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June 2018 Newsletter

Published by angela.bowden, 2018-07-13 18:17:53

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NW REGIONAL NEWSLETTER HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE June was an interesting month, we were up only 350K from May. The positive is the industry year to date is down 12% and we are up 24% through June. Our problem is with compressed margins and higher individual loan costs it’s a tough industry right now to be making much money. That’s why it is important that every single one of us are ambassadors to the profit and loss statement. We need to continue be careful with overtime on the operations side, LO’s need to be cognizant of pricing and keeping revenue up. I would like everyone to think when you are spending money on supplies, marketing, etc. that it is Adam and Duane’s checkbook and you have an obligation to them to keep expenses in line. Later in the newsletter you will see where the Scotsman Guide announced the top lenders in various categories by state for 2017. I am proud of Leon McKean, Jason Oswald, and Tera Davis for being recognized for being the best in their respective states! I would also like to give a shout out to Jason for qualifying in June for President’s Club and a trip to the Holy Land next year! Summer is a busy time for all of our employee’s and everyone needs some vacation time to charge their batteries. Our Operation Team in the hubs and in the branches are juggling kids out of school, family trips, and a conveyor belt of loans in the pipe- line, you are doing a great job! It is important that we work smart so that we can help cover those taking valuable time off with family and friends. Balance is the key to life. LO’s, LOA’s, and managers please read the back page of the newsletter. The industry is rapidly advancing in how we do business. You are aware of the largest lender in the nation, Quicken and their highly advertised app, “Rocket Mortgage.” With the recent advancements in our “My Mortgage App” gives you and your borrowers the ability to use your phone app to make application. “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, your part of the road.” – Stewart Brand. -Dave Schile

EVELYN COX Did you know….. So you all know… in today’s world we can all encounter the biggest setbacks that we could have never dreamed of encountering…. Academy announces the “PTO donation policy and workday notification”… These guidelines will allow anonymous donations, however, you do have to specify who you want to receive it. Last year when our very own Laurie started her journey, I had inquired about it because in my previous life at Academy that was an option – happy to hear it’s back!. See me with questions. Did you all know…. That within Encompass it allows you some direct links? - See screen below… This can be found on the Home tab within Encompass. Do you do this…. Earlier this week, I was sitting with a few of Bill’s colleagues discussing “life” or what to do about “life”, when we went to pay our tab – to only find someone else had paid it – only requesting that we “pay it forward”. It’s not about the dollar amount, it’s about doing something special for someone not expecting it… Could be coffee in the morning, lunch at the drive thru…. I truly believe in paying it forward and hope you all jump in and realize what a great feeling and how proud I am to be able to do so. Did you know, unless the URL line on your bank printouts in the bank statements is show, along with it being signed/dated by the bank, are the only ones acceptable. Did you know… if you grow garlic with strawberries… you don’t get strawberry flavored garlic, or garlic flavored strawberries…

EVELYN COX Stories.. The Obstacle in our Path There once was a very wealthy and curious king. This king had a huge boulder placed in the middle of a road. Then he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to remove the gigantic rock from the road. The first people to pass by were some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving it, they simply walked around it. A few loudly blamed the King for not maintaining the roads. Not one of them tried to move the boulder. Finally, a peasant came along. His arms were full of vegetables. When he got near the boulder, ra- ther than simply walking around it as the others had, the peasant put down his load and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. It took a lot of effort but he finally succeeded. The peasant gathered up his load and was ready to go on his way when he say a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The peasant opened the purse. The purse was stuffed full of gold coins and a note from the king. The king’s note said the purse’s gold was a reward for moving the boulder from the road. The king showed the peasant what many of us never understand: every obstacle presents an oppor- tunity to improve our condition.

