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Opex Brand Guidelines 2021 FINAL

Published by lia, 2021-09-02 02:22:52

Description: Opex Brand Guidelines 2021 FINAL


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OPerational EX cellence

Empowering Australian finance businesses The financial planning industry was crying out for help. Everyday processes were long and tedious. The software was complicated, and they found themselves working stretched hours (or cutting precious client time). After working in the industry, Hamish Hockley and Paul Campbell knew these points too well and put a team together to solve it. Opex combined consulting and innovative technologies to empower financial services with next-generation technology solutions. Reinvigorating the industry with a progressive and approachable ethos, Opex partners with financial service professionals to help them run more efficient practices… in a smarter, simpler, more efficient (and enjoyable) way. Opex is a dynamic company speaking to the here-and-now needs of the finance services industry, providing 100+ AFSL’s with next-generation technology solutions. MISSION To simplify finance technology and support financial professionals in their practices. WHAT WE STAND FOR Positive disruption We’re innovators and challenge the way things are done. Progressive by nature, we focus on clearing the bottlenecks in the finance industry by finding better ways to operate. Refreshingly respectful Approachable, fun, and refreshingly human...we make our clients feel heard and understood. There are no silly questions. Future-proof We partner with financial services to help professionals run more efficient businesses – to save time, solve costly problems, and offer a better service to their clients. We encourage a more automated, agile operation that optimises every process. Funance! We value fun and the people we welcome into the Opex team share a playful outlook...that work, finance and customer service, is enjoyable. We’re people-centric, both in the office and customer-facing. Culture, diversity and employee satisfaction are our success levers.

BRAND VOICE An engagingly conversational, yet insightfully professional, tone best describes the Opex tone of voice. It complements the design aspects for a cohesive stance of ‘who we are’ in the market (and internally). Opex comes to life through expressive words and inspiring stories – while at the same time, evoking a sense of ‘these guys know what they’re doing.’ Opex embraces humour and wit, in an informing and encouraging manner… a refreshing voice that’s not always present, but clearly needed by financial services’ customers. Writers should be conscious of the medium and audience. Some instances call for more play. Others require a formal, informative delivery. For example, the tone will be slightly more professional if responding to an unsatisfied client than it would be engaging with a loyal brand advocate. brand personality Smart mates! Confident, amicable, and fun while also tech-savvy, respectful and innovative, problem solvers. Instructional and inspirational at the same time. Isn’t afraid to crack a joke (even in a stereotypical ‘dry’ industry like financial services). No question is a silly question. Always patient. “If we can automate it, automate it.” A sharp thinker, a laid-back communicator. “There are always ways to optimise workflows.” Bringing the worlds of tech and finance, together. Always imagining ‘a better way.’

MOOD BOARDS a fintech company… Choose visuals that help tell the story of Opex as a technology company, serving the finance services industry. Imagery must represent technology, innovation, productivity, workflows, and the future. run by real people, here to help... Opex celebrates culture. People are our biggest strength – and clients feel it. Opex is a fintech company with approachable, local, friendly people whose job it is to support financial professionals.

LOGO typeface logo font A unique typeface has been designed for the Opex identity. Precise kerning was applied to create a visually balanced typestyle. The text should not be reset in any other font, than that supplied in combi- nation with the logo. support fonts Myriad Pro family font is used as the text font in all collateral and marketing material. Where Myriad is not available, a sans serif font can be used. E.g. Calibri, Hel- vetica or Ariel. Additional styles from the font family are allowed and can be used at the discretion of the document creator. colour application The OPEX logo should appear on a white back- ground, with the tagline below in the same colour. When placed on a black or grey background, all instances of grey text must reverse to white. The blue and green portions of the logo must not be reversed unless it’s being used as a watermark or printing in black and white. When placed on a coloured background, reversal of colour is discretionary to the background shade. The logo should not be placed on any coloured background that would detract from the visibility and legibility of the logo. In these instances, the logo should be used in a single colour application of white or black, whichever is more visible.

