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The Langton Language Centre

The Langton Language Centre Table of Contents Why languages? What’s so special about languages at Langton? Stretch, Challenge and Support Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4 Key Stage 5 French German Spanish Trips and Visits Extra-Curricular Resources

The Langton Language Centre Why languages? We live in a world which is a global marketplace, where trade happens between countries in a way not previously seen. The internet has provided us with the tools to reach prospective customers and facilitates new forms of communication. However, “back in 2017 it was estimated that the UK was losing out on £4.8bn (3.5% of GDP) every year as a result of its lack of language skills”, (Confederation of British Industry). One wonders how acute this problem has now become, and with only “32 per cent of 16 to 30 year olds in the UK feeling confident reading and writing in another language, compared to the rest of the EU’s 89% average” (Bowler, Megan, HEPI report), the UK is in a foreign language crisis – a very common headline in the press. Where other countries are pursuing trade and negotiations globally, our lack of language skills has left us insular and disconnected. Overall, entries for GCSE modern languages continue to fall and, as a consequence, A Level too. (where the small number of entries is only comparable to numbers taking further maths). At the Langton Language Centre (LLC) we are ambitious in that we want to buck this trend. Languages are extremely important in the modern world of business but also in diplomacy and

The Langton Language Centre scientific discovery. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that cross-border communication is vital and misinterpretation can have disastrous consequences. The country needs linguists - not only does a skill in a language provide an entry to a level of understanding that is not possible through our own mother tongue (Hogan-Brun, G), but it also equips the speaker with the ability to unpick the complexities of cultural norms; it is a subject which allows development of problem-solving skills, team building, independence and confidence. These are all the soft skills which employers are looking for, (CBI report 2019). Learning language skills puts students ahead of the game, especially considering the declining numbers and continuing the language journey to A level will put students in even greater demand. We want our students in the LLC to be able to compete with the best globally, possessing a language will help them achieve this goal. The LLC possesses the expertise and resources to help students on their way to successfully learn languages for life! Mr David Stalley - Director of the Langton Language Centre

The Langton Language Centre What’s so special about languages at Langton? With a knowledgeable and experienced Classes are generally small which helps range of staff, students can expect a learning speed and it means that students friendly, close-knit environment to learn in. have the chance to speak together Class sizes allow for greater mastery of the confidently after little time. The teachers are language as the years progress. Students all native, meaning that they have a good are taught in forms in Years 7 and 8; groups knowledge of the language and know the become smaller when Year 9 make their best ways to teach students, as well as to GCSE choices and they are distinctly bijou in share the cultural background behind each the Sixth Form. language. At SLGGS, the flexibility of the curriculum After-school, sessions in Russian, Arabic, allows students to study two languages in Chinese, Polish, Italian, Korean, Turkish and KS3 and two at GCSE and there is also the Japanese, are offered to all year groups. In possibility to study 3 at A Level, meaning the addition, a TEFL course is very popular with choice is truly yours. If three is not enough, our Sixth Form students, giving them a why not try starting another? The Langton qualification to be able to teach English Language Centre offers after school classes abroad. with native speakers in other languages.

The Langton Language Centre Stretch, Challenge and Support The LLC staff know how to support students and have the best idea of how to cater to individual needs. We want our students to strive for the best and students are provided with a plethora of resources and opportunities to enable their progress, whether that be spending a bit of time after lessons talking about ways to improve, extra speaking sessions or going over those tricky bits of grammar, students can feel confident that they will be enabled to reach their potential. For those who want to take their learning further there is a dedicated Team in the Teams application with extra resources from culture to news, from translation to grammar practice, or they can purchase language learner ELI magazines, or access the “Take It Further” documents which provide links for listening, reading, videos and projects to go beyond the usual remit of the curriculum. Whenever possible, we organise additional oral sessions with native speakers, for students to practise their speaking in a small group. For A Level linguists aspiring to continue their studies at Oxford or Cambridge, special support is provided with extra interview practise and study support.

