm that It is after completing the task when we realize that we have not done something wrong and that the fear in our heart was just a feeling, it she wears is after completing the task when we realize that we were concerned Millions of words, but not a single to about others and their thoughts and in this process we crippled our own wisdom, we stopped satisfying ourselves just because we cared describe this ravishment! about others more and had no concern about ourselves and our creativity. -Deepashikha Ghosh,IXB • Fear which results in fear. WEIRD PSYCHOLOGY FACTS This is the fear we feel when we are about to do something wrong and our inner instincts tell us about it being wrong but some of us still • A person usually makes a lot of hand end up doing it…ironical. But this type of fear results in fear because gestures when telling a true story. When we know that there are consequences to our actions and that we telling a lie, a person's hands will stay have to pay a price for our wrong deed. So now the choice is yours; noticeably still. you can cripple the fear you have in your hearts and walk on a path • Strict parents can turn their kids into that leads you to victory or you can cripple the fear you have in your more effective liars because children who hearts and walk on a path that ultimately leads to you to fear. So keep are afraid to tell the truth learn more moving forward and make yourself your first priority because- deceptive behaviours to avoid getting in “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” to trouble. • Good liars are also the ones good in Garv Kharb,XI E detecting lies from others. • People who make everyone happy “Writing to me is simply often ends up feeling the loneliest. thinking through my • If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to achieve them. fingers “– Issac Asimov • People who have a strong sense of guilt are better at understanding other ISHA SHAJI,7A people's thoughts and feelings. • If you ask someone a question and they are only answering partially, just wait. If you keep silent and keep an eye contact they will continue speaking. • Being alone and antisocial has the same health risk as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. ~Fathimathu Wahab-IXD

Positive life HAVE YOU BECOME A ROBOT ? YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY-ISAS MIDDLE & SENIOR- THE MIND UNLEASHED We need to learn the art of forgiveness, In the past humans weren’t as now, they gave 5 importance to relationships ,love ,tears and pain, For in everything there cannot be now all has changed.Its feelings that make humans distinct from robots .The feeling of pain seeing others rightness. in pain, happiness in seeing others happy, exchange of kind words have all diminished in this modern era. On a rainy day the clouds hide the sun, Robert requires charge to keep on working similarly the quest for more and more wealth makes human to But we keep hope that the sun will rise work. Reports states that global wealth grew by $317 trillion in 2018.whereas another report states that 41% again. of all marriage ends up in divorce. Thus gaining wealth but diminishing in love. In happiness lies success, In this competitive world, where wealth and beauty are given greater importance than life we have forgotten But to gain it's access, the reason for our birth which is to live a happy life which cannot be bought with wealth thus can be You need hard work. gained by all.So let’s change this trend and return back to the old human nature which we once owned. Thus Hard work always pays, making humans distinct from robots, for nothing is impossible. That's what my dad says. ~Sandra Merin Saji -12B Choose a different way, DISASTER MANAGEMENT And it will make your day. Disaster can be simply termed as a sudden incident or Beat every challenge, happening which can be either natural or man-made and To bring a change. can potentially cause damage to the surroundings or loss of human life. To facilitate better responsiveness to There is a goal, unforeseen events which can harm human beings and the environment, Disaster Management came into picture. To achieve which longs my soul. Disaster Management aims to lessen the impact of natural and man- made calamities by designing and planning ~Rayan Farooq.IXA efficient ways to tackle them. It comprises ensuring better control of the situation, calling up required medical aids and The Spring Season of transports, supplying drinking and food sources, among Life others and during this whole process, protecting the surroundings from more harm. Importance of Disaster Where we are a novice Management has further increased in the contemporary Whose hearts are fragile scenario with the prevalent climate change and some of its And true to their conscience latest examples include the unprecedented Australian With enduring laughter wildfires. The planet is getting bogged down by infinite technological devices; their possible effects on climate and Where innocence is their wisdom the environment are inescapable. This has led to Disaster Craves to earn the knowledge Management becoming the need of the hour as every Of what is right and wrong country is aiming to become efficient and prepared to face Steps into the reality of life both natural and man-made calamities. Where we acquire the true facts Of why we can’t touch the moon ~Pranav P.Nair,XI E Nor count the stars. -Christina Jose, IX A

Celebrations-creative ways to celebrate is what truly matters. ISAS –Celebrations YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS because life’s more fun when you stop to appreciate both the big and small moments and milestones. ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATIONS CELEBRATIONS We have Not Inherited the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrowed It from Our Children so let us conserve and preserve it. For our future generations TECHNOLOGY DAY CELEBRATIONS We live in 6 uncertain times, but we can all make the best of these times. ISAS celebrated the achievements of some of our best scientists and innovators, and their success in changing the lives of people.”

FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATIONS YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS “Dad: A son’s First hero, a daughter’s first love” Father’s Day celebrations at ISAS to acknowledge and appreciate the bonds of fatherhood, the role of fathers in families and society, and paternal bonds “ YOGA AT HOME “Yoga is a powerful tool to deal with the stress of uncertainty and isolation, as well as to maintain physical well-being.” The Students of ISAS marked the International Yoga Day by demonstrating various asanas in Yoga which are beneficial for students to overcome stress, stiffness, anxiety etc. MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATIONS ISAS celebrated the role 7 of the mother of the family and her relentless contribution to the well- being of her children. The children came out and showed their love and support towards their mother

A Foe That Came From Nowhere, But Found Its Place Everywhere...... YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY -ISAS The world is grappling with an invisible, deadly enemy, trying to understand how to live with the threat posed by a virus. The world faces an unprecedented global health and socio-economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world people are taking steps that are necessary to protect them and their families from COVID-19. WHAT IS CORONAVIRUS? COVID-MUSINGS Coronavirus a are large groups of viruses that are commonly found in animals. COVID-19 is its only type. HOW DOES CORONA SPREAD? There are many ways through which this deadly disease could be spread like- - Direct contact with an infected person. - When an infected person coughs or sneezes . - Touching something that an infected person might have touched. CAN WE PREVENT IT? We can surely prevent this deadly pandemic, although sadly the vaccine has not been found till date. Social distancing, sanitizing your hands and other personal belongings , avoiding traveling in any means, using masks and gloves while communicating with somebody are some methods of preventing its spread. Let’s all pray to god, to give our old world back to us and help us overcome COVID-19... May the love in our hearts Never have to be FREEDOM -Nourin Noushad , VIIIA rationed. Let enforced isolation. Lead to deeper connection. one fine evening we were walking by the beach. A 8 May we all work as one, whatever might face us. In this fight to survive, we’ll stay strong and sweet chirp grabbed my attention. I looked around. courageous. A pet shop full of colourful birds was on the opposite side of the beach. At that very moment I COVID- 19 decided to have birds as my pets, so I asked my On every news station father to buy me birds. How could a father refuse a Ruining lives across the nation request from his little princess?! I spent my whole Over the world it spreads time staring at them. They chirped loudly, played NHS staff can’t rest their heads together, and munched their food. Looking at their And now nations are in isolation joyful life I felt jealous that they do not have school and studies. So, every day I wished to have a life like Very importantly do not spread your germs them. Isolation Is the key this may be long term Right now, we are home school in One morning my wish was granted, putting the Use this time to stop the virus ruling whole world under lockdown due to Corona virus. Stay home, stay safe, be kind In the beginning, I enjoyed being at home. But later on, I missed all the fun of going out to the beach, - Dhyan Krshna, XA playing in the park, going to school and meeting friends. Now I realize how it feels to be in a cage. Hence, I decided to free my birds and let them enjoy their freedom. I hope God will soon free all of us and give us back our freedom. Thus, I can say this lockdown taught me the real value of Freedom. -Nyassa A , IV A

YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS One day in early December 2019, was when the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) was ONLINE EDUCATION Discovered in a wet market, Wuhan, China. It attacked more than 10,000 people in the country. Slowly when 9 non –Chinese people were taken to their own native country, it started spreading everywhere in all parts of the world. There is now a world war on coronavirus. Schools, colleges, offices and work sites are closed and governments around the world have passed a law -Lockdown (it states that everyone must stay in house to decrease the spread of this deadly virus). Introduction To Online Class “Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce.”- Jack Messman Online education is nothing but learning or getting educated through an electronic device. Now students cannot go to schools and colleges to learn during this COVID-19 rule. To continue education during the lockdown period where students cannot go to schools and colleges, all the educational institutes have started online education through various apps like Teams, Meet, Zoom, etc... In this essay I will be expressing the atmosphere of a school in your own house. I will be writing about the atmosphere, merits, and demerits of this online education and ways to prevent the health problems that may be caused due to overuse of electronic devices- Atmosphere Of School Compared To That Of A Lonely Room • The atmosphere will be totally different. It will be quiet rather than the students shouting in the class. • Even if you have doubts, we cannot ask friends like in the school, all we can do is to just Google it and clear the doubt. • You will not be able to buy books or paper to write notes in them like in a school as you cannot go out to buy a new one. So, the students may type it. • In home we cannot have a Physical Education period like at the school. • We cannot see our friends standing in front of us. They will be behind the screen. Merits Of Online Education • Staying at home for a long time will be boring and everyone will be standing upside down not knowing what to do. Online class helps them to overcome the problems and it will help them to spend time. They can study for their academic year. • It helps in the interaction between teachers and friends even when at home. • There is no need to spend money buying notebooks and textbooks. We can save notes online and get online textbooks. Demerits Of Online Education • They cause harm to our eyes. • It will change the world to e-world, because everything is now done on electronics including work, studies, e-shopping, e-banking and e-notes (writing important things in word files or Google docs). • For online class, the internet is needed. If the internet goes off, then we cannot the virtual classroom. • The e-world is not good because it can cause many diseases, the radiation from network and devices are harmful to humans as well as animals. Continuous use to mobile phones and e - devices can lead to brain cancer.