SUSAN HOLMES I hope everyone had a great 4 of July holiday. You th may have had big noisy plans or a quieter holiday. Either way, I hope you took a moment to be grateful for our wonderful country. Most times we are a crazy noisy bunch, but sometimes we show a quieter side. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! The Closing Dept. just wrapped up some offsite training. It’s hard to break away but you know the saying – to cut down the tree, you have to sharpen the axe. I hope each one felt that it was time well spent. I know I took away a lot of useful information. Summer is here, time to knuckle down and work smart to provide the great service our business partners deserve. Go, team!

Our team here at Northwest are AMAZING! You all work day in and day-out to be diligent, to be helpful, as a team. I know when I have to travel with Bill – you all have my back; can’t say that I’m not totally blessed by you all. I want to say a special THANK YOU for all of you have offered or extended the special help for us while we deal with each new adventure we have… You all are truly part of our the family. As each day pass’s we all have our very own challenges…. Always remember… who we are working with also have their own….and we can’t make judgements until we have walked a mile in their shoes. ~Evelyn Cox Shout out to Michelle Fisher……you brought the “Rookie Magic” Michelle! I have enjoyed working with you and even though you are new to this mortgage thing, no one would ever know! Your systematic approach to things and demeanor is so admirable and you balance my spasticness quite nicely. Thank you for being thorough and not afraid! I appreciate you so much. Jonathan Michalski………Jonny, Jon Jon, Jonny Rockets, Jon-Boy and all those things I call you. I can’t tell you enough how much I absolutely need you. I am better at what I do because of you. You are a multi-tasking machine with an amazing sense of humor! I am still convinced we were separated at birth……we flow and I love it! You may NEVER EVER leave me. Thank you sincerely for always being level-headed, finding solutions, laughing in the face of adversity and for the support you give our team. “We are now in this war. We are all in it, all the way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt – 9 December 1941……for you my friend! ~Manesseh Castro SHOUT OUT TO DAVE SCHILE FOR CLEARING OFF EVERYONE’S CARS DURING A SNOW DAY Shout out to NATALIE SVATY for always being willing to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly! She tackles any and every task given to her and I appreciate her willingness to pick up the phone and call anyone! She’s an important part of our team and helps me tremendously! Love you girl!!  ~Lacie Zachary

I’m always so impressed by my team of ladies. Shout out to Lacie – AKA “working from home baby mama” who is able to juggle being a new mom again and take on a full time work load like a champ! Tara – thank you for being so consistent and dependable, even when you’re not feeling well. You really are the best in the business at what you do. Nat – thank you for stepping up your game and for the constant help you’re willing to give each of us. You guys are the best! Blessings and prayers go out to our Heidi Williamson for a speedy recovery. We miss you and are so happy you’re doing well! Props to Dave Perry as well. Huge month with over half his team gone. He still shows up swinging his sword every day regardless what obstacles he’s facing. He’s a great leader! ~Jason Oswald I just wanted to send a shout out to Laura LaHorgue who has recently celebrated her one year anniversary with The Jennifer Bender Team. We are so lucky to have her! Happy Anniversary Laura! ~Jennifer Bender Pearl Smith, Thank you for always being a great team player, and always willing to jump in and help!! Fran Larsh & Christy Milliren, Thank you for always being willing to jump on my rushes!! You both are truly amazing and a huge part of our team!!! Kelly Beebe, Thank you so much for jumping in and helping me while Peal was out, I know you have a million things going on but that shows how amazing you are!! Tressa Anderson, You are so so helpful!! You are always so willing to help and I appreciate that sooo much!! Thank you Laura Alexander!! You are always so helpful and your smile is constant!! ~Vicki Leavitt

