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Newsletter for May and June 2020

Published by angela.bowden, 2020-07-17 14:29:24

Description: Newsletter for May and June 2020


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NW REGIONAL NEWSLETTER HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE MONTHS OF MAY AND JUNE Spring, Sprang, Sprung! The Spring of 2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, April we went over 100M for the first time in Region history and did the same in May and June. Crazy numbers especially during a pandemic. Yes, the evil invisible enemy has not gone away, in Boi- se it is mandatory to wear face masks indoors and outdoors. Virtual or drive by graduations, weddings pushed back, many businesses still closed, events cancelled, and a question mark on schools opening and will there be fall sports? Have you been on a plane lately or taken a cruise, probably not, staycations are the new norm. By now most everyone knows someone who tested positive, the messages from our politicians and health officials seem to have hit a fork in the road. We know a vaccine is coming, we just do not know when, for now each of us have a duty to ourselves and our friends and family to do everything you can to stay healthy. Back to records, (the Sprang) many of our branches, LO’s, and operations team members had record months in May and June. Please look at these incredible accomplishments in this news- letter. The 2nd quarter will go down in the books, (the Sprung) we are literally trying to close more loans than we have staff to make it happen, that’s why we have had so many working long hours, weekends, and have had to ask for out of region help. Please know how much you are appreciated! Very stressful times just remember to do everything you can to stay healthy. I am excited for you to meet some of the amazing people who joined the region in May and June, also wonderful to welcome back Franceen, Krista, and Jamie who checked out greener pastures only to find out they were painted, so happy to have you both back in the family. Great to have Judy who transferred from Academy’s Salem, OR branch to the Meridian, ID branch. Ev has a couple more folks joining the team in July, she has been scrambling to in- crease staffing, Ev, remember to do everything you can to stay healthy. I hope you have been able to tune into James’s Town Hall meetings, if not they are available on Workplace. The guests have been incredible, last week Adam told his story of coming to Academy and the evolution of where we are today. Patrick, Rob, and all the SLT team have been working hard behind the scenes to keep us be competitive with products, pricing, and guiding the boat during these unforeseen times. We are not in this alone, it takes a village, and for all those helping us, please remember to do everything you can to stay healthy. -Dave Schile

EVELYN COX Did you know? Utilizing the milestone comments allows everyone to see the information and/or communication. A best practice is when reviewing bank statements and other borrower provided documentation is to be mindful of potentially undisclosed debts not on the 1003 and/or credit report. That AskPoli is a great tool for Fannie Mae Questions? Here are some tips to lookout for when reviewing a borrower’s tax returns. Unemployment compensation reported, but no gap disclosed or recognized in income docs. Few or no deductions for a high-income applicant Amended tax returns Does the business exist? Secretary of State search Google Did you know – shortcuts in Encompass? Use Control+D to input dates in the date fields. Did you know that there have been updates to the USDA streamline refinance guidelines within Credit Policy? It’s important to ensure variable income sources are broken out from the regular earnings on the 1003. This will allow the AUS to properly analyze the income. Not to add verbiage to the other income section – it doesn’t allow the AUS to recognize what the income is. Welcome aboard!!!!! We welcome Devy Ernst to the underwriting team and Julia Hope to the closing team. Make sure to take the time and welcome them aboard… Next week we will announce another addition to our team. Welcome Back!!!!! Nice to have you back Franceen Gilbert! We keep experience an extremely high volume; it’s important to remember we are all on same team. When we have been able to outsource files, it’s important to remember they are on our team also, and it’s a benefit to us to have them helping out. We know we all do things differently and see things differently, it’s important to keep an open mind; they may have experienced something on the item that we have yet to experience. I know that it’s hard, but on refinances, we need to be setting realistic expectations on turn -times. I appreciate everyone’s patience and due diligence during these times. I want to THANK Operations for working tireless at night and on weekends to meet our purchase expectations, you all are truly amazing.

CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE: Laugh a little!!

