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November 2017 Newsletter

Published by angela.bowden, 2017-12-08 14:43:18

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NW REGIONAL NEWSLETTER HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER I love those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells! It’s that time of year when the 25 days of Christmas calendar starts opening fast. Realtors, builders, and our borrowers are still trying to get loans closed this month. Some loan officers are wanting to hit their 2017 goals and a possible production trip. If there was ever a time to turn on your time management skills, its now. With presents to buy, cards to send, tree’s to trim, holiday parties to enjoy, bowl games to watch, and the celebration of Christmas we need to stay focused in order to accomplish our goals and keep stress levels down, keep in Merry. Adam Kessler at our regional manager meeting last month made it clear that as a company we were not going to take on a large list of initiatives in 2018. He spotlighted the need for Academy to focus on Simplifying and Reducing the way we do business. Too make Encompass easer to navigate, reduce red tape, clearer communication from home office, and shorten the time it takes to close loans. I have always preached that Speed wins. We will continue to see fewer refinances in 2018 and depending on your market possible lower new and existing home inventory’s. We need to go faster than our competition, time to lace up the rollerblades! I am happy to have four Academy branches join our region, we welcome back Cedar Rapids Iowa after leaving us two years ago. We also welcome branches in Des Moines, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Shakopee Minnesota. Their respective managers, Karen Wright, Jason Kaiman, Mike Julius, and Mike Louden will need all our support. A goal not written down is just a dream. Please use the one page business plan to start putting your thoughts together for first quarter 2018. This is a living document that you can keep close and adjust when needed, it can be used for business and your personal life. Wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year! ~Dave Schile

EVELYN COX Wow…. What a November! It seems to have just flown by; didn’t help that we had a very short month with Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and black Friday all thrown in the month (19 working days). Then to add to the shortness, we were down a team member for part of that; but with “all hands on deck” we seemed to successfully keep up and on top of the files. One of the things that I appreciate about our group/company, is that everyone is so will- ing to jump in and do anything they can to make it all go smoother, to that I’m grateful and appreciative of the efforts. Experiencing this all first-hand just re-enforces the fact that Academy Mortgage is truly the Best Place to Work. FNMA is constantly making changes to the Seller’s guidelines, make sure that you are double checking in Channel A on scenarios you don’t do very often; (i.e. Cash out refi- nances – borrower must be in title for most recent 6 months – cannot be in LLC’s name). Freddie Mac now having reserve calculations included in your findings. More excit- ing is that FHFA has increased the maximum conforming loan amounts; in our area’s that will help not having to go with Jumbo products. I know l sound like a broken record, but we really need to do more Day 1 Certainty files; for both income and assets; it’s a great tool for us all. We should try it from the Orig- inator to the Processor to the Underwriter. If needed there are Job Aids in the Knowledge Exchange in Channel A. Channel A has an enormous amount of information to be used. Remember the reason for the season and what it stands for; I think I was always taught it’s better to give than receive. When our kids were all young, we would be secret Santa’s for families that were less fortunate than us. The tradition was we would have 2 or 3 fami- lies get together; compile the gifts and dinner for the families, then on Christmas Eve we would secretly put the items on their door steps. We would all load back up into the cars and the fastest person would knock on the door – and then run. (Yes there are funny sto- ries about that). To this day our kids (now all adults) talk about how it made them feel and what it taught them. Last but definitely not least… You all have done an incredible job of supporting me and my family while we deal with the loss of our Mom. Words just can’t explain just how touched and loved it has made me feel. We thank you all from the very bottoms of our hearts for all the compassion, concern and care shown.

SUSAN HOLMES Here are a few things I’d like to share that will help your file move through the closing process more smoothly: Send all change of circumstance loan estimates (COC LEs) as soon as the changes occur. All changes must be delivered to the borrower at least one day prior to sending the initial closing disclosure. Prior to requesting closing docs, clear all compliance fails, key pricing alerts and AUS alerts. Not sure how? Give me a call at 208-475-5314. When requesting closing docs, communication is key. Confirm sign and fund dates with all parties, then include the dates in your doc request email. It’s also helpful to alert the closer of any special needs such as docs out early for out of town signers. Step outside of your comfort zone. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

Introducing one of our newest employees: JEN PLOETZ with Nampa, Idaho Branch 200 308 12th Avenue Road, Nampa, ID 83686 I am a 4th generation native. My passions include most anything that involves the outdoors. I am an avid hiker, skier, camper and simply just mesmerized by nature in general. I am really excited to be a part of the Academy family and look forward to a very long future here. GO BRONCOS!!!! Charity and Community Involvement Hayden Leavitt (left) and Laney Leavitt (right) provided three families with enough food for a entire Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Whittney Curran contributed $100.00 to help out with the cost. THE EMPTY BOWL project last Month Left to right Alice Thomas, Susan Holmes, Jaycee Crow, Angela Bowden, Sydney Alexander and Laura Alexander. Eveylyn Cox and Stacey Irish bowls not shown.

