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3rd Quarter Newsletter 2020

Published by angela.bowden, 2021-01-15 23:20:34

Description: 3rd Quarter Newsletter 2020


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NW REGIONAL NEWSLETTER Newsletter for October, November, December 2020 It is nice seeing 2020 in our rearview mirror. The pandemic changed all our lives. Our new normal had us working from home, wearing a mask to venture out, finding staples missing from the store shelves, friends and family coming down with the virus, economic nightmare for many businesses, and a country divided by shootings and elections. There was a silver lining for those of us in the mortgage business, rates went to historic lows and applications were falling out of trees. Every team member through commissions, overtime, or bonuses saw their incomes reach record levels. Our region closed 1.2B, compared with 707M in 2019. The rewards came with a tremendous amount of stress and long hours. I am so amazed at our Sales and Operations team for your incredible efforts! Ev’s piece in this newsletter talks about the struggles we had in operations and the positive place we are in now. The goal is to have enough admin’s, processors, underwriters, and closer/funders to not only keep our turn times down but provide a bench to take stress off our team and allow for adding more growth in 2021. Having our new underwriting manager Kim York join the team has been a huge asset for the region! We had many records blown apart in 2020, most notable was the 430M Kelly Beebe’s branches booked, and our first ever 100M producers with Jason Oswald’s 118M and Dave Perry’s 117M. All three would be the first to recognize that it took the quality groups they work with to post such amazing numbers. I am excited that our region has 10 qualifiers for President’s Club and another 5 that earned Executive Club! Please see all the amazing results in the newsletter. Every indicator shows 2021 to be another busy year. Our active pipeline is 200M our locked pipeline is 145M, crazy numbers for this time of year. We are blessed to have most of our branches in markets that people are wanting to move to and with vaccine’s being distributed, life will only get better. Hopefully, you took advantage of the long weekends during the holidays and please enjoy the three-day weekend starting today, charging your batteries is key to not getting overwhelmed. Our eyes are focused on the highway in front of us, please stay safe, healthy and most of all be HAPPY! -Dave Schile

EVELYN COX Did you know? Fannie/Freddie will not purchase any new construction purchase transaction in which the subject is an invest- ment property and the buyer and seller have an affiliation, i.e. builder, developer, seller, agent. Fannie/Freddie will not allow for in interested party to provide a gift to the borrowers, they will only allow the IPC limitations. Example: If mom is the Real Estate Agent in the transaction, they may not gift funds to the bor- rower. (Has an affiliation to the transaction, seller, builder, developer, real estate agent). Make sure when entering property type, that if it’s leasehold or fee simple, you enter the correct type on your ini- tial AUS run, it does make a difference in your AUS findings. An example would be losing your property waiver. When a loan is locked using any preferred program, make sure to run it with the special features codes on the Fannie/Freddie screens, to receive the accurate findings. COVID has created hardships for many self-employed borrowers, make sure to double check the requirements for the documentation of the loan, current requirements; P&L- signed and most recent 3 months business bank statements to support revenue on P&L. Make sure to review the documentation, it needs to make sense and cov- er the income being used to qualify (i.e. if they spend more each month than deposits monthly, that does not support income). On FHA loans, verification of the non-purchasing/borrowing spouse must be documented via 3rd party docu- mentation (i.e. W-2; SSA verification) – this applies to community property states. On FHA/VA/RD streamline refinances, don’t enter income or liabilities on the screens, only enter the employers and the mortgage debt being paid off. 2020 We survived the Pandemic of 2020. Thinking back there was a time that we only had 4 underwriters early on; and we were down team members in closing. Files coming in faster than we could even every had thought, turn times slipped – and as the volume increased, we continued on our search to add valuable team members; which we have finally done. We are now up to 9 full time underwriters; we have an underwriting manager – that wants to carry a pipeline. We have now have 7 closers and 3 full time funders; I’m extremely grateful for the funders stepping into be closers and closers stepping into being funders. We definitely have grown and are working to have the capacity in which to be ready for the up and coming 2021 volume. I feel that we have built a very strong, knowledgeable team in operations. As we transition from processing reporting to sales to working with the operations teams, we will continue to grow and work to streamline the process’s going ahead, to improve systems to clear files faster. With these changes, we will work closely with Sales to make sure they are receiving the normal service if not better going forward. I can start with all the numbers and volume that Operations did in 2020; but we all know the volume was huge, just by looking at the numbers done by the Sales. I want to end my part with this: THANK YOU UNDERWRITING, CLOSING AND FUNDING FOR STICKING ME (US) DURING THIS ADVENTUROUS YEAR. YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS.

CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE: Laugh a little!! When we go into another lock down just train all the Amazon delivery drivers to give the vaccine. Entire population immunized by Saturday. Wednesday if you’ve got Prime.

I want to Thank a couple People…. 1. Jeff Hepler – for helping me get the Loan Officers phones up and running! “Thanks Jeff! I can always count on you and your response time is Awesome!” 2. Casja Weatherbie – for helping me complete ECOA tasks, by sending out the 1003’s by e-sign! “I really Appreciate your help with those!!” 3. Ryan Shelby – For catching the ball for me all the time with all my questions all the time… “Thanks a Million Ryan!” 4. Jen Bender – for the moral support by covering us for Lunches and Frozen Yogurt during COVID-19, when we can’t really break away to get anything! And our Awesome Closing Dept. – Fran Larsh, Mike Larsh, Kristine Lyman & Vicki Green, who help motivate me and uplift my spirits with humor, and jokes that help us stay “Sane” during these crazy times! “AMEN to you guys!” ~ Laura Alexander 10/14/20 Shout out to ALL OF OUR CLOSERS, FUNDERS, AND UNDERWRITERS. You all were AWESOME in 2020 ~ Scott Petersen 1-13-21 I would like to give a huge shout out to Jessica Rhynard for keeping up with my chaos and helping me achieve my biggest quarter ever! She is absolutely amazing and I am so very thankful for her ~Jamie Nettles 1-13-21 I want to give a HUGE shout out to Jessica Rhynard. She has gone above and beyond this last year, transitioning into a new role, picking up and helping when needed, and never slows down. We appreciate your hard work and dedication Jessica, but above that, you’re a joy to work with and we appreciate the smile you bring to the office daily! Looking for- ward to the years to come. ~Tera Davis 1-13-21 Thank you to Vicki Leavitt, Ryan Shelby & Fran Larsh – for hooking me up with lunch when I was unable to grab one… Also, Thank you to all of the Loan Officers - It was crazy seeing all the files rolling in and did my best to keep up and route calls & documents accordingly… Thanks to Everyone for bearing with ME during this Crazy, Crazy time! Lastly, “HELLO 2021!!!” May the good business continue…. ~ Laura Alexander 1-13-21

Thanks to all the team at the Nampa 20200 Branch (Georgea, Mike, Alice, Tina, Carolyn, and Judi) for making our work environment a place where we can laugh together and really enjoy coming into work every day! If 2020 was a roller coaster, these folks are the ones saying: \"put your hands up, it's more fun that way!\". Truly grateful for each of you! Wanted to recognize Judi Pierce for coming on and taking the processing workload for the Nampa 20200 branch! She has picked up so much even in the last few months it amazes me! She is always available and so much fun to work with! We are truly blessed to have her here and I am so proud of how much she has learned / is learning! Thanks to all the Ev Cox, the Underwriters, Closers, and Funders of this area! We navigated through one of the wildest and busiest seasons I have seen in many years and we couldn't have done it without all the long hours and incredible support each of you have given! Truly, our operations team is one of the best I have ever seen! ~ Jonathan Michalski 1-13-21 I would really like to shout out Tera Davis since she has been the mentor I needed from the get-go going into this industry. Mentors like her are hard to find, she is super easy to talk to and helps in any way she can. Tera is amazing! ~Tito Hernandez 1-13-21 I’d like to give a shout out to my team here at the COEUR D’ALENE BRANCH! SCOTT – Thank you for supporting me from day one in this new roll of processor, for encouraging me to take the position even when I wasn’t sure of myself and for trusting me with your loans from the very beginning. I am thankful every day to have you as a Branch Manager and Boss. ASHLEY – Thank you for being my sounding board when I need someone to vent to, for always being someone I can rely on to be here, working every single day to learn more than you knew the day before, and creating a fun and positive office that I truly look forward to coming into every morning. JUSTIN – Thank you for helping me do the “dirty work” on so many loans over the past year, even when you didn’t neces- sarily want to, for being the face I could turn to and rely on for a smile when I needed it and for pushing through when the odds weren’t always in your favor. You guys truly are my backbone and I wouldn’t have been able to do this last year without you! ~Danielle Costa 1-13-21

