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Discovery guide Lamington National ParkCoandnveenctturously ted june 201 oct 201prin6 6

Celebr ating 100 yearsFor over a century Lamington National Park has protectedthe flora and fauna that thrive in this unique laming ton cenlandscape. Visit the information centres and tenarydiscover the park’s history and the people 1915 - 2015that have made Lamington what it is today.Getting to the parkPart of the adventure is just getting there! The narrow,steep roads to Binna Burra and Green Mountains windthrough open forest and dense rainforest, sometimesshrouded in cloud or mist. Feel the magic as youjourney through an arbour of old rainforest giantsto a different world.People visit Lamingtonand make a connection—one that sees them returnagain and again.Ranger Wil

‘MeenyahguWoonoongoor a’Welcome to Woonoongoor a—part of Yugambeh countryImmerse yourself in the grandeur of Lamington NationalPark, where densely-forested mountains and valleys concealthe area’s ancient volcanic origins. Where sweeping viewswill leave you breathless and the walks take you to placeswhere you hear only birds, the wind or running water.Woonoongoora—an unhurried, leisurely placeGondwana wanderingsEncounter Lamington’s prehistoric species—all uniquelylinked to the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. Stand in awe of ancient, gnarled, moss-covered Antarctic beech, or be amazed by the unmistakable mimicry of the elusive Albert’s lyrebird as you venture deep into this ‘living ark’.Enjoy the privilege of discovering one of Australia’sWorld Heritage listed national parks.

Stay in LamingtonCome prepared to linger longer and explore whatLamington means to you. Treat yourself to a stay at oneof the two world-renown ecolodges, a safari tent site orcabin-style accommodation.Or opt for a camping experience by putting up yourtent at the park’s Green Mountains camping area andbe delighted to watch pademelons feeding just outsideyour tent. Book your campsite at a short visit?Keep in mindYou don’t have to be an experienced bushwalker to have anadventure in Lamington. Relax with a picnic or visit the cafesand still experience Lamington’s magic. But if you want ashort walk, here are some ideas. Experience Binna Burra’s short walksStroll around the Rainforest circuit enclosed by a thickgreen canopy and listen for the cat-like cry of catbirds orbe amused by the antics of the yellow robins.Absorb the sweeping views across to Ships Stern, TurtleRock (Yowgurrabah), Egg Rock (Kurraragin) and down intothe Numinbah valley from the Bellbird lookout that sits atthe edge of a high, sheer cliff. This lookout has no handrails, so please keep wellaway from the edge and watch your children closely.Learn how old Antarctic beech are on the Tullawallalcircuit or, if you don’t mind stairs, descend to the upper Be astonished by expansive vistas from Lamington’s many lookouts, such as the Python Rock lookout (left). Photos (left): Nicholas Hill © Qld Govt Photo (top right): Tourism and Events Queensland

reaches of the Coomera River on the Gwongoorool trackand be invigorated by the cool freshwater surrounds thatare home to tree frogs, spiny crayfish, eels and easternwater dragons.Marvel at the variety of plants and delight in sampling thewildflower’s perfume on the Daves Creek circuit or seeka quiet contemplative spot along the Caves circuit, and feeldwarfed by the sweeping views down into the thicklyforested Coomera Valley. Explore Green Mountains’ short walksWhether you’re enjoying a stroll along the easy Rainforestreturn or feeling the thrill of venturing into the rainforestcanopy on the Tree Top Walk, there is always a colourfularray of birdlife to greet you. Yellow-throated scrubwrens,regent bower birds, crimson rosellas and king parrots aresome of the ‘locals’ that will share your walk.Feel on the edge as you step out onto the Python Rocklookout and witness this ancient landscape being shapedby the power of Morans Falls as it plummets into thenarrow valley below.

Enjoy Lamington longerBe enchanted by the mountain’s dawn chorus as youset out early on any one of Lamington’s longer walks.Towering waterfalls and captivating cascades, rugged cliffsand mist shrouded rainforests will take your breath away.Discover Lamington’s waterfall walks but remember tochoose the walk that best suits the fitness and bushwalkingexperience of your group—it will make a world of difference. Waterfall walks from Binna BurraFeel sheer exhilaration as you witness the power of water asit cascades over the magnificent Coomera and YarrabilgongFalls and continues to deepen the 160m gorge below theCoomera Falls lookout. Explore the Coomera circuit andbe exhilarated as you ascend along the edge of a deep,fern-filled gorge and capture rainbows beside morerainforest-fed waterfalls.