The Langton Language Centre The LLC Journey - Key Stage 3 Our students start their language journey and benefit from a fairly intense exposure to this with 6 lessons a fortnight on their timetable. The frequency of lessons helps their recall, enables them to get to know their teacher well and vice versa and they learn how to become increasingly more independent in their language learning. This is especially helpful when they start Year 8. Their allocated language learning time increases to 7 periods per fortnight but, as they embark on a second language, this time is divided between both first and second languages. The language learning skills that they were taught in Year 7 come to the fore to enable them to learn a second language in less time than they had in Year 7, and giving them the opportunity to opt for two languages in Year 9 and thereafter. The Year 9 groups are a mix of students who have studied that language for one or two years, and for this purpose a special curriculum has been devised which is topic based and allows plenty of scope for students to catch up while others are encouraged to take on further challenges.

The Langton Language Centre The LLC Journey - Key Stage 4 Students continue their learning journey recycling and reusing work covered in Key Stage 3 and building on this through the varied curriculum that covers identity and culture, global themes and careers in the international world. Students are able to study one or two modern foreign languages, in a course which starts in term 6 of Year 9. This extra time allows the groups to be established with their teachers and expectations and study skills to be understood before students return in Year 10. We follow the Eduqas specification and, as with all modern foreign languages, the students experience a range of activities in listening, speaking, reading and writing which relate to the learning required at this level. However, our ambition is to ensure that students go beyond the curriculum and strive to reach their potential. In addition, students who speak an additional language at home often sit a GCSE examination in that language too. pn

The Langton Language Centre The LLC Journey - Key Stage 5 Our brand new building boasts a dedicated A Level teaching classroom. The flexibility of our timetable allows you to study up to 3 modern foreign languages at A Level. With small classes and extra-curricular support, students can expect a friendly, close-knit environment. The Language Journey into Key Stage 5 involves deeper, cultural analysis of the language, exploration of the nuances of communication at advanced level and improvement of intercultural awareness; a skill prized by international companies who aim to instil trust and foster relationships with clients abroad. Students discuss topics such as youth trends, citizenship, education and work, sustainability immigration, inclusion and diversity. Historical study of the country where the language originates enables students to understand the impact on contemporary society. Included in the syllabus is the study of a film and a novel. When broken down into manageable units, literary analysis in the target language is both accessible and fulfilling. Our 6th formers are an integral part of the LLC family, becoming fully involved as peer mentors, helping with the promotion of languages across the school and at open evenings.

The Langton Language Centre French - A level The French department at SLGGS consists of highly experienced teachers who are keen to support and encourage any budding linguist. At A level, students currently study the award-winning film, “Les Choristes,” by French director Christophe Barratier set in an austere boarding school in the post-war period, and where the formation of a choir by an enthusiastic and understanding Music teacher provides an unlikely and successful antidote to the severity of the institution. An insight into French literature is provided through study of “Le Silence de la Mer,” a short story written by wartime author Jean Bruller, under the pseudonym, Vercors. Narrating the typical experience of a French household under German rule during the Occupation years, this novella was published through Bruller’s own clandestine publishing house in 1942 and aimed to persuade the French public to join the ranks of the Resistance forces. Alongside the literary element, students learn about modern life in France and the Francophone world, through sport, music, art and current affairs, with topics such as immigration and family problems. Outside of lessons, there are weekly speaking sessions at lunchtimes, when students can talk to each other about anything French-related, which could involve music, a painting or a current topic in the news. French students receive lectures from university lecturers, such as Dr. Hornsby from the University of Kent, on his specialism: Sociolinguistics and the French language. The French Occupation has recently been the topic for an IVE lecture from Dr Larry Duffy from UKC.

