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Published by Chu-Ching Wang, 2022-05-06 18:20:15

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CYBERPUNK FASHION X VIVIENNE WESTWOOD BRIDAL COLLECTION BOOKLET NEW YORK MAY 2022 6 Looks | Fashion | Lifestyle | Dress Up Your Life Copyright © 2022. All right reserved.

CONTENTS May 2022 3 Outfits Look • Cyberpunk fashion x Vivienne Westwood Bridal Collection look • with specific description and prices 9We Ask Interview • basic questions and answers about the author/ stylist/ editor of this magazine • where did she get her inspiration? Bridal Designer - Vivienne Westwood Stylist - Shenny Wang Editor - Shenny Wang 1 Author - Shenny Wang

Bridal Couture SS22 • Nymph • Flora I don’t think punk fashion is a specter or overemphasized -it made a big impression, as there had never been any- thing like it before. -Vivienne Westood- 2

• LED tron visor eyewear • futuristic necklace • $7,750 Minerva x God Save The Queen 3

• solitude earwear • apocalyptic wing • $8,810 Grace x I Fought The Law 4

• silver mirror headwear • $6,620 Cora Cocotte x Vivi le Rock Disco 5

• LED tron visor eyewear • fairy wing • $7,600 Bianca x True Punk 6

• silver earrings • silver dragon necklace • $5,420 Rhea Embroidered x Chaos 7

• LED tron visor eyewear • metal cuff • $7,650 Venus x I Am Not A Terrorist 8

We Ask May 2022 Why did you choose to do the bridal collection? I’ve been obsessed with wearing a wedding gown since I was a child, and I’ve attended count- less weddings hoping that one day I’ll be the one wearing it. That is part of the reason I chose to do the bridal collection. I de- cided on Vivienne Westwood’s collection because she is one of the designers I genuinely ad- mire. The jewelry, accessories, and apparel she designs are unique and have her personali- ty. 9

Why cyberpunk fashion? Umm, I would like to spread the punk culture to the new gener- ation and the people who have had bad impressions of this type of fashion. Just like Vivienne, she was the one that brought this culture to the fashion industry. And I think it would be inter- esting to extend it to cyberpunk fashion since it gives me a sense of futuristic and high-tech vibe.  Why you choose to present 6 outfits 10 in total? Regarding why I chose to present 6 outfits for the whole collection, it is because there is some specific meaning behind them. In Chi- nese culture, the number 6 is considered lucky and represents happiness and blessings. In terms of its display in the business industry, it means good fortune and wealth. Moreover, the number 6 is associated with pleasure and stability, according to numerology, and it comes with great responsibility in respect of family and children. In relation to one’s wear- ing of the wedding dress, she/he entered into family life. Also, my birthday is on 6/16 and my personal identification and phone num- bers include several 6s, so I think it is part of fate.

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