single colour usage The single colour option (black, white or grey) should only be used where colour restrictions don’t allow the use of the logo in full colour (and/or de- tract from its visibility and legibility). For reproduction on a dark background, the logo should always reverse. relationship to partnering logo Always leave a comfortable amount of space around the OPEX logo – a minimum distance mea- suring the diameter of the letter ‘O’ is preferable. This ensures a clear understanding that the part- nering logo (should one be used in conjunction) is separated from OPEX. Take care to maintain a reasonable size relationship between the partnering and OPEX logos. orientation, proportion & arrangement The logo should not be rotated on any degree other than the orientation supplied in artwork, unless given prior consent. The type must read horizon- tally on all forms of application, unless otherwise advised. The logo elements should never be taken apart, stretched, separately resized, recombined, recreat- ed or have unauthorised elements added to it. This includes combining or superimposing the logo with any other object or graphic. clear space & minimum size The logo must always stand alone and not overlap or touch other objects (such as additional logos, borders, photographs or text). A minimum clear space requirement is required from all sides of the logo. The integrity of all elements of the logo must be adhered to. The minimum preferred size for the logo is 15mm wide.

COLOURS # 67bd4a #008dcf #9d9fa2 primary colours C 63 M 0 Y 96 K 0 C 80 M 33 Y 0 K 0 C 41 M 33 Y 31 K 1 These colours are central to our brand identity, both internally and customer- facing. secondary colours navy blue cyan To encourage consistency in our branding, #002147 #355c81 #27aabc this is our extended colour palette. C 100 M 88 Y 41 K 47 C 86 M 63 Y 30 K 10 C 73 M 12 Y 25 K 0 Use when needed to compliment primary colours. organge pink coral #faa634 #e8556f #F2785E C 0 M 40 Y 90 K 0 C 4 M 82 Y 42 K 0 C 1 M 66 Y 64 K 0

TYPOGRAPHY primary font Neuzeit Grotesk Regular Neuzeit Grotesk Bold Neuzeit is a geometric sans-serif Neuzeit Grotesk Light typeface, designed with the intention to be timeless. body font This is the primary font, to be used for headings on official Readability and aesthetic play an documents. important role in presenting information, in digital and Myriad Pro Regular physical assets. Myriad Pro Bold Myriad Pro Light Myriad Pro is the secondary font, for body text and sub-headings. pull quotes Shuter Stone Standard For text that needs to make a when these fonts statement (such as pull quotes, aren’t available important lines, statistics), Shutter Stone will help the text stand out. If the above fonts are not available An elegant, handwritten style, it’s use Calibri. a stunning design font. When using programs such as word you will need to make Calibri Regular the sure the font your using is a Calibri Bold generic font that the end user will Calibri Light have access to on their computer.

PHOTOGRAPHY keep it cool For Opex imagery, engage our primary brand colours, when possible, with the use of a cool filter. VIDEO protect our assets Opex tutorials empower through education. To prevent our videos from being reproduced, make sure to use our logo, a watermark, and copyright information. The Opex logo must be placed as outlined in this guide. DATA VISUALISATION tell the full Opex story Maintain consistent branding across every point of communication. Utilise our in-house template for PowerPoint presentations and customise based on client needs.

ILLUSTRATIONS & PATTERNS the puzzle pieces Evoke the problem-solving nature of Opex using the puzzle symbol. Position the piece so they fit together. connect the dots ‘Speak to’ the mission of making the world of finance services, simpler and smarter. Geometric shapes represent both technology and this workflow connectivity. Use the pattern in corporate colours or black and white, with a straight edge or fade. The preferred placement is at the corner of a document. ICONS & AVATARS opex icons Use the unique Opex icons in marketing materials, where possible. Icons are visual, easy to engage with, and are in line with how a technology company presents itself. INFOGRAPHICS infographics Ease information overload with infographics. All graphics must be consistent with the Opex brand elements.