The Langton Language Centre German - A level The German department at SLGGS offers outstanding German language teaching expertise and native speaker input, as well as a real love for the rich, inspiring and varied language and culture of the German speaking world. Students will receive a wealth of support as well as opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves in their use of the language. At A Level we continue with some familiar themes such as Health and Sport, Family and relationships, but turn from the more individual point of view to looking at these issues from a more abstract, current perspective. We also equip our students with the knowledge to analyse and discuss literature, film, and Germany’s recent historical events such as the time leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification, both fascinating, yet often little-known aspects of Germany’s history. This forms the background for the film we study, the tragicomedy Goodbye Lenin!, a film by Wolfgang Becker, which looks at the difficulty of life in the GDR after the reunification. This theme is picked up in the novel students work on, Karin König’s Ich fühl mich so fifty-fifty, which follows the life of a girl fleeing from the GDR to West Germany before the wall fell, a common but extremely dangerous event that took place at the time. German students also receive lectures from university lecturers, such as Dr. Tobias Heinrich from the University of Kent, who has spoken about the birth of German literature in the context of Letters and Friendship, as well as from staff, who previously have spoken about a wide range of extra-curricular issues such as the UNESCO world heritage site of the Wadden Sea, the Austrian Founder of Red Bull, or insights into the German Airline Lufthansa, among others. Extra speaking sessions are available for students to practice for the A Level speaking exam, which helps to boost spoken confidence.

The Langton Language Centre Spanish - A level The Spanish department at the LLC is the perfect place for anyone intent on pursuing their passion for the Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American culture and history. The department boasts native speaker input and an experienced and committed team of teachers. The varied course at A level outlines the trajectory of how different issues affect the Hispanic population and the life in these countries. The learning journey follows the difficulties Spain has encountered throughout history and how this relates to modern Spanish culture. Looking at the problems of La Guerra Civil Española (The Spanish Civil War), the reign of the dictator, Francisco Franco, and the move to a democracy as we know it today. Students study El Otro Árbol de Guernica by Luís de Castresana an autobiographical novel, which tracks the life of a boy evacuated during the start of the war in Spain, and Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios, a film by the renowned director Pedro Almodóvar, which deals with the life after Franco in the transition to the democratic era. The course also outlines many of the cultural parts of Spanish life, such as music, architecture, Latin American history and much more. Spanish students are given constant support from staff, as well as speaking sessions outside of lessons which can help to improve spoken fluency and confidence. The Spanish department plays a full part in the IvE lectures where students can experience talks on topics as varied and diverse as Picasso, Cuban Culture and Frida Kahlo. These are delivered by visiting lectures from Universities and staff in the department.

The Langton Language Centre Trips and Visits Langton Language Centre realises the importance of studying the culture of a language beyond the textbook, enabling students to have a better insight into the life and culture of the country. Toulouse French Exchange: Year 10 Our Toulouse – Canterbury exchange was founded 10 years ago and is always a very memorable part of our students’ school experience. Our partner school, the lycée Pierre d’Aragon is situated in Muret, a suburb of Toulouse, in the south of France. Students are matched with their French partners several months prior to the trip to enable a relationship to be established. The trip itself lasts a week; students stay in host families and participate in a week’s programme of cultural and fun activities with their English classmates such as a day trip to the walled city of Carcassonne, a tour round the Airbus A380 assembly plant and a visit to the art gallery housed in the former Augustinian convent. In addition, a day trip to the Pyrenees along with their French partners is always a popular day with a rigorous mountain walk and time to wander round local towns. Later in the school year, the French school returns to Canterbury, when it is the turn of our students to host. A joint day trip to London as well as afternoons of rounders and cricket, ending with a cream tea help to cement already established relationships and the final farewell when the French coach departs for Gatwick Airport is always an emotional scene!