I want to give a shout out to The Davis Team, Lynn and Dave for all their support while Denise and I were at Freshman Academy! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well! It was a great experience  ~Jamie Nettles I want to thank the Processing Team from Branch #115 - Tressa Anderson, Casja Law, Pearl Smith & Jeanne Armstrong for helping support me at the Front Desk and working as a Team to Help Cover me up there!!! You guys are the Best! You work together amazing and come through for me when others cannot. “Kudos!” Evelyn Cox – You are hilarious and I love it when you pop out of your shell occasionally to make us all laugh! Ryan Shelby and Jennifer Bender are “Flash” & “Shazam!” - They are like tornados… rolling, crushing the business and rolling out before anyone knows they are gone! ~Laura Alexander Shout out to the INCREDIBLE group of people at The Legacy Group 553! We work hard, have fun, laugh, and lift each other up professionally and person- ally. Meal trains are put together and executed at a minute’s notice, hugs given, sometimes tears shared, and every day you can hear at least one person check- ing on another. I have benefited from this love for years now…what a BLESSED place to spend our days. SO grateful!!  ~Amy Hobbing

I would like to give a Shout Out to my team…just the BEST ladies to work with that I could imagine, and feel so blessed to spend each day with them serving others. Sandi, Dena, Kris, Monica, and Vicki… they’re just wonderful and pleasant ladies who bring a warmth and efficiency to our office that matters to people we write loans for. I thank each of you for being excellent, and “For Coming to Work Today!” Also, as I look forward to the 1 year Anniversary of being part of the Academy Mortgage Family, I would like to recognize the care, effort, grace, and im- mense help that Kelly Beebe, Dave Schile, and Ev Cox have been to us. We are grateful for the late nights, the timely responses, and mountains of grace each of you have given each of us. Thank you! Special shout out to Whittney Curran who input I don’t know how many of our files in the transition…Thank You! ~Leon Baker I would like to give a Shout Out to Tak for putting up with all of our files and not kicking us to the curb. We were so bummed that you could not be in our team pictures so I was sure to make your picture you sent got added appropriately. Introducing the Davis Team: Janessa Goodson, Jenna Provost, Heather McLean, Tera Davis, Jamie Nettles, Denise Vargas, Tak Imanishi. ~Jenna Provost

I would like to extend my appreciation to Tina Helm and Melanie Baldwin for always allowing me to intrude in on their busy day and helping me with all my Underwriting questions. These ladies are truly a blessing, I could not do this job without these ladies sharing their knowledge and wisdom!! Laurie Funston for taking time out of your hectic schedule and letting me shadow her on USDA files and taking time to help me on different scenarios. I sin- cerely value your expertise and guidance!! Estoy muy agradecida! ~Becky Godina I would like to thank Ev for her continuing support every day of every month. She is always there with a positive attitude and her common sense approach to lending takes a lot of stress out of our business. Thank you EV! ~Lynn Hergenreder Shout out to Chealee Carstensen. She is our set-up person and is doing a great job! She has learned so much over the past year and is eager to learn more and make herself more useful to the processors for our branch. And for the past two months’ has been #1 and #3 in the company for her volume. We wouldn’t be as good without her! Thank you Chealee!!! We love you! ~Darla Austin A huge shout out to Kelly Beebe for the team building classes this week. What a gift you gave us! We are already a great team, as our chart showed, but this will help us be a super team. You are a great supervisor (the best I have ever had) I am speaking for all of us when I say we really appreciate your hard work, dedication and compassion for your branch and employees. You Rock!! ~Angela Bowden

CHARITY AND VOLUNTEERING The unified Special Olympics basketball team from Alaska, coached by Leon McKean, won GOLD at the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle during the first week of July!! We are so proud of Leon’s affiliation with this wonderful organization, and were thrilled to watch national TV coverage of our Alaskan athletes competing at such high levels. The team in the picture is the representatives from Missouri, who we played in the championship! The entire Special Olympics event was awesome, as this picture demonstrates!