Below: Chealee Carstensen and a whole bunch of pies! Legacy Meridian, and Overland Branch in Idaho, presented pies to their Realtor Partners to say ”Thank You” for their business. This is the 3rd year that the Legacy Branch has done this and they are getting a good response. OUR NEWEST ADDITION TO THE NORTHWEST REGION Cedar Rapids, Iowa Branch Back row: Luke Turner, Karen Wright, Samantha Solem Front row: Lisa Miles, Anna Wilson A few employees from Meridian Legacy Branch and Meridian Overland Branch in Idaho, took a trip to the New Meridian Temple. Brandi Albers, Mike McLean, Darla Austin, Dave Perry, Lacie Zachary, Dave Schile, Amy Hobbing, Natalie Svaty, David Moberly, Tara Haglund, Taurean Haglund (Tara’s husband), and Jason Oswald.

I would like to shout out to Susan Holmes! She is the closing team’s cheerleader and is doing an amazing job of bringing all of the closers together with efficiency while still fostering a family atmosphere! ~Jonathan Michalski The Leon Baker Team Each member of the Leon Baker Team has been more than willing to help whenever asked, which has made my life so much easier. Whether it is how to find a form, how to renew a license, how to communicate more effectively, an effective greeting in the hall---“it’s going to be a great day”, and without even asking---sending a Thanksgiving video to my database. This is a TEAM to watch and take notes! Congratulations and thanks for “cheering me on”! I appreciate EACH OF YOU! God Bless YOU ALL! ~ Carolyn Summerton I want to give a big THANK YOU to Jeanne Armstrong for always having fresh coffee ready when I get here in the morning. She ROCKS! ~ Tina Helm To the Bender & Shelby Teams ~ Thank You for that Lovely Thanksgiving Feast in the Office! Angela Bowden, Pearl Smith, Jeanne Armstrong, Casja Law & Paulette Martinez for helping cover me while I was out ~”You are the Best!” Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday this Season! ~Laura Armstrong HUGE shout out to Manessa “Clinkerdagger” Castro. She processed 13 purchases and 6 refi’s for us. 6 of the 13 purchases closed early (could have been 10 if the sellers’ were ready), and all of the refi’s were done quickly. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Scott Petersen

I would love to give Georgea Lipinski a shout out!! She has been an incredible trainer and mentor.. I am incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to train under her and to be given the tools I need to become successful, efficient and thorough at what I do. She is an incredible asset to this company!! ~Jen Ploetz I would like to thank our Underwriting and Closing Team that makes us look good every day. This year will be our best year ever and we have had the fewest sleepless nights due to the common sense and dedication of our entire team. We are very blessed to work at Academy Mortgage in the Northwest Region. THANK YOU!!!! ~Lynn Hergenreder BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to The McKean Team in Alaska. We work diligently every month to close loans on time and provide a level of customer service which brings referrals from happy customers. Just recently, we received an e-mail from a customer who “sincerely appreci- ated our patience, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile to answer all of his ques- tions, return his phone calls, and generally be available to help in a variety of ways.” A client also dropped off a “Thank You” gift basket to the Wasilla Branch – he, too, was very appreciative of our help to complete his home purchase; it was their first home. (Warm fuzzy here…) BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helps Academy shine: Mary, Annemarie, Ellie, Sierra , Tuesday, Dave Schile and the ENTIRE Idaho Ops! ~Leon and Tuesday McKean

