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Published by mbaldacchino, 2016-03-31 10:22:24

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BPrroodchuucrte innovation

Message from Amstore “ Thank you for taking the time to browse through our product brochure. I hope you will find something of interest in here that is suitable for your project or will simply help create ideas for you to use another time. Here at Amstore we work very hard to impress everyone we work with from taking a client brief right the way through designing conceptual products, prototyping and mass producing the finished product.“ProductOur goal has always been to amaze our clients and our client’s clients in our bid to crush the competition.. Amstore has evolved from a CD and DVD replication facility to a market leader in design and manufacture of marketing Brochure& promotional products for just about every business sector that is out there. As our product design and innovation flair has expanded, so have our manufacturing capabilities; producing engaging and unique products for agencies and brands around the world who count on us to deliver impressive and inspired solutions. We now offer clients an end to end solution for design manufacture fulfillment distribution, and with offices in UK, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and USA, our global reach is vast. We welcome the opportunity to work with everyone from start up companies to established market leaders. ProductMarcelo Bustamante Page 2 BrochureManagiinngnoDviareticotnorProduct Brochure innovation

Product Index ProductVideoPak Page 3 4 DSD Box 17 25 BrochureFlyVision Displays 28 Custom Shaped USB 34 36 USB & SD Cards 43 46 Digital Key 58 59 CD & DVD Production innovation Creative Packaging Our Clients ProductThe Amstore Journey BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure

VideoPak ®What is a VideoPak..?ProductA video screen cleverly fused into print and packaging. Itis a high quality, premium multimedia marketing product.BrochureWhat does it do..?It allows you to watch a video (with sound) as well asreading printed pages. It is small, portable and coolcommunications device thatis at the cutting edge of directmarketingWhat makes it special..?It is new, customisable, impressive and it will always grabpeoples attention. Without failIn short....Productimportant video messages, to important people in a highlyVideoPak is a clever little product designed to communicateBrochureengaging way innovationProduct Brochure Page 4 innovation

VideoPak Page 5 ® slider-series How It Works innovation • Custom designed software powers & controls the packs • Custom designed PCBA Houses the electronics Product• Micro-thin LCD screen so you can watch the video Brochure• Built in speaker offers great audio quality • Lithium re-chargeable battery so you can recharge the pack • Magnetic sensors for automatic activation • Micro-USB connector and cable allows recharging & video transfer • Built in flash memory means videos can be pre-loaded or added later Product BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure

VideoPak Why VideoPak? PBrroodchuucrte • UK design, development, printing, assembly and QC. Product® 7inch screen • UK held stock to allow quick turn around times and global delivery. Brochureinnovation • China electronic manufacture to ensure cost effective production and leadingProduct Brochure electronics expertise. • UK customer service and artwork support for professional, quick and friendly communication. • Product experience. We have successfully produced delivered VideoPaks for many of the worlds leading brands all around the world. • Global delivery. We distribute VideoPaks all around the world and we have offices in South Africa, HK, New Zealand, Australia, USA) • Competitive pricing. As the leading manufacturer of VideoPak, we offer value through volume and pass cost savings to the client. • RoHS, CE certified product • VideoPak is the original and leading manufacturer of Video brochures to the trade and end user Page 6 innovation

VideoPak Page 7 Ideas for Use • Promotions • PR • Marketing Product• Brand identification • Communications • VIP Brochure• Direct marketing • Give aways / hand outs • Events & exhibitions • Promotional brochures • Luxury invitations • Luxury business cards • Showreels We are also able to offer additional services around the manufacture of VideoPak: • Fulfilment / collation • Mail out services (uk or global) * 1st class / 2nd class * Recorded / registered Product * Courier: trackable / signed-for BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

VideoPak Product options • Range of product sizes • Custom design shape / die-cutChoice of print finishing Product(Laminated, Embossed, Spot Varnish, Foil-block) • Selection of Screen sizes Brochure• Various Flash Memory capacity depending on video file size • Product materials (card, rigid board, plastic, aluminium, velvet, leather, PVC) Product Page 8 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