Capture the colourful diversity of Lamington’s wildlife and scenery—sunsets from Morans Falls lookout (below) and the mossy boulders of the Coomera River. Photo (above): Nicholas Hill © Qld Govt Photo (above right): © Rod WestacottPhotos (right and below): © Lesley Hutley Rejuvenate as you pause for breath at the scenic Yangahla lookout on the Ships Stern circuit. Admire towering red cedars and majestic flooded gums as you descend deeper and deeper into the valley. Stand at the base of Ballunjui Falls and be mesmerised by Nixon Creek as it tumbles over water-worn cliffs covered with lush lilies and ferns. Then ascend the Ships Stern range and marvel at the breathtaking vistas of the spectacular Springrook plateau.

Green Mountains’ waterfall walksListen for the sound of cascading water and be enchantedby the many picturesque waterfalls—all draped withrainforest ferns and lilies that adorn the Box Forest circuit.Let the crystal clear waterfall mists revive your sensesand take delight in discovering the varied palette offorest colours as you pass impressive stands of smooth,pink-barked brush box.Your fascination with waterfalls will be drenched with a fullday’s walk along the Toolona Creek circuit. Be transportedinto another world as you pass the narrow Toolona Gorgeand discover the magic of its moist and shady refuges wheremany ancient flowering, Gondwana rainforest plants shelter.While spectacular views, impressive falls and a steep canyonare features of the Albert River circuit it is Canungra Creekand its many waterfalls that make West Canungra Creekcircuit worth exploring. This very steep track is best walkedclockwise. When the air is moist, you might just be surprisedby the hissing and snapping of a bright blue spiny craywalking along this track.

Cloudy encountersGet ready to catch your breath—Lamington offers yousummits to conquer, ancient forests to explore and lookoutsto connect you with this vast and wonderful part ofQueensland. Allow time to go with the flow of tracks leadingyou from one remarkable place to another.If you are seeking the solitude of mountain peaks or wishingto embrace the vastness of the landscapes before you, thereare ideal locations along the Border Track. Start out earlyand allow plenty of time to return before dark and enjoybeing ‘one on one’ with nature’s spectacular beautyFrom Binna Burra, follow the Border Track till you branchleft onto the Mount Hobwee circuit. Become engulfed ina world of ferns, fungi and epiphytes as you wind throughrainforest to the Antarctic beech-scattered summit ofMount Hobwee. Unbelievably these ancient beech forestsonce spread across Australia. Be rewarded with impressiveviews towards the Springbrook plateau from lookouts onthe Araucaria lookout track and enjoy the melodious callsof our ancient songbirds. While exploring this end of thepark, follow the Wagawn track and head to Garragoolba

lookout for uninterrupted, stunning views of Springbrook,the Tweed Valley and the impressive monolith of MountWarning. It will take your breath away!From Green Mountains follow the Border Track to thehighest peak in the park, Mount Bithongabel—guarded bytall, gnarled sentinels covered in mosses, lichens and ferns.Here you feel you can almost touch the clouds.Venture a little further and walk on the edge of Queensland.Here sheer cliffs form the eroded rim of the remnant TweedVolcano. Draped in tall rainforest, twisted vines and beardedmosses, the rim offers incredible views towards its erodedcentre—Mount Warning. During winter be enthralled withthe loud ringing call of the elusive Albert’s lyrebird. Challenge yourselfWanting an adventure? Challenge yourself by choosinglonger, more demanding walks that test your fitness andmap reading skills.For the adventurous walker, choose the Border Track thatlinks Binna Burra and Green Mountains sections. Whateverend you begin, leave as the sun rises and organise to bepicked up at the end of your 21.4km walk or stay overnightat your destination. Be prepared to clamber over fallen

Discover Lamington’s volcanic origins along the Ships Stern circuit (right) and ancient forests along the Border Track (lower left and above left). Photo (below left): Nicholas Hill © Qld GovtPhoto (above left): Lightcapturer © Qld Govt Photo (above): © Lesley Hutley Photo (right): Robert Ashdown © Qld Govt trees, pushing through vegetation, hiking over rocky surfaces and being exposed to sheer cliff edges. Embark on this well-known track and walk on the edge of the remnant, 23 million year old Tweed Volcano. Be rewarded with spectacular views, encounters with wildlife and the feeling of exhilaration that comes from completing this iconic track. Challenge your fitness and bushwalking skills on the most difficult track in the park—Binna Burra’s Illinbah circuit. Descend steeply as you zigzag through rainforest and open forest to the palm-lined Coomera River. Rock-hop or wade through the swirling waters as you navigate the many crossings; push through vines and thick vegetation to locate the frond covered, rough track. It’s remarkable to think that timber-getters once hauled timber through this valley. This walk is for very fit and experienced bushwalkers and is best walked in a clockwise direction.