Thank you Laura Alexander for keeping my plants nice and watered while I am away. It means a lot that you are willing to help in every way you can. Thank you! ~Jennifer Bender A huge shout out to Sydney Alexander who just graduated Meridian Elementary and who received a Presidential Scholar Award. So excited for her! Congratulations again! ~The Bender Team and Angela Bowden Happy Anniversary to Jeanne Armstrong! The Bender and Shelby teams are so glad you are part of the team and that you have put up with us for another year! Here is to many more to come! Congratulation to Brittany Price and your recent wedding! You were a stunning bride and we are all so happy for you! Thank you to the entire Academy Family, it has been so busy for months now and we are all working together to help get the files closed. I know everyone is tired and overworked and in need of a break. Please know your hard work and time has not gone unnoticed and it’s very appreciated by all of us. Happy Anniversary to Laura LaHorgue! I am so grateful for having you on the team, you are a rock star, thank you for all that you do! Happy Anniversary! A HUGE thank you to Bonnie Maxwell and Laura LaHorgue for making the process of going paperless go so smoothly. Change is hard for this stubborn LO and they made going paperless overnight look, easy. I would have lost my mind these last few months had you ladies not brought you’re A game and kept things running smoothly. Thank you both for all that you have done and continue to do to keep me on the JFP. ~Jennifer Bender

Shout out to Evelyn…In this crazy time of unprecedented volume, Evelyn has gone above and beyond to help all of us through sourcing out new underwriters, balancing the most urgent needs, sourcing out overflow, etc…. Yet she manages it with grace and skill that only Evelyn can manage. We understand how hard you work and are VERY GRATEFUL! Love you Evelyn! ~Teresa Jo Dean Shout out to Austyn Shuman: Austyn made the jump 1 year ago from LOA to LO. He has made tremendous growth in his skills. He works many nights and weekends along side his realtor partners to keep his pipeline growing. He is truly a ROOKIE ROCK STAR! Keep up the good work Austyn. ~Teresa Jo Dean I want to say I am so proud of our team the Bender Team! Shout Out to Jennifer Bender for her leadership during these crazy times and Laura LaHorgue for always stepping in on any file to help. Also thanks to Jeanne Armstrong, Casja Weatherbie for all they do! ~Bonnie Maxwell “I want to thank Tera Davis for her amazing leadership and compassion. During unprecedented times we’re, high loan volume coupled with COVID, she’s always there for her team whether it be personal or processional and gives 110% to us. We’ve fortunate to work for such an amazing leader, woman and human being. Thank you!” “Welcome to the team Gaby Bertran and officially welcome to Jessica Rhynard! I feel like our team is complete now and can’t wait to have some fun and kick butt in our new space with you ladies!” “Wow! That’s what comes to mind when I think about all that Kelsey King does for the Davis Team and I don’t know what we’d do without her! She’s managing an insane amount of files and somehow keeps her head on straight and brings levity to the group. Thanks for all you do Kelsey!” ~Heather McLean Shout Out and THANK YOU to all of the underwriters and closers for their hard work. Late night, evening and weekend hours do not go unnoticed. I have so much appreciation for your time, your help, and everything you do to get our loans closed and fund. Blessings to you. ~Tina Ellis

To my team, Tera, Kelsey, Heather and Jessica, I am so deeply grateful for each of you! Tera, you give me so much support and a voice and you never rub my nose in my mistakes or short comings. I feel like I have freedom to be me and to grow and I value you so much. Kelsey, my compadre….my fellow foodie. Thank you for running beast mode every day and tacking all of our files like a champ and with a smile! I couldn’t do this without you. Heather, you are behind-the-scenes setting us up for success every day! I always picture you churning and burning through applications and phone calls and I know that you are a phone call away if I have a question, you are quick to jump in and help us resolve obstacles. Jessica, thank you for stepping in on the STIPS and OWNING it! What an amazing addition you are!!! CJ Martin - I adore you! Thank you for always calling and going over things, for always being a true teammate and encouraging us through the hard files. You are such an amazing Underwriter and I love learning from you! ~Manesseh Castro A shout out to Ann Schnibbe who has a great attitude every day! She is checking her emails after hours and on weekends to keep the LO’s that she works with updated on their loans. In these busy times, we are closing our loans on time and even early. Thank you Ann! ~Lynn Hergenreder I would like to give a shout out to Mardee Rosenkrance, Carole Bate- man and Maggie Weekes for being the awesome people they are and taking fantastic care of our customers. I am blessed to work with these amazing ladies and am so thankful for all they do! Also a shout out to our new team member Marissa Bateman! Glad to have you on the Spiker Lending Team ☺ ~John Spiker And just a little shout-out to Sara Weekes, who only a few months ago took on the new role as Transaction Coordinator for Mike McLean, Charles Stevenson and Garrit McGuire – I’m lucky to work with her and two of the three loan officers she works with, and it’s been great to watch her grow in such a short period of time. This girl will go far! ~Darla Austin