VideoPak Technical Specifications BPrroodchuucrte Built-in memory: Volume control: Product 512MB as standard, Available, additional feature Brochureinnovation approx. 60mins of video Viewing movies: Product Brochure (depending on compression) Press button will stop previous LCD: version and start new one. 2.4” / 3.0” / 4.3” / 5.0” as standard Recharging: Playback time: Done via the USB cord that connects Typically 2 hours + directly to your PC/MAC. Recharge Battery: time is approx. 3-4 hours Rechargeable lithium battery Transfer files: Screen resolution: Simply place the files as you 2.4”: 320px x 240px would an external storage device, 3.0”: 400px x 240px connected via a USB cable. 4.3”: 480px x 272px Connection: 5.0”: 480px x 272px High speed USB 2.0 Movie Files: MPEG, AVI Trigger: Auto start and push button Page 9 innovation

VideoPakStandard Screen SizesProduct Screen in relation to our A5 VideoPak Screen in relation to our A5 VideoPak Screen in relation to our A5 VideoPakBrochureScreen in relation to our A5 VideoPak2.4” Screen 3.0” Screen 4.3” Screen 5.0” ScreenL x H: 48mm x 36mm L x H: 63mm x 38mm L x H: 94mm x 52.5mm L x H: 108mm x 64.5mm Diagonal: 109mm Diagonal: 126mmDiagonal: 61mm Diagonal: 73.5mm Video Codec: XVID Video Codec: XVID Format: avi, 25fps Format: avi, 25fpsVideo Codec: MJPEG Video Codec: XVID Bit rate: 700 kbit/s (or higher) Bit rate: 700 kbit/s (or higher) Video: yuv420p, 480 x 272 Video: yuv420p, 480 x 272Format: avi, 15fps Format: avi, 25fps Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 64 Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 64 kb/s kb/sBit rate: 700 kbit/s (or higher) Bit rate: 700 kbit/s (or higher)Video: yuv420p, 320 x 240 Video resolution: 400 x 240Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 64 Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 64kb/s kb/sProductBrochureinnovationProduct Brochure Page 10 innovation

Standard Product SizesBPrroodchuucrteMicro-Series 2.4” screen A6 2.4” screen 3” screen90mm x 52mm 148mm x 105mm 210mm x 119mm ProductA5 4.3” screen 5” screen Brochureinno2v1a0tmiomn x 148mm 214mm x 156mmProduct Brochure Page 11 innovation

VideoPak VideoPak for Mail Outs Door Drop - User Experience • Our high quality premium product is manufactured 1. Pack arrives via Royal Mail 2. User opens envelope and 3. Opens 4pp book – with DM in mind removes protective case video starts to play Product• High open rates & readership figures 4. Change video by selecting di erent video buttons 5. Recharging / changing videos by connecting to a PC with Cable provided • Readership impact can be more than 8 times the Page 12 Brochurecirculation with a shelf life of several months. • Robust & well designed product –drop tested & test mailings • Electronics are set in a custom designed carrier that protects each component through the delivery process • Modified electronic connections that will endure stress to enhance performance for DM. Product BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

VideoPak VideoPak Micro-Series Personalised print and video • Approximately the size of a credit card • Packed with many of the same impressive features as it’s bigger brothers BPrroodchuucrte • Light weight (approx 40g) • Just 7mm thick Product Page 13 ® micro-series Brochureinnovation innovationProduct Brochure

VideoPak RESPOMNeaSsEurTeRmAenCtK&INPeGrfo1r:mDaingciteal MReEaSsuPOreNmSeEnTktRe&AyCPKeIrNfoGrm1: aDnigcietal Measurement & Performance RESPORNESSPEOTNRSAECTKRAINCkGeKyI2N:GQ1R: Dciogidtaels keyProductRESPONSE TRACKING 1BrochureDigital Key.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................RESPONSE TRACKING 2QR Codes......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ProductRESPONSE TRACKING 3BrochurePromotional Codiensno/vSatciorantch Off...................................................................................................................................................................................................Product Brochure Page 14 innovation