Shout Out to the ENTIRE Academy family - 2020 has brought us all some trying times to say the least. There has been plenty of stress, frustration and sadness to go around. During this time we kept hearing that, “we are a family and will get through this together”. When I used to hear this phrase I thought that meant we all liked each other, were always friendly, kind exc. I have come to the conclusion that while we all try to be those things, that’s not what it means at all. To me, Academy Mortgage being a family, means we will all mess up, fall short of expectations and frustrate each other at times. We may not always “like” each other but at the end of the day we do love our family and want what’s best for all family members. While I hope we never have to go through the same struggles that 2020 shared with us, I am so blessed to be a part of this Academy family! Big hugs to you all. Jen Bender Laura Alexander – Thank you so much for helping copy/scan all the countless loan documents that were dropped off to the office while the team worked remote. Thank you also for always making the clients feel welcomed and safe in our of- fice. I also appreciate that you kept my plants alive all year! Thank you! Angie Bowden – Words can not say how much help you have been this year. From all of the client thank you gifts, agent and borrower thank you cards on top of your normal work load you did so much. I am so grateful for all that you have done! Jen Bender Jeanne, Casja and Tressa, you ladies are rock stars! I know you did a crazy amount of hours and went through a lot of stress and tears to get our loans closed. You ladies are so appreciated! Jen Bender Closing and Funding Team, thank you all for the hours you worked and helped get the loans funded smoothly. It would be hard to at the end of the deal when all the stress gets pilled up and put on your plate. You all handle it with grace and it’s very appreciated! Jen Bender Ev and Underwriting team, I feel like thank you doesn’t cut it for what you all went through this last year. You are all war- riors and we appreciate you going through hell to get our files done. Thank you! Jen Bender Kelly and Dave, thank you for letting me vent and helping in every way you could. I know your plates were overflowing already. You are very appreciated! Jen Bender Bonnie Maxwell – my friend I can’t believe it’s been seven years! What a blessing you have been in my life. I am so hon- ored and blessed to have worked with you these last several years. I am so excited for you and your new venture. I know you will crush it! Jen Bender Laura LaHorgue – Girl what would I do without you. You don’t give yourself enough credit but you are a true rock star. I am so grateful to have you on the team! You continue to grow and take on more and more, I don’t know how you do all that you do but I am sure thankful and so glad to work with you each day! Looking forward to 2021 with you! ~Jen Bender 1-13-21