I would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to our Underwriters and Closers for working so hard to get loans closed. I know that all of our loans have closed on-time, and appreciate the many efforts to make that happen! I’m sure they are all working weekends trying to get time frames back to ‘normal’ … whatever that is these days. I know we’re all working hard but it shows and really means a lot to our team that you support us in the way you do! Also, big SHOUT OUT to Kelly Beebe for stepping in while Kris Link was out…Nice Work! Also, a SHOUT OUT to Kris Link for handling our files and all of the details very well! We missed you and appreciate you. ~Leon Baker I am so sincerely grateful to Christy and Fran for all the long hours and quick responses!!! You guys make magic happen. Thank you so much!! I LOVE our Underwriting Team!! Thank you for helping our families get into homes, seller’s move on and our referral partners Raving Fans! Academy Underwriters are THE BEST! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ELLIE TRAEGER!!!! What can I say?! You rock Woman!! Sierra & Max! Thank you for jumping in every time its needed. I sure appreciate you both. Mike Larsh- Thank you for your smiley faces and quick responses to title questions to get the file funded. ~Monica Barton Our branch has been consistently hitting records the past few months, and there are a few people who don’t always get recognized for their behind- the-scenes hard work and dedication to help the Legacy Branch, achieve our success: Chealee Carstensen, our amazing set-up person; Tina Helm, who underwrote a LOT of our May & June files; Brandi Albers and Maggie Weekes, our fantastic Closers; Jaycee Crow and Ben Schile, our funders – these individuals are part of the village that helps keep the Legacy Branch rolling – THANK YOU to all of you! ~ Darla Austin

A huge shout out to Jeanne Armstrong, thank you so much for helping keep all our files straight on clean! I can only imagine all the pressure you are under and I hope you know how appreciate you are! A shout out to our entire Underwriting team, you all have been putting in some crazy hours and getting through the files as quick as you can and we all appreciate it so much! Closing and Funding department, I do not envy you guys, I know that you’re the last stop before the loan funds and boy the pressure I know you get to get docs out quickly. It seems like most loans are a rush from processing through UW and then to you and I hope you know how much it means when you get the docs out and loans funded. Truly thank you all! A massive thank you to Tressa Anderson who has helped answer LO questions and problem solving tough files even when you are not working on or processing the files. It means a lot that you are always willing to help even when your very busy yourself! Thank you! Sales Team, I have to say I am truly humbled to work with you all. I know how hard it is to get loans in the door and then to keep the borrowers and referral partners happy during these busy times when getting a file closed is unusually hard and turn times are longer than everyone has grown accustomed to. I hope you all see how strong you are, even when everything seems to be stacked against us you are still “grinding” and getting the loans in the door and closed. You are all truly amazing and I am very honored to work along side of each of you! Angie Bowden, thank you so much for not only working on all the thank you letters for all these closed loans but also all the marketing stuff you do for all of us. Then to top it off you are always willing to do a last minute rush open house flyer for our agents. I know you are busy helping all of us and your willingness to help is very appreciated. Laura Alexander, thank you so much for holding the front office together. You’re a friendly face for all those who are dropping off documents and the wrapping of the thank you gifts is a huge help! On top of that you are keeping the office plants alive for me, one of those plants was given to me 14 years ago when I started at Academy and it means a lot you have taken the time to keep her alive and healthy for me. Thank you! ~Jennifer Bender

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Marissa Bateman Transaction Coordinator Legacy Meridian Idaho I am a true Idahoan girl, I was Welcome Back— Courtney Gabel born and raised in Meridian Processor II and attended Boise State to Alaska earn my Bachelor’s degree. I enjoy hiking/jogging the foothills with my two dogs, going to country concerts around the valley and spending time with family and friends. I’m joining my mom, Carole Bateman, who is a veteran Processor and whom I’m so lucky to be learning the ropes from. So excited to join this team! I was previous with Academy in September of 2016 till March of 2018. I am so happy to be back! I have lived in Alaska since I was 5 and I have two daughters, 9 and 5. We are enjoying the start to summer and getting outside to ride bikes, play at the park, and explore as many new trails Alaska has to offer!