VideoPak Gallery PBrroodchuucrte Product Page 15 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

VideoPak Page 16 ® touch-screen Summary innovation VideoPak combines all that is good in print (tactile) but with the advantages of multi-sensory communication Product(audio-visual). • New to the market • High quality premium product. It has been referred to Brochureas ‘YouTube in a brochure • ‘Important people are busy; VideoPak immediately grabs attention • Innovative & highly engaging product for marketing communications • High impact product that people will truly remember • On-going advertising that will be passed around due to its innovative and unique appearance • Standard shapes to suit many budgets Product• Bespoke options to truly reflect the brands DNA • Classy & sophisticated DM tool BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure

DSD Box ProductAmstore Innovation are proud to present their 9.7 INCH 23 INCH revolutionary new product display box DSD. Page 17 innovation BrochureDigital Screen Display is a physical display box, that presents a physical product in a novel, exciting and memorable way. This innovative yet brilliantly simple display box will not fail to stop people in their tracks. The transparent screen provides a crisp and bright image in front of the product on display to bring the box and the product to life. Informative and eye catchy this physical / digital product display box is truly cutting edge. ProductWe produce 3 different size boxes with different screen sizes. The specifications for these are shown below: BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure

DSD Box PBrroodchuucrte Product Page 18 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

DSD Box01 DSD BOX 9.7 inchWHAT IS DSD BOX?ProductAn innovative and engaging way to show off a physical product using cutting edge video screen technology.BrochureHOW DOES IT WORK?Unlike regular LCD screens, the screens in DSD Box are SEE THROUGH! It plays video just as you would expect butbecause it is transparent you can see the product behind the screen!WHY DSD BOX?It is new, engaging, fuses Physical & Digital and will grab attention and stop people in their tracks without fail.POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS• Retail / Point of sale• Pubs / resturants / bars• Cinema• Shop Window displays• Trade show displaysProduct• Counter displaysBrochureinnovationProduct Brochure Page 19 innovation

DSD Box02 PRODUCT INFOProductFRONT VIEW REAR VIEW DIMENSIONSHigh Bright LED lamp Handle Product dimensions: 345mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 170mm (D)9.7” Transparent LCD Power Unit Screen Size : 9.7inch Transparent LCD Rear Cover Inner dimensions for product: approx 210mm (H) x 160mm (W) x 140mm (D)BrochureTempered glass Case Material: Aluminium caseMedia Board Rear Cover Product Weight: 5.5kg Power unit Case Material : Aluminum LED: High bright white LED * 72EA USB port Speaker: 2W x 2EA (Option) Product Page 20 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

DSD BoxProduct High Bright LED lamp HandleBrochure9.7 inch Transparent LCD Power Unit Rear Cover Tempered Glass Power Switch Media board USB Port ProductFRONT VIEW REAR VIEW innovation Brochureinnovation Page 21Product Brochure

DSD BoxBPrroodchuucrte RUBBER MAGNET Ruesimngovheadndooler Put display product inside Product Page 22 Brochureinnovation innovationProduct Brochure

DSD Box STEP 203 OPERATION Insert USB memory and press power button ProductSTEP 1 BrochureConnect power cable to power leads Product Page 23 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

DSD Box 640px USB MEMORY SUPPORT UP TO FAT32 If USB memory is not detected, please format it with FAT32.. Product 480px Brochure 640px 480px PORTRAIT LANDSCAPESUPPORTABLE CODEC / RESOLUTION?• Please upload the contents with landscape format.• Resolution: 640x480px• Support Codec: MP4, AVIProduct• If the file has higher resolution or defferent codec, please insert it after re-encoding.BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure Page 24 innovation

FlyVision DisplaysFlyVision TM ProductFlyVisionTM has been developed to help brands stand out through a unique and innovative display solution. Products seem to defy gravity and appear suspended Brochurein mid-air. This revolutionary product is based on a simple illusion that will stop people in their tracks. Product Page 25 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