Happy New Year! I would like to give a Shout Out to our Operations Department for the region. They have all done an amazing job working through SO MUCH VOLUME with no complaints, while delivering timely closings time after time with cheer on their faces and voices. Amazing! Thank you Thank you Thank you! WE ARE NO GOOD without outstand- ing operations. Wow! I would also like to tip my hat to the ladies on my team, who have AWED me with their incredible attitudes, kindness, pa- tience with me and can-do attitude. SO happy to be associated with each of you, and appreciate your making me better personally as I see the hearts you have for others active each day. Thank you SO MUCH Sandi Smutny, Dena Perkes, Kris Link, Kristy DeWitt, and Haley Paz-Link. You’re the Best, and I’m Grateful! God Bless You, ~Leon Baker 1-13-21 Thank you to Ellie Traeger for being my biggest cheerleader and always having my back! You are the absolute best. There is NO WAY I would have survived this crazy busy last year without you working side by side with me. Thank you Wonder Woman!! Jared! So glad you joined this Academy Family! Bouncing ideas back and forth and having someone close to relate frustra- tions and celebrate successes means a lot! To every underwriter and closer who touched any one of my files, YOU ROCK!! Wowzers!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Words cannot describe my gratitude for the long hours and sacrificed time away from much more fun activities to push these files through the pipe. With all my heart, THANK YOU!!! ~Monica Barton 1-14-21 Shout out to C Jay Darling, Adam Shelby, Brittany Price-Thomas, Jeanne Armstrong, Casja Weatherbie, Heather Russell, Laura Alexander and Angela Bowden for helping 217 Families in 2020 fund loans with us, with all of the challenges of the year being met head-on! I am proud of everything you accomplished!! Shout out to Fran Larsh for always being willing to help myself and my team as needed at all hours of the day! We really appreciate you being at the office for us! ~Ryan Shelby 1-14-21

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Stacey Kolodzik Transaction Coordinator Legacy Branch I am a California transplant (most of us are) but believe after 11 years in Idaho, this is definitely home. I began my real estate journey in 2015 with one of the Valley’s top builders and have worked with new construction since. I am proba- bly too analytical and numbers excite me, hence the reason I have landed in the lending world. While not at work, I spend my time with my husband raising a small army, backpacking and fishing as well as interior decorating. Hello everyone! My name is Abby and I am very excited to be apart of the Academy Mortgage team. I come from a big family of 13, I have two wonderful parents, 2 amazing sisters and 2 beautiful sister in-laws, 2 hardworking brothers, and my personal favorites…my 3 ADORABLE nieces and nephew. I was born and raised in Utah and am a DIE HARD University of Utah fan. GO UTES!! I love camping, football and everything that has to do with makeup, hair, and fashion. I look forward to working with and getting to know all of you! Abby Carlisle Transaction Coordinator Wasila, AK

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Steve McKean Hello, I am new to the mortgage Transaction Coordinator industry but I’m excited to work with the great team at Academy Alaska Mortgage. In my spare time I enjoy gaming (old school board games, not so much video games), working on cars, camping, fishing and hiking. I’ve been involved in Scouting BSA for many years and recently completed 2 years as the Scoutmaster for one of the first girls troops in the country. I’m married to Dr. Kate Julien, we have three children who have mostly left the nest. We love animals and have a fair size menagerie: 1 dog, 7 cats, 8 cows, and a donkey. Thank you Academy for this wonderful opportunity.

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Maureen Specht Regional Productions Oper- ations I am married and I’m a California transplant to Idaho in 2020. I just moved into our new Hub- ble home in Caldwell and it was financed through Academy Mortgage and my Academy Loan Officer recruited me. For this position. I have two cats, Willow and Aslan. Aslan Willow Jammie Nettles Office in Kennewick, Washington Gave Charity to homeless young adults. They donated 16 $50 gift cards to a local non profit called A.N.S.I.L. Which stands for A New Start In Life.