Ways To Prevent Health Problems Caused By The Excessive Use Of Electronics YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS Using e-devices may harm our eyes. To prevent it, we must follow these: ONLINE EDUCATION • One of the best ways to take care of your eyes is to take care of the rest of your body. • Healthy choices with diet, sleep patterns, and exercise. 10 • Take breaks from screen time.(Do not be in front of the device for a long time). • Protect your eyes from the sun. • Wash your eyes in clean water 4 times a day. • Keep your eyes cool always. • Eat a balanced diet and vitamin A rich food. • Practice Eye exercises in Yoga and exercise regularly. Yoga Eye Exercise ❖ Hold your pointer finger a few inches away from your eye. ❖ Focus on your finger. ❖ Slowly move your finger away from your face, holding your focus. My House Classroom In my house my bedroom is my classroom. The class starts at 07:30 am in the morning and ends at 12:10 in the afternoon. Same as in the class, I have a study table with a chair and the school bag is kept near me. The teacher will be on the screen and like school; she will teach, give home works and show videos. There is a total of 6 periods in a day,40 minutes each. There is a 20 minutes gap between two periods. The 20 minutes is for resting our eyes. Sometimes there will be network issues for teachers and during that time we exit the class because it is an unnecessary strain to our eyes. There are home works and assignments and we will have to send a picture of that to our teacher. I even eat during the online class, but we have to give our teachers the respect that we give in our class. Sometimes there will be network issues which prevent the class. Conclusion Schools are not closed, school buildings are closed. Everyone including students and teachers are working much harder than ever. This period proves to everyone that technology has improved and everything is possible through electronics. From this, we can get to know that electronics are good but overuse can lead to harmful effects. Here is a famous quote: “Students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context.” - Marcus Specht. To get freedom from this novel coronavirus, live a normal life, go to school and meet friends, let’s all pray to God. Stay Home, Stay Safe Mithun Bharath.A , 9C Online assembly “There's no more important time to connect than now, even in a modified version.”-ISAS Assembly Goes Digital & Meet and Greet-Social distancing the need of the hour but no matter how far we are, the distance doesn't matter, you can still socialize and feel connected. Meet and greet a way to talk to friends and bond with them