CHARITY AND VOLUNTEERING Academy sponsored the Jo Shelton Memorial Golf Tournament at the end of May. Tera Davis was hard at work inside with the volunteers all day long, Janessa Goodson and Heather McLean represented Academy at Hole 4. they handed out waters, sodas and smiles to all the awesome participants navigating the beautiful course at Walla Walla Valley Wine Golf Club. It was a record breaking charity event! Care & Share Food Drive and Golf Tournament- Tera Davis is on the board of directors for the care and share food drive and golf tournament in Walla Walla. This fundraiser is the #1 food provider and fundraiser for the local food bank. This is was a RECORD year at the Annual Realtor golf tournament- they raised $40,096 for the food bank. We are looking forward to October when we help with the can food drive! Tera is pictured with other members of the Walla Walla Association of Realtors and the Blue Mountain Action Council.

CHARITY AND VOLUNTEERING The Davis Team concluded its Nominate a Teacher Awards from March- May to 4 local classrooms. These nominations came from the community for the most deserving teachers. Each nomination got them an additional name in the drawing. The winning teacher received a check for their classroom. Pictured is Tera Davis presenting the checks & reading a new book to each classroom. Meet Jesse- He is unique to our town. If you find yourself driving around you will see Jesse (in his bright safety vest) smiling and waving-ready to greet you. He is always on a bike accompanied by a trailer. Due to declining health and multiple accidents the community asked for help purchasing a three wheeled bike at a local bike shop. Tera Davis and her husband Don financially stepped up to make sure he was safe and got his new bike ordered. There are still a few final touches for safety before he gets his bike but he is very excited to say the least.

CHARITY AND VOLUNTEERING The Meridian Legacy branch hosted a blood drive with the American Red Cross June 8 2018 in our 2845 E Overland RD Meridian Location parking lot. Some of the office staff volunteers included: Group photo : left to right Sara Weekes, Danielle Hurd and Nichole Thueson

JUNE NUMBERS TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 18,556,274 MERIDIAN 12,564,454 WALLA WALLA II 3,959,817 NAMPA IDAHO CENTER 3,451,368 COEUR D’ ALENE 2,574,780 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME David Perry 5,763,047 Jason Oswald 5,506,292 Jason Oswald 5,668,888 David Perry 4,866,847 Tera Davis 3,959,817 Tera Davis 3,959,817 Leon Baker 3,595,663 Leon Baker 2,710,563 John Spiker 2,843,492 John Spiker 2,619,492 Vicki Leavitt 2,638,080 Vicki Leavitt 2,264,421 Maureen Miller 2,181,630 Whittney Curran 1,962,296 Terry Anderson 1,977,533 Maureen Miller 1,871,630 Whittney Curran 1,962,296 Jennifer Bender 1,668,058 Jennifer Bender 1,792,058 Ryan Shelby 1,619,238 “ It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit” ~Harry Truman “\"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.\"” --John D. Rockefeller

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS 1. Jason Oswald $5,668,888.00 23. Carolyn Summerton $662,527.00 2. David Perry $5,763,047.00 24. Lynn Hergenreder $897,794.00 3. Tera Davis $3,959,817.00 25 Eloisa Rawson $541,979.00 4. Leon Baker $3,595,663.00 26. Michael Julius $540,896.00 5. John Spiker $2,843,492.00 27. Heidi Bateman $469,158.00 6. Vicki Leavitt $2,638,080.00 28. Brenda Heller $453,100.00 7. Whittney Curran $1,962,296.00 29. Anissa Franklin $639,200.00 8. Maureen Miller $2,181,630.00 30. Monica Barton $398,057.00 9. Jennifer Bender $1,792,058.00 31. Jamie Nettles $383,600.00 10. Ryan Shelby $1,766,266.00 32. Mike McLean $301,647.00 11. Bob Beisly $1,575,729.00 33. Tina Ellis $292,842.00 12. David Moberly $1,434,049.00 34. Dean Gillmore $344,000.00 13. Cheryl Lipp $1,397,464.00 35. Anne Erickson $255,920.00 14. Karen Wright $1,354,008.00 36. Kelly Beebe $246,591.00 15. Terry Anderson $1,977,533.00 37. Kristi Lacroix $481,410.00 16. Mike Lipinski $1,237,248.00 38. Sheryl Ossello $202,000.00 17. Scott Petersen $1,220,083.00 39. Dave Baldwin $201,286.00 18. Michael Louden $1,319,638.00 40. Adam Zachary $153,488.00 19. Angie Prendergast $1,098,777.00 41. Lisa Steinke $103,500.00 20. Leon McKean $910,133.00 42. Alice Thomas $150,000.00 21. Teresa Metz $867,797.00 22. Stephanie Johnson $785,451.00 Total $55,068,142.00