CDA xmas party at the “Igloo” at the CDA Resort L-R---Ashley, Danielle, Lynn

IDAHO HOUSING’S TOP LENDING PARTNERS AND LOAND ORIGINATORS FOR Q3 2020 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE CLUB QUALIFIERS PRESIDENTS CLUB : Jason Oswald, Dave Perry, Scott Pettersen, Leon Baker, Tera Davis, Whittney Curran, Monica Barton, Kelly Beebe, Lynn Hergenreder EXECUTIVE CLUB: John Spiker, Jennifer Bender, Maureen Miller, Ryan Shelby, Leon McKean

OCTOBER 2020 TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 33,909,118 MERIDIAN 29,813,335 COEUR D’ ALENE 9,728,288 WALLA WALLA II 8,340,225 NAMPA IDAHO CENTER 8,283,733 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME Jason Oswald 11,959,879 Jason Oswald 7,996,379 Dave Perry 10,878,425 Whittney Curran 5,089,552 Whittney Curran 8,959,486 Monica Barton 5,080,170 Scott Petersen 8,447,538 Tera Davis 5,052,086 Leon Baker 8,283,733 Tera Davis 6,613,133 Scott Petersen 4,799,588 Monica Barton 5,234,170 John Spiker 5,221,474 Dave Perry 4,464,306 Jennifer Bender 4,716,641 Leon McKean 3,868,233 Leon Baker 3,695,730 Jamie Nettles 3,092,779 Maureen Miller 4,624,700 Ryan Shelby 2,900,987 “The purpose of our life is to be happy.” ~ Dalai Lama “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS OCTOBER 2020 1. Jason Oswald $11,959,879 21. Charles Stevenson $1,748,500 2. David Perry $10,878,425 22. Teresa Dean $1,742,200 3. Whittney Curran $8,959,486 23. Jim Tackett $1,727,092 4. Scott Petersen $8,447,538 24. Tina Ellis $1,473,399 5. Leon Baker $8,283,733 25. Judy Woods $1,411,700 6. Tera Davis $6,613,133 26. Nichole Thueson $1,406,622 7. Monica Barton $5,234,170 27. Brenda Heller $1,320,600 8. John Spiker $5,221,474 28. Jonathan Michalski $1,278,084 9. Jennifer Bender $4,716,641 29. Jared Carlisle $1,191,911 10. Maureen Miller $4,624,700 30. Michael Julius $1,147,720 11. Leon McKean $4,608,973 31. Mike Lipinski $1,126,500 12. Jamie Nettles $4,403,770 32. Alice Thomas $998,750 13. Ryan Shelby $4,092,467 33. Lynn Hergenreder $800,900 14. Cheryl Lipp $3,002,050 34. Alicia Chaves $716,889 15. Mike McLean $2,975,107 35. Marty Fortier $659,250 16. Mike Lipinski $2,872,615 36. Anne Erickson $621,500 17. Vicki Leavitt $2,872,191 37. Kelly Beebe $510,400 18. Tressa Anderson $2,625,750 38. Frank Keller $210,226 19. Teresa Thomas $2,482,310 $127,081,295 20. Austyn Shuman $2,114,640 Total

NOVEMBER 2020 TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 32,112,825 MERIDIAN 26,755,849 COEUR D’ ALENE 10,397,781 WALLA WALLA II 9,263,207 NAMPA 7,942,668 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME Jason Oswald 12,941,959 Jason Oswald 12,941,959 David Perry 9,443,502 Dave Perry 9,443,502 Scott Petersen 8,945,618 Scott Petersen 8,945,618 Tera Davis 7,320,367 Tera Davis 7,320,367 Whittney Curran 7,140,239 Jennifer Bender 5,879,209 Whittney Curran 7,140,239 Leon Baker 4,857,127 John Spiker 4,614,946 Jennifer Bender 5,879,209 Maureen Miller 4,501,550 Leon Baker 4,857,127 John Spiker 4,614,946 Maureen Miller 4,501,550 Leon McKean 3,843,302 Leon McKean 3,843,302 “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ~Dolly Parton “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS NOVEMBER 2020 1. Jason Oswald $12,941,959 20. Lynn Hergenreder $2,008,111 2. David Perry $9,443,502 21. Tina Ellis $1,959,210 3. Scott Petersen $8,945,618 22. Jim Tackett $1,942,840 4. Tera Davis $7,320,367 23. Jonathan Michalski $1,799,310 5. Whittney Curran $7,140,239 24. Teresa Dean $1,655,617 6. Jennifer Bender $5,879,209 25. Brenda Heller $1,602,689 7. Leon Baker $4,857,127 26. Mike McLean $1,588,357 8. John Spiker $4,614,946 27. Tressa Anderson $1,564,563 9. Maureen Miller $4,501,550 28. Jamie Nettles $1,506,561 10. Leon McKean $3,843,302 29. Teresa Thomas $1,483,653 11. Ryan Shelby $3,770,010 30. Judy Woods $1,437,323 12. Mike Lipinski $3,399,223 31. Michael Julius $1,321,253 13. Monica Barton $3,201,219 32. Anne Erickson $1,126,450 14. Nichole Thueson $3,081,858 33. Charles Stevenson $791,848 15. Cheryl Lipp $2,689,560 34. Alice Thomas $784,925 16. Alicia Chaves $2,277,270 35. Marty Fortier $325,713 17. Vicki Leavitt $2,200,555 36. Frank Keller $313,405 18. Austyn Shuman $2,135,321 37. Kelly Beebe $262,400 19. Jared Carlisle $2,056,463 38. Leonard Holladay 20. Lynn Hergenreder $2,008,111 $56,000 Total $117,829,526