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Jolene Koch Admin Assistant II Nampa Idaho Center Jolene spent 17 years as a dental hygienist and educator before joining the Academy team. She is excited to be a part of the culture of integrity and support here. With two sons, Jolene spends lots of time at basketball games (which her husband also coaches), or at cross country or track meets. She also enjoys getting outdoors, camping and hiking, and gardening when she gets the chance. Tito Hernandez Loan Officer Assistant Tri-Cities, Washington I was born in Mexico, brought to the US in August of 2000. I was raised in Pine Island, Fl. Moved to Washington state in 2010 right after graduating high school. I have fallen in love with the Tri-Cities because I have witness its growth, this is a place that I now identify as home. I spend weekend with my kids, going to the park and staying active. I like to be a home body in the afternoons but I like to stay busy throughout the day. I am bi-literate currently trying to become tri- literate, I am currently practicing/learning American Sign Language on my free time, I also enjoy going for longboard rides and walking the beautiful parks here in Tri- Cities.

MEET OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEES Ashley Craig Transaction Coordinator Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho My name is Ashley Craig and I am 37 years old. I married my best friend 7 years ago. We adopted two of the best rescue dogs ever but isn’t that what every dog parent says? Kirby – our Pitbull/Boxer mix and Paige – Border Collie mix. We live in Coeur d Alene, ID and love anything that has to do with the outdoors. Our favorite thing to do together is dirt bike in the mountains. Dirt biking strengthens our friendship and our marriage. In our spare time we also love traveling, scuba diving, boating, hiking, snow shoeing, riding our bicycles with the dogs, cooking and gardening. I also volunteer at our local Kootenai Humane Society every weekend. I worked in the boating industry for 12 years which was super fun but I realized that I needed a change. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work for Scott Petersen and the crew here at Academy Mortgage. This is definitely where I need to be. I believe in the company’s values and mission. I am really excited to call Academy Mortgage my family and my career choice moving forward. PS: I recently passed my test to become a Loan Officer Assistant.

RECORD VOLUME FOR JUNE Branch Record Volume Last Record Month Last Record Funded Volume Month 20553 - Legacy Meridian (553) 20672 - Walla Walla II (6072) $31,936,055 $30,411,658 1-May-2020 20200 - Nampa (200) $9,404,719 $9,098,042 1-May-2020 21094 - Legacy Office Rental $5,945,986 $5,772,950 $3,459,466 $2,233,126 1-Apr-2020 1-May-2020 LOAN OFFICER RECORD VOLUME RECORD LAST RECORD MONTH FUNDED LAST RECORD MONTH VOLUME MONTH Jason Oswald $12,260,052 1-Jun-2020 $11,327,207 1-Oct-2019 Tera Davis $7,732,398 1-Jun-2020 $7,215,028 1-May-2020 John Spiker $6,753,288 1-Jun-2020 $5,888,405 1-Apr-2020 $3,459,466 1-Jun-2020 $2,233,126 1-May-2020 Mike McLean $3,440,114 1-Jun-2020 $3,009,387 1-May-2017 Georgea Lipinski $1,707,550 1-Jun-2020 $1,613,106 1-Feb-2020 Anne Erickson $1,128,653 1-Jun-2020 $864,475 1-Apr-2020 Teresa Thomas

Top Operations Employees for June Closer Units CloserRegion Funder Units Funder Region Brandi Albers 82 Northwest Jaycee Crow 215 Northwest Maggie Weekes 77 Northwest Mike Larsh 188 Northwest Fran Larsh 77 Northwest Christy Milliren 65 Northwest Gabrielle Rhoades 61 Northwest Vicki Green 34 Northwest Processor Units Processor Darla Austin 49 Region Lacie Zachary 42 Manesseh Castro 36 Northwest Danielle Costa 32 Northwest Pearl Smith 31 Northwest Carole Bateman 28 Northwest Kristine Link 28 Northwest Jen Ploetz 25 Northwest Ann Schnibbe 25 Northwest Jeanne Armstrong 24 Northwest Northwest Northwest Underwriter Units Underwriter Tina Helm 118 Region Carol Martin 55 Karen Ulibarri 48 Northwest Northwest Becky Rawlings 43 Northwest Evelyn Cox 36 Devy Ernst 23 Northwest Northwest Northwest

MAY 2020 TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 30,411,658 MERIDIAN 25,619,302 COEUR D’ALENE WALLA WALLA II 9,355,691 NAMPA IDAHO CENTER 9,098,042 6,828,744 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME David Perry 23,635,141 Jason Oswald 13,126,689 Jason Oswald 21,116,635 David Perry 10,190,252 Scott Petersen 15,831,657 Tera Davis 9,553,933 Tera Davis 14,947,426 Scott Petersen 8,817,491 Leon Baker 13,055,625 Leon Baker 8,139,850 Whittney Curran 11,703,269 Whittney Curran 7,079,913 John Spiker 10,196,984 John Spiker 4,844,684 Ryan Shelby 8,414,249 Monica Barton 4,807,424 Jennifer Bender 7,872,098 Jennifer Bender 4,559,955 Maureen Miller 7,454,150 Mike McLean 4,361,342 “When you make room to have a conversation about the conversation, it can help you break out of the patterns that got your conversation stuck in the first place.” “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better” ~ Jim Rohn