FlyVision DisplaysThe FlyVisionTM Solution Options For Display CasesFlyVisionTM is a revolutionary new product based on a There are three types of standard boxes available:proven simple illusion that makes people stop in their • One side opentracks and say “how do you do that?” while getting • Two sides openProductthem to engage with the brand.As FlyVisionTM does NOT use magnets or air you are notBrochurerestricted to small light objects that are often unstable.FlyVisionTM does not use mirrors or projections, soconsumers see a real product 100% of time withoutconcern for technology failure within the display. • All four sides are open“It attracts attention and showcasesProductproducts in a unique and highlyimpactful way” “So simple yet so effective, people Items up to 90kg can comfortably be suspended. really stop, stare and engage” For heavier items, please call for further discussion. Aronson Antiquairs Page 26BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

FlyVision Displays FlyVision Maintenance Customised Manufacturing Flyvision needs power in order to run the lights within the display, however, We offer a fully customised this does not affect the illusion of service, where we can create objects being suspended. displays in various sizes, Merchandisers are able to change Productstyles and materials such the objects by simply opening the box, taking out the products and as stone, metal or wood. any moveable graphic panels and To add further dynamism replacing with new materials. The maintenance costs are essentially the Brochurewe are able to rotate same as a standard display cases with no specialist materials or knowledge “suspended” objects within required. the display and customise lighting and graphics. Our Once the product is placed in-store 3D development team is on or at an exhibition correctly, the only hand to provide help and elements that may need replacing are assistance in visualising LED lights; which can be done locally your project. or through a support contract. Product Page 27 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Custom Shaped USB Custom Shaped USB Amstore has developed an extremely cost effective process for the creation of custom design USB Productflash drives. This has expanded the possibilities for product and brand managers. For example a battery manufacturer can have a battery shape as the USB, Brochurea transport company one of its vehicles, or a drinks manufacturer, its drinks bottle. Product Page 28 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Custom Shaped USB What Is A Custom USB? PBrroodchuucrte A USB flash drive that is specifically designed and manufactured in a shape that best demonstrates your brand, product or service. Product Brochureinnovation How Can It Be Used?Product Brochure They can be provided blank or pre-loaded with relevant information that can help to market your business. Key Benefits? USBs deliver long term advertising opportunities. With their higher perceived value and widespread use, clients keep and re-use them. Because it’s a USB in a custom shaped for you and you only, it will promote your company and remind people of your product or service time after time. Page 29 innovation

Custom Shaped USB Casing materials for Custom Process & Timings Various materials are available depending on the USB Amstore can deliver 3D visuals of your prospective project in 24-48 hours. From client approval we then produce product drawings and move to final Productdesign and volume requirements. production. • Silicon* PVC MOULDING Brochure• ABS plastic* ClienCtliesntuspupppllieess2D2vDisuvailsual 1-3 days SuApmsptolyre2suDppclieos n3Dcecopnctedptrdarwawiinnggss • PVC • Mixed Polymer hard plastic CliCelinentt AApppprorvoesval 1-3 days • Epoxy resin (Doming stickers) 3D image 7-10 days • Metal* 20-30 days • Wood* Supply 3D and technical Amstore suppldiesratewchinnicgasl drawing (CAD) Product* Longer lead time due to tooling requirements Brochureinnovation CliCelinentt AApppprorvoesval technical drawingProduct Brochure CAomnstvoererpsrioodnucetsoToToolionglianngd Maonuldding Mouldinfgor oprfodpurcot Sdaumcplte sample ClipCerlinoedntutcAAtppspaprmorvpoelesval FinalFipnarlopdrouduccttiioonn& &deldiveerylivery Page 30 innovation

Custom Shaped USB Custom USB PPBrojrercoots dchuucrte Product Page 31 Brochureinnovation© These Custom USBs images and concepts are Copyright Amstore GroupProduct Brochure innovation

USB & Memory Cards USB flash drives USB Memory Sticks deliver high speed data transfer with secure portability for all types of data from music in MP3 format to video or general data files. As people Productbecome increasingly digitally based, there is less need for printing out information making USB flash Brochuredrives a growing product and one that is inherently more environmentally friendly. Product Page 32 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

