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Monthly Newsletter Publication

Published by angela.bowden, 2017-08-11 16:50:14

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NW REGIONAL NEWSLETTER HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE MONTH OF JULY Summer continues to be HOT in most of our markets, and I am not just talking about the weather. July’s locked pipeline was up from June, appli- cations were about the same, and closings were down 1.6%. Admirable considering we had 3 fewer work days in July. The industry, and most of Academy’s other regions saw 10-30% lower closings, I would say we did pretty darn good with July being our second best month over the last 12! Great Job Team! The hard work of building relationships and providing 1 Choice service St over the years is paying dividends to many of our Sales Team. Your purchase centric business plan of taking care of your realtors, builders, sphere of influence, and data base shows that you truly reap what you sow. If you are not seeing your goals coming to fruition then it’s time to sharpen your saw, the business is there, and someone is going to get it, why not you? I know sometimes I sound redundant in my praise to our Operations Team but I have been in this industry for longer than many of you have had birth- days and I continue to be amazed at the team work from our support group and processors, handing off to our underwriters, then closers and funders, you really run a beautiful relay! Please know your loyalty and hard work do not go un-noticed by our home office Executive Team, they too see the qual- ity in your performance. August is a great month, County Fairs, outdoor concerts, farmers markets, floating and boating, camping and s’mores, and for many of us a “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” Next month’s newsletter we will be introducing our new extended family from the former First Mortgage Group. All of you who have been helping them with transition, THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Dave Schile

EVELYN COX The month of July was good and hot and it went way to fast! Headed into the time of year when farm fresh produce is available and delicious. Some people think I might be crazy but Bill and I go for drives out to the country (Fruitland) to buy our produce; it’s a nice drive along the back roads and they have amazing Ambrosia corn and Hermiston watermelon. Time of year is coming for back to school, college football (GO BRONCOS); professional football (Go Kellen Moore) and fall vacations. ~Ev


I am so proud to work with such a giving group of people. In the last few months, there have been so many of you that have reached out to offer assistance to each other that it’s just an awesome feeling to know that we may be busy and lost in our own lives, but can take a moment to do something kind for a fellow worker. ~Evelyn Cox Operations Team – I can’t say it enough, but you all are amazing, thank you for stepping in and helping while I was out taking care of Bill. You all had an amazing month of volume, rush’s the petes/re-petes - and made it all happen. Thank you and Great Job! ~Evelyn Cox (should have posted last month) Shout out to Laurie Funston; for taking on the challenge before her by the horns with a positive and determined attitude. ~Evelyn Cox Big Shout Out to our entire team! The Rathdrum Team and I are very impressed with the dedication and commitment of our underwriting, closing, and funding SHOUT OUT TO DAVE SCHILE FOR CLEARING teams. You are ALL very passionate about serving our OFF EVERYONE’S CARS DURING A SNOW DAY clients. I just want you ALL to know how much I appreciate that passion and commitment to qualify customer service. THANK YOU!!!!! HUGS TO YOU ALL! ~Teresa Metz

I want to thank everyone for the concerns and prayers following the recent death of my mother. I would like to extend an extra shout out to Evelyn Cox for covering for me while I was out. ~Tina Helm CASJA LAW – for “Stepping up and covering Reception when it wasn’t even her week! It was a selfless act that will not be soon forgotten.” Thank You! PAULETTE MARTINEZ – for helping clean up after an end-of- month Luncheon! You Rock! BONNIE MAXWELL – for going out of her way to greet me every day! It is the Best Way to Start your day and helps with your self-esteem! Thanks Bonnie! EVELYN COX, CRAIG BALLHAGEN & Everyone else that helped me run doc’s so they can get to funding this last 2-weeks! You all put the “T” in Teamwork!! Cheers to You!! ~Laura Alexander Brandi and I want to give a shout out to Lacie, Darla, and Miranda here at the Legacy branch for working so hard to get CD’s submitted to Brandi and I ahead of time. That was so helpful so that Brandi and I could try to stay ahead of the game. Your files always have what we need to get our jobs done and we are so thankful for you! ~Modesty Martinez & Brandi Albers

I would like to do a shout out to all of our operations staff. We could not hit these numbers and put all these people in homes with on time closings without you. I love to see how well we support each other. ~Lynn Hergenreder Shout out I would like to thank the whole team at Legacy. I have never worked with a more “Team-Oriented” group. Everyone always seems to be ready, willing and able to jump in wherever they’re needed. Thank you ~Mike McLean The underwriters and closers are doing an awesome job with all the extra opportunities.. You all; you all are awesome, and I cannot thank you enough for the team work! Thank you for the weekend work.. you all are star of rocks (meaning you all are AWESOME)! ~Ev I would like to give a “shout out” to Fran Larsh, Christy Milliren and Brandi Albers in the Meridian Closing Offices. These three Ladies go above and beyond the call of duty and they always have a great “can-do” attitude. They often work late and even on weekends just to meet a deadline by getting ei- ther the CD or documents out. They are “cape wearing wonder women”. I always ask if they have their wizard cape with them at work when I need to ask for a rush. Thank you all! ~Carole Condon