Monica Pilot—I wanted to say that you are doing a great job on File Setup! I am seeing all the info filled out correctly and all the stuff we need readily available! Well done!  ~Johnathan Michalski BIG SHOUT OUT to KELLY BEEBE for making my Marketing work life easier this Christmas Season. The new mail meter is amazing! No stuck or mangled envelopes and it adds “Season Greetings” with a picture of bells and bows to the stamp. La teee Da!! I am one happy camper! Why is it always the little things that matter most? Happy Holidays to all! ~Ang. Bowden Shout out to Dave Schile and Kelly Beebe for purchasing a new copier, scanner, printer for the Closing, Funding, Underwriting Department. The machine we were using was over 10 years old and after billions of copies, scans and printing we were more than happy to push it out into the street and watch it go bye, bye. What a happy little department we are now. ~Closing | Funding | Underwriting with the Meridian Main Office

NOVEMBER NUMBERS TOP FIVE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION Meridian 10,420,668 Legacy Meridian 8,157,010 Coeur D’ Alene 5,252,311 Meridian Overland 4,999,254 Nampa 12th Avenue 3,114,275 TOP TEN IN VOLUME TOP TEN IN PURCHASE VOLUME Jason Oswald 5,153,104 Jason Oswald 5,153,104 Scott Petersen 5,069,911 Scott Petersen 2,522,135 David Perry 2,682,043 Leon McKean 2,251,871 Leon McKean 2,251,871 Ryan Shelby 2,508,609 Ryan Shelby 2,508,609 David Perry 2,293,927 Jennifer Bender 2,144,373 Jennifer Bender 1,954,373 Terry Anderson 1,929,381 Whittney Curran 1,717,239 Whittney Curran 1,864,539 Leon Baker 1,605,367 Leon Baker 1,856,439 Mike Lipinski 1,494.420 John Spiker 1,602,137 Terry Anderson 1,427,030 Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” ~Colin Powell

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS 1. Jason Oswald $5,153,104 23. Heidi Bateman $758,660 2. Scott Petersen $5,069,911 24. Maureen Miller $697,542 3. David Perry $2,682,043 25. Teresa Thomas $606,750 26. Lynn Hergenreder $605,888 4. Leon McKean $2,521,871 27. David Moberly $501,125 5. Ryan Shelby $2,508,609 28. Dave Baldwin $388,800 6. Jennifer Bender $2,144,373 29. Steve Linnenkamp $380,000 7. Terry Anderson $1,929,381 30. Brenda Heller $369,000 8. Whittney Curran $1,864,539 31. Luke Turner $361,889 9. Leon Baker $1,856,439 32. Michael Julius $323,700 10. John Spiker $1,602,137 33. Tina Ellis $315,279 11. Tera Davis $1,582,317 34. Mike McLean $312,613 12. Mike Lipinski $1,554,420 35. Sheryl Ossello $238,500 13. Teresa Metz $1,389,076 36. Sydney Warner $218,250 14. Vicki Leavitt $1,276,224 37. Lance Sweet $211,105 15. Carolyn Summerton $1,257,836 38. Dean Gillmore $202,020 16. Cheryl Lipp $1,242,150 39. Craig Soelberg $193,800 17. Karen Wright $1,010,848 40. Anne Erickson $182,400 18. Robert Beisly $935,743 41. Adam Zachary $175,500 19. Dalton Clark $934,191 42. Jason Kaiman $170,000 20. Kristi Lacroix $925,547 43. Michelle Mireles $146,000 21. Susie Manweller $862,343 44. Lisa Miles $133,000 22. Anissa Franklin $789,539 TOTAL $48,584,462