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS MAY 2020 1. David Perry $23,635,141 21. Teresa Dean $3,108,462 2. Jason Oswald $21,116,635 3. Scott Petersen $15,831,657 22. Anne Erickson $2,772,317 4. Tera Davis $14,947,426 5. Leon Baker $13,055,625 23. Lynn Hergenreder $2,575,066 6. Whittney Curran $11,703,269 7. John Spiker $10,196,984 24. Alicia Chaves $2,560,689 8. Ryan Shelby $8,414,249 9. Jennifer Bender $7,872,098 25. Tina Ellis $2,143,537 10. Maureen Miller $7,454,150 11. Monica Barton $6,950,674 26. Tressa Anderson $1,908,863 12. Mike Lipinski $6,554,412 13. Mike McLean $5,692,592 27. Garrit McGuire $1,777,000 14. Vicki Leavitt $5,630,803 15. Michael Julius $3,958,305 28. Teresa Thomas $1,605,053 16. Nichole Thueson $3,956,398 17. Leon McKean $3,641,978 29. Marty Fortier $1,479,509 18. Jim Tackett $3,555,335 19. Austyn Shuman $3,269,153 30. Charles Stevenson $1,396,535 20. Cheryl Lipp $3,179,450 31. Jonathan Michalski $1,283,905 32. Alice Thomas $879,508 33. Kelly Beebe $822,647 34. Carolyn Summerton $710,000 35. Judy Woods $706,327 36. Brenda Heller $545,544 37. Leonard Holladay $442,500 38. Jon Peckham $302,177 39. Andrew Tschida $290,200 40. Adam Zachary $269,020 TOTAL $208,195,193

JUNE 2020 TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 31,936,055 MERIDIAN 19,183,304 COEUR D’ALENE 10,727,792 WALLA WALLA II 9,404,719 NAMPA IDAHO CENTER 6,226,881 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME Jason Oswald 12,260,052 Jason Oswald 9,384,544 David Perry 10,564,465 David Perry 6,096,815 Scott Petersen 7,973,561 Scott Petersen 5,136,395 Tera Davis 7,732,398 Tera Davis 5,127,805 John Spiker 6,753,288 Leon Baker 4,609,936 Leon Baker 6,226,881 Whittney Curran 3,962,353 Whittney Curran 4,990,953 John Spiker 2,966,988 Ryan Shelby 4,077,532 Ryan Shelby 2,488,202 Mike McLean 3,459,466 Mike McLean 2,328,216 Mike Lipinski 3,600,114 Monica Barton 2,090,640 “When you make room to have a conversation about the conversation, it can help you break out of the patterns that got your conversation stuck in the first place.” “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better” ~ Jim Rohn

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS JUNE 2020 1. Jason Oswald $12,260,052 20. Cheryl Lipp $1,512,750 2. David Perry $10,564,465 3. Scott Petersen $7,973,561 21. Nichole Thueson $1,205,630 4. Tera Davis $7,732,398 5. John Spiker $6,753,288 22. Teresa Thomas $1,128,653 6. Leon Baker $6,226,881 7. Whittney Curran $4,990,953 23. Tressa Anderson $1,056,001 8. Ryan Shelby $4,077,532 9. Mike McLean $3,459,466 24. Marty Fortier $1,046,681 10. Mike Lipinski $3,600,114 11. Maureen Miller $3,436,578 25. Teresa Dean $906,805 12. Vicki Leavitt $2,652,962 13. Monica Barton $2,463,590 26. Alicia Chaves $836,876 14. Jennifer Bender $2,262,951 15. Leon McKean $2,234,156 27. Alice Thomas $753,508 16. Michael Julius $1,770,615 17. Austyn Shuman $1,727,553 28. Charles Stevenson $723,620 18. Anne Erickson $1,707,550 19. Jim Tackett $1,672,321 29. Judy Woods $706,327 30. Jonathan Michalski $613,002 31. Tina Ellis $587,362 32. Lynn Hergenreder $553,800 33. Leonard Holladay $442,500 34. Garrit McGuire $429,000 35. Carolyn Summerton $392,000 36. Jon Peckham $114,177 $100,575,678

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