The Langton Language Centre Montpellier study and cultural trip: Year 12 Year 12 French students from both Langton Girls’ and Boys’ Sixth Form have the opportunity to spend five days in the Mediterranean city of Montpellier in the south of France. Staying in a French family, with intensive language lessons in the morning at a local Language School, a programme of cultural excursions in the afternoon and authentic opportunities to converse over an evening meal with their host family, students cannot fail to improve their own language and learn much about the local culture. The afternoon programme includes a walking tour of Montpellier, a visit to the historic walled city of Aigues-Mortes, a trip to the zoo, a game of volleyball on a local beach and a cinema trip. This is understandably an extremely popular part of the A level French course!

The Langton Language Centre La Coupole: Day trip with historical focus for A Level students This trip, run in conjunction with the history department, enables both A Level French and History students to spend a day visiting the La Coupole history centre near Saint- Omer in the Pas de Calais. A former Nazi V2 base, this impressive, though chilling building sheds a real light on the events of the Second World War as they played out in northern France and fits perfectly with the Occupation theme studied at French A Level. After the museum visit, students are able to experience the picturesque town of Saint- Omer.

The Langton Language Centre Salamanca Students in years 10 – 13 have the chance to experience Salamanca, the Oxford of Spain – a small but historically significant city - where they will be immersed in the language through a home stay experience and through small group language lessons run by a language school in the area. The visit allows the students to advance their knowledge of Spain and its cultural heritage but also teaches the students about being independent, working together and always boosts students’ self-confidence. After an intensive morning learning the language, afternoons are filled with cultural activities such as cooking Spanish food, Salsa dancing, visiting the historic university city of Salamanca and the university itself and culminates in the last day visit to Madrid to see Picasso´s masterpiece Guernica and the controversial “Valley of the Fallen”. Students who have participated in this visit in the past have commented on how much improvement they have made with their Spanish and the extent to which they have developed a love for this amazing country; many wanting to return or even live there!

The Langton Language Centre Cologne The study trip to Cologne is the perfect way to supplement our students’ passion for the German language! Students in Year 13 use German to explore the city and learn about its culture and history and by doing so, they are certain to improve both their language skills and their confidence. The city of Cologne has a lot to offer - upon arriving in Cologne, there is nothing more awe-inspiring than the twin spires of the famous Cathedral. The UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the largest churches in Europe, as well as one of Germany's top attractions. Students will also be able to take in the view from the river during a River Boat Cruise. As well as these fantastic cultural activities, students will have eight language lessons in a German partner school, spread over two afternoons. In the past, Year 12 German students have also had the opportunity to attend a Christmas Market trip to Cologne, which has given students a broad, enriching experience, whilst being able to use their language skills in an authentic context.

The Langton Language Centre University Links and Visits The LLC is keen to promote the study of modern languages beyond the confines of the curriculum at all levels in the school. We have very close ties with the University of Kent; year 8 students spend a day extending current language skills and trying out new ones. The University helps us to deliver lectures and workshops to our 6th formers and participates in other activities to promote language learning and enculturation. Recent projects include a Poetry slam, talks at the LLC by visiting lecturers from Oxford University and a visit to Southampton University's Open Day. We have had talks about careers with languages, including a motivating presentation from a former student who now runs her own business in Spain, as well as a focus on the soft skills that develop whilst studying languages. The year 10 students also attended a virtual day run by Southampton University,-which involved a closer look at the more cultural aspects of each country, through the exploration of the world of music. As in a real-life task, students had to create a billboard for a music festival; transferring content to appeal to a wider global audience.

The Langton Language Centre Extra-Curricular Sixth Form MFL Conference Recent activities have included lectures on French poetry, why French is like Cockney, the Cuban revolution, German architecture and ´Time flies The LLC is very proud to provide this annual conference to students in when you are having fun´ focus on the German language. The activities year 12 and 13, which is open to local sixth form students as well as our are almost entirely in the foreign language, and this makes the day an own. excellent opportunity to enhance students´ skills. The aim is to promote language learning and complement their current Students are also given information on how their learning of a language studies both through lectures and interactive workshops. Our friends at relates to the world of work and possible career opportunities that the University of Kent have played a key role in the day, along with involve languages. visiting lecturers from Southampton and Oxford University, as well as the French, German and Spanish embassies. In addition to complementing the A level syllabi the activities provide students with a further insight into the language and culture of each country.