I wanted to point out the outstanding work Tak Imanishi and Carol Condon exemplified on a certain file this month. Because Tak and Carole went the extra mile to truly analyze and explain the file, I can assure you the file is stronger, and more saleable to our investors. They both did a fantastic job!!! ~Ed Clausen, Pre-closing Quality Assurance Underwriter, Rolling Meadows, IL., Per ~ Dean Gillmore “I’d like to send a shout out to Darla Austin. She processed & funded over $7.4 million in volume in July. That my friends is Rock Star type stuff! Nice work!” “Seems like we’re always giving kudos to Laurie Funston, and the truth is… She ALWAYS deserves it! She saved my backside a couple of times in July, and I can’t believe what we’re able to ac- complish with her as part of our amazing team!” “Jason and I wanted to simply express our gratitude for each member of our operations team. They are flat out amazing, work their guts out, and do it all with a smile. There is absolutely NO WAY we could come even close to doing what we’ve been able to do without such an amazing group of people to hang around each day. I’d put you guys up against any mortgage company anytime, anywhere, period!” “A big welcome to Modesty Martinez who joined our branch a little over a month ago. Having her here to help manage the crazi- ness has been a total game changer. Can’t tell you how great it is to have you here!” ~Dave Perry

I want to shout out to the closing department, I have been in the mortgage industry for 28 years and have the privilege of working for several different companies and I am so impressed with our closing department!!!!! They rock closing and one of big reasons I love working here. Thank you Fran, Christy, Brandi for always going above and beyond. ~Ela Conner I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Ann Schnibbe for always going the extra mile for us. She was out of the office for vacation and upon returning jumped right back on track and made sure nothing was missed. We could not come close to doing what we do without and want her to know how very valuable she is! Thank you Ann! Also, I handed out water last night for the National Night Out as part of my role in the Exchange Club. It was not an “Academy” direct volunteer but we made a presence none the less! ~Tera Davis Aaron Page (Loan Officer in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho) coaching youth baseball for Post Falls Parks and Recreation. AARON PAGE AND SON

MEET OUR NEW EMPLOYEE FOR JULY WELCOME TO MANESSEH (MO) CASTRO SPOKANE, WASHINGTON BRANCH I am married and a mother of 2 children, a 4 ½ year old daughter named Karis and 1 year old boy named Elias. My husband Carlos works in the Pharmaceutical industry. I am originally from Seattle and I’ve been in Spokane for 12 years. I got my start in this business by working my way up. Starting as a teller then on to a couple different finance companies until I landed in mortgage. I started so far back that I was printing closing docs on typewriter’s! Having started in the finance/banking industry so young, I managed to buy my first house at the age of 22. I went on to invest in Real Estate and within 10 years, I had owned 4 properties. I am also a licensed Cosmetologist. I ran a full service salon out of my home while raising my daughter. Then I got bored and had to work outside of the home! I love animals, purses and pens…..and I collect them all! I currently rescue cats and I have 8 of them…..Huey, Kramer, Otis, Cola, Kiwi, Bitzy, Tilda, Hazel. I have 2 dogs, Jemima and Millie. At one time in my life, I owned 200 purses. My favorite things to do are spending time with my family and going out with the girls for some shameless karaoke. I will sing anything that comes on the screen. I’m not shy. My favorite show is and will always be F.R.I.E.N.D.S and my goal is to own a place and recreate it to look just like the set of Monica’s apartment. I’ve often thought about opening a coffee shop to look just like Central Perk also. I’m enjoying being at Academy and have found the people here to be very genuine and helpful.

The CDA/Spokane offices had a Realtor Appreciation Group night at the Spokane Indians game. They had a turnout of over 100 realtors and their families. Angie Prendergast with Recycle Man Danielle, Angie and Carli Cheering on the Spokane Indians Left to right: Teresa Metz Stacia Page Anne Erickson and Daughter Scott Peterson and Sons.

LEGACY BRANCH, MERIDIAN, IDAHO - BBQ BLAST AT JASON OSWALDS Great food, great friends, amazing location, and shenanigans. Boys (and girl) had a friendly fight with whip cream, payback for last years water fight.

JULY NUMBERS TOP THREE BRANCHES IN THE NORTHWEST REGION LEGACY MERIDIAN 13,854,602 MERIDIAN 12,522,673 COEUR D’ ALENE 4,643,183 TOP FIVE IN VOLUME TOP FIVE IN PURCHASE VOLUME David Perry 6,619,460 Jason Oswald 5,674,600 Jason Oswald 5,955,089 David Perry 5,598,037 Tera Davis 3,951,256 Tera Davis 3,818,972 Leon McKean 3,443,265 Leon McKean 3,160,265 Scott Petersen 2,650,731 Terry Anderson 2,493,461 “I never dreamed about success, I worked for it”. ~Estee Lauder “If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing, love what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing”. ~ Will Rogers

NORTHWEST LOAN OFFICERS 1. David Perry $6,619,460 17. Georgea Lipinski $832,913 2. Jason Oswald $5,955,089 18. Aaron Page $766,117 3. Tera Davis $3,951,256 19. Susie Manweller $713,176 4. Leon McKean $3,443,265 20. Dave Baldwin $604,960 5. Scott Petersen $2,650,731 21. Steve Linnenkamp $578,105 6. Terry Anderson $2,493,461 22. Craig Ballhagen $562,474 7. Whittney Curran $2,209,411 23. Lynn Hergenreder $518,878 8. Vicki Leavitt $2,144,535 24. Dalton Clark $449,460 9. Ryan Shelby $1,949,056 25. Tina Clarke $390,344 10. Maureen Miller $1,761,338 26. Mike Lipinski $324,080 11. Jennifer Bender $1,402,398 27. Frank Keller $310,000 12. Teresa Metz $1,308,176 28. Lance Sweet $230,743 13. Anne Erickson $1,226,335 29. Alice Thomas $217,500 14. Cheryl Lipp $1,191,705 30. Michelle Mireles $200,000 15. Dean Gillmore $1,090,250 31. Adam Zachary $171,830 16. Mike McLean $908,223 Total Volume $47,175,269

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