USB & Memory Cards USB Printing Data Loading Service Brand USBs with your company logo or other text such We can pre-load data-files, from simple information files through to complex flash presentations. If you need assistance in any aspect of content creation Productas website address. Print options include: or have any technical questions we have a team of in-house multi-media Brochure developers. • Screen printing - A Pantone only process resulting in high Auto run - This feature allows a file or program to start quality print up to 4 colours. automatically (Windows XP, Vista only) once the USB is inserted into the drive. This process works by effectively • Laser engraving – Ideally on metalised products, the surface fooling the USB flash drive into thinking it is a CD-Rom is etched using laser mark technology. as well as a USB flash memory device. This requires programming of the controller and cannot be removed by • Pad printing – A Pantone process, suited where the surface is the user. not flat and screen printing is not possible. Auto-Play - Windows XP and Vista has built in functionality Product• Personalised Print-OncertainUSBs wealsoofferpersonalised so that when the USB flash drive is plugged in, it can be printing, so that each USB would have the recipients name on. set up to look for the relevant program to run a file. This technology provides the option to have a menu item e.g. Brochureinnovation (Open this file – with an icon.) This always gives the user the choice whether to run the content each time.Product Brochure Content protection - We are able to protect data on the memory sticks by using a partition and preventing deletion and addition of files to the segment with clients content. Page 33 innovation

USB & Memory Cards Memory Cards &PCroondteunct t Memory cards have fast become the preferred memory storage format for mobile phones, digital Brochurecameras, PDA’s, MP3 players and other electronic devices. As a solid state storage format it can store music, movie, graphics and other data files such as PDFs, Flash files and Powerpoint presentations. As the capacities have grown and the price has reduced, the number of applications has massively increased. Product Page 34 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

USB & Memory CardsDEPENDING ON DEVICES AND APPLICATION, THE FOLLOWING FORMATS ARE AVAILABLE:Micro RSMMC/ MMC MemorySD MiniSD DV-RSMMC mobile Stick PRO MMC MMCplus MMC Compact MemoryProductSD micro Flash Stick DUO Smart MediaBrochureContent & Memory Cards Memory Card Duplication servicesWe offer the complete Memory Card service fromsourcing the content, provision of cards, duplication, With one of the UK’s largest duplication capacities, it enables us to turn aroundprint and packaging through to final distribution. all Memory Card formats to tight deadlines, whether it’s for a conference or a mobile phone promotion with film clips. We have in-line and final product quality audits to ensure high product quality levels. We have data loaded memory cards with: Product Music & Games Navigation Maps Exhibition & Directories Brochureinnovation Advertising Ringtones Taster / Full Movies Tourist Information Company Specific Data Demo / Full SoftwareProduct Brochure Page 35 innovation

Digital KeyProductOpening the door to online opportunitiesBrochure Fresh online content at your fingertips Page 36 The Digital Key is a cost effective, branded USB device that uses a patented technology to repeatedly drive the end user to an online location: Instant - direct - online access. It has been developed to intensify the response of your Productmarketing or promotion, because of the engaging way Brochureyou can communicaitnenwoivthatyioonur customers.Product Brochure innovation

Digital Key What is a Digital Key? What makes it unique? • A USB device that when inserted into a computer, • Digital Key uses patented technology that has no compatibility or security directly connects the end user from an offline world issues and takes the user directly to a website without “clicks”. Productto an online world. • Each key has a unique ID, allowing: • Digital Keys can be produced in a customised USB • Registration on first time use (also used to Opt-In for future e-mailing) • Personalised URL’s if you know your Database Brochureshape, as a classic mode or fused into print. • As each key can be linked to an individual, so you can have tailored discounts • Digital Keys have no Flash Memory - when inserted and campaigns into a PC or MAC, the device launches you directly to a designated web address that is installed on • The comprehensive back-end CMS (Content Management System), the controller chip. allows you to monitor, measure and update your campaigns. This is an extremely powerful feature. • Each Digital Key has a individual ID which means each one can be tracked, monitored and analysed. This • The unique ID allows you to track the behaviour and analyse responses provides dynamic marketing information in real time. of users. Product • Typical response rates on direct mail can increase from <3% to over 45%. Brochureinnovation • Digital Key helps you understand your client by allowing you to carry outProduct Brochure market research at the same time as a promotion, providing invaluable demographic data. Page 37 innovation