The Langton Language Centre Langton Research Projects across the globe. Another project, following a short course on Sociolinguistics led by Dr David Hornsby from the University of Kent, Language study is not just about the language, it is about exploring explored why we talk ´posh´ and completed a live study of people´s cultures and the meaning of language itself. Students in year 12 follow a perception of what it is to talk ´posh´ and what the power dynamics are research-based course on a Wednesday afternoon in which they choose regarding the pronunciation of English. Our last project focused on to study something related to culture or the use of language. Active Minds where students theorised around the research relating to language learning and memory. As you can see, the topics are wide and Year 12 students have chosen topics as diverse as the evolution of the diverse! Japanese language and how it diverged from Chinese and the impact on the wars surrounding these two nations. Others have pursued the dialects and differences of the Arabic language across the Arabic nations and how power and subjugation have influenced the dominating differences of Arabic. Another student looked at how Persian has evolved and how it influenced and continues to influence languages

The Langton Language Centre MFL Choir L a n g u a g e L e a d e r s (Active Minds and Routes into Languages) This small but friendly choir rehearses regularly and performs at various Following the successful Sport Leaders programme, Routes into events during the school year. Recent songs have been in Russian, Languages have introduced the Language Leaders initiative to promote Swedish, French and German. We always welcome new members. Here language teaching as a career by allowing students to try their own is what one of our singers said about the choir: hand at taking over the classroom. Students use this project to learn basic classroom skills, including lesson planning and being an engaging “Being part of the MFL choir was a brilliant experience. Singing in other teacher; invaluable skills for a later career, in or out of the education languages (German and Russian) was great and it meant the whole choir system. was beginning at the same level, regardless of musical experience. The music definitely gave me an insight to the culture and traditions of other To further focus the aims of our language leaders, we are also countries, and singing highlighted the importance of enunciating sounds conducting some research into the Active Minds programme, which clearly for pronunciation. The experience was also particularly relevant involves students of the third generation from our local community and for the French A level syllabus, since the film we study “Les Choristes” is the correlation between learning and memory. all about the power of singing in a choir. I would really recommend getting involved.”

The Langton Language Centre Talks about the application of languages J u v e n e s T r a n s l a t o r e s (European Commission) We have been fortunate to be able to present to our students some talks The European Commission hosts an annual translation competition to about the value of language learning for the workplace, during January promote language learning across European countries. and February. This year, SLGGS students had the opportunity to participate in this These have either been in person at the sixth form conference, or via a challenge, giving them the chance to put their knowledge to the test. Webinar, during lessons. Speakers have included: Romain Devaux: French Embassy, London; José Jímenez Serrano: Spanish Embassy, London; Steve Samson: Kent County Council; Dr Rebecca Ogden: Lecturer in Latin American Studies, School of Cultures and Languages, University of Kent.

The Langton Language Centre British Council Peer Mentor Scheme Some of our former students have taken advantage of British Council We have a link with UKC where MFL students volunteer to be paired up initiatives to spend a few weeks of the summer holiday in Europe, doing with our A Level language students in the capacity of peer mentor. work experience and staying with a family. Either our students can communicate with them via e-mail, or they can meet regularly in school to provide support and oral practice. This has proved to be a real confidence boost for them. In addition, we welcome our students volunteering their services as Peer Mentors with students in KS3 and KS4, and find that this not only benefits the mentees but also the peer mentors by consolidating the knowledge that they are imparting. It is also a great opportunity to give something back to the school community.

The Langton Language Centre 'Languages for Life' We think that the Langton Language Centre is the best place for any language enthusiast, and we hope that you will agree.

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