Convert Prospects to Partners Building relationships with Realtors and builders requires consistency A lot of real estate offices don’t out when they’re showing their and builders, are the Ho- accept drop-ins, however, so you model homes. Another option is ly Grail of loan origination be- will need another way to meet to con- duct a public records cause they can provide a continu- these prospects. The same often search on new construction and al source of new borrowers. goes for real estate developers and development permits or request- Whether you’re a new mortgage builders. ed residential zoning changes. originator looking to establish One of the easiest ways to meet yourself or a veteran trying to ex- real estate agents is through open Don’t arrive empty pand your business, the best way houses. Search online to find out handed to establish new relationships is to when and where to show up. Many The key to a successful first take a methodical approach to agents use social media to share meeting is planning. Know what marketing yourself. their listings and open houses. In you can do for a prospective part- Successful marketing programs addition to weekend open houses, ner before you show up. Do not are based on consistency. Some some markets have brokers’ open simply go in and ask prospects to originators expect one marketing houses during the week specifical- give you their business. You are effort to build their career. It is ly for the real estate community. there to help them and their cus- important to keep your expecta- Call a local real estate office and tomers — your mutual clients. tions in check, or you can get dis- ask if your area has brokers’ open couraged and disappointed with houses. Help can come in many forms, the results. Marketing takes effort, Another way to build rapport but be mindful of Real Estate so make it a regular, mandatory with agents is to initiate relation- Settlement Procedures Act, or part of your business. RESPA, guidelines and your ships before they start doing busi- company’s policies if you plan to Even loan originators who have ness. Offer your time as a mortgage bring a gift to a meeting. Don’t achieved success from past mar- expert at a local real estate give anything too extravagant. keting efforts need to make the school. You can gather contact Better yet, check with your com- effort to stay consistent, especially info when you make your presenta- pany before giving anything out. as they become busy. One good tion — or afterward with a text way to maintain consistency is to campaign — and provide your Some loan originators bring work with your company’s mar- presentation materials after stu- care packages for the Realtor or keting team, which can help you dents submit their contact info. builder’s representative when create — and maintain — a long- Make sure to send a personal they arrive at an open house or term program. model home. This can be a cold note of congratulations to gradu- bottle of water in the summer, Now that you’re mentally set for ates. Ask for a meeting and offer snacks or other amenities like a the long haul, it’s time to get go- to be a source of experience as cell phone charger. ing. they begin their careers. Be the catalyst that helps launch their Providing an item or two that Human interaction careers by providing their clients ties into the local area is a nice matters with top-notch mortgage services. touch. Maybe there’s a shop fa- mous for its chocolate chip cook- There’s no replacement for face-to Builders can be more difficult to ies, or a local brand of iced tea. -face meetings. In today’s busy locate because they don’t often Make sure to include a few world, many originators think use social media to announce branded items as well, like a pen connecting electronically is their housing developments. They or pad of paper with your com- enough. It’s not. You are the most do, however, host events similar to pany’s name. And never forget important part of your brand, and open houses to showcase model your business cards. you will have to work 10 times homes. Most new residential de- harder to distinguish yourself velopments will have a sign that electronically as you will in names the builder. Jot down this Continued person. Get out there. info and call the builder to find

When you talk about your solely on automated elec- nators have great success team’s speed, be specific tronic communications. sponsoring local events and quantify everything. Don’t make this mistake. and industry meetings, The difference between Reach out directly with but they often don’t real- saying you’re fast and personal communica- ize how much more they showing exactly how fast tions, like phone calls, can obtain by simply ask- you are can be the differ- several times a year. ing for extra branding ence between winning the Hand-written notes are and face time. Once you relationship and getting great because so few peo- secure the event, take it a brushed off. ple send them, which step further and leverage Whatever you do, have a makes it easy to stand the investment to earn plan. Know what you can out. media attention. Do a so- offer, target your specific One rule of thumb here cial media push as well. audience and don’t show is “don’t give up.” Suc- Cultivating business rela- up empty handed. cessful originators follow tionships builds careers, but marketing yourself to Follow up up consistently, regardless potential prospects is a of how long it has been more than since the initial meeting full-time job that requires commitment and con- — even if that means once years. You don’t need to sistency. This can be a call every day or week, but huge balancing act when Congratulations. At this maintain personal contact you’re already busy origi- point, you should have through a note or phone nating loans, meeting made some introductions call a few times a year until with clients and pro- with potential business that person becomes a spects, and managing partners. Make sure to regular business source. your pipeline. collect business cards at Use your CRM or electron- Do yourself a favor. En- every meeting. When you ic calendar to set remind- gage your company’s or get back to your office, ers at regular intervals to your lender’s marketing put the new contact info reach out and build your department. These expe- into your customer rela- network. rienced professionals are tionship management there to help you succeed. (CRM) software and work Watch for new Just as you are an expert with your company’s mar- opportunities at originating and closing keting department to set loans, marketing profes- up follow-up campaigns One final piece of advice: sionals are experts at for each connection. Part of successfully mar- helping you get your foot keting yourself is thinking in the door. With this A good follow-up cam- outside the box. Stay on paign uses a combination the lookout for additional marketing help, you can of communication meth- opportunities. When you establish the consistency ods, like e-mails, text find them, think of ways it takes to build your busi- messages, hand-written to leverage them even fur- ness with far less effort on notes and phone calls. ther. your part. Many originators neglect the power of personal- Take sponsorships, for ex- ized prospecting and rely ample. Many loan origi-

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