1. जल ही जीवन ह।ै जल के बिना जीवन सभं व ही नही है। जीवन का मोल YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY – ISAS HINDI & MALAYALAM 2. हमारे जीवन के सभी कार्य के ललए जल िहुत ही महवपणू है। चचडडर्ों से जोडना सीखा तततली से 3. र्ह जानते हुए भी व्र्क्तत इसे िरिाद करने मे कसर नही रख रहा ह।ै इठलाना 4. पूरे ववश्व मे जल का स्तर धीरेधीरे- घटता जा रहा है। भँवरों की गंुजन से सीखा राग 5. जीवन जीने के ललए जल और वह भी िहुत साफ़ जल ही आवर्क मधरु तम गाना है। सागर ने लसखलाई हमको गहरी सोच की धारा 6. इसके ललए हमे जल का दरु ूपर्ोग नही करना चाहहए । गगनचुिं ी पवयत से सीखा हो ऊँ चा 7. धरती पर जीवन िचाए रखने के ललए हमे इसके िचाव की ओर ध्र्ान लाक्ष्र् हमारा देना चाहहए | समर् की हटक हटक मंे समझार्ा 8. हमे जल का दरु ूपर्ोग नही करना चाहहए और उसे प्रदवू ित होने से सदा ही चलते रहना मकु ्श्कल िचाना चाहहए । ककतनी आने पर कभी न धीरज खोना 9. हमे जतनी आवर्कता हो उतना ही जल लेना चाहहए प्रकृ तत की कण कण में है संुदर 10. हमे जल की कमी को पूरा करने के ललए जल संरक्षण करना संदेश सामार्ा चाहहए। ईश्वर ने इसके द्वारा सुंदर रूप हदखार्ा । स्नेहल डोगरा कक्षा :IV G न्यासा अशीष थोराट कक्षा – IV G കേരളത്തിലെ വിക ോദസഞ്ചോര കേന്ദ്രങ്ങളില്‍ ഒന്നോയ ആെപ്പുഴ േിഴക്കിലെ ലവ ീസ് എന്‍റെ നാട് കുട്ടനാട് എന്ന് അറിയലപ്പടുന്നു കവമ്പ ോട്ട് േോയെി ് സമീപത്തോയി സ്ഥിതിലെയ്യുന്ന ആെപ്പുഴ ജില്ലയിലെ േുട്ട ോട് ല ല്‍േൃഷിയിെൂലട കെോേലമമ്പോടുും ന്ദ്പശസ്ിത യോര്‍ജ്ജിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട് ശോന്തമോയ േോയെിെൂലടയുള്ള ഒരു ക ോട്ടുയോന്ദ്തയുും വര്‍ജ്ണോഭമോയ ന്ദ്രോമങ്ങളില്‍ തോമസവുും േുട്ട ോട് സരര്‍ജ്ശിക്കുന്നവര്‍ജ്ക്ക് ആസവദിക്കോവുന്ന ആേര്‍ജ്ഷേമോയ അ ുഭവമോണ്. ദീതീരങ്ങളുും േ ോെുേളുും വിശോെമോയ ജെപ്പരപ്പുും പച്ചവിരിച്ച വയകെെേളുും അതിമക ോഹരമോയ അ ുഭൂതി പേരുന്നു. ഇവ സഞ്ചോരിേളുലട മ സ്സില്‍ മോയോത്ത ഓര്‍ജ്മേള്‍ ല്‍േുന്നു. വള്ളുംേളിയുും േോയല്‍പ്പരപ്പുും 11 സഞ്ചോരിേള്‍ക്ക് സകന്തോഷും പേരുന്നു. കവമ്പ ോട്ടുേോയെിലെ ഭുംരി ആസവദിക്കുന്നതുും അതിെൂലടയുള്ള ക ോട്ട് യോന്ദ്തയുും സഞ്ചോരിേലള അ ുഭൂതിയികെക്ക് യിക്കുന്നു. േുട്ട ോടന്‍ േരിമീ ിലെയുും ലേോഞ്ചിലെയുും രുെി ആസവദികക്കണ്ടതുതലന്നയോണ്. സമുന്ദ്ദ ിരപ്പി ് തോലഴയുള്ള ല ല്‍ വയെുേളോണ് േുട്ട ോടിലെ മലറോരു ന്ദ്പകതേേത. സുഖശീതളമായ േോറുും പക്ഷിേള്‍ ഉല്ലസിക്കുന്ന വൃക്ഷകത്തോപ്പുേളുും ഫെവൃക്ഷങ്ങളുലട സമൃദ്ധിയുും പോടകശഖരങ്ങളുും ലെ മോയിേമോയ ഒരു കെോേകത്തക്ക് ലേോലണ്ടത്തിക്കുും എന്നതില്‍ സുംശയമില്ല. കേരളീയരോയ ോും ഒരു തവണലയങ്കിെുും ആസവദികക്കണ്ട സുരരമോയ അ ുഭവങ്ങളോണിവ. EDWIN JOSE THOMAS, IX C

‫أمي‬ YOUTHFUL RHAPSODY – ISAS ARABIC & SANSKRIT ‫َﻣ ْﺪ َر َﺳﺘِﻲ‬ MUHSIN, CLASS IX B RABIYA ASLAM, IX C kaoraoNaa [it mahamaair samyak\\ hstp`xaalanama 12 kuma:.saMËimat janaoBya: dUro itYzama:.mauKavariNakaM Qarama:.]YNaM tqaa svacCM BaaojanaM kuma-:.kaoraonaaNaut: dUro itYzama:,.

FACULTY ENRICHMENT SESSIONS -Sharpening the saw YOUTHFULL RHAPSODY- ISAS “It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye.” Bidding adieu - Online Farewell of Staff Members STAY HOME STAY SAFE -Posters Made by Students creating awareness to protect oneselfc 13



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