TOP PRODUCERS CLLUB | LAGUNA BEACH 2018 We kicked the summer off by celebrating our Top Producers Club in Laguna Beach, California. Congratulations once again to all our 2017 qualifiers. During the conference, we heard from a live panel composed of President’s Club and Executive Club members who shared a few tips and tricks of the trade and great insight on how to deal with pricing pressure in today’s market. They also provided their perspective on how to utilize Academy’s marketing tools to gain an advantage in your market. They even revealed their unique value proposi- tions that have boosted their production to help them achieve President’s Club and Executive Club. The information provided was extremely valuable, and you are strongly encourage you to watch the Top Producers Panel Interview by clicking here. Thank you to the panel participants:  Jennifer Higgerson, Branch Manager—Fort Collins, CO  Tera Davis, Sales Manager—Walla Walla, WA - pictured below  Jason Klaskin, District Manager—Michigan Tri-State Area  Jake Krabbe, Branch Manager—Scottsdale, AZ

SCOTSMAN’S BEST 2018 Leon McKean Jason Oswald Leon McKean Tera Davis Meridian Best Mortgage Lenders 2018 Jason Oswald David Perry Whittney Curran Nampa Best Mortgage Lenders 2018 Leon McKean Walla Walla Best Mortgage Lenders 2018 Tera Davis

Congratulations to the Top Idaho Housing Lending Partners for Q2 2018! BIRTHDAY’S | WORK ANNIVERSARIES Christy Milliren 5 years Tera Davis 1-Jun-2019 Mary Sindorf 5-Jun-2019 Laurie Funston 3 years Laurie Funston 8-Jun-2019 Tuesday McKean 8-Jun-2019 Cherie Babneau 5 years Alice Thomas 10-Jun-2019 Eloisa Rawson 14-Jun-2019 Leon McKean 23-Jun-2019 Kristine Link 25-Jun-2019 David Moberly 29-Jun-2019

To Access the New 1003 Online Application The new online 1003 is now available and accessible through an opt-in process. To begin using this exciting tool, you must complete the following: Training is mandatory, you must first complete a brief training: A New Way to Apply. 1. At the end of the training, a checklist will appear reflecting the detailed instructions on how to get setup with the new 1003. 2. Within the checklist is a sign-up form that must be completed to gain access to the new online 1003. A My Mortgage App account is required to utilize the new and improved online 1003. Please contact the Marketing Support Team to sign-up for the My Mortgage App. You will receive access to the new online 1003 application the day after you’ve completed the on-demand training and submit- ted the sign-up form. Consumer Online 1003 Features:  Improved consumer experience featuring interview style questions.  Borrower portal with loan status, needs list, and document uploading. Application progress bar shows borrower their progress through the application. Loan Officer Online 1003 Features:  Fully integrated with the My Mortgage App.  Several application versions for faster and more thorough applications.  Email push and/or text notifications when an application is started and completed.  Application is mobile friendly or available natively in the My Mortgage App.  Ability to view borrower data inside the My Mortgage App.  Application is sent directly to Encompass, ready for review and import. Application questions are mapped to blue fields in Encompass. This new and improved online application is an enhanced tool to help you get to 10 loans per month. Complete the new online application training today to upgrade your consumers online application experience.

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