UI ELEMENTS typography Header 1 Font: Roboto Condensed Bold 700 | Size 46 | Colour #274a66 Header 2 Font: Roboto Condensed Bold 600 | Size 40 | Colour #274a66 Header 3 Font: Roboto Condensed Medium | Size 32 | Colour #274a66 Body Font: PT Sans Regular | Size 16 | Colour #77797D Pull Quote Font: Playfair Display Italic | Size 20 | Colour #274a66 colour palette # 67bd4a #008dcf #9d9fa2 C 63 M 0 Y 96 K 0 C 80 M 33 Y 0 K 0 C 41 M 33 Y 31 K 1 # 274a66 #e8556f #F2785E C 63 M 0 Y 96 K 0 C 4 M 82 Y 42 K 0 C 1 M 66 Y 64 K 0 buttons Solid and rounded corners constant with logo in the corporate green.

MASCOT putting fun into finance and staying connected Meet Lenny and his mates. They love to travel around Australia wearing their Opex merch. Lenny tags along on trips with finance professionals… and he loves to show off the destinations he visits. For those in financial services who share their adventures (with Lenny) on social media, Opex will send them a code to enter in the competition portal on the Opex website to win a prize. It’s a fun way to stay to connected, gain new client referrals, have a laugh, and win prizes. As further incentive, they will also go into the draw to win the grand prize at Christmas time, perhaps a short getaway. The website will feature a map that shows where Lenny and his mates have been and will be a nice reminder of how we are all still connected. MERCHANDISE gifts that keep on giving Our merchandise should be useful or fun products that our clients will use and appreciate. This kind of gift giving will remind our clients that we are always there to support them.

RESOURCES colour coated logo colour & mono logos TO BE USED FOR: Photoshop RGB formats (digital use) • OPEX in-house general printing To be used only when SPECIFICALLY asked for this type of • Offset printing on coated stock format. • Banners .EPS or .PDF formats will always produce a better print • Billboards result and should be offered as an alternative first. • Promotional items eg. pens, mugs Download COLOUR .JPG • If unsure which logo to send, always send the coated Download COLOUR .BMP version. Download COLOUR .PNG Download COLOUR reverse .PNG Download SPOT .EPS Download BLACK .JPG Download SPOT .PDF Download BLACK .BMP Download SPOT reverse .EPS Download BLACK .PNG Download SPOT reverse .PDF Download WHITE .PNG Download CMYK .EPS Download CMYK .PDF x graphic Download CMYK reverse .EPS Download CMYK reverse .PDF To be used when an icon is needed to represent Opex. This is usually used for social media profile images and web site uncoated logo icons. TO BE USED FOR: Download SPOT COATED .EPS • OPEX in-house general printing Download SPOT UNCOATED .EPS • Offset printing on coated stock Download CMYK COATED .EPS • Banners Download CMYK UNCOATED .EPS • Billboards Download COLOUR .JPG • Promotional items eg. pens, mugs Download COLOUR .BMP • If unsure which logo to send, always send the coated Download COLOUR .PNG version. icons Download SPOT .EPS Download SPOT .PDF Visit Icons Library Download SPOT reverse .EPS Download SPOT reverse .PDF powerpoint presentations Download CMYK .EPS Download CMYK .PDF Download PowerPoint Template Download CMYK reverse .EPS Download CMYK reverse .PDF images mono logo single colour Visit Images Library TO BE USED FOR: photos • OPEX in-house general printing Visit Photo Library • Professional print any other object or graphic. flyers & brochures Download BLACK .EPS Visit flyers & brochures Library Download BLACK .PDF Download WHITE .EPS Download WHITE .PDF Download GREY .EPS Download GREY .PDF

phew, that was a lot! Thanks for taking the time to go through our brand guidelines. It’s a resource you can return to during projects with Opex, so we’re all on the same page. This is designed to be a guide – don’t worry if you slightly wander from it. That’s how the best ideas and concepts are often unearthed. When in doubt, the Opex marketing team can offer a guiding hand. We’re always looking for contestants for our Friday ping pong tournament, so we might just keep you longer. If you’re busy, it’s okay – we accept bribery in the form of coffee. Jokes aside, we’re here to support your work with us. Have fun creating! Cheers, Opex Team

Drafted By: Lia Wilson Last Updated: August 2021

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