Digital Key How Digital Key works Page 38 • Unlike a regular USB, the Digital Key device has no flash memory, which means it cannot be used as a Productstorage device. • Like a USB it has a CPU chip (controller) on which Brochurethe URL is programmed. • The unique ID code for each Digital Key is also stored on the CPU. This makes each Digital Key individual. USBs and other imitation web-key products do not have this feature. • When the Digital Key is inserted into a computer, the patented Digital Key technology communicates with the computer and instructs it to launch the URL that is pre-programmed on the device. • Each Digital Key can be tracked & monitored through the CRM back-end system. You also have the power to update or change the URL that is Productinstalled on the Digital Key at any time. BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Digital Key Digital Key Experience BPrroodchuucrte END USER / CUSTOMER COMPANY Product • Customer receives Digital Key. • Company distributes Digital Keys. Brochureinnovation • Inserts key into computer. • After a while, Digital Key activityProduct Brochure is monitored using the CRM. • Automatically directed to a personalised URL or registration • Data is gathered as end users page. register their details online. • Offer / promotion / info awaits. • Because every Digital Key has an individual code, each unit • Continued communication from becomes paired to the end user the company via email. so activity can be tracked. • Customer prompted to re-insert • Continued communication to the the Digital Key at a later date end user by email. via email. The URL on the Digital Key has changed so the landing • Digital Keys are re-usable. URL page is different. is updated and customer is encouraged to re-insert their • A new communication / offer / Digital Key for ‘latest update’. promotion awaits. • Continued communication Process recycled. Page 39 innovation

Digital Key Campaign Tracking Tools “Bubble interested prospects up to the surface and communicate like never before”ProductDigital Key’s back end marketing platform allows you to analyse the performance of your campaign in real time. The dynamic, in-depth conversion information provides details of visitor behaviour and is an extremely powerful resource.BrochureOur state of the art reporting system will help you understand how, where and why your Digital Key campaign is working, and allow you to interact in new ways that have not previously been possible. This power gives you full control of your communication to interested prospects and allows a highly targeted marketing environment that will increase results and ROI. Product Page 40 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Digital KeyIdeas for UseInstant link to websites containing: online engaging marketing promotions data capture communications & offersBPrroodchuucrtecompetitions online video (webinar)market research/ client feedback surveyvirtual onlinemeeting centres presentationsProductonline data registration secure access page key to sensitive general onlineBrochureinnovation info / demos (only accesible with the key)Product Brochure Page 41 innovation

Digital Key Summary • An exciting way to engage with and communicate to clients. Product• Improve response rates by up x 5. • Drive revenue by motivating potential clients with offers and promotions only accessible with their BrochureDigital Key. • Understand your customers and get valuable demographic data. • Easy to use real-time analytics to your campaigns. • Relatively low cost as no Flash Memory, but high response rate making it a cost effective solution. Product Page 42 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

CD & DVD Production CD & DVD PPrroodduuctciotn Our many years of experience in replicating and Brochureduplicating CDs, DVDs and Flash Memory products, has allowed us to become a preferred supplier to the Corporate and Entertainment markets all around the world. We are able to offer a truly exceptional service and a seamless ‘one stop’ solution. We have the ability to very quickly and efficiently produce any quantity, from 100 units to millions. Product Page 43 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