Track classificationTo Canungra and Class 1 track Class 4 trackKamarun lookout • Suitable for wheelchair assisted access. • May be extensively overgrown; hazards such Class 2 track as fallen trees and rocks likely to be present. Illinbah • Easy level track, suitable for all fitness levels— • Caution needed on creek crossings, circuit no previous bushwalking experience loose surfaces, cliff edges and exposed Please refer to necessary. naturally-occurring outlooks. the Illinbah • All junctions sign-posted and may include • Moderate level of fitness and interpretive signs. ankle-supporting footwear required. circuit inset for full walking Class 3 track Class 5 track track details • Gently sloping, well-defined track usually • Steep track with irregular surface and Gwongoorool Kweebani Cave B with slight inclines or few steps. loose stones. (pool) • Caution needed on creek crossings • Requires high level of physical fitness and lookouts. and map reading skills. • Reasonable level of fitness and • High-quality, ankle-supporting ankle-supporting footwear required. footwear required. Keelaburra Creek l Park Road Binna Burra Lamington Nati Purragulli Section ona Yerralahla (pool) Coomera Green 3 Creek Canungra Mountains Kingakinga Creek Section West Canu ng Lamington Darraboola Falls Creek National Park ra Creek circuitn Rock 1 trackPytho rans Fa l s ack tr l C ente nar Mo y trackPython Rock Green Mountainslookout campground Kalgamahla Darlington Falls RMorans Falls re5 lookouts ainfo rest Morans O’Reilly’s turn Yanbacoochie Falls Falls Rainforest Tree Top Bo Retreat Walk Canungra Range O’Reilly x Forest ci cuit r Box Log Falls Queensland (Tullerigumai Falls) Morans Creek Toolona R anger’s tips Morans Elabana Falls Creek Picnic Rock cairn Sarabah Toolona Creek circuit Chalahn Creek (West Branch) Falls Toolona Falls5 Range I love waking up early before Mt Wanungara people are out and about to watch 4 Creek 1189m Nyamul the flurry of activity as the birds start lookout their day. Python Rock is the ideal B McPhe place to sit back and take it all in. der Tr Wanungara Ranger Caroline ack lookout or 41 Mt Toolona Limpinw I am always humbled by 1190m Nature Re these ancient giants. You have to wonder what changes Toolona these trees have seen during lookout their lifetime. Ranger Greg it Alb ert River circu Mt Bithongabel 1199m Queensland Naturalists' cairn 2 3 Echo Falls Photos (clockwise from left): Alcheringa Cominan © Rod Westacott, Bruce Thompson © Qld Govt, Falls lookout © Rod Westacott, © Lesley Hutley, Adam Creed © Qld Govt Mt Cominan 1059m Echo Point lookout

To Canungra Turtle Rock Tr acks accessed from Binna Burr a and Nerang (Yowgurrabah) section—Lamington National Park Egg Rock Creek Scale 0.5 1km Distances and return times are measured from 0 Binna Burra trailhead Binna Burra Road Gold Coast Hinterland Great Valley Kooloobano Track name Classification Km Walking Walk—do not proceed unless lookout return time you have a topographic map. Milleribah Rainforest Binna Burra Kurraragin lookout circuit Class 2 1.2km 30min Mountain Lodge Class 4 2km 1hr Gorooburra Bellbird Bellbird Creek lookout lookout2Caves circui Bellbird Caves circuit Class 4 5km 1.5hr lookout Charraboomba Tullawallal Lower Bellbird circuit Creek Rock circuit Class 3 5km 1.5hr Beechmont Class 4 6km 2hrBinna Burra Loop Track Rifle Bird 1 Ships Ste uit Gwongoorool Class 4 12km 4hr circrn track Class 4 12km 4hr Rainforest Creek circuit Yangahla Daves Creek lookout circuit Koolanbilba Lower Bellbird lookout circuita Nixon Illinbah circuit Class 5 16.6km 8hr Tullawallal Range Lower ps Coomera Class 4 17.4km 7hr 4 Ballunjui r cuit circuit Class 4 17.8km 7hr Falls track Stern ci Tracks do Shi Araucaria Ballunjui Falls not connect lookout track Upper Ballunjui track Guraigumai Rock Ballunjui Wagawn track Class 4 18km 8hr cascade Nagarigoon Clearing Mount Hobwee circuit Daves Cree Class 4 18.2km 8hr Rock Ships Stern Class 4 Surprise k circuit Numinbah circuit Class 4 lookout Class 4 Mount Merino 21km 8hr track Border Trac k Molongolee cave Picnic Creek Valley 21.6km 8hr Joalah Border Track Coomera Gorge lookout Creek 21.4km 7hr one one way way Coomera circuit WoggunbaDaves Yarrabilgong Falls Coomera Illinbah Coomera Falls Falls lookout circuit inset River 3 Araucaria Coomera lookout Bahnamboola Orchid Bower Falls lookout Araucaria track ‘Old Cedar Road’ River Piccabeen Creek Mt Merino Neerigomindalala nt Hobwee circuit 1148m Falls Chakoonya lookout Beereenbano Warumblebah Yarrabeelba lookoutlli Range lookout Mouetrson Merino lookout Garragoolba Mt Hobwee lookout 1164m Hopping Dicks Creek Biby Darrayabroo Illinbah circ uit 1080m lookoutwood Dacelo Wagawneserve lookout 959m New South Wales Illinb ah circ uit Legend Sealed road Picnic area Ranger station Caves circuit 4WD road Car camping Pathogen control National park State border Accommodation station Gwongoorool Nature reserve Information Kiosk Lookout with no built (pool) Creek Parking Telephone structure or handrails Cliff line Toilet Drinking water Structured platform Mountain lookout with handrails Waterfall Kweebani Cave