DECEMBER 2020 TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 32,716,596 MERIDIAN 24,009,566 COEUR D’ ALENE 11,017,031 WALLA WALL II 9,751,782 NAMPA IDAHO CENTER 9,595,747 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME Jason Oswald 12,670,313 Jason Oswald 7,175,358 David Perry 10,256,842 David Perry 6,854,226 Leon Baker 9,595,747 Tera Davis 5,437,374 Scott Petersen 8,331,716 Scott Petersen 5,018,766 Tera Davis 7,003,049 Whittney Curran 4,951,048 Leon Baker 4,925,051 Jennifer Bender 4,707,990 Monica Barton 4,543,877 Monica Barton 4,013,177 John Spiker 4,229,522 Jamie Nettles 3,238,014 Whittney Curran 2,668,594 Leon McKean 2,410,423 Jamie Nettles 4,052,514 Ryan Shelby 2,304,038 “Never forget the people who take time out of their day to check up on you.” “When someone helps you and they’re struggling too. That’s not help, that’s Love”

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS DECEMBER 2020 1. Jason Oswald $12,670,313 22. Lynn Hergenreder $2,048,000 2. David Perry $10,256,842 3. Leon Baker $9,595,747 23. Michael Julius $2,025,825 4. Scott Petersen $8,331,716 5. Tera Davis $7,003,049 24. Austyn Shuman $2,017,534 6. Whittney Curran $4,951,048 7. Jennifer Bender $4,707,990 25. Tressa Anderson $1,698,268 8. Monica Barton $4,543,877 9. John Spiker $4,299,522 26. Mike McLean $1,624,383 10. Jamie Nettles $4,052,514 11. Maureen Miller $3,932,160 27. Jared Carlisle $1,579,567 12. Mike Lipinski $3,361,976 13. Leon McKean $3,308,823 28. Teresa Thomas $1,448,773 14. Ryan Shelby $3,300,288 15. Nichole Thueson $2,972,850 29. Teresa Dean $1,386,650 16. Vicki Leavitt $2,799,320 17. Jim Tackett $2,748,733 30. Jonathan Michalski $1,203,016 18. Cheryl Lipp $2,273,600 19. Anne Erickson $2,237,145 31. Judy Woods $1,001,992 20. Tina Ellis $2,083,400 21. Alicia Chaves $2,052,741 32. Bonnie Maxwell $995,300 33. Brenda Heller $926,925 34. Charles Stevenson $892,686 35. Alice Thomas $747,100 36. Kelly Beebe $623,200 37. Marty Fortier $448,170 38. Carolyn Summerton $309,000 39. Leonard Holladay $301,554 40. Mary Sindorf $284,250 41. Tito Hernandez $232,700 $123,278,547

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