CD & DVD ProductionCD & DVD Production ServicesAmstore offers a complete service for your production requirements, supporting all key formats, including:ProductCD Audio DVD audio CD Rom DVD Rom Enhanced CD DVD Extra CD Extra BluRay Hybrid CD DVD5 DVD9 DVD10 DVD18BrochureDisc Replication AUDIO ROM VIDEO AUDIO ROM VIDEO Replication is the process of making an exact replica of your master. It is the most cost effective manufacturing process for high volume requirements above 1000 units. The replication process for CD and DVD consists of the following key stages: • Glass mastering • Stamper creation • Injection moulding • Disc printing From your supplied Master, we create a Glass Master, which is a glass substrate from which Stampers are created. The Glass Master is placed in baths where nickel Stampers are grown through a galvanic process. It’s these Stampers that are used on the injection moulding lines to physically press (or Stamp) your replica discs. The discs are injection moulded and Stamped by passing down the injection moulding line where each disc is individually metalised (to make it reflective) and coated with a protective lacquer. It is then UV cured and tested for physical imperfections.ProductPrinting After the discs are replicated, they appear silver on both sides, so next, the artwork needs to be printed onto the disc. The two common print methods used in CD & DVD printing is Screen printing and Litho printing. The look and nature of your artwork will depend on which process will give the best result.BrochureOur standard lead time for replicated CDs and DVDs is around 10 working days but we can turn discs around quicker when need be. innoQvuaatniotitnies above 100K may take a little longer.Product Brochure Page 44 innovation

CD & DVD Production AUDIO ROM VIDEODisc Duplication AUDIO ROM VIDEO Duplication is the process of Duplicating Data or Audio onto blank, recordable CDr, DVDr or BDR (BluRay) media. We only use Grade ‘A’Productmedia as in our experience when corners are cut on media quality, final product quality is often adversely affected. Our Duplication service is one of the fastest available, with 24-48 hour service from approval of proof. Our facility is a 24 hour operation with state of the art technology used to duplicate the content. We are one of the only Duplication companies able to produce CDs On-Demand -a highly unique solution that offers different print and content on each individual disc.BrochureThe Duplication process stops becoming cost effective at around 1000 units but it does have lead time benefits where quick production is more important than price. Printing Once the discs have been Duplicated, the artwork can be printed in a few different ways depending on price, lead time and preference. The most cost effective and fastest option is our Digital Print, but we can also print using Thermal, Ink-Jet or Screen print or litho process. Unique Content Copy Protection This specialized service allows us to produce unique We offer various copy protection content that is paired with unique printing on the disc. options for CD & DVD, including: • Macrovision and Safe Disc for As an example we could produce 10,000 CDs and each one could have a different PDF and each disc is Replicated CDs • CSS, Macrovision and Patronus for Productprinted with a different persons name. Brochureinnovation DVDsProduct Brochure Page 45 innovation

Creative Packaging Creative Media packaging We have an extensive range of standard and creative Productpackaging solutions that have been developed on demand from our clients. These range from tin plate, bamboo and plastic through to custom designed card Brochurepacks. Years of experience have made us a market leader in creative packaging and we are happy to guide and advise clients through the many options we offer. Product Page 46 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Creative Packaging Tin Packaging We offer high quality tin plate packaging in an extensive standard range as well as the option of custom sizes with new tooling. We can litho print, pad Productprint and emboss / deboss artwork to really deliver Brochurethat extra impact.. Product Page 47 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Creative Packaging Card Based packaging Tray Packs Our range of card based packaging is manufactured in approximately 400micron board, with options of Productsustainable or recycled board. These can be spot glossed, embossed, debossed, foil blocked and can Brochurebe finished with a lamination or UV varnish. Product Page 48 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Creative Packaging Card Based packaging Soft Packs Our range of card based packaging is manufactured in approximately 400micron board, with options of Productsustainable or recycled board. These can be spot glossed, embossed, debossed, foil blocked and can Brochurebe finished with a lamination or UV varnish. Product Page 49 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

Creative Packaging Card Based packaging Slider Packs This highly innovative and luxurious pack is a real heavy-weight solution for adding maximum value to your USB, SD card or CD/DVD. The pack is engineered Productto allow maximum artwork space whilst keeping the robust style with a quality that is unrivalled in media Brochurepackaging. Product Page 50 BrochureinnovationProduct Brochure innovation

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