Tr acks accessed fromGreen Mountains section—Lamington National ParkDistances and return times are measured fromGreen Mountains trailheadTrack name Classification Km Walking return timeCentenary Class 1 1.6km 30mintrack Class 2 Class 3 1.4km 30minRainforest Class 4return Class 4 3.1km 1hr Class 4Python Rock Class 4 4.4km 1.5hrtrack Class 4 Class 4 10.9km 4hrMorans Fallstrack 13.9km 5.5hrBox Forest 17.4km 6hrcircuit 21.8km 7hrWest CanungraCreek circuit 21.4km 7hr one one way wayToolona CreekcircuitAlbert RivercircuitBorder TrackGold Coast Great WalkSpectacular views, ancient Antarctic beechforests, thundering waterfalls and amazinggeological formations are a few of the highlightsof the 54km Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.‘Boogul yahnbelehla’—have a good walk!Tread thoughtfullyPractice minimal impact bushwalking and camping—your challenge is to leave absolutely no trace of your visit.It’s easy—here’s how:

• Rubbish—pack it in, pack it out. All rubbish (including food scraps, cigarette butts and sanitary and hygiene items) must be carried out.• Cooking—no open fires are allowed in the park; fuel stoves must be used.• Bush hygiene—Keep it clean! There are no toilets away from picnic and camping areas, so take care with sanitation and hygiene and don’t pollute the natural water supplies. – Wash away from streams, gullies and watercourses. – Bury all faecal waste and toilet paper 15cm deep and at least 100m from waterways (carry a small trowel or spade for this purpose).• Do the frogs and the forest a favour—wash your boots at the pathogen control stations and help stop the spread of harmful organisms.• Be frog friendly—please don’t disturb or remove rocks or trample vegetation near creeks.• Leave your pets at home—domestic animals are not permitted in national parks.Adventure safelySafety is our concern, but it’s your responsibility. Lamingtonis a remote area and has many natural hazards, so be carefuland don’t take risks. Be prepared—even on short walks—and use sound judgment. Rescue and medical help can behours away—even by helicopter.• Take care near cliff edges.• Never dive or jump into rivers, creeks or pools as it may be shallow or hide submerged debris, rocks or objects.• Stay on the tracks—why risk injury or becoming lost.• Use insect repellent for ticks and leeches.• Leave a copy of your bushwalking plans with a friend, relative or your place of accommodation.• Leave plenty of time to reach your destination and always keep you walking party together. Do not attempt a long walk after midday.Emergency!Call Triple zero (000) or 112 from a mobile phone.For hearing impaired, call 106.

Connect with QueenslandNational Parks: Visit for details. To book your camp site visit Check for park access, closures and conditions. @QldParks; #QldParksFor help with planning your holiday, visit queensland.comor Canungra Nerang BHueraldesigh MudgeerabaQueensland Beechmont Springbrook Binna NationalGreen Burra ParkMountains(O’Reilly) Numinbah Nature Reserve NewLamington SouthNational To Murwillumbah Wales Park Limpinwood 5 10km Nature Reserve 0Scale©State of Queensland 2017.Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service,Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing.BP2075 March 2017. Printed on eco-friendly paper to save energy and resources.Photo (front): Nicholas Hill © Qld Govt. Photo (back): Lightcapturer © Qld Govt.

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